Ukraine: Meduza sources claims Kremlin hope Europe gets tired of helping Kyiv

Meduza: Kremlin still discussing attacking Kyiv. Independent Russian media outlet Meduza quoted undisclosed sources saying the Kremlin is discussing a possible assault on Kyiv and even hopes for a full-scale victory by fall. According to Meduza’s sources, Russian leadership is hoping Europe will get tired of helping Ukraine and that bloc members will have to agree with Russia on gas and oil before the heating season” (The Kyiv Independent, 27.05.2022).

It has been 93 days since the Russian-Belorussian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The “Special Operation” which was a war against a sovereign and the integrity of the Republic of Ukraine. Kyiv and the armed forces of the nation has defend the territory with strategic means and wisdom.

The West and Europe has been slow with helping, also been blocked and severely mediocre in their sanctions of Moscow. As it has been a lot of window-shopping, but not sufficiently destroying the economy. Only grinding parts of it to a halt, some businesses getting closed, but keeping the foreign currencies flowing in and profits, as the gas-and-oil industry is still alive. Therefore, Ukraine haven’t gotten a vital help in draining up Kremlin’s ability to wage war. It is still being a trading partner and the sanctions aren’t hitting home.

The military exports and arms trade to Kyiv has been slow. The West and Europe couldn’t endanger it’s protocols with a “no-fly-zone” and not offer MIG-19 Jet Planes, even when Poland was ready to offer their air-force to defend the neighbour in Ukraine. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and European Union (EU) couldn’t muster the courage or be bold enough to support that. Instead giving smaller munitions, javelins and other weaponry, which wasn’t as affective.

The European and Western efforts has been sort of the ones to buy time and get a public support in their respective capitals. While not offering too much or trying to sufficiently arm the Ukrainians as they are fighting a much huger force in the Russian army.

Kyiv has allies and friends, but they have been keeping it distant in some ways. They have come and been part of publicity stunts. While offering only small or too a lesser extent. The ones who has gone far and wide are the Baltic nations or Poland. Slovakia and such has also gone far. Not to forget the military support of Czech Republic. Therefore, there has been well-wishers and proven European solidarity. Though the totality could been even more fruitful and been with a larger support, which would sufficiently given the Ukrainian army an edge.

Instead, the European capitals, Heads of State has seemed hesitant and worried about offending the “don” or warlord in Kremlin. They are worried that Putin will be humiliated or lose face. While his armies are violating Ukrainian territory, raping and killing civilians. This is why Europe should support and continuously. It should be a never ending story of military aid to Ukraine. In such a manner that they feel trouble using it or enough manpower to bring it to the front-lines. That’s because we want them to overcome Russian-Belorussian invasion of their territory.

So, now that Kremlin hope Europe gets tired of supporting, aiding and helping Ukraine. Certainly, Europe should help even more and streamline it too. In such a manner, that the convoys and the deployment of consigned arms aren’t able to trace or been taken out of action before usage. That’s what the Russians wants to achieve as well. Therefore, Europe needs to step up and secure that.

Now that Kremlin speaks of this fashion after 90 days of the invasion of Ukraine. There is a need to step up and show that the European solidarity is worth something. So that President Voldymyr Zelensky can smile and grin to the bank. Because, it would look good if Zelensky came out in praise and happiness for the efforts made to strengthen his armies. That would be the best Europe could do right now. Nevertheless, with the hesitation and the worry of offending Putin. We can know that plenty will be too careful. As the needs are vast and they should consider another approach. Peace.

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