Keeping up with Kaguta S1E17: A hot stone for a hyena

Therefore our scientists have been tasked to audit all the remaining restrictions and advise. In particular, some of the stakeholders have been petitioning that we lift them all” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (22.06.2020).

Another day, another speech. We have been here before and this is the 17th Edition this year of these COVID-19 speeches from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. If your thinking this is getting old. Then its been like this for over a month and the best thing is that its been less of them of late. Maybe, there is a need for clarifications the rest of the week, but that is standard. That some authority, some ministries and ministers has to clarify and explain what the President said.

So with that in mind, we cannot take this too serious. Since, there will be backlash and will backfire. It is just a matter of how much and who will capture the burden. Some ministers should prepare their pen, their writing game and find solutions quickly to resolve the newly minted guidelines, restrictions or regulations inflicted on the Republic.

Like always, because I don’t want to bore you to death. That we already have the President to do. As he speaks two hours straight and says very little of use. He could have with a favoured made a compact speech and settled for 30 minutes. However, he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t cover every angle, historically, military and civilian in extraordinary fashion. If he has done that 17 times. Therefore, I will do like always, drop my favourite gems. Discuss them briefly and call that a day.

Just look:

Even me, I began to ask what the curfew was for, if cars were already moving, as long as they are three in the car. However the scientists say the aim of the curfew is to reduce the high risk of nocturnal activities” – Museveni, 22.06.2020)

Don’t be like a hyena which found a woman, sought for meat and was lured by sweetness (Obunuzi) of fat and hot stone. It could neither spit because of Obunuzi nor swallow for the hotness” (Museveni, 22.06.2020).

Boda bodas if allowed to carry people can spread the virus even further because of the numbers of people they carry and the areas they can reach” – Museveni (22.06.2020).

There was the issue of increasing the number of people in private cars. This can be increased to four people in the vehicle but the requirement of masks to all passengers should be maintained” – Museveni (22.06.2020).

With the school population, let us be patient. In the meantime, we are going to launch a big long-distance education programme, certainly through radios. We are going to give free radio-sets to all the homesteads. Radios will soon be distributed” – Museveni (22.06.2020).

After this I gave up, I didn’t care anymore. I’m sure there would be more gems, but the President seems not to change to much anyway. That is why churches is still closed, arcades too. Boda-Boda’s just for cargo and a prolonged curfew.

Empty promises of radios, as the free masks are not there. Neither is the food delivery to all the ones social distancing at their homes. The President haven’t delivered on his promises during these troubling months. He doesn’t have the capacity nor the genuine interest to serve the public. That is proven as he wants more cars, than medicine and pay the frontline workers.

Just like he wanted to save the daughters from drivers in the past. Now he wants to save them from hyenas. He really doesn’t have a positive view of the ladies and their urges, to repopulate earth isn’t a positive vibe and being intimate is also something he got issues with. Maybe, that’s why his hampering on this sort of thing at this given time?

Nothing here was shocking. More of the same. The same spirit, the same old man and therefore, I quit talking. Peace.

Keeping up with Kaguta S1E16: Village TV to the Rescue

If drivers from other countries had not been sent back to their countries of origin and recorded there, we would have had about 800 cases registered today (at least)Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (01.06.2020).

Last time President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni held his traditional and steady National Address was on the 19th May 2020. Therefore, his kept it low for a minute. This is the 16th National Address, which is made in connection with the global COVID-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic.

Nevertheless, there will time to digress, but not today. As standard procedure in this manner. I will not deep dive. Just take my favourite quotes from the speech and drop my 2 cents on the matter. There is so much to life, than listening and analysing another speech word-by-word by the Self-Styled President for Life.

Here we go:

Given that the vulnerable economy is suffering we cannot, therefore, lose earnings from the exports of coffee (by blocking the trucks) “the trucks also bring in raw materials for factories like Mukwano industries” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

Fighters don’t panic, you should persevere in all the necessary efforts that are crucial Museveni (01.06.2020).

So really,there is no need to panic, what we are doing is in order” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

Boda bodas have been agitating to resume work, but no. They cannot practice social distancing because the passenger is too close to the rider. What the boda bodas can do in the least now is to keep quiet & wait until the virus is over” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

If you don’t have the right mask stay home. Be on sunshine for at least one hour a day to get vitamin” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

Government to give two TV sets per village and a radio per household to ease distance learning” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

The provisional food will continue, we have just finished one phase. I appeal to you to stop telling lies, don’t say, “I didn’t get food” when you got” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

Well, there we have it. I will not drop more gems, someone else can collect them all. I am tired of it. Sure, the ones living in the Republic is even more. As there are no clear cut direct message.

What is striking is his continues defence of the truck-drivers and their importance today. However, today he wasn’t afraid of the daughters touching the drivers, maybe that has changed with social distancing. Who knows, right?

Also, he had to drop a proverb on the 1986 and the bush-war, as the perseverance of it lingers today in his mansion and his enriched lifestyle. Living safe and sound in luxury, while most of his citizens and peasants are living in utter poverty.

He has even blocked the boda-boda further, one profession blocked from working. In the past, they were at least allowed to carry things and bob’s for people. Now, they are supposed to be stand-guard and await the cure of COVID-19. They cannot even carry cargo, if I understood the President right.

The issues of masks persist and surprise, surprise the state cannot deliver enough mask on time or in the fashion of need. They will struggle to do this and produce enough of it. The old promises (which is just a few weeks old, actually) is clearly to much to handle.

That is why today is even more rich, as the President has already promised steady food, masks and now will ensure TVs and Radios. There are 140,000 villages, if they are getting two TV’s each that is 280,000 TVs alone. LG and Samsung must pray to the gods if they get this order. Whose donating this or paying this bill? Secondly, isn’t there villages lacking electricity or having steady load-shedding? Last, but not least, wouldn’t that mean the village will congregate around the TVs and not follow the Scientific Social-Distancing?

The TV and Radio thing is a paradigm shift, the sort of Universal Primary Education sort of pledge. Where all houses are getting a free radio. Unless, he has a Chinese conglomerate on speed-dial delivering these at retail price. There is no way this is happening. Not now and not never, he has to burn his Switzerland account or something to pay this one off and he will not sacrifice his wealth at this point. Especially not for radios for everyone. Not even in a up-coming election year. He still haven’t delivered the promised garden hoes to all families across the Republic, which he pledges in 2015. So, aye aye Captain and good luck.

The last one is just disgraceful and distasteful, as the state haven’t delivered and haven’t supplied the public. If it has, it been one deliver during the 75 days of lockdown. Its beyond devestation and despair at this point of time. Instead of begging forgiveness for his mediocre performance, he instead expects applause. Something he doesn’t deserve.

I’m looking forward to see the receipts for the tenders and the procurement of radios and TVs as the state will mess this up. One way or another. Mask-Off or Face-Off, nevertheless, I’m awaiting the verdict of the Minister for Crocodiles. Peace.

Ministry of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs: Press Conference on the Guidelines for Opening Public Transport Post-COVID 19 Lockdown (28.05.2020)

Uganda Police Force: Traffic guidelines during COVID 19 period (27.05.2020)

Keeping up with Kaguta S1E15: Clarifications

I thought that I could clarify about a few points that I read out yesterday. I read out a list of long restrictions” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (19.05.2020).

Today’s 15th National Address on COVID-19 Pandemic is in response to his own National Address yesterday. No, this is not a joke, but our mere reality appearing in front of our eyes. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has to answer to his own stuttering words. He doesn’t even need someone to spar with, he just need to battle himself and that’s self-explanatory. Sadly, this is true..

So, here we are on the 19th May 2020 and have to listen to the 15th National Address and still confused. The President will back-track and make people even more fuzzed than the day before. Just expect someone be typing statements like crazy tomorrow and some ministers listening in. To ensure their authority and their ministries are covered with explanations ahead of the current lockdown. As the measures are as steady as the mind of the old-man and his lonely vision.

With this in mind.

Here is the quotes I find unique from this evening:

Private cars will be allowed to move on the 26th but must wear the right masks and those who can get masks on their own, we don’t mind provided they are the right quality” (Museveni, 19.05.2020).

For the other measures, like shops,hotels, restaurants, operations should start on the 26th of May but considering all the measures put in place” (Museveni, 19.05.2020).

The Public service tried to convince me to be like other presidents and get a lot of money but I said NO. I have been earning just 3.6M since 1996” (Museveni, 19.05.2020).

The clarifications was a few more dates, as the uncertainty to what happens before the 2nd June ending of lockdowns was there yesterday. Today, there are more uncertainty, but also a closure of people riding in cars. They cannot be half-full, before the passengers and driver wears masks, apparently.

We are seeing the “clarification” on shops and such too. So, its not like shops whose not connected to arcades or malls can open up. Neither can the ordinary ones with possibility of social-distancing. They all have to wait over the weekend still. So, there is no quick opening here. Just more waiting and suspense.

Last piece worth noting was the lie of his salary. That will be his nominal salary, but his State House gets billions on shillings every year. Everything is covered and the State House even has a giant donation budget. So, if the President boost about giving away money. He has allocated money for that every year. Secondly, we all know he own businesses, hotels and whatnot. He owns ranches and other things in the Republic. The salary he has is only a tear-drop into the Atlantic Ocean. His richer than God and the Vatican. The President can buy out Uganda, maybe once or twice. However, he will claim to be a “wealthy” man, but his filthy rich.

That’s enough for today. The saga continues. Peace.

Keeping up with Kaguta S1E14: Mask-on or Mask-off?

There is a season 4 of lockdowns, as there will be extended for another 21 days until 2nd June 2020. The Republic is still under lockdown. Even as there are some measures, where the Presidential Directives giving way and letting people go back to work. With his 14th National Address yesterday. He pushed it even further. What was also striking about yesterday, was that the Address itself was supposed to happen today. So, maybe the posho-stunt wasn’t enough. Therefore.. sigh.. he had to show up early to steer conversation.

The government will provide standard masks to all Ugandans aged 6 years and above, these will be distributed through the District Local Council system. Each person will be allocated one mask which must be worn all the time when in public” (Yoweri Kaguta Musveni, 18.05.2020).

Earlier in the year, the President has said NYTIL is the local producer of COVID-19 Masks. However, there is a new statement where the machiens are working, but still their levels of production isn’t as high as the needs. This means, that the President has to procure like crazy to cover all citizens with free masks. Not like the state has been able to distribute food and steady enough. That is why he had to show how little posho a person needs to eat. Scientifically off course.

Just like it will be magically distributed across the Republic, as the Task-Force haven’t managed to distribute food to 1,5 million people in Kampala and Wakiso district. Therefore, it is very rich that the same folks are supposed to be able to give away masks to everyone. They need a streamline ordering from Taiwan yesterday evening or best in February. So they are sure the boat with masks are arriving in time for the two week deadline. As it has to secured paperwork in Mombasa Port too.

What is special is that there is a ban up to about 14 days to the public is supposed to have all free masks. While the borders are closed for 21 days. Also still a closure of mostly everything in every border district, which is plenty and all around the Republic.

What is more striking is also that the President opened at one minute for public transport if there was three persons in the car. However, is this with or without masks?

Yes there are still closed bars, saunas and gyms. Shops in malls closed, but the ones detached are able to open. As long as they can social distance. Also other things.

So, what we do need is maybe one of his bunch of ministers to follow the directives and directions of the President. Explain what this means and what really goes. Since, there will easily be confused by the old man. He says one thing, but it differs from the other statement.

Seems like there will be more hazardous problems ahead. Just like the empty promises in the past addresses. The same will happen now. It is no one who can produce the amount of masks the Republic needs in two weeks. Neither seems it like Ali Baba founder Jack Ma will suddenly do a “Dumbo drop” on Kololo Airstrip within a few days. Unless, he has some secret procurement from the public and actually uses the Confidential Expenditure for the common good. However, don’t expect that. That’s all for his spoils and his enrichment.

The public needs food and not only masks. The COVID-19 Fund haven’t done its job. That’s why the public is starving. Where they are struggling to eat, because of staying home, lacking funds to buy needed staple food or areas of landslides. Therefore, there are plenty of issues at hand, not only COVID-19 lockdown, but landslides, locusts and so-on. The state should answer to this, not only where they didn’t do the job. They are representing the whole Republic and need

So, you can wonder how hard this continued lockdowns without measures in place to help. There is too many people who hasn’t gotten the help they need. That should worry the President. Instead, he loves the flashing lights and stopping ordinary broadcasting. So, that he can ramble without a coherent ideas. That’s why there is report of a 15th National Address tonight to address the uncertainties created last night.

Showing again. That the man and his handlers knows the problems with his utterance yesterday. Because, who knows what goes. He should be as direct as he was with the knocking down of a goat the other day. If he was a direct as that. Than, the LDUs, Police Force and everyone else would know what goes. However, with the man its hard to know.

Maybe, some of his advisors and press cadres could write it all and then he would read it to the public. Even give the old man a Teleprompter and ensure he gets steady on a topic. Instead of suddenly going into a pastoral mode and reading scriptures, instead of policies and new regulations to follow. That make sense right?

Let’s see, but don’t expect to be enlighten. Only brazen misuse three hours of your life and only getting a sentence or two, which makes sense. Peace.

Keeping up with Kaguta: Went from the running-man to posho-man!

I had earlier consulted scientists on how much food calories an individual can consume in single day sustainably and they said 250g of posho would be of enough calorie composition for a single individual intake. Now is the food being distributed enough? It is optimum, if we can ration the intake with mind that we can not consume as much as we have always wanted, but can survive on an economical consumption” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (18.05.2020).

On the 9th April 2020 the President dropped his work-out video from the State House. Where the old man ran like a maniac inside his huge office. An office, which are bigger than most people’s houses. The President also did some weird push-ups, which was more ass movements than his body. If you have seen the clip posted on Facebook in April. You know what I mean.

So, today his handlers had a grand idea, as his advisors also postponed like his 14th National Address during the COVID-19 Lockdown until tomorrow. Well, that didn’t happen. He changed it again and did it directly after the showing of posho.

They had the brilliant idea of him weighing posho. Show how much posho or ugali its in the given bag of COVID-19 Fund to the general public. Not to forget to prove by weighing the food to prove how much you should eat peer day. Because, that is useful.

The way he did it and showed it. Was like a mockery cooking show. Where he living lavish in abundance. With more helpers than Santa Claus. The man whose the Commander-in-Chief, the Fountain of Honour and His Excellency. Trying to teach the masses how much Posho they should cook everyday. Not like this is an extension of the various dietary needs nor in explaining how a family supposed to live on it.

We didn’t expect the state to deliver full course meals from takeaways. Neither dropping samosa’s or chapiti’s. However, the Head of State should consider his role in this. That he hasn’t sufficiently thought this through. As this only display is micromanaging and mismanaged hack-work he does.

Since, this is the sort of work his MPs gives praise to. Cutting and weighing posho. Just like they were so proud of the man running around like Mad Max in his Office last month. The President should enlighten the public and ensure the public get their nutritious meals.

Just like with the running video, where the road-runner went lost around the desk. His now the big chef of Posho. He went from Running-man to Posho-Man, his still not the Pusha-man. Give him time, maybe he will get there too. It’s more of the white, I suppose.

Well, enough of this nonsense. Peace.

Today it’s Zaake, tomorrow it could be you…

Let’s be clear, when the authorities can torture, detain and charge someone as easy as they did with a Member of Parliament. Than you know, that they can touch anyone for no apparent reason. They will make up one after the fact and try to defend their actions. If not, they will blame the person they tortured and left behind to rot in his home after blatant impunity towards him.

We know why Francis Zaake MP was targeted. His an direct opposition MP and a voice of reason. He directly enforced local food distribution from his home in the midst of a pandemic and a lockdown. While NRM MPs has done it with flash and fury, they have been in the middle of it and even commercialized their donations in their respective districts. While they are taking the bashing sun and the PR. Zaake was being tortured, detained and in legal jeopardy. That shows how unfair and unreasonable, there is no common sense in this Republic.

Zaake was an easy target. His been there before. He has gotten tortured, arrested and had to become a medical tourist to India to heal his wounds. Therefore, this man knows the drill and knows what capacities the state has. He knows the risk of standing out and being obliged to stand-up to the regime. Still, with that knowledge he still does it. That’s the sort of character Zaake has.

But… you should know. Right now it was him. Next up could be anyone daring to question or challenge the high above.

If someone dares to push the envelope. Dares to insult the intelligence of the State House and the Presidential directives. If not, if a person really undermines and makes it look like dumb fools. You can be captured, taken away and intimidated. There will no line they will not cross to stop you. You are neither the first nor the last.

These people don’t care. If you think your voice is unique, special or even worth it. Know that without any warning, the CMI, ISO or UPF could suddenly knock on your door. You could end up in one of them ungazetted “safe-houses” and be there for days. Especially, if your some small-time activists and organizer. You could be gone for long. Nevertheless, they will not stop with that.

The big-men and leaders like Zaake ends up in SIU Kireka, Nalufenya or something alike. While a small-timer will end in a safe-houses without any blinking lights or warrants. They are just cast-a-ways for the authorities.

There will be more cases. Suddenly someone goes missing. Suddenly, somebody whose an activists or part of the opposition. Will not be found for while or known knowledge of their current location. People will wonder and speculate. The authorities will play dumbfounded and disingenuous about it.

Don’t be shocked, expect more of it. Especially ahead of the elections. During last campaign season, lots of youth leaders, activists and people in connection with FDC’s Moses Byamugisha suddenly was arrested and detained for longer time than constitutionally correct. So, expect this and be sure.

The ones pointing at the Leopards Anus will be burnt, it is just a question of how and when. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Joint Task Force refutes claims of torture by Hon. MP (08.05.2020)

Opinion: UPF blames Zaake for the torture, how convenient right?

Today, Police Spokesperson went in-front of the Press blaming Member of Parliament Francis Zaake is indirectly to blame for the torture he had while he was arrested. They are blaming him for previous things too. Just piling on blame on the man that couldn’t at one point open up his eyes and who had blunt-forced trauma. That was stated by one doctor during last month.

Therefore, rich of the Uganda Police Force to pin everything on Zaake. Like its his fault he cannot open up his eyes or chemical conjunctivitis and got blunt-forced trauma. It is really rare that a person get both of these illnesses on his own.

Especially, when the Police Force states this:

We would like to strongly dismiss these allegations as false and misleading. And the reason we are responding is to counter the sophisticated propaganda aimed at negatively portraying security forces as brutal and further tarnish the image of Uganda as a country. Investigations into his allegations have shown the following” (UPF, 08.05.2020).

In this regard, the image of the security forces is already breached abroad, by also knowing the European man lingering in Luzira and dying in Court yesterday, while fighting skin-cancer. This is the sort of action the security forces of Uganda does. Zaake is just your own and you trying to dismiss your actions towards people.

Allegations are true, the Hospital would make up what sort of illness he had and that they wanted to transfer him to another hospital. You instead moved him from Courts to Courts and dropped him off in SIU Kireka. Instead of giving him treatment for the illness he got by being with the Police Officers. He didn’t catch this at home giving food to boda-boda’s, but by the actions made by the Police Force.

The statement from the UPF ends with this:

Although the specific allegations of torture in his affidavit are not consistent with the physical evidence gathered thus far, the Leadership of the Joint Security agencies remain committed to protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Ugandans as guaranteed in the Constitution. We remain confident that once the facts gathered are presented before the Civil Court, our officers will be considered to have carried out their duties in accordance with the law.” (UPF, 08.05.2020).

Well, about evidence, do you have anything on Ziggy Wine or MP Ibrahim Abiriga? Is there anything in the works on the other weird deaths in the recent years, whose not solved or resolved? Just a bunch of cold-cases in the freezer and nothing happening, because when they are dead. The people will not cry and the families will not speak out either, because they don’t want to die as well.

So, in this regard, what about Bobi Wine’s fake arms in Arua? Is this the same sort of collected evidence, since your disregarding the findings of the doctor in your statement and politicising the arrest itself.

It is funny talking about the Constitution and the Courts, when the Police Force keeps people arrested without producing them in Courts with time. Neither warrants nor Court Orders to arrest them. They can just be pick people up and make-up charges later. Then, the family members or trusted people can pay bonds a few days later. This has happen so many times, that I cannot even count. So, don’t use the 1995 Constitution, when you use the Penal Code like a man-whore dipping into every ocean you can and hope you don’t catch an STDs.

So, in this regard, the UPF cannot play this one out. The documents from Iran-Uganda Hospital is clear. It’s not like hospital would make up illnesses and ask for him to be transferred elsewhere for treatment. Not for more days in custody of the coppers. Let’s be clear about that.

This was just so convenient …. so easy access and you could blame Zaake. His the bastard, the arrogant ass-hole and a man who should know his place. He shouldn’t even do anything, but a be silent as a grave. However, that is not the man Zaake is. What he has done again is to show the real side of UPF. He has shown your actions towards your own citizens and that has made headlines abroad. Because it is special, that you does this to representative of the Parliament. That is rich. Really Richie Rich. Peace.