Opinion: The PM could Campaign in Kampala? [Wasn’t that suspended just a week ago?]

PM Ruhakana Rugunda and first NRM National V/Chairman Moses Kigongo arrive at Kololo to meet a group of youth claiming to be NUP supporters. The organizers of the meeting claim it is about ensuring a peaceful election” (NTV Uganda, 10.01.2021).

It is just a mere week ago when the Electoral Commission suspended all campaign rallies and election activities in Kampala. That was done for all parties and all candidates to stop the spread. However, what happened in Kololo today clearly violated that.

As this was the report earlier in the month:

EC to consult scientists over 14 districts campaign ban The EC suspended campaigns in Kampala, Mukono, Buikwe, Wakiso, Mbarara, Kabarole, Luwero, Kasese, Masaka, Jinja, Kalungu, Kazo and Tororo” (New Vision, 06.01.2021).

That Prime Minister Rugunda and NRM Vice Chariman Kigongo could hold this sort of meeting/rally is a clear violation of the guidelines and the suspended elections. This shows a double standard. As we know the arrests, the brutality and tear-gas, which would have followed the opposition candidates doing the same.

If Bobi Wine or Patrick Amuriat Oboi even considered this. They would be in shackles and chains. The cars would be towed and they would be detained. These folks would be targeted and the venue blocked. There would be met with force and there would be no mercy from the authorities. That is what the grand public knows and everyone who has followed this election.

However, even when the EC have banned campaigns in Kampala. The Prime Minister and NRM National Vice Chairman Kigongo held a campaign meeting in Kololo. That is an deliberate act. As it showed a supposed group of youth crossing over from National Unity Platform to the NRM. That is an act of campaign. To show force and strength.

Nevertheless, it shows there is a vast difference between the ruling regime and the opposition. The ruling regime can disregard all practices and laws. They can convene and hold meetings. Even when the state says its suspended. That all in proof of hubris and strength. However, it just shows how hallow the chambers of power is. As they have to breach laws and guidelines, which would be used with law enforcement against their adversaries. These folks wouldn’t even been able to gather anyone without some sort of havoc.

Alas, the Prime Minister shows his entitlement. That there are people who are above the laws and rules of the game. There are no level playing field. No fair campaigning and fair elections. Neither are they free, as there are only hurdles on the way for the opposition. Nothing is given, things are only taken away.

The PM and Kigongo have shown their cards today. They believe it righteous. This was a campaign meeting, a campaign rally. All for the scope of showing greatness. As it was a “victory” to get people crossing over to the NRM. That is a political ploy. However, we have not seen anyone giving away their member-cards. So, we can imagine that these folks might not even be NUP Members before becoming NRM members today. Don’t be shocked if that is true. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni proves his a lost duck at the Channel 4 Interview

All sorts of foreigners. We monitor them. Bobi Wine in particular is an agent of foreign interest. But the social group, the youth who feel marginalised, that’s a healthy internal force which we’re working with” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (08.01.2021, Channel 4)

This week there was a rare sight where President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was interviewed by a foreign media house. That happened to be Channel 4, the Independent New-caster from United Kingdom. The interview was held on the 8th January 2021 and just mere 6 days ahead of the polls.

It is not the first time the President claims Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is an foreign agent or supported by foreigners. That is very ironic. As President Museveni wouldn’t have a career or an office. If he didn’t have the backing of Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere and Libyan President Muammar Gadaffi. These two was vital for him to get to power and be able to deliver the coup d’etat in 1986. Nyerere helped him as a part of a Tanzanian-Ugandan invasion to topple Idi Amin. The other helped with ammunition and arms in the 1980s Bush War. Therefore, the President should be more careful throwing these allegations around. Especially, when he never ever brings any proof or evidence of it.

As he continues:

The connection is some of the constituencies in the West, is that we choose to agree with some things and reject some. They want us to be puppets. They don’t expect us to be skeptical. So anything against us, they jump on it. And off course they make mistakes by so doing because they don’t know our situation” (Museveni, 08.01.2021, Channel 4).

Well, I don’t wants puppets anywhere, but legitimate leadership and not the ones that uses sorry excuses to be leaders. Leaders who uses the guns and the authorities to shackle the communities and citizens. People like me don’t want people to be suffering in injustice and impunity. Therefore, the allegations of puppets is utter nonsense. He just using the neocolonialism excuse to stay longer in office. As he has no trouble taking grants, donations or even loans from the West. He expects free money and with no strings attached. Like it is just supposed to fall from thin-air and into his lap. That is how it seems and that nobody should question him, but that he deserves to live forever in power.

Here comes the lies in three quick quotes:

I know. We shall figure it out with my party. The NRM shall determine that. I don’t even need to be in the government. For what? I’m not looking for anything personal” (Museveni, 08.01.2021, Channel 4).

Now what am I looking for in power? Unless I’m looking for something personal. Do you think I am looking for money?” (Museveni, 08.01.2021, Channel 4).

If there’s a mission to be done. In Uganda here, and Africa we have a mission that has to be accomplished. And if we don’t do, we shall become a Latin America” (Museveni, 08.01.2021, Channel 4).

We can really see how he sticks to common traits. It is always his party that has to decide. A party, which his the forever Chairman and the leader of. Anyone who has ambition in the party gets kicked out and left astray. Therefore, the ideals that the NRM will let him of the hook is a lie.

Well, he knows that if he isn’t in power or in office. He will be more accountable and has to answer for what he did. However, as long as he stays in office and call the shots there will no ramifications. There will be no questions or even serious inquires. As he determines and micro-manage it all.

This man is the richest man in the Republic. By all means, so much of his family and cronies are involved in business ventures. They are all living large because of the stature and power. These folks are eating because they are in power. So, if the day comes and their gravy-train stops. The buck stops too. Therefore, the lie of not seeking money is rubbish. That is part of game. Not like his piss poor and driving a Honda Accord. No, his Richie Rich and has Tony Stark sort of money.

His still daring talking about “mission” in 2021. A mission that is never-ending story. A tale never ending. The man has been in power since 1986 and his always upping the bar. There is either something locally that was in his way or participation in abroad. Latest venture of was the East African Confederation. Where he surely would be liked to be crowned King of the whole EAC. Since, nobody else is as wise as this man.

The final lie: “No. I’m not the only one, but it’s not harmful if I also contribute” (Museveni, 08.01.2021, Channel 4).

His the only one. That’s why his never letting go and never trusting anyone else. It ends with him and only him. That is why his not the man he claims to be. This man isn’t a revolutionary or a liberator. If so, he only liberated a few chosen people and the elites. The rest has to suffer if they dare to oppose him. This is why this interview undermined his agenda here.

It only showed his disregard and lack of tolerance. Where he only wants to rule supreme and can do whatever. While the opposition is foreign agents. That coming from someone who wouldn’t have a career if he foreigners didn’t support him. That is disgraceful. Peace.

Opinion: Court Martial of Civilians [Is the UPDF enlisting Bobi Wine’s men?]

JUST IN; 49 recently bailed NUP supporters have been arraigned before the General Court Martial in Makindye on charges of unlawful possession of ammunition” (91.2 Crooze FM, 08.01.2021).

We know the charges put on the National Unity Platform supporters and activists are deliberate act to keep them detained. There is no proof and wouldn’t be the first time the NUP and associates are pinned with crimes they didn’t commit. However, what happened today is striking in one manner.

The activists, team members of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Who was all arrested in Kalangala District on the 30th December 2020. This is the aftermath after that and after being moved by the authorities to Masaka and now they are in charged in the Military Court in Makindye Military Court.

This sort of actions implies that the NUP supporters and activists are charged with military law, as if they were soldiers or part of the army. These are civilians tried in a military court. If you find that mind-boggling. You should find it foolish, as civilians cannot and shouldn’t get tried in these sorts of courts. No, they should have been charged in High Courts or Lower Courts, which is investigating and charging civilians.

A Military Court and a Court Martial is for a soldiers, Commander or anyone in association with the armed forces. Who has breached the conduct and the laws of military operations or his station. That is not for a commoner or a civilian to be tried at.

That is why we know this is forged up charges and a political motived trial, as these people are tried like soldiers. The state is unserious and dumbfounded if they are making all citizens directly members of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). Because, that is the only way they can do this move and make sense of it. Alas, then everyone could fear to enlisted and get active by the UPDF. However, that is choice people make and a career they might choose.

Nevertheless, this is a political ploy and to make things harder for the NUP and Bobi Wine ahead of the polls. As his activists and his team is behind bars. They are not getting bail and being beyond redemption. They are detained and barred from public life. That is what this does and just in time before the polls. So, that these folks cannot spark interests or the cause of Bobi Wine.

We all should mock the state for charging civilians in a military court. There is no reason to do so. That is null and void. As civilians shouldn’t be on trial there… no, that is for armed personnel. That is the reality of it all. This shows the world that the gentlemen in power isn’t the smartest. When they cannot even move the citizens righteously or even forge a narrative that makes sense. This is just bonkers and showing how tyrannical the state is. When they are charging civilians in military courts and nobody is really questioning that.

There should be judges and lawyers petition other courts. Even wanting to petition the ones who made the case and forged this. As this is just a destruction of common sense, but sense isn’t always that common. Peace.

Opinion: EC and UPF wants the election to be done in darkness

A historic day: Besigye could vote without being arrested afterwards!

There should not be mass assemblies around polling centres according to the EC. You need to vote and go home. Any act of hooliganism around the polling stations will be dealt with – Maj Gen Paul Loketch, Deputy IGP” (NTV Uganda, 08.01.2021)

The EC has barred all persons from taking pictures inside the polling station area on 14th January . EC chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama says even the media will not be allowed within the polling area to preserve the sanctity of secret ballot” (NTV Uganda, 06.01.2021)

It is just mere days ahead of the polls on the 14th January 2021. The Electoral Commission (EC) and Uganda Police Force (UPF) is steam-rolling ahead with their messages of voting and going home. Even if there are no laws stating this. There is no reason for the citizens and voters to trust the authorities and the preparation to the polls.

This is a mere reflection of how the whole election be handled. As the state is sowing distrust and a disingenuous attempt of controlling it all. They are willing to use any narrative to conceal the election and the results. In such a fashion, that the public is supposed to blindly trust the EC and the state itself. These gentlemen ruling and having powers must be foolish.

President Museveni, Electoral Commission Chairman Simon Byabakamba haven’t proved themselves to be trustworthy. As they are either inciting fear or wants the public to have less knowledge of the process. As there are no laws telling the citizens needs to home after dropping their votes. They can be there and oversee it. They are allowed to tape and take pictures of the Polling Stations. That is to ensure that the Returning Officers and the Declared Result Forms are genuine. That these are not altered or there been shady works of the polling officers and others.

Therefore, this whole act is a another angle of intimidation ahead of the polls. Not only the citizens are targets, but the journalists too: ““We’ve been beating journalists to restrain them from going where there’s danger. Polce beat journalists to help them…for their own safety. When a police officer tells you to stop, you must stop for your own safety. I won’t apologise for police actions” IGP Martin Ochola” (Daily Monitor, 08.01.2021).

This is just further proof of how the state wants the election to be done in darkness. They don’t want the people to know and know the affairs of how their ballots are counted or processed to final results. No, they are just supposed to trust these gentlemen with their future. No questions asked. No observers or people looking over the shoulders to ensure that the ballots are respected and the will of the people is served. No, that is not supposed to happen.

That is why the Electoral Commission and Uganda Police Force is doing this. They are all doing it to serve their master, instead of actually serving the people. They rather work directly for the President, then doing their duty to serve the general public. That is why they don’t want reporting or any oversight to their action. This is their message. Just like they are afraid to show what happens and what they will do when the ballots are done.

If they we’re sincere or had good intentions, but this actions only rely on the fact that the citizens should blindly trust the authorities. However, there are little to no reasons for them to do so. They should expect to be robbed and that they will be disingenuous about their motives. Therefore, they should ensure their votes are respected and that the polling officers are doing their duty. Nevertheless, expect election violence and arrests for the ones doing so. Peace.

Mzee and the Authorities come with warnings 10 days ahead of the polls…

The Opposition has been threatening to burn petrol stations in Kampala. I want to assure you no one is going to burn Kampala down” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (04.01.2021).

This is continuing what the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the President does best. That is to spread warnings and incite fear. This is spelling out stories that never happens and its supposed to intimidate.

The Opposition are always planning to burn petrol stations and do harm in the elections. However, the ones who come with force and guns is the state. The government comes with the LDUs, Crime Preventers and soldiers. They are tear-gassing and injuring the public. They are coming with live-bullets and even killing protesters. However, the greater public is supposed to fear ghost opposition who plans to set fire to a Total station somewhere in the capital.

The Police Force says this today:

We would like to issue a stern warning to candidates/political parties that continue to hold mass rallies that it is too dangerous. They have to adjust accordingly for the sake of protecting the health of the community. So far, none of the candidates/political parties have come out with a formal statement cancelling their campaign events in these respective districts/cities and how they will contend with the Electoral Commission directive” (Uganda Police Force, 04.01.2021).

Just as the final campaign rallies are happening. The opposition are already arrested or charged by the state. The opposition have already been blocked and the Police are in the way of ordinary campaigning. The state haven’t offered the opposition a hand. They are saying the opposition shouldn’t hold mass-rallies, but they are not enforcing the same laws in concern to the ruling regime.

Therefore, we know this warning is to the NUP and FDC. These warnings isn’t for the NRM nor anyone else challenging the state. No, these are for Bobi Wine and Patrick Oboi Amuriat. Who are always in legal trouble and having their team under fire. The state is targeting them and warning them.

So, we can just await the use of force and injuring more people ahead of the polls. As the Police will use their means of tear-gas, live-bullets and pre-emptive arrests of opposition activists and candidates. Just like they have been doing through the whole campaign. That will continue and there is no ceasing of this. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine’s “P10” for 2021

This is the year to accomplish our mission. We have 10 more days of campaign. We have 10 days to determine the future of our country….it is this election where we will determine if we are to remain slaves” – Robert Kyagulanyi (02.01.2021).

So, there we have it really. Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have planned his own P10 or hoping the citizens will be responsible and document the elections. We know just like he stated in the Year End Address yesterday. That the state and authorities will use all means to rig the elections. They will sort out a media blackout, block the internet and social media. This is why the National Unity Platform (NUP) not only launches an UVote App, but speaks highly of using VPN. That is preparing for the inevitable.

We have seen in the past how the state has controlled the results. How they have fixed the polls and ensured “victory”. Clearly, the cellphone and the app is an help. However, that will not be enough. As the public have to come out with an outcry. Have to be on the barricades, unless they give way yet again. That is what the state hopes for.

Museveni, please keep your word. You called Obote and Amin swine for disrespecting the right s of Ugandans but you are much worse than the previous regimes” (Robert Kyagulanyi, 02.01.2021).

A man who has rigged elections since 1996 will clearly not hold his words in 2021. No, we cannot believe that. Neither can Bobi Wine. That is why his preparing for the tricks of the trade. The knowledge that the whole state is on alert.

Kampala and the central region aka Baganda will be a battlefield. The state will have dozens of brigades out in the streets. The army units will be out of the barracks. The LDUs will out and roaming the streets. The Crime Preventers will cause havoc and intimidate too. We just know this will happen. The high ranking officials will spread fear and intimidate more. Just like the President has done through his campaign.

The opposition leaders will either be house-arrested or picked up from their homes. They will be abducted and taken away. The NUP and FDC leadership will be in trouble. There will be no mercy and their lives be in the hands of the authorities. This is the bleak reality.

The FDC had their P10 group ahead of 2016 General Elections. This was a group monitoring and following up the occurrences at the polling stations. They was the team ensuring the rights of the ballots and the tallying. However, it didn’t work out, but the idea was a genius one.

The NUP with their App and Smartphones is good in itself. However, these folks will not have control of the Declaration Forms of the Polling Stations. Neither, the certified results from the Electoral Commission. Not to mention finding out if there is a second unit doing ghost counting. That can easily happen in elections like these. With pre-ticked ballots, stuffed ballot-boxes and cooking the results in the Tally Centre. Therefore, the phones and app is good in itself. However, it is enough?

To be sure the election is free and fair, which have been miles apart. These elections have been depressing. That is why I just know that the EC and the President doesn’t care about an open heist. President Museveni will rig this one. There is no doubt in my mind. Nevertheless, Bobi Wine has shown heart. Will it be enough?

The FDC tried with their Power 10 or P10 to be 10 People per village or polling station to guard the vote. However, we know how that went. Will Bobi Wine succeed now?

His showing character and heart, but is that enough? I am afraid its not. Unless, the people are not accepting the rigging and the foolery of the state this time around. Peace.

President Museveni orders his Army Commanders for “Election Oversight”

There is a new leaked letter or PO/21 on “Deployment of Commanders for Election Oversight”. This letter sets the tone and targets this time around. We know in the Republic that things are militarized and usage of the army within the political sphere is totally normal from both the President and the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM). Therefore, the letter itself seems legit.

The Commander of it all is the always trusted and family member Gen. Salim Selah. While the son Maj. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is getting the role authorizing excessive use of force at all polling stations. General David Muhoozi, the CDF of the UPDF is deployed to coordinate UPDF, SFC, ISO and CMI during the elections. While Gen. Sam Kavuma is directed to operationalize the Huawei mapping software of all Kyagulanyi strongholds.

While there are in each region someone deployed to delegate the blocking or buying off of the NUP supporters. Blocking people from accessing the tally-centres. Blocking Foreign Media as well from the same places. Scaring and intimidating voters. It is a total of 21 Generals or Commanders put in the various of regions to delegate these efforts ahead of the polls.

They are clearly, as anticipated targeting the National Unity Platform and their Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. That is to be anticipated. This letter show that all of the 21 Commanders are delegated to do the same things all across their regions. While the first specially mentioned are countrywide.

The army implicated in this manner. Proves that the President only trusts the army to fulfil his mission. The clandestine operation of securing the future. President Museveni’s future and the future of the Republic.

This shows what we all know. That the army is a partisan operation and only made to serve the throne. It is not there to secure the borders or fight external invaders. No, these forces and armed groups to create fear within the general public. The President is seemingly very interested in that and the ones who is supporting the NUP especially this time around.

This letter implicates the whole Ministry of Defence, the National Army and all of its Units or Divisions. As these are used in every region from Bunyoro, Kampala, Acholi, Lango, Karamoja, Ankole, Busoga, West Nile, Rwenzori, Masaka and Buganda. That is what they are initially planning and with various of commanders from the army. Nobody doesn’t have a role and doesn’t have a mission.

The UPDF will clearly not dwell in the barracks and take it easy. No, they are preparing to come out with blazing guns and scare the public. They are preparing to issue threats and be forceful towards citizens who plans to vote. That is the sort of game-plan the government has. This isn’t shocking either. As the President has spoken so often of warning and that he has forces, which can easily take people out. That is the sort of man he is.

The President lives by the gun and he will most likely die by the same gun too. That is the only thing he knows and this letter proves that. All the Presidents Men and all authorities of the state is at play to ensure another term for the Presidency. Nothing left to chance. This secret letter is proof of that too. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Update on Crackdown Operation on Acts of Impunity (31.12.2020)

Pre-emptive arrests of the NUP Team and Bobi Wine in Kalangala District

What happened in Kalangala District today as the campaign was scheduled there is very simple. The Uganda Police Force says they kept him with “restraint” which is a bunch of bollocks. Because, the state has no tools in the shed to use that for. They can arrests and detain a person. 

The Police in Kalangala did firs arrest Bobi Wine and the 90 people associated with his team. They were physically moved from their location to the Kalangala Police Station. As they are later moved again to be airlifted to Kampala or Wakiso. The home of Bobi Wine in Magere.

However, this isn’t “restraint” as that is nonsense. What it is a pre-emptive arrest. Meaning they are preventing something from happen and arresting the person before doing. As they are incriminating someone and saying the person is about to commit an offence before doing. That means, they are forcefully taken the person away from the supposed crime scene before it happens. This means, the state better have prepared evidence of the supposed crime and usage of criminal behaviour. As they have made a criminal case before it even happened.

This is the same thing as arresting someone for criminal conspiracy. Someone is about to do crime. A few thieves in a den is planning to rob a bank. They have made the plans, got the insider tip and prepared to empty the vault. However, someone snitched and told the authorities. Therefore, the state could raid the den and arrest the thieves even before their acted upon criminal enterprise. The same happened today to Bobi Wine.

This here is an pre-emptive arrest and not showing restraint. That is just a mere fact. The same has been done with other opposition leaders in the past. Like the days of house-arrests for Erias Lukwago, Ingrid Turinawe, Kizza Besigye and others. They have all been pre-emptive arrested by the authorities in their homes. Blocked from leaving their homes to do their political work.

The same is now happening to Bobi Wine and his team. The National Unity Platform (NUP) is directly under siege, arrested and forcefully moved from a place. This by the authorities who better have collected “evidence” and “intelligence” to prove the “quest” for this mission and operation. Because, they have to answer sooner or later to the courts. As they are the ones that used these means to get Bobi Wine and his fellow behind bars. Later airlifted away from Kalangala district.

That is the mere reality of this. They can claim its not an arrest, but it is. It is an pre-emptive one. Since they prevented Bobi Wine from doing something. Peace.

Bobi Wine airlifted or abducted from Kalangala district [rumours: to his home]

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who was scheduled to hold a rally in Kalangala district today. Where the early reports was that his team and allies was arrested by the Police. Later in the day now. While the police is using tear-gas to disperse the crowds.

There is now reports that Bobi Wine is “arrested” or “abducted” from the venue by a army helicopter. This is physically moving him from the venue and from the campaign trail. The whole team of 90 was taken by the authorities.

The state isn’t calling it an arrest, but it is pre-emptive action and done with deliberate moves. As there are no charges or warrants of this action. Only that the Presidential Candidate is taken and they are supposed to air-lift him to Magere in Wakiso.

What is also reported is that the BBS TV Journalist Culton Scovia Nakamya was arrested today as she was reporting on the campaign of Bobi Wine.

We know the authorities are up to no-nonsense and full panic-mode, when this is stated online:
“We would like to clarify that the candidate was restrained for continuously holding massive rallies amidst the increased threats of coronavirus, in total disregard of the Electoral commission and Ministry of health guidelines. He’s being transferred to his home in Magere, Kampala. Part of his advance team, captured on Cctv cameras and several video footages, while deflating tyres of police motor vehicles , inciting violence, obstructing police officers on duty, violating the health and safety protocols and various traffic offences, have been arrested” (Uganda Police Force, 30.12.2020).

Because like always in the matters of the authorities in the Republic. The victims of the political arrests are the ones to blame. Never the police who has the guns, the ammunition and the weaponry to cause harm. That is why its suspect that it only happens to the opposition and they are doing it like this on the regular.

They are clearly blocking all his ways to move and even airlifts him. Hopefully, they will tow his cars and all other personal effects to Magere too. As they should be liable for the belongings of NUP on the island. As they were the ones moving him with force from there.

Even if the state doesn’t call it an arrest. It is in a fashion. Because they are forcing him from campaigns. They are taken him and his team away. This is an pre-emptive arrests, which have been used to other opposition candidates in the past. Then it has been house-arrests without court orders. Now, its happening here after days of suspending campaigns.

The President and authorities must be so proud of this clandestine operation. Peace.