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Opinion: More Guns, More Problems!

These fellows who attacked Gen Katumba met a traffic police but the traffic police was not armed that’s how they ran away. These people took advantage of our laxity. Now they have alerted us. The traffic police will be armed or paired with armed people” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (06.06.2021).

President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni have again issued new orders and directives. This is just one out of plenty in the COVID-19 Address tonight. Therefore, this is focus on small piece of a long speech. This is done because of the urgency.

We know the President is addicted to two things: cars and weapons. That has been shown again and again. He goes back to old slogans and old techniques hoping it will solve the problems. Not look into the issue or really fix it. No, he just patches it with cars to elites and his appointments, but giving out guns to the security organizations.

The armed police force have created a lot of deaths, which could have been avoided. Just like the Local Defence Unit (LDUs) or Crime Preventers too… these has caused extra violence and even further escalated violence. Therefore, creating more guns in society and causing more fatalities. When you have already so many security organization with army expertise. This is all just bound to go down with horrible results.

Traffic police already have a history of misusing their power. They are using their patrols and their beat to get bribed or cause havoc. That they are doing already without having weapons. However, if the same brothers are armed. They have the ability not only to terrorise drivers without permits or certificates, but they can also kill. This means there are even more people who can cause fatalities in the Republic.

The army and police is already vicious. Having another unit with weapons will not create peace. It will instead take more lives. There will be civilians dying over a misunderstanding or because they didn’t want to bribe a hungry officer. We can act like that is not a case, but then again we would lie to ourselves.

If these folks are getting guns. I anticipate more deaths, because these fellas will use their newly acquired power and they think of the pay-off. This will not cease criminal activity or dangerous driving. No, they will have new abilities … and it will cost lives.

President Museveni will only unleash a new upgraded unit, which will cause havoc and not stop what it was supposed to do. There will only be a bloodshed and more extra judicial killings. The state will differ on this and few will loose their jobs over that. This because, the President ordered this and therefore, they are allowed to do this.

Just like other police officers, soldiers and other who has gotten away with murder. The Traffic Officers will get off the hook too. Peace.

Uganda Police Force (UPF): Uganda Police Message – Implementation of COVID-19 Regulations (22.02.2021)

Opinion: EC and UPF wants the election to be done in darkness

A historic day: Besigye could vote without being arrested afterwards!

There should not be mass assemblies around polling centres according to the EC. You need to vote and go home. Any act of hooliganism around the polling stations will be dealt with – Maj Gen Paul Loketch, Deputy IGP” (NTV Uganda, 08.01.2021)

The EC has barred all persons from taking pictures inside the polling station area on 14th January . EC chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama says even the media will not be allowed within the polling area to preserve the sanctity of secret ballot” (NTV Uganda, 06.01.2021)

It is just mere days ahead of the polls on the 14th January 2021. The Electoral Commission (EC) and Uganda Police Force (UPF) is steam-rolling ahead with their messages of voting and going home. Even if there are no laws stating this. There is no reason for the citizens and voters to trust the authorities and the preparation to the polls.

This is a mere reflection of how the whole election be handled. As the state is sowing distrust and a disingenuous attempt of controlling it all. They are willing to use any narrative to conceal the election and the results. In such a fashion, that the public is supposed to blindly trust the EC and the state itself. These gentlemen ruling and having powers must be foolish.

President Museveni, Electoral Commission Chairman Simon Byabakamba haven’t proved themselves to be trustworthy. As they are either inciting fear or wants the public to have less knowledge of the process. As there are no laws telling the citizens needs to home after dropping their votes. They can be there and oversee it. They are allowed to tape and take pictures of the Polling Stations. That is to ensure that the Returning Officers and the Declared Result Forms are genuine. That these are not altered or there been shady works of the polling officers and others.

Therefore, this whole act is a another angle of intimidation ahead of the polls. Not only the citizens are targets, but the journalists too: ““We’ve been beating journalists to restrain them from going where there’s danger. Polce beat journalists to help them…for their own safety. When a police officer tells you to stop, you must stop for your own safety. I won’t apologise for police actions” IGP Martin Ochola” (Daily Monitor, 08.01.2021).

This is just further proof of how the state wants the election to be done in darkness. They don’t want the people to know and know the affairs of how their ballots are counted or processed to final results. No, they are just supposed to trust these gentlemen with their future. No questions asked. No observers or people looking over the shoulders to ensure that the ballots are respected and the will of the people is served. No, that is not supposed to happen.

That is why the Electoral Commission and Uganda Police Force is doing this. They are all doing it to serve their master, instead of actually serving the people. They rather work directly for the President, then doing their duty to serve the general public. That is why they don’t want reporting or any oversight to their action. This is their message. Just like they are afraid to show what happens and what they will do when the ballots are done.

If they we’re sincere or had good intentions, but this actions only rely on the fact that the citizens should blindly trust the authorities. However, there are little to no reasons for them to do so. They should expect to be robbed and that they will be disingenuous about their motives. Therefore, they should ensure their votes are respected and that the polling officers are doing their duty. Nevertheless, expect election violence and arrests for the ones doing so. Peace.

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