U.S. Supreme Court allows politicians to get the donors to cover their own personal campaign “debts”

The American Dream is dying, one step at the time. Senator Ethan Roark Jr. of Sin City is becoming the norm of society. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas did deliberately violating campaign finance laws just so he could petition the courts and get the laws changed. He has achieved his mission and by doing so. The donors, the corporations and the Public Action Committee’s (PACs) can circumvent certain stipulations and indirectly pay a candidate. Therefore, the candidate or politician will be beholden to their interests and in the end… not work for the citizens, but for the companies, lobbyists and other interests groups who is paying for their campaign.

The United States of America isn’t getting any better, but only turning worse. The Supreme Court is using benign reasoning. Calling it a political speech to loan money to fund their own campaigns. While we know the loans will be paid by the donors and beneficiaries of the candidates in question. This is ensuring the corporate candidates and the ones who serve certain industries to get massive funding, which will be pocketed by the candidate itself.

A candidate can take out a loan to his/hers own campaign of a ONE MILLION US Dollars and after the campaigns the His/Hers for House/Senate can cover these debts with interests, which goes straight into the account of the politician. That is self-serving and free money, a bribe that ensures the interests of the companies or industries are taken care off. So, it is so weird that this getting allowed, but shows what the Supreme Court really believes in.

Here’s the vital information:

The U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority on Monday continued a decades long dismantling of federal campaign finance limits in a divided decision in favor of Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. The 6-3 ruling, written by Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., struck down Section 304 of the 2002 federal Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act that limited post-election contributions to repay a candidate’s personal campaign loans” (Zack Needles – ‘Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz Wins Federal Campaign Finance Limits Case Before U.S. Supreme Court’ 16.05.2022, Texas Lawyer, Law.com).

For the reasons set forth, we conclude that Cruz and the Committee have standing to challenge the threatened enforcement of Section 304 of BCRA. We also conclude that this provision burdens core political speech without proper justification. The judgment of the District Court is affirmed” (Federal Election Committee Versus Ted Cruz for Senate, May 16, 2022).

The next U.S. elections the campaigns can get vast loans from the candidates themselves. While later cash-that-in, as they are fundraising and getting donor funds from various of sources. All of these sources and lobbyists are doing so for their interests and policy needs. Therefore, we all know the gist of this.

The U.S. elections and campaign funding is already a corporate white-wash of funding. This is just tripling down and ensuring a “sign-on-fee” for politicians, which is only have been known for athletes. If not it is securing a means for an advance by “loaning” to your own campaign and getting a donor to cover the “debt”. So, in return the candidate will cash-in and get refunded this as personal revenue.

Ted Cruz and the current Supreme Court has made it possible for the rich candidates to enrich themselves on their own campaigns. In some regards, the way and manner of which they are elected has now also become a cash-grab for the wealthy representatives of Washington D.C. The Republican’s are clearing the swamp, but creating a bigger one. Where they are destroying the rules and opening up all avenues for creating personal wealth. While they are hoping the public doesn’t see or doesn’t care. Because, this is just a way of gaining more money on the job. Since the campaigns are part of the lifestyle and needs to get elected into office. Now the way of getting the job is also a possible way of getting vast profits. This is defended by need of political speech.

So, in the minds of the Supreme Court moving money from one account to another is a sign of political speech. Clearly, the banks of JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CitiGroup and such will be really happy about this. They don’t even need to get this politicians to hold speeches and get paid. No, they can just donate funds, which will cover the “debts” of the candidates and that will go right into the pocket of whoever they deem fit for their cause. Peace.

Opinion: Shchekin needs to get his mind correct

So after Zelensky goes into oblivion and the entire territory of the so-called Ukraine is demilitarised, the Union States will have to take on the other work. It will be in the long run – the denazification of the European Union. This is very hard work. In what format it will be is another question. But, this fascism, the so-called democratic Nazism. Polish, not so important. Romanian, Czech, French, German – you have to turn it out with a red-hot iron. Therefore, it is not necessary for Russian tanks to be stationed in Berlin. Although it may come to that. But already having the experience of the Second World War, the Great Patriotic War and now those processes that have been going on for the past 30 years, I think Belarus and Russia will find that universal formula that, which the least losses, will be able to carry out this denazification of Europe and bring European peoples into normal conformity. Bring them to democracy” Nikolai Shchekin, Head of the Department of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (22.04.2022).

I don’t know if some people are out of their medication or has lost their marbles. Though, I think that the man in question is delusional and believes all the propaganda he reads. The Belarus political scientist or propagandist after what you prefers. Is clearly jaded and thinking he can tell story without it backfiring.

Surely he is only seeing “Z” and Russian tanks crossing into new territory. Most likely his dreaming of wild prosperity in the heart of Kremlin and within Minsk. That he can be the wise-man and a sort of spiritual spin-doctor of the new era. However, that will not happen and his not that clever.

Because, his claims are unfounded and unjust. Like saying all of Europe is filled with Nazis and is undemocratic. That coming from the man who is living in Belarus and the opposition, which was lucky was able to escape into exile after the recent election. While in Russia there is no real opposition or ability to run against the regime of Putin. So, that a political scientist form any of these countries speaks of spreading democracy. That is a blatant lie, because they cannot even grasp that home or within their territory. Why would Belorussians and Russians bring democratic values to Europe. When they cannot even do it in Minsk or in Moscow? Bitch please, hang up the phone. You have dialled the wrong number.

While we are on it. The sort of stories his telling is just showing his ignorance. All leadership who is not patriotic or loyal to the Kremlin is Nazi. That is how they are determining it these days. There is no validation or no sort ideals or prospects ever.

He also insinuate that the Ukrainian state isn’t legit and calls it “so-called Ukraine”. The Ukrainian state has a long and rich history. Just like most of the European states. Heck, the Belarus opposition is using a ancient flag and emblems to signify the times before the Russian influence of Belarus. In the same manner Lithuania goes long back into time and was a sort of empire at one point. Therefore, this political scientist of sorts cannot even study history or reflects on the realities of the nations his dwelling with.

The propagandist is proclaiming and wants Russians to liberate Europe from the ghosts of Second World War. He wants to save Europe from Nazis. This isn’t 1939 or 1945. We are living in a Democratic Europe, a liberal and with esteemed leadership who respects one another and who follows diplomatic measures between the nations. If it is within the European Union or between the member-states themselves. They are not bound by decrees or orders of one man in Moscow. Which is what order the likes of Shchekin abides by and breathes for.

He can live and praise the “democracy” Alexander Lukashenko, which is not only flawed, but a brutal dictatorship. A dictatorship supported and nourished by Kremlin. This man might be living good on those terms, but there is plenty who suffers, which he will never save or see. They are the ones who the rest of Europe feels for. As the Russians and Belorussian allies are violating Ukraine on a daily basis.

While people like Shchekin defends and even tries to make it reasonable to further the “special operation” or invasion. Because, that is how these people are and they cannot even see it themselves. This sort of man wouldn’t understand democracy, even if he lived in the midst of it. He cannot reflect or ascertain the ideals or the platitudes of how it works. If he would… he would have left Minsk and Belarus in a heartbeat and known what sort of masters his serving right now. However, we know that is too much to ask. Peace.

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Kagame is a joke: Bans satire and political cartoons!

It is hard for power to enjoy or incorporate humour and satire in its system of control”Dario Fo

You would think that someone running a nation practically been running Rwanda since 1994. That a President of that kind would have the stature and the character to manage some criticism and some satire. Kagame has gotten rid of his opposition, both internally and abroad. He has taken real Presidential Candidates and put them in jail. Where they are rotting as we speak. So its not like there is a real democracy or real elections. The ones countering the image of Kagame is already silenced. This is just taking it to the next level.

In Rwanda from now on, if you mock or play for laughs by cartooning any Rwandan Patriotic Front figure or leader, you could be sent to jail or fined. This is the reality of the free speech and liberties within the 1000 hills Republic. Look!

The new 335-article penal code might have decriminalised general defamation for which a journalist would previously be sent to a year in jail and a fine of Rwf5 million (about $5,800) on conviction–the Rwanda Media Commission is now mandated to handle the matter–but editorial cartoonists and satirists now need to thrive without depicting politicians and other leaders in a manner that mocks their deeds. As well as cartoons, the penal code has no place for humorists who write satirical articles that thrive on mockery of personalities, especially leaders, has been criminalised. “Writings or cartoons that humiliate Members of Parliament, ministers, other government authorities and security agencies when they are exercising their mandate will be punishable by law,” says Article 233 of the new penal code” (Seaman, 2018).

As we see here, the leeway for cartoons and satire have gone away. If you joke about Kagame your possibly detained or gotten a hefty fine. Nothing that the President wont do to save his image. A real spirit of a grand dictator. He just want praise and PR Stunts, not the real deal. Kagame just want the passion and blessings of the office, but not the sincere criticism of him. That is a no go!

Kagame is this weak, when his state puts in laws like this. Rwanda is silly and stupid, because the Presient wants this. He is afraid of how the media will make him look like a fool, but by pursuing laws like them make them just look dumb.

They are little whiny bitches who cannot manage questions or even satirical words. They don’t have the heart or the ability to stomach it.

Let me just end with a satirical piece from The Rwandan:

As the former president prepared to depart Rwanda, a reporter asked him two questions: Had Kagame managed to visit the devastated regions of Rwanda by heavy rains and landslides that killed hundreds and left thousands homeless? Kagame replied that he did not have time for that” (…) “What are Kagame’s next destinations and when might he visit Rwanda again? Kagame told the reporter that ”it was none of his business.” (Himbara, 2018).

To write like that is now outlawed, because the RPF cannot manage this sort of jokes. That should be non of their business, but apparently it is. Peace.


Himbara, David – ‘Kagame Ends His Brief Visit To Rwanda 😂 (Satire)’ 03.07.2018 Link: http://www.therwandan.com/kagame-ends-his-brief-visit-to-rwanda-%F0%9F%98%82-satire/

Seaman, Jacobs S. – ‘Rwandan MPs criminalise cartoons, satirical articles that mock politicians, leaders’ (15.07.2018) link: http://thecrime24.com/law-and-order/human-rights/rwandan-mps-criminalise-cartoons-satirical-articles-that-mock-politicians-leaders/

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