Opinion: The UPF should just launch the “Operation Red Beret”

The Uganda Police Force came out with a statement to the grand public after they raided the National Unity Platform offices in Moroto today. This just show how far the state goes against and their expression of their party colours and clothes. That they are wearing military fatigue and the red berets. This the state is clearly targeting, as they have already raided the offices in Jinja and in Kamwokya, Kampala for the same reasons.

Today’s statement says this:

This morning (05th November 2020) at about 0714/c, a joint security intelligence led operation succeeded in arresting one suspect identified as Angulo Andrew Lokong, the NUP coordinator in Karamoja. The operation was carried out in the area of Camp Swahili South division in Moroto municipality. This follows a series of videos that were seen making rounds on social platforms this week, showing youths dressed in clothes similar to government stores (military attire). The suspect has been charged and is detained at Moroto Police Station. A search has also carried out following his arrest. Further investigation into this matter is on going to bring all the perpetrators to book. Military uniform or clothes similar to it, or any other government stores for that matter are a prerogative of the government and should no be abused in any way” (Uganda Police Force – ‘ABUSE OF GOVERNMENT STORES’ 05.11.2020).

The state is clearly targeting the NUP and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. There is no other way to look at it. Just like the state has made a Joint Committee with security organizations and media houses. This is all acts done to stop the party from campaigning and able to get more grass-root support.

The UPF cannot deny the fact. They have never arrested any NRM with a yellow similar looking military attire. Never had any issues with NRM members wearing fatigue or even military inspired clothes. The President have even wore it in Parliament and for speeches to prove a point. The NRM at Kyankwanzi is copying the UPDF to a tee.

Therefore, it is easy to state how the Police Force is a partisan organization. Just like the NUP is targeted this time around. The UPF have gone after dr. Kizza Besigye and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

They are clearly targeting the NUP with a purpose. Just like they did arrest a 70 year old lady for wearing red clothes. The same way they arrested some T-Shirt makers for making it with a picture of Besigye. The state is doing the same sins, but has another target this time around.

It is the colour red, the NUP and Bobi Wine. The message and the powerful signal of their clothes is raising alarm for the authorities and the “high above” who has to prove a point. Because, nobody is supposed to really challenge him. This is why he goes so hard against Bobi Wine and his associates.

They are daring and aiming at the King. They best not miss. Bobi Wine have to be strong, because the state will not let go. The UPF and NRM are doing this to scare and intimidate. This is what they do. Just prove that they are the oppressors, who has one law for their own and another for others.

This should be codenamed as “Operation Red Beret” … that would be fitting. Because this is just going after that. That is the message the UPF is telling the public. At least the memo I am getting by the deliberate actions made by the authorities in the cases concerning the NUP. Peace.

Opinion: The State House got a campaign budget

In the same supplementary budget Shs 451 billion has been allocated to State House of which Shs 400 billion is for classified expenditure” (Sam Ibanda Mugabi – ‘Parliament passes Shs 3.7 trillion supplementary budget amidst opposition’ 21.10.2020).

This is campaign year and into the General Election. Don’t expect this money to be used for the common good. The State House has gotten a “Classified Budget” again. In a Campaign Year. It is naive to think this will be used on public projects or on development projects elsewhere. The President and the National Resistance Movement have gotten a wind-fall. They are suddenly swimming in money as the nominated MPs has to pay fees and use campaign funds.

The NRM and President Museveni have secured the bag ahead of the election. They have gotten more funds, which they can spend as they see fit. If we see the NRM and the President giving away trucks, bicycles or anything to RDCs, DPCs or Chiefs. It will come from this fund. Pastors and Clerical Leadership as well. They will get “donations” from this “goodwill fund”.

The Shs. 451 billions will not be used to make the State House in Nakasero into a safe haven. Neither will this be disposed to make Okello House in Entebbe into a state of the art mansion. No, this money will go to all sort of cronies, campaign staff and temporary structures to spread the message of the President. He will pay-off everyone, media-houses and whatnot. Just to be on top. That is why he needed an additional budget this early in the budget year of 2020-21.

This is because the campaign is starting and in the months ahead of the General Elections in 2021. That is the usage of the funds. We would easily see that they suddenly have money for T-Shirts, Yellow Berets and what else of merchandise the NRM needs.

If the President and the State House had nothing to hide. They wouldn’t have such a slush fund suddenly for “Classified Expenditure”. Especially, as the NRM isn’t that transparent and neither is government. Who already have enormous usage of classified expenditure for both the State House and the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). That is very common and shows that they want to spend as they pleases without any public scrutiny of it.

They will spend these funds without receipts, bank statements or even accounted use of it. This means it could be used for whatever and therefore, the simple speculation from my part. I don’t know if the President has to bail out his family members or businesses. I don’t know, if his farms needs upgrades and his family members needs their allowances. That is something I don’t know, but what I do know.

Is that the NRM and President Museveni spends huge sums in campaigns and in election years. They spend money like drunk sailors at port. They are spending funds like there is no tomorrow. That is the reality and this is why in 2021 the same State House will be broke and would need additional funds to run operation. Either they are missing funds to pay for staff, electricity or even the water bill. Suddenly, they cannot pay for new furniture or even briefcases for the Permanent Secretaries. That is what happens in post-Election time. Therefore, expect all of this and that’s why I believe these funds are going into Campaign Funding. Direct funding the Presidential Campaign and his party as well. Peace.

Total Crackdown on the Opposition… [as Bobi Wine, Ssewanyana and Ssemujju Nganda gotten arrested]

After yesterday’s raid of the National Unity Platform Headquarters in Kamwokya, Kampala. The Police have amped up the levels. Firs verified reports is that Presidential Candidate and Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was arrested after the raid.

Another NUP heavyweight was arrested today, this being Makindye West MP and MP Aspirant Allan Ssewanyana was arrested and currently held at Katwe Police Station. The MP was arrested shortly after the nomination.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Spokesperson and Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda was also arrested today. He was bundled up to a police car after the nomination.

“All FDC Parliamentary candidates for Hoima City including ANT’s Kasule Ismail have been arrested immediately after nominations” (Capital FM Uganda, 15.10.2020).

This is just the beginning of the campaigns and elections in a way. As today was a day of delivering nomination papers to the Electoral Commission across the Republic. That will also happen tomorrow for the aspirant MPs in the up-coming General Elections.

As this is going on, the authorities are arresting people for selling People Power and NUP merchandise in the streets of Kampala and elsewhere. There is also reports of the authorities taking down posters with Bobi Wine and the NUP candidates. The state is really working hard to block and get rid of the contender.

This is yet another sign of how the state is working on overtime to stop, silence and go against the dissidents. As people are not allowed to sell merch made to supporters of Bobi Wine. That is how small of a man the President is. He cannot stomach real competition and therefore, has to use the law enforcement to get ahead. Peace.

Opinion: NRM’s Military Fatigues

Yesterday, the spokesperson for the army said the reason for the raid of the National Unity Platform Offices in Kamwokya was because of the red berets and their “military fatigues”. However, that is all ironic, as the ruling regime uses it when it deems it fit.

One of the Presidential Advisor Full Figure is posing around in military inspired clothes like she’s at a party of the YMCA in the 1970s. While that is not causing a fuzz or an issue. Nevertheless, the NUP and Bobi Wine get into a lot of trouble for having their own ways.

The NUP and Bobi Wine is not only into issues over the red berets, that has already been gazetted. The attires with stars and such, which resembles military fatigues has also hit a nerve. These are all excuses. And show how one standard is put on the opposition, but no retribution towards the ruling regime.

National Resistance Movement (NRM) have had yearly trainings at NALI or Kyankwanzi, where they have all been in green military fatigues. Heck, the President have used it in a budget speech and elsewhere. The NRM can use it whenever they deem fit. They can use it to promote themselves and their power.

We know the NRM is filled with a chosen few bushmen, who is proud of their achievements and feel above the crowds because of it. “They fought”, therefore, you got to serve me now. That sort of attitude. Where can boost their titles, their ranks and use the military to their convenience. Even when they have retired long time ago.

That is just the double standard, as the NUP should be 100% civilian and not even make their own. It is not like the UPDF and the NRM invented the berets. They have taken them from army history and “made it” their own. Now, they are causing a fuzz over a colour. Which just show how little they think of themselves.

The NRM is clearly allowed to not only use military fatigues, whenever they deem it fit. They can go all out. They can travers with the military, use the fatigues, carry the guns and tote all around town. While the NUP cannot even have resembling headgear. That shows how little faith the NRM have in humanity.

This is indecency and insincerity at its best. The sort of low blow, no show, nonsense, which is deliberately done, again and again. A sort of play that has been done all before. This isn’t a new, but the same-old same old story.

The President and his team might think this is a winning formula. However, this is just undeniably showing his ignorance and his blatant use of force. That is all he got, because he got less and less love with the ages. Therefore, he clings to the army like its his saviour, which it paradoxically is. Peace.