Opinion: Mzee isn’t a voice of reason…

Many of the people who are being urged to be patient for two years are buckling under the weight of a very high cost of living. Most of them can hardly put a decent meal on the table or meet the costs of education, healthcare, utilities and rent. It must, therefore, hurt that provisions are being made for a makeover of the President’s wardrobe when so many people are really struggling. Parliament has not listened to the voices of the masses. This, therefore, calls for the intervention of the person for whom we are providing; he does not need the provisions. Only his voice can help end such wasteful expenditure” (Daily Monitor – Editorial – ‘Museveni’s voice required to end wasteful expenditure’ 21.05.2023).

I don’t know what the Editor of Daily Monitor thought when he or she wrote today’s piece. However, to say it is utter garbage is just a mere fact. The ideals and the thought that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni would be the voice of reason in 2023 is absurd.

To believe that a man who has built a vast entourage, duplicated institutions and created a bloated government. Will ever… ever ever… be concerned about public expenditure. A man who needs confidential budget post and lack of oversight. A man who spends money like no tomorrow and hope that someone else will capture the fiscal shortfall. That he can either get a donor or a loan to cover the deficits.

Therefore, reading this text… how naive are you? Have you seen how many districts that has been created since 1986? Have you seen how many MPs that been added in the recent years?

Or have you missed that or isn’t obvious to the fact. It isn’t connected and part of the plot. That a man has created government units, institutions and commissions that are cross-checking each other. While his busy eating, investing and ensuring the future of his own grand-kids. Seriously, the proof is in the pudding.

That’s why the State House and the Office of the President got vast funds. This is why the UPDF and Ministry of Defence has massive budgets. That’s why the Police Force is well funded. Because, if the security detail isn’t paid and isn’t in order. Well, then the grand corruption and the heist of the state cannot continue on the “low”. It is low hanging fruits, but certainly edible.

Only his voice can help end such wasteful expenditure” (Daily Monitor, 21.05.2023).

He will come with words of fire and fury, but it won’t amount to anything. That’s why we are seeing thieves getting away, but the pickpockets are lingering behind bars. The President knows and he knows of various of schemes. He knows who is “investing” and who is “benefiting”. It is his system after all. Therefore, believing this man will be a reasonable dude in 2023… Please… get your mind correct. Please and do it fast.

Enough nonsense. The 1986 brigade got enough “yes-men” and paid microphones to defend its cause. I didn’t think I would see that in the Daily Monitor. However, that is where we are. This piece belong in the New Vision. Not in the Daily Monitor… Peace.

Opinion: Mzee’s reckless spending spree

The Minority Report of the National Budget for 2023/24 is out. Not that it’s shocking or anything. It is just showing how the President and his inner-circle is spending money like there is no tomorrow. While the state is busy borrowing funds and lacking domestic revenue. You would think the President who often speaks of moderation and use within your means would live within those words.

Alas, that is not the case. The President has a massive portfolio. The Office of the President and the State House are two bloated out units. They are Ministries in themselves and has far out reach of the buildings, which they are supposed to reside.

Yes, the State House isn’t only functioning as a residence and as a ceremonial grounds. No, the Office of the President and the State House budgets is an inner-cabinet in itself. It is a wild beast that breeds on everyone else. That’s why the billions upon billions of shillings are spent there.

That’s why Museveni needs vast budgets for vehicles, furnitures and clothes. He doesn’t need to beg and his salary is maybe “scraps” but the budgets for his office or home is lavish. The President can live like a King on those terms. People can defend and say this is well spent resources.

I am sure the Senior Presidential Advisors and the Units of the State House appreciate the spending. They are benefiting for the wealth and usage of funds. Also with the “classified” and “donations” budgets… the President has two secret ways of fund himself and his closest associates. Because, these funds won’t be traced and can be used as he deems fit.

The Office of the President is getting 250 billion shillings in the budget year. While the State House is getting 454 billion shillings. With those two major budget post the President is spending around 700 billion shillings and that’s before the Supplementary Budgets, which we knows goes in his direction. There is always a shortfall and lack of funds, which just have to be covered in the calendar year.

Therefore, even if Museveni and his inner-circle is budgeted to get 700 billion shillings. We know they eventually would need more. Either to buy a helicopter, a plane or even pay for Muhoozi’s adventures. God knows where the money goes, but millions of shillings doesn’t go to upgrade the President’s wardrobe. His wearing the same jackets, fatigue and shirts we have seen for years. The old man isn’t a fashionista.

We know he can be on a spending spree, because he has 38 billion to the Office of the President as classified and another 120 billion to the State House. Meaning out of the 700 billions in total, there is around a 150 billions he has no oversight or no need to account for. It is all secret and he can spend where-ever he deems fit.

That should boggle your mind. The President has such a money pit and such a vast enterprise. Yes, we know he has 100s of Presidential Advisors and a huge team at the State House. His broaden the mandate and the workplace. However, spending 700 billions on it… in just one year. It is just ridiculous.

Especially coming from a man who speaks of moderation and speaks of living within the means. He is living large on the public’s dime and he clearly doesn’t care. This is his throne and the citizens got to pay for his party. Peace.

Opinion: 30 billion shillings went to ghosts…

“Officials in the Ministry of Finance and 49 districts in the implementation of the Parish Development Model (PDM) face accountability queries after it emerged that they dished out about Shs30 billion to a total of 3,214 unregistered or ghost saccos” (Elizabeth Kamurungi – ‘How 3,200 ghost Saccos shared Shs30b PDM funds’ 05.04.2023, Daily Monitor).

The Parish Development Model (PDM) was bound to fail and there been so much issues already. This government scheme hasn’t lasted for long either, but still filled with questionable behaviour and misuse of funds. That’s why the latest revelation isn’t shocking either. Just another round and another time with mismanagement of public funds.

The PDM is just a new Emyooga, Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and a micro-finance scheme to intervene to create development. Nevertheless, the same sort of tale has already been done and for years without much to show for it. Still, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) pursuit the same of drill and expect another result. Well, that isn’t how things goes… and it shows.

The PDM wasn’t launched with full potential or within reasonable doubt, because it was done in a hay-day before electioneering and empty pledges ahead of a general election. Just like other monetary schemes that has been used to propel and “buy” goodwill. These small tokens and little coins have given the NRM rural support. Even if it doesn’t amount to much, because at least they get a little incentive to the rulers in Kampala.

Alas, the PDM is just being exposed and showing the fragile nature of the institutions. When they are paying ghosts and misusing billions of shillings. None should be amazed by this in 2023. This is the game that NRM has set, and they done so for years. It is just their newest trick, and we can just see it all happening.

The reports on the PDM have been staggering already and nothing useful seem to be happening. Except for the visitation of high-ranking officials and they get to bash in glory. However, you don’t need a micro-finance scheme to get people to dance. That’s just a cheap trick and it does no good. This is a waste of state coffers.

The PDM servers no one. That is clear from the on-set and they are only prolonging the agony until they have come up with a micro-finance scheme. Because they change ahead of every election and with little to no results. That’s why the OWC and Emyooga hasn’t been studied or evaluated properly before the launch of the PDM. This is when you know the gig is up and bound to fail. Not even trying to learn from past failures before launching a new one. That’s detrimental and shows the lack of concern.

Since, the NRM can just waste funds, pay the ghosts and call it a night. Peace.

Opinion: The PDM seems like a failure from the on-set

Only 3,200 out of the targeted 10,594 Saccos have been cleared to receive Parish Development Model (PDM) cash after meeting requirements as outlined under the implementation guidelines, the government has said” (…) “Ms Nabbanja said all the ready Saccos are to receive the funds directly to their bank accounts. The government has so far released Shs80.92b to cater for the first quarter, while Shs1.05 trillion was earmarked as revolving funds to the PDM Saccos in this Financial Year 2022/2023. During yesterday’s meeting, the premier approved disbursement of funds to three Saccos from Otuke, Butaleja and Lira districts as model Saccos” (Peter Sserugo – ‘Over 7,000 Saccos miss PDM money’ 12.10.2022, Daily Monitor).

The latest news that only one third of the SACCO’s are able to receive partly the Parish Development Model (PDM). The Government of Uganda has made the PDM the biggest development investment and is the biggest programme after the 2021 General Elections. This follows several of other micro-financing schemes, which haven’t delivered.

Now, after Parliamentary Reports and investigations into the PDM. There has been revelations already that the SACCOs, the local governments and everyone who was about to be involved in the PDM wasn’t prepared. So, it’s not shocking that only a third of the SACCOs are able to reach on time.

This is a rushed enterprise, where the state and the high ranking officials has pushed it through without having it all coordinated from the top to the ones down in the hierarchy. That’s why when Prime Minister Nabbanja is today disbursing funds. There is a lack of totality. This because of the warnings, which previously mentioned hasn’t been regarded.

The government haven’t prepared or didn’t consider the implications of it. That’s why later the Ministries and the high ranking officials had to make procedures for due diligence and for some sort of oversight. Though with this sort of disbursement, there will most likely be mischief and be misgivings. It is bound to happen. The mere scale of it and the possibilities are endless.

While the PDM is promised to be a game-changer, it will only end up in the dust-bin of time. The writing has already been on the wall and this sort of operation isn’t making it better. Today just shows again how it’s failing. I cannot wait to read new Parliamentary Reports about these disbursed funds and how it didn’t go where it was anticipated. This is bound to end in tears and tragedy. Not because I want to see it, but for one simple reason.

The PDM wasn’t prepared or regulated properly before the government launched. When you do that and with such vast funds. It is bound to be painful. The proverb of “missing funds” is an upcoming theme. The funds will not cause a massive change or be significant to be substantial in any manner either. It might change some lives and ensure their livelihoods. However, in the grand scheme of things… it will not revolutionize the economy or the financial markets. That needs another breed and more robust financial mechanism, which does various of things and not move money from one account to another.

There will be more about the PDM in the future. Just like there been revealed the fallouts and the failures of Emyooga, Operation Wealth Creation and all the similar micro-financing schemes from the government. It is just a creature that is bound to die. We just don’t know when to have the funeral or when the sing the psalms of David. Peace.

Opinion: The PDM is set to destroy the parastatals supplying Coffee and Tea Seedlings…

Rt. Hon. Speaker, as you may be aware, up until FY 202l /2022, Government policy has been for Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) and National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) to procure seedlings from certified Coffee and Tea Nursery Operators. However, Government has since decided to transfer funding previously appropriated for procurement of seedlings from UCDA and NAADS to the Parish Development Model (PDM) starting this FY2022/2023” (Statement to Parliament on the Supply of Coffee and Tea Seedlings, 22.09.2022).

The latest revelation of the Parish Development Model (PDM) will by this Financial Year takeover the powers to buy Coffee and Tea Seedlings, which has been done through the UCDA and NAADs. We know that similar activities was also in the past done through the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC). Though through those schemes wasn’t delivering the quality or the promised needs of seedlings at any given time.

When we have seen how the OWC and NAADs has failed in this. They are now putting this in the hands of the PDM and the Secretariat, which isn’t even prepared to do the basics of the PDM. The PDM is supposed through SACCOs and through the Local Government ensure Parish SACCOs get’s microfinance loans and funds, which is supposed to help development. However, the authorities, the local leadership and republic wasn’t prepared for it. As it was launched ahead of the polls, just like Emyooga, OWC and now the PDM. This is new minted schemes to be a “trick” to be the “silver bullet” to end poverty, but it ends up in nowhere.

Now in the middle of nowhere is the coffee and tea seedlings. Which are now transferred to an entity that cannot even do it’s core. Money is wasted, money isn’t received and we are certainly hearing about “missing funds” soon.

So, an organization that has been rushed, lacked funding and procedures is taking over something so vital for the supply of seedlings for the cash-crops of coffee and tea. That’s significant and shouldn’t be showed under the rug. This is a move to stop accountability and control of it. As we know the Republic is already under scrutiny with the Uganda Vinci Coffee Company Limited (UVCCL).

It’s just iffy that this happens now. That seems fishy to me and it seems coordinated too. This is clearly taking away power and making the UCDA meaningless. Only a place to put some loyal cadres and giving them a pay-check, but having little power or oversight since the PDM and UVCCL will have monopoly. The farmers just have to produce and the Republic will take care of the rest. This is from seedling to the refined product.

They are even taking away the little powers and ability the UCDA has and doing this is shady. That’s why they are giving it to the PDM, which they know have to much on its hands. This isn’t strengthening the agricultural development, but making another scheme within the scheme. To fit another scheme they have already made. The PDM is now becoming a part of the UVCCL. That’s really interesting move and just shows what the National Resistance Movement (NRM) does at this point.

No one should be shocked, but they should be worried about this move. This isn’t done to make the cash-crop more profitable or better. We know how the OWC failed with the procurement and logistics of seedlings. Do you really think the PDM will be any better? Who are they trying to fool here? Who is the ones who are losing and are the party they are crushing?

Because, there are parties, companies and co-ops that are hurt by this. Since the PDM is taking over and there should be outrage over this. Like the NRM and the Government didn’t learn from the failure of OWC. That’s what is striking… and just shows that it doesn’t care. While it could be a scheme to fit the UVCCL and that makes it even more disgusting. Peace.

Opinion: Parish Development Model (PDM) won’t eradicate poverty but it will become someone’s heist

The newly minted eradication of poverty model in the Republic. That was launched ahead of the polls in 2021. Now in 2022 it is obvious that scheme is bound to fail. It was inevitable… because none of the previous ones had any change or luck either. They have been doing this since the 1990s and nothing has worked.

So, now that the Republic is using 1 Trillion Shillings on it. You would think they had the magical point and the right tools to make it legit. While that is far from the truth. All the things that has been uttered and stated about is an epic failure. From the onset, there was no true organization, framework or even policies at its disposal. Even when the PDM is using similar means as in the past.

The recent weeks of arrests in Mitooma, Kabale and Kitgum over it only shows how badly it is going. In addition to the news of lacking disbursement in Masindi. This is just very compelling of the problematic approach to government spending or even institutionalize these sorts of government programs. When local government officers and employees are part of the gig and get caught slipping.

Certainly, the PDM was supposed to be another “magical bullet” to solve the issue of poverty. Until proven otherwise… I doubt it and there is no sign of improvement. Especially, considering the reports in combination with the reports that is already out. The statements of the Minister of Finance isn’t making the situation anything better either.

When you are spending like a drunk sailor and telling people to sober up. While inviting the sailor to a pub. You know what will go down and what the sailor will do. The sailor will get drunk and be on his merry way. That’s the same thing here… and it’s so in the open.

This PDM is bound to be a big-man’s heist. As there are no protocols, possible oversight or even systematic approach to safeguard the spending. The open corruption, mismanagement and impunity isn’t helping either.

Surely like in so many other instances there been giveaways, kickbacks and planned efforts to circumvent the rules to gain funds from the state coffers. This is happening as the state claims this is the way out. Nevertheless, it begs the question, why will it work now?

When we are so easily seeing the cracks. Reading the reports and the statements from high ranking officials. Heck, the few assessment reports on the PDM that have been released are grim. It is daunting that this won’t be it. Just another heist of the high and mighty. This won’t solve anything else than empty coffers and excuses for the ones in power. No, this will not help the ones in need or the ones it is intended to help. No, they are pawns for the kings and queens. They are the first to go out and loose anyway. This game is rigged and the PDM is no different.

Not like that is anything new either. “Missing Funds” is a proverb in the republic. The elites and the ones in the inner circle are eating. That is clear and the systems are made for them. This is why this latest scheme will be beholden to them too. They will find ways to disburse and ensure them a hefty pay-off.

So, expect someone to run with the bag and the State House looking idly by, because they have already a deal. This PDM is just the latest one to trick the public that they will initially do something. However, don’t be fooled. They will not do anything sincere, but only find a way of earning profits on the poverty that does exist. That’s been their trick and it continues to be so. Peace.

A Parliament Report states the government wasn’t prepared to launch the PDM

The now released March 2022 Parliamentary Report: “REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SERVICE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT ON THE STATUS OF THE IMPLEMENTATION Of THE PARISH DEVELOPMENT MODEL IN THE FY 2021/22” is stating a lot of facts, which is damning to the 1 Trillion Shilling Budget Post this Financial Year 2022/23. As the launch and the start of the Parish Development Model (PDM) is lacking basic government structures and even policies. This means the state is risking the whole 1 trillion shillings on a hope and a prayer. That’s the gist of it and it’s tragic.

The warnings has been there on the horizon. It isn’t like people haven’t seen it coming. This follows a long list of poverty eradication programs, which are mentioned in this report. While the state or government has never changed their approach. They have just re-invented the same of micro-finance scheme and rebranded it since the early inception of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

That’s why it’s tragic that they have spent fortunes since the 1990s and still haven’t cracked the code. Certainly, the administration of it has been lacking, secondly the lack of policies and oversight. In addition, the NRM haven’t gotten proper results either. So, this report just shows where the failure is this time and the NRM launched a program and scheme without the proper due diligence. They haven’t even taken care of the basics and spending like a drunk sailor on this. This will end up on hookers and booze in the next safe-haven for the veteran seaman. Therefore, this will not end well…

Here is quotes from the Report:

Currently, there is no clear policy that sets the overall tone of the implementation of the PDM. Some of the closest policy frameworks on which the PDM is premised include; the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (1995 as amended) under article 176, 2b, d and e) and the Local Government Act Section 95, 96 and 97. Unfortunately, these are not sufficient in setting the basis for developing the guidelines, development of a clear and realistic implementation roadmap for the PDM. The Decentralization policies presented by the Minister do not regulate certain pillars like financial inclusion, infrastructure and mindset change under the model. The Committee further observed that a clear policy framework for PDM will provide a vision, goals and principles to guide actions and implementation. The policy framework would clearly spell out the roles and responsibilities of each and every MDA, The governing framework on PDM, the oversight function, monitoring and evaluation and many others. Without the policy it will be very challenging to address some issues that may impede the PDM implementation and could lead to duplication of funding and services and further disoriented the public perceptions of the PDM” (Report, P: 9-10, 2022).

The Committee observed that, though there were previous government interventions to improve citizens’ socio economic conditions, the issues of building the entrepreneurial capacity of the population adequately has been locking. This is been identified as one of the reasons for the poor performance of some of the previous interventions. The committee further observed that many enterprises identified by some of the beneficiaries under the previous interventions were not within their knowledge and ability, leading to poor performance and in most cases collapsing of the enterprises. This is one of the causes of poor recovery of previous funds” (Report, P: 15, 2022).

Since 1987, Government hos implemented various interventions to reduce poverty in Uganda. These include; the rural farmer’s scheme (1987), Entandikwa scheme (1996), the Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) (1990), Kulembeka (To tap) (2001), Prosperity for All programme (Bonna Bagagawale) 2007, Operation Wealth Creation (201l), Emyooga 2020, Youth Livelihood Programme and Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme. The Committee observed that those interventions have not positively impacted on the long term poverty situation in the rural and urban communities. Poverty levels continue to be high at 39% despite the interventions. There is a need to appreciate the fact that poverty eradications a responsibility of the poor themselves and government programmes only supplement their cause” (Report, P: 17, 2022).

These quotes from the Parliamentary Report of March 2022 states certainties that can be detrimental for the whole scheme and the PDM itself. The NRM should know better and be professionals, but instead they have just started a fresh without the tools, which is needed. That is what the Report says and it’s damning.

The NRM and the Government of Uganda should have more structure before spending like crazy. However, here it is clear that the various parts of the PDM wasn’t prepared. Neither the main ethos, policies or the procedures wasn’t prepared. The state only had prepared budget-posts and planned spending. However, they haven’t built the structures or the mechanisms to make it work. That’s really foolish, but on code or modus operandi for the NRM.

So if this falls or fails miserably… well… everyone could see it coming. There was no reason for it to work. The only reason why it could work is the people it is actually reaching and making a difference. However, that’s just a fools luck and not based on prior work before the launch. It is like a brother going to bar and gets lucky. Not because he knew a lady was ready there or his charm would be enough. He just went anyway and got lucky. There was nothing saying he would get lucky, but he did… because he was at the right place and at the right time. That’s what the NRM is trying to do here and they are throwing one trillion shillings at it. Peace.

Opinion: Honourable Minister Kasaija is just proving that the PDM wasn’t prepared for launch…

As suspected before the launch of the Parish Development Model (PDM). The state didn’t do their due diligence or the framework to prepared for the launch of it. This is just a continuation of half-assing it and hoping it works. Because, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is known for micro-finance schemes and done so since the 1990s without any real progress or luck for that matter.

The PDM is just the newest creation or scheme in a long of line of them. They are coming and becomes known entities around elections or campaigns for General Elections. After that the real trouble begins and the realities of the mismanagement, nepotism and hackwork is evident. Which is very clear by the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) Matia Kasaija display in his statement about the current affairs surrounding the PDM.

There is no proof or evidence, which shows me this will be successful. The PDM was bound to fail, but he just spells it out. The lack of organization, planning and practical operation of the scheme is just staggering. This seems like a waste of a trillion shillings and is bound to be “heist”. It will not become beneficial or create any noteworthy development. No, this is made for a ghosts and lucky beneficiaries locally. That’s really it…

Just read these statements… it’s depressing… to say the least.

My Ministry therefore urges all Local Government Accounting Officers to fast-track the prior activities necessary to ready the PDM SACCOs for disbursement specifically: – to complete data collection on all households; and finalize the establishment of PDM SACCOs in all the Parishes under their respective areas of jurisdiction” (…) “Rt. Hon. Speaker and. Hon. Members, n July 2022, my Ministry requested the Local Government Accounting Officers to work with Operation Wealth Creation to validate the PDM SACCOs formed and verify the membership in the PDM Enterprise Groups and SACCOS, prior to the disbursement of funds” (Matia Kasaija, 23.08.2022).

Rt. Hon. Speaker and Hon. Members, for effective management of PRF funds by PDM SACCOs and learning from past experiences, the target beneficiaries should not access the disbursed PRF funds before they are prepared. Initial access to funds shal1 be preceded by training and preparation of PDM Enterprise Groups and PDM SACCOs on Governance, Loan Management, Records Keeping, Good Agricultural and Agribusiness Practices. Furthermore, the Parish Development

Management Information System (PDMIS) has been designed with the capability to track daily transactions in the PDM SACCOs” (Matia Kasaija, 23.08.2022).

Here after all this time. The PDM was launched in February this year. We are now half year later and the organization in the districts or parishes are far from ready. While the budget and revolving fund has cash-flow. The MoFPED is prepared financially, but the structures are non-existing, if ever ready it seems.

The PDM SACCOs needs to be in a designated gazetted parish. They need to have an account at a supervised financial institution. The PDM SACCO needs to be registered and be certified as well. The PDM SACCOs has to sign the agreement with the RPF agreement with the CAO or Town Clerk. The Local Government Accounting Officer has to submit a form to confirm that the PDM SACCO is under guidance of pillar three or financial inclusion. The last part of the PDM SACCO has to verified by the CAO/Town Clerk, supported by the Operation Wealth Creation and proven by data in the Parish Development Management Information System (PDMIS).

Yes, there are sort of system, but they are very hectic. The PDM SACCOs who are new creations in the over 10,000 parishes in the Republic. They have to go out there and get registered. These has to comply with all the various entities, both locally and financial instruments (account in a bank etc). While they are awaiting the disbursement of funds and get operational. That’s really hectic.

The PDM SACCOs has to be able to get a hold of the CAO/Town Clerk and get the paperwork done. To even be eligible. This is creating a huge secretariat and a registration process, which will take time. Both in the banks and in the local government. Local government that is understaffed and has enough work on their plates as is.

I cannot see this going well. It was very interesting revelation that this has to go through the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), which has already been a failure and haven’t lived up to the hype. Wondering if they will create another hurdle passing by Emyooga later on too. Because, this is a hectic mess and the state wasn’t prepared. Neither can the villages or the local government be. Since, this will cause a lot headache and needs of papers to even get started.

That’s before the Value for Money Reports or even consideration of if it is even worth it or has any sort of justification to be disbursed as it is. Since, this seems like scheme, which is bound to fail. Today statement isn’t inspiring or showing any hope of otherwise either. This is maybe to be “big” to fail, but I have a feeling… this will end in tears. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni prefers his own rules…

The economy is growing. The other day, I had some arguments about whether we have gone to middle income or not. We reaffirm. I do not know where the World Bank is getting their data from” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (14.07.2022).

The former donor darling of the West and the Self-Styled President for Life, Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni has yet again signalled the World Bank. That comes after the bank dismisses the claims of have becoming a “Middle-Income Country”. The Government of Uganda and it’s agency cannot trick the World Bank and their standards. Museveni can hoodwink his supporters and his fellow associates. However, the World Bank… not so much.

President Museveni is the sort of man that makes his own rules along with where his walking. His not the sort of fella to follow it himself, but expect everyone around to comply. He can talk of ethics and moral rights, but breach them himself on a regular. Secondly, laws and rules are for others to follow. He himself, not so much.

That’s why when there is stipulations and mechanisms for giving the stature of Middle Income Country from the World Bank. The Government of Uganda, and it’s Ministries should work to achieve that. Not just throwing numbers at the wall and hoping it sticks. That’s how this looks like. His just using figures and imprinted numbers to look extravagant. When the President should know that his far from achieving it.

The Republic cannot build a road without a loan, donation or sort of scheme to ensure funding to make it happen. The aid agencies has to come and intervene on the basics of structures. The bloated government structure is eating of the funds, the massive parliament and it’s expenses in combination of the State House and the Office of the Presidency. Is all accounts, which is having huge expenses, but not generating any sort of generational wealth or influx of foreign exchange into the economy. However, that is just draining the state budgets together with the interests on old loans and the growing debt ratio of the state. So, with that in mind….

I don’t know where his figuring out at the year of 2022 that the Republic has become a Middle-Income Country. Because, there is no signs of it. Unless, he has a screw loose or just wants to prove that he achieved something. Even if he sleep-walked to the destination and was more pre-occupied with destroying his political enemies. If the state has used half of the energy and resources it uses on locking up, monitoring and detaining political opponents. Maybe, it would have a shot of a better economy, but it is instead building prisons and buying tear-gas.

That’s why Museveni just making up the rules as he walks along. He thinks that’s how the world works, because he has done that for over 3 decades now. As President he has gotten away with it too and with little to no consequence. However, in this regard.. don’t expect the World Bank to budge. Because, Museveni needs the World Bank more than the World Bank need him. His a debtor and a man who needs grants from the World Bank. It is not the World Bank that needs validation from Museveni.

This is why this enterprise is futile. He cannot bushwhack this one. He cannot trick it and make it work. The shilling is the shilling. The economy and the finances is as dire as the people say they are. The Deficit financing and the lack of domestic revenue is a proof of that. His made up numbers and schemes to get grandeur isn’t helping either.

Museveni, you can chill on your farm and look after livestock. The sort of game your playing is only making a fool of yourself. So, do you want another rap? Peace.

Ugandan National Airlines: A bird not made for flying

The Ugandan National Airline Company is the sort of State Owned Enterprise (SOE) which is the epitome of everything done wrongly. The company was launched with grandeur. As socialites and others was on the maiden journey. The airline was aiming for the skies and for the moons.

However, the way it was launched. The stakeholders, the shareholders-structure and everything else was put into the question. Just the questionable way of ownership and secretive deals was a detriment from the get-go.

This company was launched in 2019, but now by 2021. The Board of the Company is either on-leave or suspended. What we do know is that its a mess. Where the company had the opportunity to pay civil servants to get favourable reports of the standing of it (stated in the Confidential Report of 27th January 2021). Though the Auditor General gave it a bad report. Where the company already was only earning 10% of projected revenue. Meaning the company had a 90% shortfall of revenue. That was the OAG Report February 2021 saying about the company.

Now, there is leaked a Confidential Report of 27th January 2021, which is showing more dire needs too. The report for instance states that members of board is promoting self-interests, instead of safeguarding the interest of Ugandan Airlines. There members of the management team who tries to find way of invoice loading or other money-making schemes from the Airlines. Procurement managers worked directly with people in the government ministry to find ways of making money out of the airline. That means the company culture is wicked already.

What is also striking is that officials from the ministries in the contracting processes, but these officials didn’t understand aviation or the supply chain of an airline. That’s why the airline didn’t have proper boarding passes in the beginning. This also resulted in procurement of high prices, lack of supplies and ensuring the services needed. The lack of expertise and people with knowledge of the aviation industry was also a burden on the company.

That plus the lacking funds needed to keep the company is showing how this has been a cash-cow for the officials, the board members and everyone running the company. Everyone have been able to pull the tenders, the procurements and the services to get a quick buck. The state owned company has become a fountain of coins.

The Uganda National Airlines Company Limited is clearly run like a bird with no wings. It is a reason why its an expensive flashy bird, but not really ready to fly. The wings are clipped off and it’s just a spending spree with no end.

The reports of the reckless spending, the operational costs and the arrears from previous years are just growing. Only by the time of 2019 the company lacked UGX 133 billion shillings. Funds required in the budget year of 2020/21 is close to UGX 219 billion shillings. The state budget is already creating a shortfall of UGX 101 billions shillings. The budget was UGX 117 billion shillings. The arrears of the airlines is already as high as UGX 219 billion shillings, which will cover the last two years arrears. This shows how bad things are…

The state run company is clearly not only mismanaged, but been a corrupt fantasy-land.

This bird shouldn’t fly. It isn’t a dream, but a corporate nightmare. Peace.

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