Ethiopia: Rumours – That the TDF is trying to reclaim Western Tigray

There are unverified reports that the Tigray Defence Force is attacking on two new fronts to be able to retake Western and Eastern Tigray from the siege of Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) and Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano”. However, that is yet to be confirmed.

This comes after last weeks reports of skirmishes from the EDF in the Badme triangle and at the Rama front as well. Therefore, the TDF could escalate, as they have retreated from Afar region and North Wollo of Amhara region.

The TDF is certainly trying to regain their territory here as the humanitarian truce is only letting meagre humanitarian convoys enter into the region. It is far from the amount of aid and food assistance the region needs.

The TDF could do this to ensure they have control and regains their lost territories, which has been besieged by the EDF and Fano. While there is no presence and no return of the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) of yet. Neither is there any reports of Regional Special Forces from other regions joining in like the past. Heck, the Republican Guards was part of the last “final offensive” and the “survival campaign”. Therefore, time will only tell, but this is game-changing.

As we do know the ENDF and the Federal Government is busy with warfare and a “final offensive” in Oromia to go after the Oromo Liberation Front/Army (OLF-OLA). Alas, that is a bloody affair as well.

Time will tell and if the unverified reports are true. However, we have to hear during the weekend and possibly the outcry from either Bahir Dar or Asmara. Because, Addis Ababa is busy with what is happening in Adama or Jimma for that matter. Peace.

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