Opinion: PPCRV cannot save COMELEC [on the 68:32 Magic]

The poll watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) cannot vindicate the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). The results are easily questionable by the action happening on the day of the polls. Especially, when there is so much news of faulty machines, SD-Cards not working and ballots not processed while the voter are in the proximity of the vote. Therefore, the rate of the announcing partial results and such begs you too question it all too.

Then you have the margins and the statistical anomaly, which was repetitive in the manner of announcement of the results of the polls. That was not showing difference of regions, areas or even amount of voters. Still, the percentage was stagnate and at the same levels without any shift. This is why you beg to question it and wonder what the heck is going on. Because, that doesn’t make sense, that the various of polling stations, regions and alike voted in comparison and within the same percentage as a total with every update. That just sounds strange too me.

The PPCRV can say it’s “Big Data” and “Big Numbers” but even they got to understand why people are wondering. The 68:32 Magic will follow this election cycle. Just like all the scrutiny for every voter who was not allowed to enter and vote. All the voters who didn’t get receipts and could verify if their vote was really cast. Because, of technical difficulties.

The PPCRV who is canvassing and checking the results of the polls is most likely right about their assessment, but the facts remains that the COMELEC didn’t fulfil their mission and that’s why people are questioning the results. If everything had gone well, if there wasn’t discrepancies and electioneering on the polling day. Then we wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t wonder if everything was on the up-and-up.

For me this isn’t about the candidacy of Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Junior or such. No, this is systemic issues and the manner of which things went down. If the COMELEC had everything sorted out and there was no outcry of technical difficulties. If there was no one who was turned away and didn’t close the polling stations early. While there was also so swift ability to get the results announced after the hardships of actually casting the ballots. Therefore, the reasons for wondering isn’t about Marcos, but about the ones who was running the show.

The problem is the perception and what went down. The PPCRV can say it and it can be true. However, at the same time… they are vindicating COMELEC for their lacking and unprofessional manner of which they were not technically prepared for the polls. While they hired companies, appointees secured the venues and the ballots too. They had the time to prepare for this and ensure it all would end well. Nevertheless, it wasn’t all free and fair… and it wasn’t without it’s faults.

That’s why people are speculating and wondering about the announced results. This is why I questioned it too, because it didn’t make sense and how the partial results was announced without any shift or significant change of percentages between the two main candidates for President. That is what’s the issue and this cannot be taken away with a statement.

COMELEC should release the servers and the numbers for scholars to crunch and show what went down. The results forms should be digitally available and make it possible for a mathematician to break the numbers down. Alas, PPCRV cannot save the COMELEC here. They are indirectly trying to salvage it, but it doesn’t patch the hurt.

The only thing it does… that people like me want more transparency and don’t want to be fooled. Who won? Well, most like BBM, but we need it to be proven, as the margins of error is there and they shouldn’t have been here in the first place. Peace.

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