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Opinion: The SNLF calls Abiy out!

Yesterday, the Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) released a statement called: “The SNLF Condemns with The Strongest Possible Terms the Forced Deployment of the Sidama’s Forces By Abiy’s regime installed Sidama’s Prosperity Party (PP) Cadres”. This message is clear and not shocking. As it was reported that Special Forces from Sidama, Oromia and Amhara would all participate in the Tigray conflict. Today, it is also reported that the Somali Region or Ogaden Special Forces will join as well. Therefore, all regions are participating in going after one Regional Government and their Tigray Defence Force (TDF).

What is striking in this statement is for instance this:

The Ethiopian government is also pushing with its incoherent approach in the aspect of its promises to uphold unilateral ceasefire it has declared few weeks ago. Instead of finding amicable solutions, the regime and its Eritrean ally with the Amhara’s regional government that is calling another regional allies to fight its war in Tigray; are actively engaged in ongoing military operation in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz and Kemant causing further bloodshed, severe material and human costs. This must be wholly denounced and immediately stopped. This is the time when the nations of political south were called to support the Amhara elites’ expansionist war on Tigray on July 11, 2021. Due to Abiy’s regime plotted Amhara elites call, the Sidama special force was summoned to an urgent meeting on the evening 12th of July 2021where the Sidama state’s Abiy’s regime installed cadre including the state’s President ‘Desta Ledamo’ and his accomlices have advised the Sidama forces to be ready for deployment to support Amhara elites’ war in Tigray under the pretext of ‘in defence of Ethiopia’. The Sidama’s special forces have out rightly rejected and advised they do not want to kill Tigray civilians and do not want to be unnecessarily sacrificed” (SNLF, 15.07.2021).

Here we see a clear message from the SNLF. It is saying things that the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy doesn’t want out. He wants to be the grand leader and the one searching for peaceful. However, the ones that follows his tracks knows that his just another Warlord. That’s clear by this statement as well.

Especially, when you see the statement on the ceasefire and how its now reinforcing troops from all the regions. While only listening to his allies of Amhara to continue the war in Tigray.

The SNLF continues:

Subsequently, most these Sidama special forces have disappeared into their own districts and remain in various discreet locations. Additionally, on the evening of the 13th and morning of the 14th of July 2021, the Sidama’s Abiy’s desperate cadres called for the Sidama’s ordinary police personnel with some new and untrained recruits from various districts of the Sidama state to fill in their quota and advised them they will be deployed to the Afar not to Amhara. Although these also refused, the recruits were forced and given false promises in return for their services by stressing that upon their return they will be rewarded with unknown kind of prizes. Abiy’s regime-controlled state Media has announced in the evening of July 14, 2021 that the Sidama state has prepared 200 special forces to join the war on Tigray nation under the pretext of maintaining law and order” (SNLF, 15.07.2021).

Here we see what the Federal Government does to continue the conflict as well. They are just randomly recruiting and sending them to the battlefield. It wouldn’t be surprising if the state did the same in Oromia and Ogaden as well. To get a “quota” of new recruits quickly. As the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister needs new soldiers to be able to defeat the TDF. Which he haven’t been able too and now his sending in new blood without long training. Against guerrillas and soldiers who has fought for months. This is sending civilians and youths to their death in a battle, which isn’t theirs, but is all on Prime Minister Abiy.

This sort of message needs to go out far and wide. It shows what the Federal Government is doing and also what its objective is. What is tragic is what will happen to the new recruits and their possible demise. As they are caught up into a conflict, which not earn them anything. However, they will just become another casualty in the war of Abiy. Peace.

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A look into TPLF President Debretsion Gebremichael recent address

It’s been a long time since Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) President Debretsion Gebremichael have delivered any message, letter or been vocal. Now, that the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) is regaining territory and the Tripartite Alliance is now resurging new troops to combat the TDF. Therefore, what his saying in this message is important.

As there haven’t been much said or released from the leader of TPLF. That’s why we need to go into it and digest it. Since, it will show his side, character and also his stance ahead of this prolonged conflict in Northern Ethiopia. A conflict that has been on-going on the regular since early November 2020.

First he says:

Dear Ethiopian People,

Serious atrocities have been committed against the Tigrayan people by Ethiopian Defence Force, Eritrean Defence Force, Amhara regional police and militias and by foreign forces. Furthermore, in order to exterminate the people of Tigray; bullets, starvation, horrifying sexual violence and a coordinated looting of property have all been employed for the past eight months” (Debretsion Gebremichael, July 2021).

All of this has been reported, as the massacres, rape and other atrocities has been verified. The Tripartite Alliance has been behind a lot of damage, destruction and weaponized everything in the region. The blockage of all goods, food and destruction of the agricultural sector has secured a man-made famine. Which results is still unknown, but the dire hunger and distress is hitting most of the region. Just a few days ago, the Prime Minister down-played this. While the TPLF leader re-issues it again. To show that is a continuing battle and a consequence of this civil war.

He continues:

Amongst the many things that have happened for the past eight months, with a complete disregard to the constitution, is that the criminal forces have arrogantly seized Tigrayan territories through force. Despite calls for them to immediately withdraw to their origins, they are refusing, believing in their might, to relinquish their hold and have been in preparation for what would be a catastrophe. Still, we are again calling on them to leave the places they have forcefully occupied. Otherwise, as we have done the past 8 months, we will fight and reinstate our rights” (Debretsion Gebremichael, July 2021).

Here we are seeing the ironies of the conflict. That the Tripartite Alliance, the Federal Government and all of its soldiers have breached the Constitution by attacking the Tigray region. They have disregarded it. That is striking when the government of FDRE or legality of the Law Enforcement Operation was to restore “law and order”. While it has been revealed that the only mission was to destroy and weaken Tigray. As the will of the state is to consolidate power and control it by force. Instead of in co-operation and within the means of the constitution. Which the Federal Government always uses as a tool to oppress and silence its critics.

He continues to say:

The people of Tigray have never labelled any people as enemy. The people of Tigray were never an enemy to the Amhara, they are not today, nor will they ever be an enemy in the future. In spite of this, in order for those in power to maintain their power they are leading the Amhara people into grave danger. The people should therefore resist, and say lives should not be lost for the greed of power” (Debretsion Gebremichael, July 2021).

In the times of tribulations and with horrific acts done against you. Still, the TPLF leader says these words. That shows character. In the middle of the times, when Tigrayan is ethnically profiled, arrested, detained, banned from working and being part of the army. When the state is issuing orders and taking way their lands and homes. The TPLF leader says these words. As the state has created a famine in their homes. Destroyed their towns, villages and factories. The time when the state has raped, sent people to seek refuge in Sudan. Still, he said this words and he could have chosen differently.

Especially, knowing that the Amhara has annexed land. They have used the Special Forces and the Amhara militia “Fano” to participate in the war and invest in the conflict. So, saying that they don’t see the Amhara as an enemy. Really says a lot. Also, knowingly that the state calls them terrorist and criminals. That the state are using all its machinery to end them. Even with all that knowledge and all the costs of the conflict. Still, saying loud and clear that they are not enemies. That is something the Prosperity Party or the Prime Minister never could utter. He and his allies would bring the fire and the fury. They would come with insults and rebuke the ideas of reinstating the TPLF.

These words from the TPLF leader show the difference between him and the Prime Minister. It shows the manners and the attitude, which is important. The TPLF leader could have chosen different words. However, he said these things and they can be verified.

Now the TPLF leader have to prove some of them. The others have been shown and the world is yet to see it. The Tigray region is suffering and paying a huge price. Still, the TPLF and the TDF is fighting to regain it all. Time will tell, but until that’s done. We can what choices the Mekelle leadership will do. Peace.

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Ethiopia: The war never ceased in Tigray – The Tripartite Alliance just needed reinforcements

The civil warfare that started in early November last year never stopped. The “unilateral ceasefire” which was announced on the 28th June 2021 was utter rubbish. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Amhara Special Forces or Para-Military Group “Fano” never left and that¨s why the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) have fought to take back territories to this day.

The Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister can act like it ceased. However, we know with the TDF taking back Mekelle. That the TDF humiliated the Tripartite Alliance, the ENDF, Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) and “Fano”. They dismantled their forces, captured plenty of their soldiers and was able for two weeks to go into successive wins on the battlefield. That’s why the “unilateral ceasefire” happened, because the Federal State and its allies was losing ground.

Now, today the Prime Minister has called for retaliations. After the TDF is getting closer to the borders of the regional states. As it is taking back the territories the Amhara and others have annexed from the Tigray region. This is showing the acts of the state and that they had a long-term plan for this, but it has backfired as the TDF have grown in strength.

Today its revealed that the Sidama and Oromia Special Forces are now recruited as reinforcement to the continued warfare. The Prime Minister is seeking whatever brigades or armed forces he has at his disposal. Since, the war has already cost and the National Army has had heavy losses of late. The same must have happened to the Amhara Special Forces and “Fano” as well. Therefore, the brief warfare of November 2020 is still persisting.

The state is still willing to wage war and tried to besiege the region. Close it off, have a total blockade and lock it out. The Federal Government have made it hard for humanitarian organizations to deliver aid and food. As the man-made famine is still on-going. The catastrophe of the Tigray region isn’t over and the Federal Government haven’t done anything to really do it any good. They haven’t held talks or even tried to concede with the Regional Government of Tigray. Instead it has gone after it and vilified it even more. That’s why today’s statement is telling and news of reinforcement says it all.

The Tripartite alliance and its allies hadn’t given up this war. The warlords was ready for another battle and find new ways of going after the TPLF. They are trying to find new ways of propaganda and lies about their acts. So, that they can have a moral grounds for it. While the PM talks of saving children. Him and his allies had no issues targeting all woman and sexually assault them, even mass-rape them. The state had no issue causing famine and destroying people’s livelihood. The state had no issues to do what it could of looting and destruction of a region in the previous months. So, it is hard to believe that the PM wages this war to save the children of Tigray. Who is he kidding here? Who is he trying to fool? The Nobel Peace Prize committee, maybe?

Surely, the Law Enforcement Operation is still active. Now, the new fresh blood is coming from Oromia and Sidama. Don’t be shocked if previous troops who has been stationed in Somalia suddenly ends up on the border regions to Tigray. The state needs to reinforce its borders and quickly too. The ENDF already lost several thousands of soldiers as a prisoners of war (POW). Clearly, the state has to deploy other men to take their place.

TDF have shown heart and ability far beyond what the Tripartite Alliance could imagine. PM Abiy thought a few weeks and this would be a done deal. However, he didn’t know who he was fighting and neither did his allies. That’s why the “unilateral ceasefire” wasn’t about stopping the war, but changing the guards. The “ceasefire” was about buying time and finding new means to an end. Peace.

Ethiopia: Agency for Refugees and Returnees Affairs – Statement on the situation of Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia (14.07.2021)

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