Somalia: The Somali troops in Eritrea continues to haunt Mogadishu…

Villa Somalia spokesperson Abdikarim Ali Kaar says a number of Somali troops in Eritrea are dead. The number was not given, but he did say that their parents are aware of the fatalities. “Some died naturally, and some perished while they were training.” Approximately 5,000 new recruits were sent secretly to Eritrea for military training by former president Farmaajo in 2019. Some of the troops were allegedly deployed into Tigray region to fight alongside Eritrean troops” (Arlaadi Media Network, 02.07.2022).

If you ever thought the truth would never be release. A new administration and a new President makes a huge difference in Somalia. The previous administration signed an agreement with Ethiopia and Eritrea. This alliance could be a reason for the deployment and training of Somali troops in Eritrea. It doesn’t make sense that they just perish and dies in an-mass on training-sites. That seems like a lie and some might have died of natural causes. This could easily happen, but not with thousands of men who was trained soldiers. No, that isn’t it and a cover-up.

We know by the reports of the time and the start of the conflict. There was deployment of Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali soldiers inside Eritrean territory. That was done in preparation of the “Law Enforcement Operation” which started in November 2020. Therefore, the belief that they just perished and didn’t return. While there was public outcry and people wanting news about their loved ones. Just shows the truth of what happened. Since soldiers returning in caskets would have been the righteous things to do. However, this was a secret mission and this is why it wasn’t a publicly known enterprise of the then Villa Somalia.

This is why other sources revealed it. Now, the new administration isn’t denying the existence and the deployment of forces to Eritrea. However, they are not reporting or verifying the further use of them within the Tigray region. Which to me seems like the reason for the movement of troops to Eritrea in the first place.

This is why these reports was reported about last year.

UN Expert Report:

In addition to reports of the involvement of Eritrean troops in the Tigray conflict, the Special Rapporteur also received information and reports that Somali soldiers were moved from military training camps in Eritrea to the front line in Tigray, where they accompanied Eritrean troops as they crossed the Ethiopian border. It is also reported that Somali fighters were present around Aksum. The Government of Somalia denied the participation of Somali soldiers in the Tigray conflict” (Situation of human rights in Eritrea – Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea, Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker, 12.05.2021).

On the 17th January 2021 this was reported and I wrote about it then:

With that in mind the Somali Guardian have today released a report that 2500 Somali trained soldiers who enlisted to a Qatari Military Service was flown to bases in Eritrea ahead of combat. These soldiers was destined and taken to military camps within Eritrea for the sole purpose of participating in the conflict in Tigray” (Minbane – ‘Ethiopia: Abiy’s Regional Conflict in Tigray’ 17.01.2021).

What I will say in the end… that is a mystery that the remains haven’t been returned to the mourning families. Neither has there any revelation of the agreement and direct arrangement between Mogadishu and Asmara. This is why the “natural death and perished” while training seems like another spin-and-another twist of the involvement of Somali troops in the conflict in Northern Ethiopia or the Tigray region. Time will tell if they release more information and be more honest about it. Now, the cat is out of the bag, but the whole deal is far from released to the public. Peace.

Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – Ethiopian Human Rights Commission’s report concerning the Karrayyu Massacre (05.02.2022)

Ethiopia: Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) – Detention of Ethio-Forum and Awlo Media Journalists and Staff should follow due process, detainees should be released immediately if Court Order not Produced (11.07.2021)

Opinion: Abiy wins a landslide in the predetermined polls

It would have been shocking and equate to a disaster if Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali would have lost the recently held elections. In all numbers and polls his Prosperity Party have won a significant majority. The rest is allies and favourable “opposition parties” which are in the good graces getting a small mandate. Therefore, this a practical “one-party” election with a few selected “opposition” leaders to contest with.

The election in itself is a disgrace. There was maybe peace in some regions and was long lines of waiting people. However, the real opposition was either barred, banned or detained by the authorities. That’s not only in Tigray region, but also in others. Where opposition parties haven’t been able to run or allowed to run. Because, the state has blocked the Oromo, Ogaden and Tigray parties from participating.

We know that the Prosperity Party wouldn’t have won the Oromia seats or the representation. As the ones who are in favours of the people is behind bars. The same with others as well. It is just proven and the state isn’t even trying to make it look legit.

The results are just proving it. This is to legitimize the ‘Medemer Terror’ and the oppressive means of the regime. This election isn’t to get the ones the public wants, but who Abiy have selected. They are now in total power and continues his reign.

The ones who believes these results are naive. As Balderas, Oromo Federalist Congress, Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front, Afar Liberation Front Party and others are targeted, silenced and detained. So that they couldn’t participate in this election. That’s because the PM and PP couldn’t have run against them and actually win.

That’s why today’s announcement is just a fraud and a “fake”. It is just a (s)election and not free. It isn’t just technical issues of sort. There was a predetermination and done to ensure it. The Prime Minister and everyone can scream “victory”. But there was nothing under the sun that would make it possible for him to lose. There was no way he could have lost and neither his party.

So, the proclamation today and announced “victory” have been anticipated. That’s because the state have prepared for this and done everything to make it happened. The ones who thinks otherwise. Can check the amount of political prisoners. How many journalists who has been targeted and also all the parties who haven’t been able to participate. If you look at all of this. Than you know the PM and PP have done this all deliberately.

We can just ensure the world of a more lies, deceptions and possible bloodshed. The PM can lie about everything and spin for his own personal gain. The same does his party and his government. That will only be legitimized by this and he will feel more confident in the term ahead. Now, he isn’t just selected by a chosen few, but was (s)elected.

He will sing psalms and be giddy. The same will the whole PP and they will call it the best election ever. However, if it was so great?

Why didn’t his main challenger get an opportunity to be on the ballot or the parties ability to run against PP?

Well, that’s because the PM and PP wouldn’t risk a possibility to loose or even be humiliated in some regions. That’s why they barred them and made it impossible for them to run. That’s why it’s easy to say this isn’t “free or fair” even credible elections. Peace.

Ethiopia: Ethiopian Catholic Church-Socia and Development Commission Adigrat Branch – Updating statement on current situation of Tigray (05.07.2021)

Ethiopia: FAO – Emergency livelihood support for conflict-affected communities in Ethiopia’s Tigray region (07.07.2021)

As of June 2021, about 5.5 million people in Tigray and neighbouring Afar and Amhara are in high acute food insecurity.

ROME, Italy, July 7, 2021 – The ongoing conflict in Tigray has led to a humanitarian crisis characterized by alarmingly high levels of food insecuritygender-based violence, widespread displacement, limited access to services, and the destruction of the local economy.

The conflict commenced at the peak of the main agricultural season (Meher) harvest period when many households had not yet harvested their crops. It is estimated that over 90 percent of the crop harvest was lost (looted, burned and/or destroyed), while 15 percent of the region’s 17 million livestock were reported looted or slaughtered. Given that the majority of Tigrayans depend on subsistence agriculture (80 percent rely on agriculture as their main source of food and livelihood), the loss of their harvest and production inputs has severely impacted their food security and nutrition.

As of June 2021, about 5.5 million people in Tigray and neighbouring Afar and Amhara are in high acute food insecurity, representing nearly 61 percent of the analyzed population. A total of 353 000 people are in Catastrophe level of acute food insecurity (Integrated Food Security Phase Classification [IPC] Phase 5) in Tigray alone, the highest numbers recorded in the last decade. There are approximately 2.1 million people in Phase 4 (Emergency) and 3.1 million in Phase 3 (Crisis), a large number of whom, if supported with agricultural inputs, would avoid falling into IPC Phase 5 and destitution.

Nearly 93 percent of the population in northern Ethiopia requires emergency assistance (more than 5.5 million people). After failing to harvest in 2020, the consequences of missing the 2021 season may be dire, as most households depend on their own production for food and income. If support is not provided immediately, the next harvest will be in 18 months. This scenario has far-reaching food security and nutrition consequences.

Prior to the conflict, the food system (production, transportation, processing, packaging, storage, retail, consumption, loss and waste) fed and supported the livelihoods of a vast majority of Tigray’s population. Even though households in Tigray were repeatedly exposed to multiple shocks, such as drought, desert locust infestations and the recent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, most of them were able to cope, as demonstrated by the results of various food security assessments.

Thanks to a contribution of USD 500 000 from the Government of Belgium through SFERA, FAO is implementing a project that will directly benefit 11 000 households (55 000 people). Beneficiaries will be provided with assorted agricultural inputs (short-cycle/drought-tolerant seeds including onion, teff and tomato) and trainings on good agronomic practices. Additionally, the project will support coordination efforts at the regional level to improve the collection and dissemination of information on agricultural interventions by Disaster Risk Management – Agriculture Task Force partners to enhance their planning and targeting.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including government, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

Ethiopia: Prime Minster Abiy slaughtered a cow and only got a chicken in return …

We won’t sacrifice a healthy cow to save a sick chicken” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (05.07.2021).

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed Ali have today addressed the House of Federation. Where he tries to defend the war he waged in Tigray. We can really see that there is no heart for the Tigrayan and neither for the general public. War is a righteous thing and it is very proven. This is a warlord and he will easily wage another when the stars are aligned for it. He had to leave most part of Tigray region, because the Tigray Defence Force was winning battle after battle. That’s why they have thousands of Prisoners of War (PoW).

Just like not long ago… the PM said he didn’t go to Tigray to liberate it. However, in the past he said he would conquer it in a few weeks and destroy Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from the surface of the earth. That’s why Eritrean Shabait have called it “defunct” for months. While it was retaking its lands and stopping the Tripartite Alliance.

Here is his heart on display:

Bank, water, electricity are luxuries in Ethiopia. So don’t bother us if the service is not available in certain area. There was no such service before, so why now? The current situation is a lesson to the rest of us that it is impossible to burn others while enjoying the heat of the fire” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

How can this man promise reforms and say his going to elevate the Republic when he says these things are luxuries? Having banking services shouldn’t be this hard… and neither water, which is necessities. It just shows that his proud of blocking the utilities, communication and total blockage of Tigray is fine with him. Neither does he value any other Ethiopian to have this either. It is a luxury for only the likes of him and his closest allies. The rest should bow to his grace and accept your fate. That you are blocked from banking, water, electricity or anything because of race. Thanks the almighty deity Abiy for those doling gifts of governance from the Masters of Peace.

As he continues:

Every Tigrayan mother will weight what this war has brought on her. The mothers know the damage this conflict brought upon them” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

Just like the Tripartite Alliance saw everyone as an enemy in Mekelle. Now, the Prime Minister is blaming every mother for the suffering put on the region. That is projection of the finest art. Because sons and daughters are fighting a war waged on them. Because, the Federal Government couldn’t accept another type of leadership and a party who didn’t follow the epic commander of Abiy. That’s why the mothers of Tigray now deserves the pain they are living through. It really shows the greatness of Abiy and how much he cares of the pain he puts on others with his orders!

He promotes more war in the future:

In one, two or three weeks, 100,000 trained, armed and organised special forces can be mobilised. If said special force isn’t enough, if a militia is needed, in one or two months half a million militiamen can be organised. One million youths can be mobilised and trained” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

Now he says he will raise new armies to wage more war. Surely because he lost this one and had to flee from parts of the Tigray region. As we speak there is still Amhara Special Force and Fano fighting the TDF in Western Tigray where the Amhara state annexed land. Therefore, the conflict is not over. Just like the ceasefire isn’t official, as the state is blocking everything and we know the PM is proud of that. Because, drinking water and accessing your wages in banks is a luxury. Remember that from now on.

His ill-advised mind says this:

In my view, those interested in seeing the conclusion of the conflict in the Tigray region are very few. It seems there are interests that seek to see the weakening of the Ethiopian state through a protracted conflict” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

It is tragic that he says that. His the one that waged the war and ordered it. It was his government and allies who was prepared all across the borders of Tigray. Who had airlifted soldiers into Eritrea to attack from two sides. The Prime Minister promised to finish it off in weeks and was saying it was in the finalization of the Law Enforcement Operation in the end of November 2020. The conflict continued to the end of June 2021. However, we still know the state is deliberately weakening and blocking necessities… which shows they are not done yet, but put vital warfare on hold. They were the ones that kept it going and was undressed by the TDF during the last few weeks. Which destroyed and annihilated the Tripartite Alliance… and therefore they fled.

The final nonsense:

As a sovereign nation, we have tolerated a lot. Without government recognition armed forces were being organized, conflict entrepreneurs and propagandists were deployed throughout the country. The people of Tigray were told that they were at risk of war. Elders, investors, politicians, locals and investors were sent to mediate. Ultimately, the Northern Command was attacked. We were forced to set out to defend the country and return looted national resources and weapons” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

He is really something else. A guy who puts the blame on others and had the war planned together with his allies. They had surrounded the region before the attack of the Northern Command. The PM and his allies has used that as a scapegoat. While not taking into coordination or the cooperation , which was signalling to the TDF that their time was up anyway. The state had already blocked government funding, blocked aid to the region and other measures in the months ahead. Not, like the HOF and the PM was in favour of Tigray anyway.

So to speak of propagandists… his own people should talk and maybe not slaughter a cow to buy a chicken. Which the state have done in this favour. They have destroyed and created a man-made famine over a constitutional dispute and a futile will to consolidate all power under one banner. Which was the idea in the first place. The PM couldn’t handle to have someone who wouldn’t listen and follow his command without question. That’s why he waged war and called upon anyone who could support this effort. While using the legitimacy of the central administration and usher in a bloodshed in Tigray.

This is tragic but with statements like these. We know the Prosperity Party and the PM is not done with the region. This ceasefire is to retool and restructure to assault it again. When they hopefully can end the TPLF for their defiant moves of defying the naked king of Finfinne aka Addis Ababa.

Today’s address in the House of Federation wasn’t a victory lap, but shows his sentiments yet again. He never valued Tigray and its people. He just wanted to settle old scores and become supreme. There is no golden goose or a positive silver lining. That is far from it. Even if his allies and propagandists actually says so. Peace.

Ethiopia: The Government of Tigray – Conditions for a negotiated Ceasefire (04.07.2021)

Ethiopia: Abiy’s darkness shadows Tigray’s liberation [it’s a siege and not a ceasefire]

On the 28th June 2021 the 8 month long civil war over the Tigray region seemed to be over. As the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Eritrean Defence Forces (EDF) and Amhara Para-Military Forces “Fano” was fleeing and leaving the region for the first time since the conflict started in early November 2020. This was because the Tigray Defence Force had two weeks of successive battles and beating the Tripartite Alliance to its core. That’s why the conflict was ceasing and the state on it’s knees.

However, the state and it’s allies isn’t done. They are blocking all roads into the Tigray Region. The state and its allies haven’t allowed international aid organizations or United Nations World Food Programme to deliver needed food aid into the region. As the region is in a rapid famine and in a humanitarian crisis. Which has been created by the state that attacked it and rooted in the conflict, which was ordered by the authorities itself.

That’s why bridges have been destroyed. Planes not allowed to drop goods and needed logistical support. The state is deliberately letting people perish and die. As they are retaliating with this “soft” war. Where they are blocking electricity, all communications (telephone/internet) and even water as well. All utilities are blocked… and that shows how they are besieging the region.

The direct warfare from Tripartite Alliance has maybe stopped. Even if there are some reports of warfare and acts of war-crime in Western Tigray. Where the annex land and the towns are besieged by Amhara Special Forces and the ENDF.

The Addis Ababa Government, the Prosperity Party and its allies is weaponizing starvation and a famine. They are willing to see people die, because the Prime Minister and his token friends didn’t get their way. That is the sinister and evil act of this government. Their propaganda and their acts of viciousness shall never be forgotten. As they did on their watch, kill civilians, massacre and starve their own citizens. They did this to prove a point and be supreme. That’s how little heart and little care they have.

Closing the borders and making lives a living hell. Ensuring that the people cannot eat or get what they need. That is what the Prime Minister and his allies are doing. They are showing how much they value the citizens of Tigray. These are all enemies and they are not worthy. That’s why everyone is punished for the decision to vote for and have the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as the State Government in the September 2020 election.

That is clearly the case. The Prime Minister and his party have been humiliated, again and again. Instead of getting the praise and the blind love they expect to get. Now the Amhara State government want to continue the war and keep the annex regions. While having the support of Addis Ababa and Asmara.

We are clearly seeing the evil side of this regime. They cannot even care enough to let humanitarian convoys with live-saving food to enter the Region. That is too much for them. This is who PM Abiy is… a cold blooded warlord who doesn’t value life.

If the Tigray government and the TPLF was like him. All the thousands of Prisoners of War who has been moved in the region of late. Would have been starving and kept in horrible conditions. However, they are showing that they care. Yes, the Tigray have done some extra judicial killings of co-conspirators of the Interim Government. They are seen as treacherous to their cause.

That should be condemn. However, the other government in Addis is willing to risk 900,000 people in dire distress in the middle of famine. They are willing to risk close to 6 million lacking food and utilities. The Tigray have without a doubt killed 120 people, which should have gotten on trial and answered for their betrayal of the region. Nevertheless, would the Addis regime save any of Tigrayan in the end?

A government who is stopping all Tigrayan across the republic. Who are continuing a ethnic attack. Blocking the ability to have bank-accounts, call and be a citizen of the state. In Addis shops own by Tegaru are attacked and closed. This is the sort of acts of this “reformist” government. Property is also ceased and destroyed as well.

So, it’s hard to believe that this regime cares or follows any sort of protocol or doing their mandate. The state is isolating and besieging the region. Also targeting the ones who happens to be Tegaru in other regions. The world should know and the war isn’t over. It is just done “silently” and with other means.

That isn’t just tragic, but horrible. This is the act of the PP and PM Abiy. He accepts this and orders in coordination of his allies in Amhara and in Eritrea. They are all doing this and just to hurt Mekelle. It is a clear indication, that the whole “unilateral ceasefire” is utter rubbish. Peace.

Ethiopia: Abiy has lost Tigray for forever

Today on the 28th June 2021 the warfare of the Tripartite Alliance seems lost. It seems dwindling, even as they are leaving Mekelle and fleeing to Afar region. Mekelle has been freed from the alliance and the Interim Government have fled as well.

Tigray Defence Force was able to kick the Tripartite Alliance out after months of guerrilla warfare. The national army, Eritrean Army and Amhara Para-Military Group Fano We know the conflict has costed them a fortune, as they had to raid the banks of Mekelle and UNICEF offices. The state did their efforts and also had a communications blackout over the weekend. However, they have not prevailed.

Today is a day of reckoning for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and President Isaias Afewerki. They both have to take responsibility for this failed warfare. The amount of atrocities, massacres, looting and annexation of land from Amhara. The whole war has caused so much damage and hurt.

This will be damaging for a generation to come. There are so many people who lost their loved ones. Who has seen family members die. Woman who has been raped and seeing their homes destroyed. Villages burned and their homestead depleted. While the armies, the leaders and such have bashed in glory and talked of victory.

The leadership of Addis Ababa and Asmara failed in Tigray. They both have not only lost the war on the battlefield, but the whole enterprise was built on lies. The deception and the utter destruction that followed. The lies of no civilian casualties, the lies of what demographic the refugees are and the lie of the preparation ahead of the war in November 2020. We all know this now.

The state and its authorities has tried to kept this under wraps and controlled the narrative. They have worked hard to be supreme and be the big-men. However, they now got to cut their losses. The armies are running and they cannot fight back. Even when they are starving the population. Blocking aid convoys from entering and having steady road-blocks. When they are blocking and jamming all communications. Still, they are losing…

That must hurt the pride of Abiy. He has today lost the war he himself ordered and was supposed to win by later November 2020. The PM claimed victory and even said all TPLF leadership should just give-up and desert their mission. However, he has today lost it and it only begs to question.

What is his next move?

That is hard to know… but a cease-fire only means the guns are silenced. That isn’t a real peace. A real peace is when the agreement between the parties are written and these are in dialogue. That is something the PM haven’t been willing too and he has forged his narrative of the wrongdoings of the TPLF/TDF. They have just defended their region and between the Federal Republic at their game.

That is humiliating. The Law Enforcement Operation has clearly not worked well. A cease-fire is to re-tool and restructure itself. That is to buy time and find new ways of entertaining war. Therefore, the announcement today. Isn’t a sign of total stop, but waiting the next turn.

That is what the Tigray region should be aware of. The ones who started this. Is still in power and have the army at his disposal. Has allies who are willing to battle and to destroy their region at will. They are just taking it easy for now.

Abiy isn’t over and as easy he could order the war. He could also end it. However, the aftermath of it and the results of it will now come out. The devastations, the numbers and the amount of damage. The death toll, the starving civilians and the refugees.

All of this counts and he cannot run away from it. The PM and his allies all have to stand tall on this. They we’re willing to wage war and they should pay consequences for doing so. When it is so easy to pull the trigger. They should clearly pay the ramifications for it too.

That the TDF defended itself and used guerrilla tactics is within reason. If they have done any war-crimes. They should answer for that too. Just like the Federal Government. However, the weight of power and influence is on Addis Ababa. They are the big-men and the ones who got the suits from across at their door-steps. Therefore, they got to take the blunt force of responsibility hereafter.

Abiy is a warlord and now he got pay his respects to the dead. The ones that died on the alter of his ego. Peace.

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