Opinion: Bobi Wine won’t have all the answers [but the message he spreads is bigger than himself]

Alert. Red Alert. Breaking news. Shocking revelations and sudden new profound messages will be spread here. If you want your mind boggled or go through a spirited journey. I have to warn you. This is just a friendly reminder. That Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is just a human being and isn’t all perfect.

I don’t expect Bobi Wine to have all the answer. Heck, I don’t expect him to able to articulate or amass the massive structure of government. No, but the ones dismissing him… is forgetting that his Presidency is a party effort and a team effort. Just like the creation of his manifesto and his 5 point programme. All which is stating plans ahead to alter the state of affairs, which is happening today.

People are saying he doesn’t have the ability explain fiscal policy. Neither can he enough to understand economy. Not does he have a military background. Bobi Wine wasn’t in the bush fighting Obote. Neither was he part of UNLA or getting rid of Amin. No, he was just a musician turned politician.

However, politicians comes from all walks of life. They are a representation of society as a whole. That is why some is farmers, some should be boda-boda drivers and other medics. That should all be natural. Therefore, his previous shouldn’t undermine him, but be a stepping stone to where he is today. That he has been able to grow up in the ghetto and get successful before becoming a Presidential Candidate.

That the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Bobi Wine is sort of freshers. Still, the way his messaging and speaking is needed. As the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni wouldn’t fear for the man. If he was as mellow and friendly as Muntu. Therefore, the campaign to remove a dictator is good. Which is a truthful statement. Just like the FDC calling the NRM a junta and saying they needed “defiance”.

Bobi Wine shown character through the hardships. The state and the authorities have worked against him. There been no leeway and nobody really helping him along the way. Only more hardships and seeing comrades getting either arrested or even killed. This is why the ones speaking ill of his campaign. Should understand that his constantly brutally attacked and so is his allies. Not like they are cuddled like Teddy-bears, but is at gun-point so often.

That is why the Manifesto or the speeches is undermined by the “drama” and the injustice happening to him. It is not like Museveni or his allies are having these sort of issues. Not like they have to talk about tear-gas or getting bail for activists. No, they are walking around like they own the Republic.

This is why Bobi Wine’s campaign cannot be perfect. Bobi Wine could try, but at this point its impossible. His only as good as his team and his comrades. He can manage a lot on his own, but the party around him needs to support him. They are all bound by this together. It is a mission that is nearly or totally impossible. As there are no odds on their side.

Not only verbally abused and belittled. The state is working on red alert against them. There is never a moment of peace. Never a moment to reflect or have a moment of nostalgia. Unless, you detained for hours somewhere without warrants or abducted by the authorities. Which is sadly happening too.

Bobi Wine has done a hell of a job getting to where he is now. There is nobody who should deny that. There was no natural cause for him getting where he is right now. Alas, Bobi Wine have proved so many people wrong. He has shown character and growth at every stage. His a leader, the next generation of leader and the hope of the Republic. His not the past, but the future. A future where his not alone, but supported by people making him better.

Bobi Wine might be the renegade and the grenade into this election. However, his there as a reaction to the regime and his the voice of the oppressed. Bobi Wine is the messenger and the ones that is daring to stand in the middle of the barricades for a cause bigger than himself. To truthfully liberate, give freedom and justice to all citizens. That isn’t his mission alone, but a mission for everyone who wants a free and fair society. He says it on a regular. Others should follow his pursuit and his message. As they should want to deliver the same freedom and liberty to the public. Which the NRM and Museveni has failed to do in all their years in power. Peace.

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