Opinion: OLF-Shane/Shene is an imaginary group…

If you want to be deceived and lied too. It is every easy. Especially, when one group, one party and one state controls the airwaves. When one man and his “yes men” delivers all the information and nobody can check it. However, that makes it more important to say it as it is.

Yes, there is an Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and been an entity since the 1973. The OLF was registered as a Political Party in November 2018. Recently in Kenya, the Prime Minister Abiy claimed the OLF was the same as Al-Shabaab. Clearly offering the narrative that the Oromo Party is an enemy and a terrorist organization.

This is why the state and National Broadcasters are busy scheming and making reasons to deregister and vilify the OLF. They have already arrested the leadership of OLF and also taken activists behind bars. The state is already blocking the telecommunication and airwaves in parts of Oromia as well. Where people are dying because of state officers and law enforcement.

Yesterday alone in Wallaga, Oromia. The state killed 358 civilians and arrested 2900 “suspects”. This they did as they were against the imaginary group OLF-Shane/Shene. A group that is non-existent and only in the mind of the regime. It is a mirage and bad reflection of judgment creating a group out of thin-air.

The Prosperity Party, the ENDF and all its comrades are really foolish fighting ghosts and hot-air. They will find very little and only cause more harm. They are only creating a bloodshed and more grief. These actions are not getting more friends, but more enemies. As the grudges and the ones who lost loved ones. Might want to later down line avenge these lost ones. The ones in struggle wants to make them martyrs and make a statement.

Because, the state is coming with injustice and extra judicial killings. Having a massacre in Wallaga Oromia against nobody. They are causing more conflict and that needs to be addressed. Right now the war-fare in Tigray gets all the headlines. However, the massacre in Wallaga, Oromia shouldn’t go forgotten. Especially, since its that many people who has lost their lives.

The state is fighting a make-belief, they are fighting an excuse and a lie. That is what they are doing. Not the OLF, but an OLF-Shane/Shene. Which is a mockery… and foolish mind-games that nobody should buy into. Its a bunch of rubbish. That is why its really showing how much propaganda the state wants out. As they are fact-checking international media, but speaking of non-existent armed group they are fighting in Oromia. That is how far they are taking it and what they are willing to do.

This is why you cannot trust the government and state media. When they are making up stuff like this. Creating evidence and enemies out of thin-air. If they can do that in Wallaga, Oromia on the 16th December 2020. What have they been doing elsewhere? There is a media blackout and the ones daring to speak out get either detained or ends up dead. So, its not like they would challenge the government and their narratives. These folks wants to live and have a job the next day. Even if that means lying or being the microphone for the state. They got no choice but to do so. Who wants to risk it all over coving a mass amount of death? You might end up with the same fate yourself.

This is really dangerous. When the state are willing to trade stories like this and sell it. There is no grounds for this. Instead of taking responsibility and telling it straight. They rather make up ghosts and fairy-tales. That is the bleak reality. Peace.

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