Ethiopia: State of Emergency structures [Command Posts] in Oromia and Ogaden regions

A command post is a committee of military personnel that actually holds power in an area under a state of emergency. In addition to command posts, the army also controls areas on many interregional borders” (Netherlands – ‘Country of Origin Information Report Ethiopia’ February 2021).

Today the National Security Council released a statement after holding a meeting. This meeting and statement is revelling the rising insecurity across the Republic. The authorities and the republic’s forces are stretched, apparently. Since there aren’t anywhere to hide or seek relief. The state is also claiming to catch “terrorists” on the regular, but that could also just mean “dissidents” or “opposition”. Since the Federal Government have hang of arresting vocal activists, journalists or anyone who dares to oppose it. Therefore, the definition of “terrorist” in Ethiopia in 2022 can be a bit “blurry” to put it mildly.

However, there was too very revealing things in the release from the National Security Council and even in the government press. The Command Post isn’t a new thing and was part of the former State of Emergencies that the previous Prime Minister and his political allies used to target dissidents. That’s why reading about them now and without declared “state of emergencies” it is clearly a tool of oppression and use of excessive force. Not that it’s shocking, since the army is used against civilians and not to defend the territories of Ethiopia against invaders. Alas, here is one of the problems. While the same government uses Command Post and goes after civilians while competing with rebellions. It surely is losing grounds and moral high-ground. Since, the population see the usage of force and cannot see the possible difference between a “terrorist” and a “government agent” except for the badge or label on their uniform.

Just read here from Government Friendly Press:

According to the statement, to fully destroy the OLF-Shene terrorist group, command posts of Shewa, Wollega and Guji have been formed in Oromia Region. The national Defence Force, Oromia Region leadership and security forces are undertaking coordinated deployment to this end. Statement indicates that 3,280 militants of Shene have been captured, and others refused to surrender to the government forces have been destroyed” (Fana BC, 08.08.2022).

The Somali Regional leadership mobilizing and involving the people took an exemplary measure against the enemy, the Council said. Saying that a command post including the national army is established, the council indicated that 813 Al-Shabab militants were killed while 79 others captured in a join operation” (Fana BC, 08.08.2022).

Yes, the OLF has targeted just like Querro did in the past. This is a continuation of that and the OLF has only been more vigilant as they are operating in what seems like war. That has been done for months and the state has promised to do the “final operation” and finish them. However, they never seem to be able or have the capacity to do so.

The attacks of Al-Shabaab is different and is foreign terrorist organization attacking Ethiopian soil. That is understandable and within reason of what a National Army should do. What I am more worried about is the establishment of Command Posts, which has been reflected as a means of “State of Emergency” and been used as a tool to silence the citizens of any given region, which we have seen before in Ethiopia. That’s why the Command Post usage both place can be questioned. Because, this tool has been used in the EPRDF time and now under PP.

This isn’t a sign of peace, but utter insecurity when the army has to control parts of regions under Command Posts. It shows that things are dire and not in good place. Also, shows how far reaching the troubles are now. As it is burning wherever you turn. Especially, if you read the statement of National Security Council. There wasn’t corner where the authorities needed to be vigilant or acts with suspicious. That is just saying something and how things really are. Peace.


Fana Broadcasting Company – ‘Council Praises Positive Steps Taken To Reduce Internal Vulnerability, National Security’ 08.08.2022

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