Opinion: Lt. Gen. Elwelu stern warnings to the MPs are foolish!

I have seen our honourable MP (Luwero District Woman MP Eng. Lillian Nakate) here. We love you very much, but you people (MPs) like causing chaos in Parliament, without knowing that chaos is our business. You try creating the chaos again and we shall come and bring peace in your heads again” – Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu

Surely, I would never anticipate anything of democratic values or understanding of Parliamentarism from the dude behind the burning Buhikira Royal Palace of the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma and killing of his royal guards plus other casualties. I would not expect that man to care about Members of Parliament, that they supposed to control him and give him as a Lieutenant General a mandate. As the Lt. Gen. Clearly doesn’t understand his role, but that is because the President is acting a militarised leader and not a representative of the people.

The whole NRM is praising the army and what it does. Therefore, it is not surprising that Lt. Gen would say this stuff. However, this proves that the army can easily invade and be strangers in the national assembly as they did during the Age Limit Plenary Sessions on the 27th September 2017. This is done to prepare for the President for the General Election of 2020. Clearly, the Lt. Gen. is ready to do this again. Who needs Parliamentary rules, when the army is ready to cause havoc, because of chaos.

The army man is not finished with his speeches, as the opposition also get also under fire. This being another stern warning, since this man cannot shield himself from himself nor the ability to understand his place again. That is not new, but his just repaying favours to the ones who has promoted him. Therefore, he is defending the UPDF and indirectly the NRM. Which he knows is the reason for his fortune.

You will not destabilize peace in this country when we as UPDF are here, UPDF will not allow this. We fought for this peace and we shall defend it at whatever cost because we are trained to do that. You will meet us ready, you will meet fire and you will meet a disaster” – Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu

The Lt. Gen needs some civic education, maybe even some understanding of politics and parliament, but we cannot blame him for this. He is just trained to be this way. We couldn’t expect a man whose proud of killing innocent civilians and being promoted for it. That he would care for civilians, neither caring for civic education either.

The Constitution of 1995 is very clear on the article 79: “Functions of Parliament.

Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, Parliament shall have power to make laws on any matter for the peace, order, development and good governance of Uganda. Except as provided in this Constitution, no person or body other than Parliament shall have power to make provisions having the force of law in Uganda except under authority conferred by an Act of Parliament” (Constitution of 1995).

Clearly, the Lt. Gen cannot grasp this, as he thinks the army has the control and set the bar. Instead of remembering the representatives of the people, the lawmakers are the one setting the standard. Something, the army man doesn’t understand. Maybe, he doesn’t want to. As he just want to show force and intimidate the MPs into submission like the President likes.

Also the Constitution says what the UPDF are supposed to do in the article 210: “Parliament shall make laws regulating the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces and, in particular, providing for— the organs and structures of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces” (Constitution of 1995).

Surely, it is not the army man whose supposed to regulate them, but the other way around. This is by law, by the Constitution, the one guiding law and principal document of the Republic. Therefore, the mandate of the UPDF is set by the Parliament. This is why the argument of the Lt. Gen is foolish. He should start to grasp reality, but then again his a hired gun for the regime.

I don’t expect the man has studied the Constitution, his been busy with weapons instead of picking brains, except exposing brain-matter. Peace.

DRC: Ndolo Military Prison – Political Prisoners write to Minister of Justice of DRC: “Re: Detention Without Trial” (21.08.2017)

Opinion: Maj. Gen. Elwelu shouldn’t be interviewed as he deserves ‘to be put on trial’!

A poor person is very dangerous. He can do anything to survive. We need to support projects such as Operation Wealth Creation and others that focus on the socio-economic development of this country,” Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) Commander of Land Forces, Maj Gen Peter Elwelu (Daily Monitor 17.04.2017).

Let me be clear, when Brig. Peter Elwelu  was a bit unknown his voice and opinion might have mattered to me, as then he would just be another fellow human being with an understanding of the world. But people like him, now after the crime, I cannot let him discuss state and government matters and not talk about what overshadows for me.

Brig. Elwelu or Maj. Gen. Elwelu now, is for me until proven innocent, a man who was in-charge of unlawful attacks on the Royal Palace in Kasese and the massacre of unknown amount of guards, police officers, civilians and others. So while the Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere is in house-arrest in Baganda. The army commander in charge of the operation, the one that killed innocent and burned the palace without any forewarning is looming the streets.

That the army man who was in-charge has since than been promoted, while the families of Kasese does not know the consequence and the reason for their death. Other than the salaries and that the state sanctioned the army to do this at one point. That the Kasese attacks and tragedy escalated quick is easy to understand, that it became is evident and that the army had to hide their crimes with even burning. Letting the dead decompose while the “evidence” of it all was collected. Since the knowledge of who ordered it and who wanted it come from up-high.

That Brig. Elwelu just followed orders might be true, still he completed and directed the mission, with bravado as the dead was dug into mass graves while the priests we’re praying for the lost souls. They should have also prayed for the soldiers who killed innocent men and woman on the compound in Kasese. That Brig. Elwelu made happen with his ordered and persistent attitude during these days of violence.

That Brig. Elwelu believes poor people can be dangerous is true, but his voice on the matter. Shouldn’t he important. As he has poor record of caring about how people has it and how people live. He had no issues with burning and killing in Kasese, he could do the same in Teso, Tooro and Busoga, why not?

I do not trust this man and I can surely not be alone. His voice shouldn’t have space in the Daily Monitor, as Brig. Elwelu suddenly deserves to be in the public sphere. Lets be clear he don’t! Not until he has answered and maybe cleared his name for his possible, and most likely crimes against humanity in Kasese in 2016! Peace.

You are not forgotten Sam Mugumya!

Sam M

I cannot and as I am together with others, who stand for justice, rule of law and freedom cannot forget the brave men like Sam Mugumya, who has been detained in Democratic Republic of Congo, as he was traded for the release of M23 soldiers and deported to the Congo. Something that is disgusting enough as he has been portrayed by the Ugandan authorities as an Allied Defence Force (ADF-NALU) which is a guerrilla that cause havoc in the DRC.

With that all in mind his been detained since 2014, today is his birthday, certainly he will not able to celebrate it or even enjoy it. He is innocent and rotting in prison because of the exchange that was between DRC Authorities and Ugandan counterparts. Certainly that deal was made with some perks.

In August 2016 there we’re reported that 300 Ugandan citizens we’re detained and in prison in the neighbour country, many of who is said to be connected with the guerrilla – ADF-NALU, but some of them are certainly framed for that as proven with Sam Mugumya, who has been parts of Activist 4 Change with the Walk to Work protest in 2011 and also been a pivotal political force inside the Forum for Democratic Change. Therefore the NRM Regime wants him away and silences him, the best way in a foreign prison where his voice doesn’t matter.

With this recent report isn’t positive considering his case: “In a government statement to parliament last evening, the State minister for Foreign Affairs Henry Okello Oryem revealed that the authorities had declined to have Mugumya released since the matter was under the military establishment in the DRC” (…) “Okello also says that Mugumya may not be extradited soon due to absence of enabling policies between the two governments despite several interventions” (Kyeyune, 2016). So the case has become military after the extradition and prisoner exchange in 2014, therefore the fate of Mugumya is in the hands of Congolese Authorities. The Ugandan ones are towing their fingers as the former Besigye aide is dwindling away and not has the ability to get freedom as he is a political activist and not a terrorist. That is big difference!

In 2015 he said this to the press:

Ivan: “How did you know they were CMI operatives? Were they clad in uniform?” Sam: “They had army uniform and they introduced themselves to me as such. On the first day, they were two. They asked if I had links with ADF then shortly after said I was coming to link up with the People’s Redemption Army.  I told them I was just running away from your brutal regime. On the second day, another set of three CMI operatives came. I remained in Beni for three weeks before I was called for a joint interrogation between Congolese authorities and CMI.  They debated if to bring us back to Uganda or hold us in Congo” (Okuda, 2015).

“Ivan: “The regime back home accuses you of involvement in subversion, terrorism to be precise and government spokesman Ofwono Opondo and UPDF spokesman Paddy Ankunda both stand by this claim. What is your take?” Sam: “It is not true I was involved in subversive activities. I have been involved in legitimate activism which is a fundamental right, to support or oppose a regime. But Mr Museveni and his henchmen like all tyrants mistake principled Opposition for subversion. There is a history to this. In 2011, Ingrid Turinawe, Francis Mwijukye and I were charged with terrorism and the case fell flat because it had no legal limbs and was built on falsehoods. Repeating these same allegations is essentially putting into perspective why we are here. Museveni has always made his position clear; that he is not comfortable with courts granting bail to capital offence suspects.  Of course, he is not interested in the rapists and murderers; he is simply clothing it as capital offences to net political activists. We are the real target” (Okuda, 2015).

When you hear his story that he flee from Uganda because of the possible prosecution and the indicated issues with the brutal regime, that means that the courts and indictment we’re predicated to take him down. The Congolese Authorities just used that and reprimanded him, while they still had been served with Ugandan intelligence to pick-up the activist and take him to prison. Something that is vicious and shows the collaborate effort to harass fellow citizens and also use the military together with security operatives to make sure the people like Sam Mugumya get behind bars, where he still is without question.

His is lingering in jail, but he is not forgotten, as much as the other activist both Ugandan and Congolese who is still behind bars. As the Authorities are keeping them silent behind bars instead of being free to challenge the ones in power. Peace.


Kyeyune, Moses – ‘Mugumya Extradition Not Possible, Says Government’ (02.12.2016) link: http://kfm.co.ug/news/mugumya-extradition-not-possible-says-government.html

Okuda, Ivan – ‘I was arrested while fleeing to exile, says Mugumya’ (20.12.2015) link: http://www.monitor.co.ug/Magazines/PeoplePower/I-was-arrested-while-fleeing-to-exile–says-Mugumya/689844-3002812-11msrhrz/index.html

Press Statement on Mugumya Sam and Four Others (09.09.2016)


Press Statement from UPDF – FARDC confirms Sam Mugumya’s Arrest

The Commander of the FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) North Kivu Region, Brig Gen Muhindo Akili Mundos has confirmed that forces under his Command arrested Former FDC Leader, Dr Kiiza Besigye’s Political Assistant Mr Sam Mugumya on 21st October 2014.

This was during a Joint News conference with his Ugandan Counterpart, UPDF 2nd Division Commander Brig Peter Elwelu following a Security meeting in Kasindi Town of DRC on Tuesday 12th November 2014.

Brig Mundos said Mugumya was arrested alongside 02 other Ugandans and 02 Congolese after the entered the country through an illegal entry point near Ishasha boarder.

He added that Mugumya was using false names “Katembo Mukiga William” but on interrogation he was proved be Sam Mugumya. He said they suspect he could be involved in dangerous activities likely to hurt the current cordial relationship between Uganda and DRC and as a result he was transferred from his headquarters in Beni, to the capital Kinshasa for further investigations.

The security meeting was a follow up on two earlier ones held in Beni DRC in May and in Kasese in August between the Division Commander Brig Elwelu and then North Kivu Regional Commander Maj Gen Ambamba Bahuma who unfortunately passed on in September shortly after his Ugandan visit.

These meetings are aimed at exchanging information, consolidating relations and reviewing progress on the Anti ADF Operations in Eastern DRC.

The North Kivu Commander is also the Commander of Operation Sikola 1, a special FARDC Operation aimed at routing the ADF rebels from Eastern DRC. The operation was launched in January this year.

The next meeting will be held in Uganda at a date yet to be fixed.

Maj Ronald Kakurungu