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Burundi: Unemployed citizens are forced to work in Bujumbura

“After the speech of Burundian Prime Minister PM who threatens to punish unemployed people who go to the city center of the Town Hall of Bujumbura , the police have been carrying out arbitrary arrests since this morning. Victims are taken to the Intwari Stadium construction site for forced labor without pay. A responsible power, however, has the obligation to provide paid work to citizens who need it, instead of treating them as slaves” (FORSC Burundi, 30.01.2023).

The true form of a dictatorship is obvious. The CNDD-FDD is just showing its face. Not only is it well-known for its brutal tactics and means to an end. As the opposition or activists have been silenced. That is well known by now and that’s why the regime is “strong”. However, their means to an end is becoming more striking.

Now, there are reports that the “idle” or the “unemployed” are rounded up in Bujumbura to work without pay on construction sites. They are picked up by the Police and arbitrary arrested without any form of justification. Where they are taken into custody for the sole purpose of working. This work is being done without a salary, contract or any sort of pay. This is initiating slave labour and organizing slavery in the streets of Bujumbura.

President Ndayishimiye should decree or stop this practice. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t count on it. This is now showing how vicious the Prime Minister Ndirakobuca is and what his willing to do.

We know that this practice will not cause any big stir or headlines, even though there should be no reason not too. Because, who in their right mind does this and think this is legit? This is tyranny at its purest and finest. As the value of the citizenry is only their breath. Since, they can easily be accessed and used by the powers to be. Suddenly, the citizens can become their slaves and workforce without any contract or stipulations to get benefits for their work. Meaning they are powerless and could easily become slaves of the society. The peasants are the slaves of the CNDD-FDD system now. Especially, if the CNDD-FDD continues with it or makes it happening across the Republic. Peace.

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Burundi: The rain-man of Mwaro…

In Mwaro, the people are called to pray to God for rain. Colonel Gasanze Gaspard, the Governor of Mwaro district, called on religious leaders to remember to pray to God for rain and asked farmers to irrigate their fields where possible” (Nyaburunga Post, 14.10.2022).

It is now news and the Governor released a statement yesterday telling the religious leaders should remember to pray for rain. That is a serious ask. The priests, clerical staff or anyone else isn’t supposed to be worried about peace, love or take care of the people of faith. No, they are now asked to and tasked to pray for rain.

The governor who is a military man and a part of an oppressive state. Has decided to beg the religious leaders to save the harvest and the farming season. The last resort is to beg the religious leaders to pray for rain.

That makes the governor a rain-man somehow. His so focused on the lack of rain, that he needs a higher power to solve. The military man knows that the guns or the arrests of dissenting voices will not help him. That’s why he asks the priests, pastors or other religious leaders to save the farmers of the district.

The Governor should also ask help from the Ministry of Agriculture and help with water-storage facilities, which the farmers can use in the future. There is a need to think pro-active and long term solutions. Because, living on hopes and prayers only take you so far. He could even try to get some guidance and wise words from the realms of the State House Ntare Rushatsi.

There should be help on the way. However, asking or prayers is showing how dire the situation and drought is. Secondly, also how few tools the Governor has or the state has to help their farmers in the district. Certainly, there is more to the story, but it’s not a good look. Peace.

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