#PresidentialHandshake: URA Staffer’s earns nearly UGX30m bonus for clerical work!


The Republic under the National Resistance Movement doesn’t create any dull moment. Uganda Revenue Authority staff Paul Ojiambo got UGX29.5m net for photocopying beyond official time. That was a part of the Presidential Handshake, since he copied the documents that contained information of the Tullow tax case.

As NTV Uganda put it:

“URA’s Paul Ojambo was paid UGX 29.5M for overtime photocopying of documents used during the oil court cases” (NTV Uganda, 08.02.2017).
“Katuntu- What extraordinary work did you do?

Ojiambo-Photocopying beyond official time.

Katuntu-Is that extraordinary

Ojiambo- yes” (Parliament Watch, 08.02.2017).

Ojiambo also claimed this: “official says he served documents, raised assessments and kept documents confidentialy” (Parliament Watch, 08.02.2017). So the copying of documents is a job that deserves higher payment than usual, especially when they are kept secret. Ojiambo is the next Police Officer or Clerical worker for Central Intelligence Division in the Uganda Police Force.

Another civil servant from URA getting extra funds was Rose Adakuni who received UGX 29m because of the handshake; usually her yearly wage is UGX 2m monthly. With these to you can wonder how the spoils really got served around and to what point inside the Uganda Revenue Authority. She was doing the E-Mail management during the case; therefore she got a big pay-out when the case was over.

Third office worker who got UGX 29m Joseph Agulla as a Clerical Officer got his with his statement, not done anything special. Still, the Authority thought of him as worthy of big-bonus.

You should question the URA, when one person for copying document later than 17:00 got millions upon millions. This shows how rotten the system is and how they all eat of the government funds without any concern of the wasted monies. The trust in URA and spending of the taxes is not strengthening, as the governance in the URA isn’t trustworthy.

When people are getting bonuses for doing their duty as civil servants and given such massive funds, than you have the right to wonder and boggle your mind around the values that are given away from the Authority to their civil servants. The Movement really is careless with their spoils and internally giving away bribes to their own. Peace.

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