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Heartbreaking story from Bwaise, Kampala yesterday: “A young man and girl friend who fell into a gang holding out to be a national army has sent me this message for your attention.” – Charles Rwomushana

UPDF 25.05.2016

Charles 25.05.2016 NRA


This what the state and the army is doing to young people, civilians, citizens who hasn’t done anything else then passing by. This is just sad and heartbreaking as this is maybe one of many, but not everybody have the stomach to drop the knowledge to Charles Rwomushana or anybody else.

If you believe the government of Uganda cares or have an army for the people, you are wrong, they are only there to secure Museveni, not the rest of the people. Only his wealth and riches. The UPDF is now even scouting their prey instead of being a force securing the borders of the country. This story is sad, but need to be spread so the world can know of the violence and mentality of the army there. Peace.

Press Statement: Kampala Sun unjustified reports on Bobi Wine’s involvement in Master Blaster’s death

Master Blaster RIP

You have for so long written hateful articles about me and that is not fair however today’s article about my involvement in Blaster’s funeral has put you to SHAME. I want to give you some facts about Master Blaster’s life,career and unfortunate death. First of all,unlike your disrespectful representation of him,HE WAS A STAR.He was a great MC,comedian,singer and entertainer.he rose from the ghetto,travelled the world and inspired many entertainers today. On 29th December,I WAS PERSONALY WITH MASTER BLASTER the whole evening at Plan B bar in Rubaga catching some good time and jamming on the microphone each of us singing the other’s songs,we only parted ways at about 4:30am,I went to Kamwokya,he went to Bwaise. When I turned on my phone later in the day,I got news that he had been shot dead. The next call I got was from the KAMPALA METROPOLITAN POLICE COMMANDER who wanted to see me urgently. We sat In a meeting with the senior police command and they requested me to HELP and go to BWAISE TO CALM DOWN MY GHETTO PEOPLE. It’s at this time that police informed me that Blaster had gotten into an argument with some Sudanese brothers who had a function in Bwaise,a fight broke out and the police was called. In the fracas however the POLICE OFFICER SHOT BLASTER DEAD! Now the people of Bwaise got so annoyed claiming the police had sided with a foreigner and instead of protecting a Ugandan,killed him.Riots broke out,houses and shops burnt, etc.The body was held and that made matters even worse.

Long story short, We agreed with Uganda Police that to calm down the situation,They release the body to us so we can mourn him and accord him a decent funeral that befits him as a star,Police was to take care of all burrial and transports costs and give some money to the family especially the ophans.Mean while,the police officer who shot him(not allegedly),was arrested and is being held at Kawempe Police Station.In return,I was go to Bwaise and STOP THE RIOTS. I did my part and Uganda Police did it’s part. NOW WHY ON EARTH DO YOU REPORT THE OPPOSITE? DO YOU KNOW THAT EVEN AS I WRITE THIS,HE IS NOT BURRIED YET???? Yes, his people have refused to burry him in Lamor(Kitgum) They want to send the BODY BACK! I am travelling there today to calm down the rioting youth,Why don’t you write that in your HATE FULL NEWS PAPER???

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