The Police Force enforcing a colonial law when they are: “allowed to kill”

Some days you wonder, you wonder why the authorities is doing what they are doing. When the stakeholders were in shock yesterday. The truth is by law to quell to riots and demonstrations are they lawfully allowed to quell by brutal means, as these laws was installed while still being a protectorate and no one has seemed to wanted to amend or repeal this part of the Penal Code Act, which by all means gives the Uganda Police Force. Possibilities beyond usual measures of arrests without warrants or even imposing the Public Order Management Act of 2010. This is an inherited law that the National Resistance Movement and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has no issues with keeping alive.

Statement UPF Statement with stakeholders:

“We have engagement rules, where we are supposed to use excessive force,” Mugenyi said. “That is why we have these. That is why I am armed and you are not. The state is allowed to kill.” “We can kill you and even compensate you,” Mugenyi went on as the stakeholders looked on in shock” (Joshua Nahamya – ‘The State Is Allowed to Kill – AIGP Mugenyi’ 10.10.2018 link:

As you see yesterday, the AIGP is sadly right, they have the rights to do so. This is shows the possible legal ramifications and the costs can easily be pushed on the private person attending the rally and resisting the law-enforcement. I wish it wasn’t like this, but they are allowed to do so, when they are quelling riots and demonstrations, as these laws was made to stop protests against the King and Commonwealth. These laws was not made to ensure civic rules or democratic values in the Republic. That is why they sound like this!

Penal Code Act of 1950 Chapter VII subsection 69:

“If upon the expiration of a reasonable time after the proclamation is made, or after the making of the proclamation has been prevented by force, twelve or more persons continue riotously assembled together, any person authorised to make the proclamation, or any police officer or any other person acting in aid of that person or police officer, may do all things necessary for dispersing the persons so continuing assembled or for apprehending them or any of them, and if any person makes resistance, may use all such force as is reasonably necessary for overcoming such resistance and shall not be liable in any criminal or civil proceeding for having, by the use of such force, caused harm or death to any person” (Penal Code of 1950).

Nevertheless, the brutality and the legality should still be in question, as this should be the last resort, not the first, not the second, but the final straw. When it is boiling over and no-control, before anarchy, however, the Uganda Police Force and Uganda People’s Defence Force are using these measures to easily and haven’t exhausted the different approaches even. As the person isn’t only supposed to be on the streets, but resist arrest to a certain degree, at which point the law-enforcement is not legally liable for the harm or death. That shows the brutality of the measure, which was enacted in 1950 and lingers until this day.

The NRM have surely not tried to discuss or even given a fig about the justification or reverse this law. AS that hasn’t been in their interests, as they wanted the same possibilities to silence the opposition and their demonstrations. That is clearly been the outcome. The NRM didn’t change this, because of their will-power to control and silence opposition. If they had democratic values, they would have amended this or repealed this sub-section of the Penal Code. However, they prefer being colonial masters to their citizens, than treating them as fellow citizens, but subjects underneath their demi-god Museveni. Peace.

Press Statement: Kampala Sun unjustified reports on Bobi Wine’s involvement in Master Blaster’s death

Master Blaster RIP

You have for so long written hateful articles about me and that is not fair however today’s article about my involvement in Blaster’s funeral has put you to SHAME. I want to give you some facts about Master Blaster’s life,career and unfortunate death. First of all,unlike your disrespectful representation of him,HE WAS A STAR.He was a great MC,comedian,singer and entertainer.he rose from the ghetto,travelled the world and inspired many entertainers today. On 29th December,I WAS PERSONALY WITH MASTER BLASTER the whole evening at Plan B bar in Rubaga catching some good time and jamming on the microphone each of us singing the other’s songs,we only parted ways at about 4:30am,I went to Kamwokya,he went to Bwaise. When I turned on my phone later in the day,I got news that he had been shot dead. The next call I got was from the KAMPALA METROPOLITAN POLICE COMMANDER who wanted to see me urgently. We sat In a meeting with the senior police command and they requested me to HELP and go to BWAISE TO CALM DOWN MY GHETTO PEOPLE. It’s at this time that police informed me that Blaster had gotten into an argument with some Sudanese brothers who had a function in Bwaise,a fight broke out and the police was called. In the fracas however the POLICE OFFICER SHOT BLASTER DEAD! Now the people of Bwaise got so annoyed claiming the police had sided with a foreigner and instead of protecting a Ugandan,killed him.Riots broke out,houses and shops burnt, etc.The body was held and that made matters even worse.

Long story short, We agreed with Uganda Police that to calm down the situation,They release the body to us so we can mourn him and accord him a decent funeral that befits him as a star,Police was to take care of all burrial and transports costs and give some money to the family especially the ophans.Mean while,the police officer who shot him(not allegedly),was arrested and is being held at Kawempe Police Station.In return,I was go to Bwaise and STOP THE RIOTS. I did my part and Uganda Police did it’s part. NOW WHY ON EARTH DO YOU REPORT THE OPPOSITE? DO YOU KNOW THAT EVEN AS I WRITE THIS,HE IS NOT BURRIED YET???? Yes, his people have refused to burry him in Lamor(Kitgum) They want to send the BODY BACK! I am travelling there today to calm down the rioting youth,Why don’t you write that in your HATE FULL NEWS PAPER???

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