Sudan: The Joint Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change have suspended the negotiations with the Transitional Military Council!

As the sit-in demonstrations continues, as the riots and the protest around the Sudanese Republic continues. Even as the International Community is embracing the remains of the National Congress Party and leadership around former President Omar Al-Bashir. The Joint Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change isn’t having that. This is the Sudanese Professional Authority (SPA) and allies, who are all working to dismantling the Al-Bashir dictatorship, bit by bit. Not just the head, but rock the whole system.

This is the next step, as a part of a revolution. Where plenty in the proximity of Al-Bashir is behind bars, awaiting trials, while others are lingering and trying to salvage their positions in the new Republic.

Certainly, for a little while the SPA and allies have negotiated with the new governing body, the Transitional Military Council. Today, they went in a Press Conference clearing the air and saying they have suspended the talks. Surely, the progress have been to abysmal or not noteworthy to trust the keepers of the state. Since, they might or most likely works to keep status quo and not really deliver the civilian government the demonstrators are working for. As the TMC are taking slow mediocre baby-steps towards something and just doing what is needed. To show that they have some intent of change.

The SPA and allies are certain of what they want in this game, as they distrust the TMC and with reason. As this is military men who wants power and continue with the former military rule over the Republic. Not having elected officials representing the public and following orders from representatives of the public.

Surely, the progress is now stopping. The buck is also stopping with the TMC. The SPA and allies are showing quick resolve, when they are suspending talks with the TMC. As they are not seeing the vision or they willing to give way, other than just mere icing on the cake. The hard piece is to destroy to rebuild. That is what the SPA and allies wants, to ensure another type of governance and government.

Instead, they are at the boiling point seeing not enough. That is why the SPA and allies are initiating a civilian government on their own without the TMC. This will be established now and at the end have an election after 4 years. This will consist of 3 parts.

1st National Supreme Council of State (a three person, rotating President)

2nd National Council of Ministers (at least 16 members), this will consist of technocrats and nominated from the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change.

3rd Interim National Parliament representing the current constituencies of Sudan. Lists and nominations by the regions, which have to be approved by the Supreme Council of State.

Surely, these names and individuals who was supposed to fill in the roles of three branches is not yet known. Still, the SPA and allies are carefully planning their next steps. As the TMC will postpone or ensure all changes takes time or maybe not happen at all. Since, they are all of the guard of Al-Bashir and seen his moves. Therefore, they might hope this demonstrations and these sit-in will eventually stop.

However, the works since Mid-December 2018 is still continuing. The SPA and allies seems ready, they are resilient and working towards their goal. The people in Post Al-Bashir should worry about their past and what hurt they have put on the people. Because, they are not having it. That is why they are persisting to work like this. Not accepting a half-way deal, but want the public to get what is justifiably theirs, not the military leaders or one dictator, but their own. Peace.

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