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IGAD Special Envoy Welcomes the Decision of South Sudan Government to Return to Ten States (17.02.2020)

SPLM/A-IO: Press Statement on President Salva Kiir’s Resolution of the Meeting of the Presidency of TGoNU on the Number of States and their Boundaries (15.02.2020)

South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA): Press Release (15.02.2020)

South Sudan: Rome Resolution on Monitoring and Verification of CoHA 2017 (13.02.2020)

South Sudan: Address by H.E. the President of the Republic following the announcement of the country’s return to ten states on Feb 15, 2020 (15.02.2020)

South Sudan: Final Resolution of the Meeting of the Presidency on the Number of States and their Boundaries (14.02.2020)

South Sudan: Maribor Garang de Maribor open letter to the African Union (AU) – (14.02.2020)

SPLM/A-IO: Press Statement on the Government Consultation on number of states and their boundaries scheduled for Februrary 14th 2020 in Juba (13.02.2020)

The South Sudan Civil Society Forum strongly recommends reverting to ten states as a solution to the deadlock on the number of states (14.02.2020)

South Sudan: Important Urgent Annocement! (12.02.2020)

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