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Opinion: No sane person want to be in Steve Barclay’s shoes!

Today, the Third Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union was appointed, this was Steve Barclay, the Conservative Party Member of Parliament from North East Cambridgeshire. The first Secretary for the position was David Davis who served from July 2016 to July 2018. The Second Secretary Dominic Raab was it from July 2018 until 15th November 2018.

Now, the third in line and unknown Barclay MP comes in after the Big Brexiteer Davis and Boris Johnson has left the building. The Conservative Party are really looking around for loyal subjects to finalize whatever this Brexit is.

Brexit is a chaos, it is a mess, it is a nightmare and there is no possible way of winning. It is a reason why the hardliners and the ERG MPs aren’t pushing for Cabinet positions. They know it is merely impossible to win at this stage. The background and the facilitation of the Withdrawal Agreement from the DExEU have already sucked and been done properly. It has been a farce and lack of due diligence. As well, as none of the concern of the Secretaries. As they have fled the ship, when they understood they couldn’t stomach the realities.

The Tories have really not won a good bargain. That is why even Prime Minister David Cameron fled the scene. He knew this would be loose-lose game. It wouldn’t be fruitful.

No matter what roads these are going, it is going to be rocky. It is not going to easy or be anything that the UK will earn upon. Unless, they are trying to find a way to still be a Member State within the EU. Even for some, that sound better, than any of the alternatives of how the UK are leaving the Union. Which is all ironic.

The Brexiteers are losing, the Remainers are losing. The United Kingdom are losing. The EU is losing, but not as much as the UK is. In the midst of that Barclay wants the job to end this and be the last remaing Secretary until the UK has left the Union. I don’t know what his motivation is, but he must be really desperate for a vital role in the cabinet.

Because Raab and Davis left a hell-hole and a hell-bound result. No matter what sort of magic trick he can, he cannot be able to satisfy or even ensure everyone good graces. There will only be blood. There will be more MPs resigning and more erratic behavior. As there are already mutiny and lack of trust to the PM. It is in the midst of this, Barclay is coming in.

Unless he is the savior of Brexit, which I doubt. Because by every minute there less and less to save, even to salve the skeletons and bones. The truth of what the UK is getting of a Withdrawal and the consequences of leaving is all there. It isn’t mere speculations. The Draft Agreement is specific and the new Secretary will not alter that much. Unless, he has other motive.

Barclay will work against the machine. A machine that has been running since the Referendum in June 2016. Which none of his predecessors was succeeding at doing. Both of them failed. So, most likely he will fail too.

Therefore, I don’t understand why he wants to go on this quest. A road not taken, but a road which is only filled with traps and no certainties.

Steve, good luck and have a safe journey! Peace.


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Brexit: A Perfect Nightmare!

“Now that I’m back, you can’t sleep, I’m a nightmare, huh?” – 50 Cent on ‘Back Down’ (2003)

This Brexit process, this whole Withdrawal of Membership from the European Union has been a perfect nightmare. There haven’t been signs of hope or professionalism from the Tories concerning this. The Vote Leave or Be Leave people combined with Brexiteers promised a silky road to heaven without the toils of Brussels. That would never happen, as there are rules and they will be followed, if the United Kingdom want to be able to trade with the European Union. However, these protocols and these regulations has been cast astray, because the United Kingdom was supposed to get just they way they liked it.

The Draft Withdrawal Agreement that was published yesterday, proves what many of us has said. That the Brexit would cost UK a lot, it would cost independence, but also the sovereign control, as it has to still follow regulations from Brussels. Even if London think of itself as an Empire, they are still a soldier in the field of the EU, when needed be. That is the cost of trading and being in the single-market of the EU.

What is worse, is that they are outsider looking in, without any direct say, as the laws and regulations will still come from the EU. The standards and the jurisdiction comes from the EU and not from London. They are becoming a Third Member state who still has to comply to the EU directly. That is what is amazing me.

What amazes me more, is the political gambit and gamble that the Tories has done, but is not paying off. The ones thinking they could get both the cake and eat it. They thought they could get it all without paying anything to be involved with the EU. However, that is not the case. That is why the deal is looking as it is.

This is the continued nightmare, a process that was flawed from the beginning, but the Tories wouldn’t tell or say. They kept the rouse and said nothing. They spoke of ease and said it would be fixed, but the narrative, the story wasn’t true. They wanted to sell a dream, a dream is so easy, but the reality was that it was a nightmare.

A perfect nightmare, that is revealed again and again, but Prime Minister Theresa May doesn’t want to accept that. A nightmare that haunts the halls of Whitehall and London.

Now there are talks of ‘No Confidence’ vote over the PM too. That shows how dire the process, as the has been plenty of resignations and today alone a few. Therefore, this nightmare evolves on its own. Peace.

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