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Nigeria: It looks like a country for old men…

E no easy eh, oh oh oh oh

To dey sing and dey dance

And the people dey rejoice eh, oh oh

My brother my sister

No be today, oh oh oh oh

If e good or bad eh make we dey thank God eh

Baba God na your handwork yeh yeh yeh yeh” – P-Square – ‘E No Easy’ (2009)

After the primaries of the major political parties in Nigeria. You can assess to get ahead and get to the top of the food-chain. That a person needs to reach a certain age and have time before getting there. This is certainly the case of the two biggest parties of Nigeria. The historical parties and the ones who has been had the control of the state since independence. That being the APC and PDP. Therefore, their choices of candidates says a lot.

It is now revealed that the three main contesters to follow the two terms of Muhammadu Buhari (APC). The ones picked is really striking and of age. The list is very clear. It wouldn’t have been younger if the APC had picked the current VP either, Yemi Osinbajo who is 65 years old.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu or Bola Tinubu is 70 years old. While the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President Candidate, Atiku Abubakar is 75 years old. The third force and Presidential Candidate for Labour Party Peter Obi is only 60 years old.

We know that two major parties are the ones that matters. Tinubu has been a career politician since 1993. He has represented Lagos, either as a Senator or a Governor. Therefore his well-versed in the political games of Nigeria. That is certain, but will he bring any significant change from Buhari? No, his just one of them…

While the other major candidate of the PDP Atiku is a former Vice-President and he has already lost one Presidential Election to Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, Buhari in 2015 and in 2019. Therefore, Atiku is a serial looser at this point, but still given another shot in the PDP. That isn’t a winner, but maybe fourth time the charm?

Well, what is striking about them all is that they are of age or in retirement age. Because, in the public service or civil service it’s either the age of 60 or after 35 years of service. Which means these gentlemen either should have been retired before the primaries in question. This is old men holding power and not allowing the next generation to takeover.

What is striking is that this is happening in a nation of median age of 18 years old and life-expectancy of men is around 47 years old. So, all of these men are above both and beyond life-expectancy. That is speaking volumes, but usually the elites and the rich lives longer than the average citizen. Therefore, these numbers aren’t telling the whole story, but is compelling as the Republic is gearing up for another election.

An election with only old candidates who is fit for retirement before they step into office. That’s if the laws and such should be fitted to the politician who enact and make them. Tinubu and Atiku are both old men. They are of what soon could be stated as advanced age.

So, do I look forward to the up-coming elections or polls in Nigeria? No, these two major parties aren’t showing any progress or characters of which brings hope. No, these are just more cronies for the rich and businesses of the Republic. They are just continuing the cartels and whatnot. Tinubu and Atiku will not challenge the state or reform it substantially.

These primaries are proving Nigeria is a country for old men. That is the result of these elections just shows that. You need endless of experience and means to succeed. There is no easy way out. That is for sure, but what we do know… is that old men will be on one winning in the end. Peace.

Opinion: Starmer got mountains to climb

Sir Keir Starmer became the leader to steady the ship after Jeremy Corbyn. Instead he has failed and continuing to tarnish the party. There are following the aftermath of the recent United Kingdom By-Election. Where several of strides went south.

Yes, Labour delivered in Wales, but that is thanks to the likes First Minister Mark Drakeford resilient leadership. Also the sinking ship of UKIP, which was the seats that Labour took in this one. Therefore, giving the party majority in Wales and in the Senedd.

However, Labour was only able to get some seats in Scotland because of the tactical voting of Unionists across the devolved nation. They got seats and was able to get some seats there. As they were able to gain, but the Scottish National Party (SNP) was the winner and with the Greens will control Holyrod.

Starmer isn’t the reason for the results here. It is other men and other reasons. Those results are not because he was wearing boxing gloves and tried to drink a pint. No, none of those publicity stunts helped the party a bit. His not showing what Labour could be, but instead its showing what it isn’t.

People said Labour was a weak and mediocre party under Corbyn. However, with him you didn’t have a megaphone and diet-Boris Johnson at the helm. Starmer is acting like a Red Tory and that cannot work. He is way over his league. Neither does he have the team to support him either. As he seemingly does the wrong thing. Instead of being a difference, showing the negligence and the problematic parts of the governing party. He is smiling to their indifference and not caring about the people falling out of favour with the Tories.

That is really amazing that Starmer is failing at this. He has experience and should know this game. Instead he looks like a novice and a nonchalant. Stramer isn’t unifying the party and neither getting support outside of the Labour base. Which is needed at this point. As the troubles ahead will be put on him. Especially, when he cannot swing voters away from the Tories. Something he should have capacity too and show that Labour is a viable party.

People went after Labour and Corbyn with any sort of fashion. However, Starmer isn’t a saving grace either. He is a more feasible candidate for a huger electorate, but his not showing the stamina or the force to be reckoned with. That for a man who has been in the public eye for so long and has a character before becoming the Labour leader. That’s depressing and disappointing.

What is striking that Corbyn lost 18 seats in the local elections in 2016 and it was an outcry. While Starmer in 2021 lost 326 seats in the local elections. That is not the seats who was gained in Senedd or sort of in Holyrod. That is different than in the counties and cities. So, the Labour party have lost the foothold and the levels of trust locally. Which is a big downfall for a general election when that comes.

If he couldn’t become more popular or create a message, which would resonate with the general public. He would have a chance, but at this point is lost at sea. The Labour leader should be stronger and viable. That was something Corbyn was and Starmer used fault-lines to bring him down. Now in the first try… Starmer has failed and facing a rebellion just around his office. Where he is targeting people around him. Instead of showing good leadership skills.

The ones calling him inept is maybe true. Starmer cannot handle pressure and promises made. His instead looking way above his league and personally more attached to the role than actually serving the party. That’s why his going after the ones in his inner-circle who aspire to his role.

While Starmer should focus on the losses, the reasons for that and why the ship is sinking. He should look and study the results. The reasons for the failure and not just spark rumours about other leaders within the party. That is just buying himself time and he should take pint.

Starmer needs to drink a bit for his sorrows. Because things only seems to get worse before they get better. Sturgeon and Drakeford is more respected and have the trust of the voters. Than Starmer can ever beg for. His the supposed leader of the opposition, but he doesn’t have the charisma or the finesse to carry it. If he doesn’t learn the ropes quick. The boat will not only continue to sink, but totally be a lost cause.

Labour party deserves better … Starmer needs to buckle-up and this failure is a stain that will last. Until he has succeeded and proven tat he can sell a political vision. At this point, I don’t see that at this stage. Unless, he revolutionize his presence, messaging and also his stances in Parliament. That got to change and he cannot be a diet-version of a Tory.

Starmer to be a non-sugar edition of the original one will not work.

Sir Keir Starmer got mountains to cross and he seems not to know what’s ahead of him on the horizon. Peace.

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