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Opinion: Boris is elected in a storm, but is he the trusted captain to get the public safe on the shore?

“Interviewer: Can you give an example, in your political life, when you’ve set your own self-interest aside for the benefit of the country?

Boris Johnson: Well, er, pfft, um, it’s a good question, but er, I, I, I would, you know, I don’t, obviously, it’s an embarrassing but, but true that, um, er, it is obviously, possible, er, how should I put this, to make more money, er, by not being a full-time politician. Um, I don’t, I don’t want to put too finer point on it, er, but, you know, you have to, you have to, you have to, make sacrifices sometimesConservative Leadership Contest Hustings in Darlington (5 July 2019)

Well, this whole Brexit ordeal has been chaotic and without any strong leadership. The Conservative Party or the Tories have been shambolic. They have now used the added time from Brexit Day in March to fight. Whose get the mantle post Theresa May, instead of finding liveable solutions to the biggest quest in their lifetime.

Alas, that is what the British does and the elite, who will not pay for the added austerity, troubling markets or hard border with Northern Ireland. While the Irish has prepared over three budgets and trying to get secured by the European Union. The Tories are flying in without much and still trying to configure the needed basics for a withdrawal from the Union. It is clear, that the Tories and the government doesn’t care much of the consequences as long as they are in power. If they did care, they would have shown the effects of leaving and also put up proper measures to tackle the coming hardships of post-EU membership.

Still, Boris Johnson will try to make it sound simple, as the populist and braggadocio man he is. Johnson will smooth talk, just like he did as Foreign Secretary, but don’t expect him to do much. Because, that is something he really doesn’t do. His a lazy bugger in power and has shown little flex, than playing for the guards whenever it has fitted him.

Johnson is a conning man, a man of big promises, lot of bravado but little flair or care for others. That is why other MPs are resigning as he becomes the PM. Others are condemning him, even before he starts, because has shown racists remarks and utter machoism in attitude. Not the perfect start for any MP, but this is a self-created obstacle, as he himself has shown disregard for a big portion of society and his racial slurs will always follow him.

That is why a man whose career has been to mystify and create division, will not supposed be there to create unity is utterly ridiculous, its obnoxious and demeaning to the public. Maybe the people of Brexit Party and far Right loves this man. But very few else do.

This is not the sort of man that should guide the British out of the self-made crisis they are in, which has been inflected on them because of men like Johnson. Who is a self-seeking diva and lover of power, but doesn’t know how to use it or get things done. That is the sort of man at the helm in London. Surely, Brussels must shiver, but also the other capitals, because his a despicable example of a man and a politician. Boris the Blade has arrived and it’s going to get bloody. Peace.

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Opinion: Theresa May leaves with a terrible legacy… and one unlucky person will pick it off where she left!

Prime Minister Theresa May is soon history, as she leaves the office on the 7th June 2019. As the final days of her term in office, which started only one the 13 July 2016 and soon ends. The end of her time at the helm is near and there is hope for change. Because nothing has gotten better during her time.

She was promising strong and stable government in the campaigns during the snap election of 2017. Which has been far from the truth. Without checking, I think she has the highest number of resignations in the history of short governments. The Tories have really left her behind and the numbers after my calculation up to 36. This is not only the high-ranking, the people of statute and the ones who is bearing the party. But the ones whose key roles has to been to achieve what she promised. Stability and deliver Brexit. Two things she never did and will not.

Surely, she will enjoy the perks of being an MP and sit on the backbenches. Even linger on and get some committee’s, where she still have power. Maybe even at a later stage become a Secretary or a Minister again. That is why I have little sympathy for her crying and her emotional presser today.

Because, nothing she has done during her time has been good. The austerity measures, the policies she has sponsored and the people who has been deported. They she should have to address, the ones who has gotten hurt and damaged because of her rule. That she didn’t support or even try to help the poor. Make it harder to get Community Housing and so on. More people are using food-banks and the Brexit isn’t ensuring a stable economy either.

Therefore, there is little to scream hurray about, because someone has fix the chaos she has created. David Cameron really stepped away without so much fuzz in concerns to this. He left because of smartness after losing in the Brexit Referendum of 2016. That is when May was ready to step in and take over the mantle.

As a PM she has been wobbling, stonewalling and not really delivering. Theresa May will not leave with a favourable legacy, instead she will be remembered for bad dancing, even worse policies and lack of results in her key policy, deliver and simple, an easy Brexit. Something that never existed and never will be. She wanted to known for the Brexit Agreement with the European Union, the one who has failed three times in Parliament. She has to postpone it and even ruined Brexit Day. That is how bad the PM has been on delivering the key policy. The Withdrawal from the European Union.

But in concern of Brexit. No one could ever WIN. There could only be losers. Without a shadow of a doubt, Theresa May lost. Not in a brave fight, not in a fight she could control, no she lost because she couldn’t keep the cabinet in order, nor have the outcome she wanted in Parliament. There was no safe haven and that is why there was even plenty of ‘No Confidence’ votes. She overcame them, but she never truly won peoples hearts.

This has been a slow train coming and the Conservatives will not only have the battle for the throne. But the next one has to jump hoops to stay. The postponement of Brexit without a deal, without an agreement and without securities. Really going to set things off. The next PM and the leader of the Tories really has to steer a ship in the midst of a hurricane. They are either able to come to shore or they will sink. There is both lack of trust and also no signs of possible change.

At this stage, the only thing that can change this is another election, which again changes the dynamics in Parliament. Where the levels of MPs and the possible for other voting can happen or even a another referendum to revoke the Article 50. However, that is pipe-dreaming with the leadership struggle that May is leaving behind. At this moment of time, I couldn’t care less about that. Even if these sort of things to unleash Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson on the world. Not to forget the other character in David Davis. All of these are men who has to big ego for their own capacity. These people wouldn’t have the ability or the personality to steer this ship in the hurricane. It needs someone steering it steady and secure that they are balancing the boat. Instead, they are more into their entitlement, than thinking of the consequences of their actions.

That is why the Brexit, the price of the policies and the lack of care is evident. This is what May leaves behind. A terrible legacy, a uncertainty and possible tasks ahead, which she has unfinished business. This is giving up after postponing the inevitable. May didn’t have it in her. The other people will have to find another way, but if that is possible. Time will tell, but the disaster is in full-effect.

Now it is up to the next unlucky person to take over from May. Just like she was the one threading the water after Cameron. Surely, he will be remembered in a whole other regard, than May. Peace.

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