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Brexit: Irish Government statement on outcome of ‘Meaningful Vote’ in Westminister (15.01.2019)


Opinion: PM May is not able to Stem the Tide!

I am utterly impressed by the way Prime Minister Theresa May have behaved and acted through her time in-charge of the Brexit and Her Majesties Government. No, I am just kidding, it has been shambolic and her endeavours has sadly enough been in vain. That was proven yet again today.

PM May of the Tories has steered a wobbly ship all along, there have never been really any trust or any significant change, where the levels of belief has ever come. The prolonged and long staying negotiations with Brussels has been tragic. The EU has gotten everything they need, while the UK has gotten scraps. Not even assurances of safety or possible options to change the agreement has arrived. As the EU is following protocol of a leaving Member State from the Union.

The Tories and HM Government has acted all out, but not coherent or in sync with reality. That has been seen all along. There have been no part, where the PM has been truthful. As she has reassured the public of getting the best deal, the deal that would deliver everything and give nothing away. While the real deal was really making London and the UK into a small-fry and Third Member State without much to grasp.

That is why she lost both the Tories and the Opposition today. She lost by the hugest margin in a long time. The Government lost the vote by a record amount of members and that also means a lot of own rebels who don’t accept the Brexit – Withdrawal Agreement, which was used so long to negotiate, but not leaving even leaving the House for another round. Therefore, the PM has lost a big one today.

She has already lost Financial Bill and Amendments since before Christmas 2018. The Opposition has had the upper-hand and it seems to continue. As the Labour Party are able to table a No Confidence in the Government today as well. A double blow, as the Tories haven’t been able to legally deliver and agree upon a Withdrawal Agreement, which was supposed to be made by the end date of March 2019. Therefore, the time table is short and the reality should be hitting the UK.

Today, again, PM May has lost it. The Tories is in the wind. They are really at the high seas, but in reality, they are really not able to stem the tide.

This Brexit due date is on 29th March, PM May notified the EU on the 29th March 2017. That means that within the 2 years since the notification. The PM wasn’t able to deliver the Brexit. The Mission she got after PM David Cameron resigned after losing his Brexit Vote. Maybe, time for May for do the same. Even she doesn’t have it in her, as she has gotten No Confidence Vote within the Tories already at least twice within the two years. Still, she is there and not really trustworthy.

How will it be, the last two months into the final date? Who knows? But it cannot be worse than now. As the Tories and government have no control, the Tories are all walking dead and trying to configure something, without succeeding. They are working against the clock, but not doing it productive. They have wasted all this time and because of today’s vote. They have gotten nowhere. Which is impressive.

PM May knows this, the whole of UK knows this and whole of Europe too. We are looking and wondering. What is wrong with the British? Other then their egos and bad teeth? Also, their lack of good governance and lack of proper planning, as this could be foreseen a long time ago. Never sounding like the Tories and their Brexiteers would deliver anything worth voting Yay for in Parliament. Since, they were more promising gold, but only giving shiny objects.

That is why we are here today. Another loss for May. Another bad day for the Tories. And another nail-biter tomorrow. Not strength, not brilliance or control, just wiggling on the edge without a safety-net. That is what PM May does for a living. Who can wonder how much longer that can continue?

How much patience does the British people have? What shall it take for the British to act and wonder when the foolery should be over? Because, that time on the clock should have been ticked already. Peace.

Brexit: Letter from the Attorney General to the Prime Minister on the Northern Ireland Protocol (14.01.2019)

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Brexit: No Confidence Volume 2!

There are some slogans and some measures that are just put out there in the midst hope a reaction. A blistering glace of hope. I am sure that Jeremy Corbyn meant well with his proposal of a No Confidence in the Prime Minister, as she has botched the whole process of the Withdrawal of Membership State with the European Union. Made a fine mess of the Withdrawal Agreement and been such a cluster-fuck concerning the finalization of it. That is just the mere reality.

Prime Minister Theresa May was on the 12th December 2018 already having her first vote of No Confidence, because of enough backbencher’s had lost confidence in her. She won this one, because the Conservative Party or the Tories still didn’t want to have a leadership battle in the finalization of the Brexit. Still, some thought it was need, but they couldn’t pull it through.

Now, today on the 17th December 2018, Labour and Corbyn pushed the button at the House of Commons in the Parliament. They triggered it and showed finesse, as the PM has pushed for the vote for the Withdrawal Agreement until mid-January 2019. Closer to the set-date of leaving the EU. That is clearly motivated to secure a better or more erratic pressure as it is in final stages.

However, nothing seems like it is. There is no coherent message, no straight up flair or gospel, just mere blatant disregard of everyone. The Labour isn’t really stinging, while the Tories aren’t really coming all out either. There are nothing showing progress or stability, just wobbling along hoping someone are seeing the sky formation passing Dover. Because right now, the House of Commons and the United Kingdom. Look like it is without a Captain. They need a Beckham, they need a Souness, the need someone to push forward.

There are now news, that the PM and Tories will not let the No Confidence Motion will not be put in play, as that would just be silly politics. Surely, it wouldn’t be more silly, than what happen last week. Alas, that was just internal squabble between the Euroskeptics and the Remains on how to go forward. What Corbyn did is just silly, because he is opposition. We see you, we see you. We see that the PM takes people for granted, like she has done since she called for the snap elections. That is why she is afraid of new referendum. She rather traded a secured economy and fixed trading agreements for a costly uncertain future. That is splendid leadership and a grand legacy to leave behind.

Therefore, we know that the Tories doesn’t care for others than themselves. They are not caring, because their businesses are already seeking safe-haven overseas. Their funds and their estates are registered there if they can. They don’t mind, it is the Commoner who is screwed and the Tories are not representing them anyway.

Corbyn did challenge the PM today and the Tories didn’t take it. She took it, when it was internal squabble last week, but cannot take it now. May thinks she is smart, but she looks rudderless. Like she is drifting and hoping that no-one is seeing the rouse. That no one is seeing the mirage. However, there are people catching on. Even if they are late.

If she have had good leadership, there wouldn’t have been that plenty of cabinet secretaries gone. There wouldn’t been such a flawed negotiations and such a embarrassing visits in Brussels and Europe. If the PM had been good and had a decent plan, the EU wouldn’t have gotten such a bargain in the deal. However, she has played one PR Game and won behind closed doors. But now that the closed doors are open and the sealed agreements in the open. The public see the mess and the MPs too. That is why she is postponing the vote. To hope she can gain enough votes, in false hope of salvation, even if it means an eternal damnation of her legacy. Nevertheless, that is also showing day by day.

Hopefully, she will not get stuck in a car in the next coming days or start dancing again. PM May, better think and act swiftly, because Corbyn just did something May didn’t anticipate. She cannot just quash this.

There will be aftermath and within me writing this. The whole opposition has amended the motion of Corbyn and added all HM Government, meaning it is a legal thing now. Not just a mere personal lack of confidence, but the whole Cabinet. Meaning, it has to be tabled. There are no silent nights in UK politics these days. Even if the Opposition looses this one. They have shown character. More than the Tories who failed to change for the better on the 12th December 2018.

As Brexit looms, the HM Government wobbles, the opposition are showing force and who knows how this bloody nightmare ends. Europe is giddy and awaiting, as London cannot make up its mind. Peace.

UK: The 1922 Committee – Press Release – Vote of Confidence in the Leader of the Conservative Party (12.12.2018)

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Brexit: A “No Deal” will cause possible Border Chaos for Six Months!

Is there any days, any scenario that makes the Withdrawal from the European Union for the United Kingdom. The HM Government even own predictions are looking bleak, also this after the prediction of the Bank of England scenarios too. This is the second level and was dropped on the Government own page today.

Therefore, this is just another proof of the liabilities and problems, if the HM Government are doing a “No Deal”. They know they are creating a self-made havoc on the border towards to EU for 6 months. When the movement of goods and other issues with comply. If that isn’t worrying. Nothing is, this is not only the Bank of England prediction of fragile economy concerning a “No Deal”.


However, the UK Government does not have control over the checks which member states impose at the EU border. The European Commission has made it clear that, in the event of a ‘no deal’ scenario, it will impose full third country controls on people and goods entering the EU from the UK” (…) “The revised cross-Government planning assumptions show that there will be significantly reduced access across the shorts straits, for up to six months. This is very much a worst-case scenario” (Gov.uk – ‘Border planning assumptions in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit’ 07.12.2018, link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/border-planning-assumptions-in-the-event-of-a-no-deal-brexit?utm_source=6c652e62-7bb5-48b9-a9f4-f17328e31923).

This is will create issues on the border at Dover and Folkstone, also by any crossing on the ports and the airports. There are no places that will not be touched as the movement will be more limited, as the cross-checks and impose new border measures as a third country to the EU. Therefore, there will be no soft-border with a “No Deal”. The tariffs and other measures will hit the UK.

That is why the whole idea will hurt the banking and financial industries, all other exporting or manufacturing industries, as these will be directly hit by becoming a third country. As well as everything the HM Government needs to import and supplies, as these will be hit by the new measures. If this is medicine and everything else.

It is like the Tories like to make the system suffer or show the possible damage the Brexit can do. If they take the worst case scenarios as the “No Deal” will offer.

As an outsider, this sort of warnings should make you shiver and react with shock. Brexit is damaging to the citizens and the HM Government, but the Tories doesn’t seem to mind. They are going forward playing hardball with the future of their own people as the stakes. Peace.

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