Ukraine: Vefhofstadt MEP wants more aggressive EU Sanctions…

In Brussels and the European Parliament… there is voices of reason as the European Union is releasing the 5th Package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. As the Russian-Belorussia invasion is on the 41st Day in Ukraine. The brutality and the acts of war is vile from the Russian forces within Ukraine. There is no mercy and Kyiv is burning. The Ukrainian state is bleeding… and European Union should sanction thereafter.

What the Member of European Parliament Guy Vefhofstadt is saying is so needed. The way and manner of which his reacting is resounding. Hopefully most of Europe listens to this, as the EU is putting forward their meagre 5th Package of Sanctions against the Russian Federation. That it’s implication is close to zero and is a lot of hot air. That is clear by the reasoning of the MEP.

Here is what he said earlier today!

You know why strategy doesn’t work? Because progressive packages of sanctions, with an autocrat, doesn’t work. That works with an democracy, with democrats who have a public opinion, a real public opinion. In Russia there is no longer a real public opinion. The reality is that it doesn’t work, because the fifth package is, what, coal. It’s ridiculous, it’s only three percent of imports from Russia. Swift, the ban, ridiculous. More than 50 percent of the financial institutions are still outside the ban. And oligarchs… The oligarchs, yes, we extend a little bit the oligarchs. The oligarchs will escape finally the sanctions, or lose a little bit of their money. You need to tackle the 6000 people around Putin, the real people working with Putin. And we have the list, Alexei Navalny, foundation of Navalny has made the list of 6000 people. These people you need to tackle. And so I have a request to you. I’m sorry that I’m telling it to you because I think that 90 percent of you agree with me. I’m pretty sure about that. So I wanted to say it to Michel and to Von der Leyen. In the name of 212: it’s time to change your strategy. It’s time to have an extra European Council as fast as possible, and to go for the full package of sanctions immediately, so that you can really make a difference. All the rest will not work. All the rest will prolong the war. All the rest will mean more killings on Ukrainian side. And finally, a little advice to my friends in Germany. I think after the horrors of the Second World War there has emerged – I’m finishing – a strong and democratic Germany, a very strong and democratic Germany. But from such a Germany I expect leadership. Leading by example and not dragging their feet, as we see it today” Guy Verhofstadt, MEP (06.04.2022).

The former Belgian Prime Minister and MEP speaks his heart out. He is surely tired of the bickering and the lacking results of the previous 4 packages from the EU. As an MEP and a former head of state. He wants to see results and actually help Ukraine. Not only doing lip-service and signs of solidarity.

Alas, the MEP wants to do things that really hurt Kremlin and the people around Putin. Not just damage certain industries or have some smaller collateral damage, which doesn’t even implicate the ones in power in Moscow. That’s why the European Council should reconsider their strategy, because Putin and Kremlin isn’t afraid. They are not really touched by this…

It is time to do it… the vile and war-crimes of Russia inside Ukraine should get a proper retaliation from the EU. If they are concerned about the lives of Ukraine. That is if they want Russian Federation to be really touched and not only lose minor percentages. Which is what the EU is doing now and for the fifth time. This is why the Russians aren’t stopping or losing steam. No, they are just brushing it off.

Since, Europe is still buying gas and funding the war-chest. While giving away small tokens and help to Ukraine. They are helping both parties to prolong the war, but not helping the one with what it needs in the middle of war. Instead, they are prolonging the agony… and people are dying endlessly.

The EU could do what the MEP says, but I wouldn’t count on it. If it didn’t cost the EU and the implications of it… the EU would have sanctioned this yesterday. That’s why EU will do it as a last resort, but not expect them to do it. That’s why Putin has the upper-hand and his gamble has paid off. Europeans will not risk losing the energy dependency and stop buying Russian gas. Therefore, the Russian Federation will not default and they will get funding to continue the war. Peace.

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“Interviewer: Can you give an example, in your political life, when you’ve set your own self-interest aside for the benefit of the country?

Boris Johnson: Well, er, pfft, um, it’s a good question, but er, I, I, I would, you know, I don’t, obviously, it’s an embarrassing but, but true that, um, er, it is obviously, possible, er, how should I put this, to make more money, er, by not being a full-time politician. Um, I don’t, I don’t want to put too finer point on it, er, but, you know, you have to, you have to, you have to, make sacrifices sometimesConservative Leadership Contest Hustings in Darlington (5 July 2019)

Well, this whole Brexit ordeal has been chaotic and without any strong leadership. The Conservative Party or the Tories have been shambolic. They have now used the added time from Brexit Day in March to fight. Whose get the mantle post Theresa May, instead of finding liveable solutions to the biggest quest in their lifetime.

Alas, that is what the British does and the elite, who will not pay for the added austerity, troubling markets or hard border with Northern Ireland. While the Irish has prepared over three budgets and trying to get secured by the European Union. The Tories are flying in without much and still trying to configure the needed basics for a withdrawal from the Union. It is clear, that the Tories and the government doesn’t care much of the consequences as long as they are in power. If they did care, they would have shown the effects of leaving and also put up proper measures to tackle the coming hardships of post-EU membership.

Still, Boris Johnson will try to make it sound simple, as the populist and braggadocio man he is. Johnson will smooth talk, just like he did as Foreign Secretary, but don’t expect him to do much. Because, that is something he really doesn’t do. His a lazy bugger in power and has shown little flex, than playing for the guards whenever it has fitted him.

Johnson is a conning man, a man of big promises, lot of bravado but little flair or care for others. That is why other MPs are resigning as he becomes the PM. Others are condemning him, even before he starts, because has shown racists remarks and utter machoism in attitude. Not the perfect start for any MP, but this is a self-created obstacle, as he himself has shown disregard for a big portion of society and his racial slurs will always follow him.

That is why a man whose career has been to mystify and create division, will not supposed be there to create unity is utterly ridiculous, its obnoxious and demeaning to the public. Maybe the people of Brexit Party and far Right loves this man. But very few else do.

This is not the sort of man that should guide the British out of the self-made crisis they are in, which has been inflected on them because of men like Johnson. Who is a self-seeking diva and lover of power, but doesn’t know how to use it or get things done. That is the sort of man at the helm in London. Surely, Brussels must shiver, but also the other capitals, because his a despicable example of a man and a politician. Boris the Blade has arrived and it’s going to get bloody. Peace.

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