Opinion: Priti Patel’s expenses raises some eyebrows

The Conservative Member of Parliament and Home Secretary Priti Patel isn’t new to controversy or scandal. She has been in the wind before and had to resign as late as in 2017. The then International Development Secretary held 12 secret meetings with Israeli Prime Minister, Other Government Figures and Conservative Lobbyist. All of this secrecy and breach of ministerial code lead to her resignation in then Prime Minister Theresa May’s time.

Now, in the middle of a downturn economically in the United Kingdom. Not only the economic hardships that has the world as a result of the global pandemic. However, also as a result of the Brexit and Withdrawal from the European Union (EU). The UK is facing much more harder financial and economic realities in the near distant future and even in present time.

That is why a Conservative and a Minister should uphold the highest standard and not misuse its office. As it is a privilege to already be representing the constituents and later get the honourable office of a Secretary position in the Cabinet. That is what Patel should have considered and even thought. However, her own actions just last and the revelation of spending. Shows that she is reckless and doesn’t value her station.

During the last year she has already been saved by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he has kept her. In the middle of the scandal, in which, she was alleged to have bullied her staff in the Home Office. There was even a supposed cover-up of a report in which it stated her breaches of Ministerial Codes. This have yet to be released, but shows how far Johnson goes to defend her and keep her in the cabinet.

Priti Patel can clearly do whatever she sees fit. There is other standards for the Windrush Generation and the ones who caught in the scandals concerning them. These folks are just chavs and can easily be replaced. Nevertheless, a prestigious and honourable like Patel deserves her role and office.

That is how it seems. Now she can spend money willy-nilly without any consequences. Can pamper herself. Buy expensive stuff and just use the Home Office for personal perks. There are so many benefits and these wouldn’t even be spent on the ones suffering on Benefit Street. No, she can have luxurious eye-lashes and whatnot. It will be spent on the public’s dime. Because, she deserves it. While school-kids cannot even get a lunch-meal worth eating. Patel on the other hand can go a pub in Oxford and other posh restaurants. It must be splendid to live the life of Priti Patel.

A person who can cause so much self-inflicted damage and still be saved by the Prime Minister. A person that can breach the Ministerial Code time and time again. While others have to take their cross and go. She on the other hand can use a small fortune treating her hair. If not, just have a bargain of a tasty cupcakes.

Priti Patel have a knack for this sort of behaviour. Where she gets into trouble and someone else has to save her. I wonder if Boris Johnson will be able to downplay or even get her out of this. Now it might be different.

Still, I doubt this will cost her the Office. She will be the Home Secretary. When he could bury a report. The same man can easily let her off the hook her too. Peace.

Opinion: Priti Patel is celebrating mediocrity

The Home Secretary Priti Patel yesterday (22.02.2020) launched the Blue Passport with the ‘Iconic blue passports return next month’. It is hard to see what there is to celebrate. Other than its an imported Polish passport, which has the colour blue. Like the colour gives the passport unique power.

It is like the United Kingdom is okay with mediocrity. Because of Brexit, they are okay with symbolism. They are okay with a colour scheme on a official travel document over the value it actually has. The UK are losing a lot with the withdrawal of the membership in the European Union. They are losing rights to reside, work and being part of customs unions for the trading of goods too.

Therefore, the whole idea of celebrating that with the temporary status and saying its a victory to get it blue. Is really naive, if not foolish, unless you want propaganda brownie points. Like its a big deal to change the colour of the passport.

The passport only has value as long as it opens up to visa and travelling opportunities. By the ranking of the Passport Index its at the 28h placed. It is also in the Power Rank of the 5th, meaning it is ranking behind plenty of states. This means the colour isn’t all that important.

The Home Secretary should look into why there are 27 passports ahead of the UK and why the citizens of the United Kingdom doesn’t have the ability for mobility like the ones above it. This is the key thing for this sort of thing.

If the Home Secretary doesn’t see that, she is either delusional or not configured her job. However this is how proud she was and it doesn’t make sense.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

Leaving the European Union gave us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path in the world. By returning to the iconic blue and gold design, the British passport will once again be entwined with our national identity and I cannot wait to travel on one” (UK, 22.02.2020).

What would be unique would be to enter new visa agreements and give an edge for the citizens mobility. So, that the Passport Index would be better. Like think about getting it up one Power Rank even.

The Home Secretary Patel seemingly more into symbolism, than actual significant change.

Roses are red,

Tories are blue,

and they screwed you”


Jeremy Corbyn letter to PM May on ‘hold a full independent public inquiry into the fire at Grenfell Tower” (16.06.2017)