Opinion: Namayanja told the sacred truth which is hidden in plain sight…

The NRM deputy Secretary-General Rose Namayanja Nsereko has advised Adventists to join political leadership instead of leaving it to those that are perceived as unethical. “Politics is a dirty game because you the clean people avoid it. So embrace this political space to make your nation better,”Namayanja said” (Kenneth Kazibwe – ‘Politics is a dirty game because the clean ones have shunned it, says NRM’s Namayanja’ 12.03.2023, NilePost.co.ug).

It is unique that the Deputy Secretary-General of the National Resistance Movement, Rose Namayanja Nsereko was saying this yesterday in Luweero. What the politician said isn’t revolutionary or anything new. Her own master and leader said the same… it is compelling that after ruling the nation for 37 years. The same President has the same issues of his predecessors and nothing has changed.

Because, President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni said this once upon a time:

Cleanliness in leadership is one of the rarest commodities in Uganda” (Weekly Topic June 6, 1980).

Now in 2023 and one of his underlings is saying the same. She is using her words, but practically telling what Museveni believed in 1980. It is plenty of years and water under the bridge. There been several of cabinets, MPs and leaders changed since then. The ones that Museveni was silently mentioning and calling unclean is out of office. It is now his people that is “unclean” and partaking in the “dirty” game of politics.

If the Deputy Secretary-General thought this was wise… it is sort of scoring an own-goal. We know about the scandals, the support of injustice and lack of due diligence. We know about the rampant corruption, inept governing bodies and lack of proper oversight. That is common knowledge in 2023 and it’s a system created by her boss. His Excellency and his kitchen cabinet is siphoning and ensuring the depressing state of affairs. The unclean hands and lack of procedure is his fault. The bad leadership is coming from the top. It trickles down the chain-of-command and everyone is touched by it. That’s why things never change…

The Deputy Secretary-General of NRM might mean well and is considering the people she’s speaking too. Nevertheless, it just shows where the NRM has failed. Initially, the NRM through the NRM Way and the Movement System should have eradicated a lot of “bottlenecks”, but instead it has prolonged the agony and suffering of the people. It is serving because of army and the authorities, but not because of it’s popularity. That is the gist of things and the junta government holds a strong grip over the Republic. Which is why it doesn’t evolves and it has no incentives to do so. It is earning currency on continuing the modus operandi and following the orders of the “high above”. That why we are here and have such shady individuals in power or in office. They are more concerned with their tummies, than serving the constituency or the people at large.

So, the D-SG might be right, but she is telling a secret hidden in plain sight. People know this and Museveni spoke about it back in the 1980s. Now the same trouble is haunting him and everyone sees it. This time… it’s all his fault and he built this system. His party and NRM CEC have vouched for it and created this style of governance. That’s why we are here and all the hands are dirty. Peace.

Opinion: Muhoozi can’t even save himself…

There is a supposed momentum, a rise of power and prestige surrounding the son of the President. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga. Whatever it is… it is artificial, fake and a fraud. It isn’t real. Just like his speeches, bought T-Shirts and MK Army/Movement.

It is a house built on sand and the ocean-waves will take it all away. Muhoozi hasn’t built a strong foundation or anything. No, it is faked and manufactured, but he doesn’t know better. He might think this is wise and brilliant. His yes men are proclaiming his brilliance and leadership, but we all know its isn’t genuine.

Muhoozi is only mentioned because of his relations. He wouldn’t be in the spotlight or mattered, if he was a son of a rollex-maker or a boda-boda driver. Heck, he wouldn’t have the ability to rise through the ranks, if his father was a professor at Makerere University or NRA historical. No, it wouldn’t matter and the ambition would have fallen flat.

However, the gig stays the gig. The ones playing the violins will play the music and the dancers will shake their bodies. Nevertheless, the General might think it is legit. He might buy into the charade and be a useful idiot. Though everyone else can see the lie and it’s happening right in front of their eyes.

Muhoozi can act like his playing the game, but its a house of cards. Just waiting for the moment of weakness, a shortness of breathe or hesitation… which in the ends takes the house down. That’s how this will end.

Project Muhoozi” isn’t built on the truth. Muhoozi isn’t popular through grassroot organizations or by popular demand. No, his not a tidal-wave or a the new rising sun. He is the relic of the past before he even speaks. His a memory of the old and a stain of the current regime. They can sell him has “youthful” and “next generation” but his really just a lesser relatable or charismatic than his father.

The General lacks finesse, charisma or even an ideology to sell. His just posturing and being braggadocios. Muhoozi has no story to sell or pledges to make a difference. The General is only there out of entitlement and expectation. However, his not there out of need or because he got a say.

Muhoozi is an empty vessel and a publicity stunt. That’s why he needs a strong team to sell him. Since he got nothing that resembles a beloved character or a political framework worth damn. The General is an empty bottle and there is no juice. There is no soda or brew to taste. Just a bottle with a label and a title. Nothing substantial or worth to pick up. Who picks up an empty bottle? When you can have a soda or a beer….

The General is a waste of time. The son of the father and a loser he is. Kabobi has shown how this is done. Besigye have shown how this is done. Muhoozi got nothing on them. The avenger and soldier of old will not regain or collect tokens that matters. He will only be in the conservation, because of the father. It is sad… but nobody will cry for the man. Except for the sorry individuals who are working tirelessly to make the man feasible. They have an unforgiving job and have to create propaganda to make him likeable. That’s the tragedy here and some naive fellows will buy into it, but they will regret ever doing so. Since, they will see the brute and the nonchalant man he really is… but by then it will be too late.

Muhoozi won’t win hearts, but he will crush the opposition. The General will not send a message, but he will mute the ones who does. That’s the only way he can succeed. He don’t have the character or the personality to do it any other way. Peace.

Opinion: Don’t mock “Biya” my friend…

“Gen Kahinda Otafiire’s son Ernest Otafiire appears to have survived what appears to have been assassination attempt on his life on Entebbe-Kampala expressway this morning” (Centenary Radio 88.1 FM Masaka, 03.03.2023).

“The son of Minister of Internal Affairs Gen Kahinda Otafiire, Ernest Otafiire dispels rumors that he survived assassination. The car whose pictures are shared on social media was involved in an accident at Kalerwe two weeks ago. Ernest was not in the car at that time” (Trumpet News Uganda, 03.03.2023).

I know, I know… I am the wrong brother to write this, because I have mocked his father and laughed that he lost to a jailbird in previous elections. The son is now a target and a man under fire. That’s because he has a free mind and isn’t afraid to use it.

The son of Gen. Kahinda Otafiire, Ernest Otafiire is allegedly a target and escaped assassination today. That’s not shocking, considering how he wrote about Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga. We all know the Son of the President who aims at the throne with his “Project Muhoozi” and his almight MK Army. Therefore, anyone who oppose that should be worried. Since, Muhoozi has no issue to torture, kidnap or silence his critics. That everything Muhoozi knows and he thinks his brilliant doing so…

Here is what Ernest wrote not too long ago…

“Our fathers are in the evening of their regime, it’s high time you became humble. These Generals and people you taunt will owe us nothing when our fathers are no more. When chasing us into exile, make sure you can run as fast as some of us. I am sure you know what exile means. This country doesn’t belong to any of (us), it was here before we came, it has been here and it will be here long after we are gone . Be humble and calm down“– Ernest Otafiire (05.12.2022).

With the knowledge of these words. You can imagine how that sent chills down the spines of the First Son, the one and only. The next generation and the standby generator. He had to be pushed, kicking, and screaming. Because, what else could he do… another son of the legendary NRA bush-warriors is dismissing his cause and rightfully so.

It seems like Otafiire junior has wisdom and can read the room. He got enough spirit and understanding of his surroundings, to set the record straight and speak the truth. Not just be a violent and benevolent leader who strikes fear, impose himself and act like a supreme deity amongst men. That’s what Muhoozi does, and he thinks it’s inspiring, which is false, but his allies and paid mercenaries will proclaim his greatness.

We know that most sources and media outlet has called todays affair an assassination attempt. While one is saying it otherwise. We have seen this before and not long ago one minister just barely survived one and a family member died in the same incident. Therefore, it isn’t far-fetched, because even MPs has been targeted like this too. So, it isn’t a fever dream or anything.

We just have awaited more details and more information on the matter. If it will be released or kept hidden. However, the usage of extra judicial killings isn’t new or a forgotten practice in the Republic. Peace.

Opinion: Muhoozi can act the way he does because his father carries his load…

Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is now preparing himself for the bigtimes. He is holding rallies and have started his mission with he MK Army/Movement. In that regard, he has also appointed a long-time ally and associate Andrew Mwenda to be his spokesperson. The circle has ended, and the “Project Muhoozi” is now a main stay.

Media is hyping the man up. Even when he has no charisma, no flair, and no message. It is a shallow and braggadocios man. Who has never been accountable in his life, whatsoever…? A man who has never stood tall on his own. The only reason why he became a General and a Senior Presidential Advisor. Was for one sole fact – flesh and blood. It wasn’t because of a particular skill or education. No, just because he happens to be the son of his father.

The General do have the options and abilities others don’t have. He could hold birthday bashes, tournaments and now rallies. While the opposition cannot pray, hold conferences, or even visit fellow MPs in the hospital. No, they are blocked from accessing their own or even capable of running their own organizations. While the First Son, the Son of the President can early start with his “campaign” for Presidency with his boosted-up ego.

General Kainerugaba is clearly not that clever. When he uses voter tourism and ferrying crowds to his rallies. Just like his father does because he knows he cannot get them there on default. He must use buses and spend fortunes of getting them. While he does the same mistake to not take care of them. Only have them there for photo-ops and leaving them behind. Meaning, they are without food, shelter, or ability to return home. That’s the vibe over the weekend and we seen that too.

It is obvious that the General have started his MK Army or MK Movement now. He wants to be the NEXT. Though he has no birth right or ability to be there. The man only thinks so, because he has sat at the table of the State House since a child. True that he hasn’t seen anything else, but that doesn’t mean his fit for it either. Especially, considering his brutal and ignorant ways.

I just wonder how Mwenda will spin this, because he has been “Mao” guy and his now in the Cabinet. The editor of the Independent has traded all integrity for the quick buck. No one is shocked, but for someone calling out Bobi Wine and Besigye over the years. He surely needs to muster all of his intelligence to sell Muhoozi.


He isn’t a bargain and isn’t a winner from the beginning. The General is only high ranking and a man of the town, because of family ties. There is not substantial or unique about his character. He could just be a butcher or a tiny dancer in one of those nightclubs. It is nothing there and it must be artificially created around him. Since there is no justification or sort of persona to be inspired by. That’s why anyone who has the gig or the appointment to MK Army / Movement should feel blessed. They have an empty canvass and can paint whatever picture they want. Except for the brutal brute, which we know from the days of Special Forces Command and the Army Commander ways. That is a story they never want to tell. The stories of murder, torture, and kidnappings. No, that is fort others to tell.

Some says: “Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown”. The crown is carried by the father and the son doesn’t feel that weight. That is why his so nonchalant about it all. He knows he can get rid of someone, and he has no burden to carry. That’s because of his father and the reign, which he has uphold for so long. Gen. Muhoozi is just the proof of how the elite and how they consider themselves above the average citizens. He just thinks so, by the simple of reason of his name and where he has resided. That’s all that matters to him.

The General just want power and be the next in line. Even if he was never fit for it or had the humility to be in that office. No, he just wants to be there… because he wants to continue where his father left off. That’s it and that’s not a winning formula. There is no service, no programme or ideology. Just an egotistic brat who wants to be crowned “King”. Peace.

Opinion: The MK [Army] Movement will die quicker than Go Forward

I don’t know if you remember a time and the place when Amama Mbabazi was challenging within the National Resistance Movement to be the Presidential Flagbearer. That is a few years back, but not long ago to be folklore. No, Mbabazi, the Chairman of NRM and as Prime Minister tried to conquer and get ahead of President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni. We all know that went south and he created his own political pressure group called Go Forward.

We are now seeing similar things created for General Muhoozi Kainerubaga. The MK Army or the MK Movement. There was one little moment where there was talk of a rebrand of the NRM to the National Progressive Movement (NPM). However, that seems thwarted and instead his making his own entity.

If that entity is a political pressure group or political party… that’s hard to know at this very moment. It is an extension and a prepared machinery of the “Project Muhoozi”. Where people are elected to roles and such. Just the other day, the MK Army elected Michael Mawanda MP, Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi and the Supreme Commander himself Muhoozi Kainerubaga into various of roles within the MK Army. Even Frank Gashumba is the Chief Strategist and Media Director of the MK Army. So, the plan is made and people are organizing the efforts.

Nevertheless, there isn’t a lesser of a man or a man lacking charisma they are selling. Street preachers or choir girls has more flair or finesse than this man on stage. His people or team behind the scenes has to polish the man. Because, there is nothing in the public speeches of late, which oozes brilliance or even credibility. His just a mediocre leader who happens to be the son of the President.

These people hired and elected to positions in the MK Army will fall flat. They have clearly the money and the ambition here. Just like the Go Forward Pressure Group had vast funds, a social media team and a broad-based manifesto. Still, there was nothing of interest or generating a huge following come election day.

The MK Movement will get the same vibe. At least Mbabazi can speak in public and he has some sort of flair. He doesn’t sound baffled or struggling to speak a coherent sentence on stage. Neither does he lack the personality or the ideology of his political causes. No matter how I dislike and wants to discredit a corrupt person like Mbabazi. At least his political savvy and can sell a story. However, Muhoozi cannot even sell his favourite bottle of beer or believe that he loves his wife. It all is just posturing. Just like his Christianity and his “Pan-Africanism”. He is just saying it to follow the footsteps of his father…

The MK Army or the MK Movement will dwindle and be hot-air. If a man of expertise and of experience like Mbabazi can fail. You will now that the mind of Muhoozi will fall even more. There is no real popularity and the gig-economy can only get you so far. The amounts of voter tourism and paying attendance at rallies or public functions will not be sustainable either. The public will come for the food and the T-shirt. For then to go home and laugh about the sorry display of Muhoozi.

I cannot see this going well. The public has already been forced the father for over 30 years. To send his son in his stead. Is just a reminder of what is currently going on. If the son think this will go well. Then his a fool and that is the perception anyway. Nevertheless, the ones eating of his plate is surely feeling blessed these days. They have an easy journey in the troubling times. While we all know the MK Army will most likely feed into the same traps of Go Forward. It isn’t a popular rising or a figure of hope.

The General is just a reminder of everything wrong and a continuation of the oppression of his father. That’s why he was named the avenger and it’s proven already by the tenure or leadership of the Special Forces Command (SFC). That unit has shown the sinister side of the NRM and what they are willing to do… to silence people and make people stop. That’s why the crowds or voter tourism will only show “fake love” and when the money stops. The whole thing is a facade and Muhoozi will be the biggest loser. Because, he invested all of this money and time with nothing to gain from it.

KaBobi” will easily beat Muhoozi in a fair fight, but we know Muhoozi like his father will only win with “predetermined” results or rigged in their favour. It is not like the General would risk it all and trust the public. He got no proof of governing or political track-record. His only a high ranking official and senior Presidential Advisor, because of his lineage. That’s it and that’s why it’s a fools enterprise, but an enterprise, nevertheless.

Well… the General’s turn is maybe up, but he will fall brutally down. Peace.

Opinion: Did Gen. Muhoozi forget the “sports”? [the M23 tweets can damage the trust between Kampala and Kinshasa]

If he was tweeting on sports — things which are not controversial — that would not be a problem; but to talk about other countries or even the partisan politics of Uganda, that he must not do” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni (14.10.2022).

KINSHASA, May 28 (Xinhua) — The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has decided to classify the March 23 Movement (M23) as a terrorist group, a DRC government spokesperson said late Friday. “The M23 is now considered as a terrorist group and will be treated in the way (we treat the terrorists),” Patrick Muyaya said at a press conference after a national security committee session chaired Friday by DRC President Felix Tshisekedi” (Xinhua – ‘DRC classifies M23 rebels as terrorists’ 28.05.2022).

Again and again, General Muhoozi Kainerubaga goes on a rampage on social media and yet again on his Twitter page. This time he isn’t saying it’s easy to invade Kenya or speaks of admiration of ladies. No, his going in again and deliberately taking part in diplomatic works in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The General today has defended the Mouvement du Mars 23 (M23) which the FARDC is fighting in North Kivu province. While the UPDF is together with the FARDC is in a mission going after the ADF in the DRC. So, we are seeing the General is openly going to war against one rebellion and one militia, but defending another. The other has already the origins and support from both Kigali and Kampala. Therefore, the latest support of Muhoozi can question the regime’s direct support of the M23 within the DRC.

We know the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even President Museveni will end up with writing a letter to President Tshisekedi. There is no reason for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) or the Government of Uganda for that matter to support M23 in public. We know the UPDF and the GoU has supported the M23 in the past. The cantonment of former soldiers or combatants was stationed in Uganda. That happened after the Nairobi Accords and later these has been able to flee or re-locate in the DRC. Therefore, the General is maybe saying the silent part out loud.

In this regard… Muhoozi is playing with fire. He is humbling an ally, which they are fighting together with elsewhere in the DRC. If Kinshasa is coming out with a hasty press conference or even wanting an answer from the Ugandan ambassador. That all makes sense.

Since these words are not only from the Son of the President. His the Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operation and former Commander of Land Forces. He has relevance and means within the army and the government. A man of his stature should know how Kinshasa looks and has designated M23. That Muhoozi says M23 isn’t a terrorist group is directly challenging Tshisekedi.

Will Kinshasa accept this? Is Kampala in on it all along? There was all sorts of speculations when M23 came back into the picture. The M23 is and has been supported of both Kigali and Kampala. That is proven and no one can deny that in 2022. However, who is behind them right now and who has financed it this time around.

Now with the latest rant of Muhoozi. We can wonder if there was something more directed from Kampala. That wouldn’t shocking or earth shattering, but the ones in-charge in Kinshasa should be worried. Since, the UPDF is participating and already allowed within it’s borders. If a General and a High Ranking Official is defending a militia and a terrorist organization on your soil. You know there is more to this…

President Museveni has soon to fly out to Kinshasa. He got to meet President Tshisekedi and make amends. This sort of statement or uttering is only deteriorating the relations. When these are supposed to be strengthen by the joint operation. Instead, Muhoozi is acting like this and recklessly too. Peace.

MK Students’ Force: MK Students’ Force Endorsement for Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba to stand for Presidency (22.10.2022)

A look into yesterday’s speech by Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba in Arua

Sports is obviously, an economic activity, I’m sure these young people here know, those who follow English Premier League. You know all those players out there, who makes a lot of money. Simply by doing something they love, which is football – General Muhoozi Kainerugaba (22.10.2022)

This is written after watching and hearing the speech of General Muhoozi Kainerugaba in Arua. The speech and address was really telling. You know the man isn’t used to or have the confidence to be in front of the public. Because, why would he look down and be so into his phone.

Speaking of West Nile and a Sport Tournament. Even giving credit to the local MP. Nevertheless, the General didn’t show any sort of care for the message that he was spreading. He even needed notes of who was playing in the tournament and the winner two. Which was funny, because he said in the end, “I believe”.

A few quotes from the speech:

Sports helps with our health, the more active you are, the more you avoid certain diseases. That comes with the lack of exercise” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

I want to encourage young people to use their talent to achieve greatness. Whatever those talents are” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

As I said, I handed over my last office, the Commander of Land Forces, I intend to focus on the youth, and youth activities like this, like sports” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

We pledge to work with government to ensure the interest of the youth are a, taken care off, but government are already doing a lot of things in sports” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

So the President has put a lot of effort into this area of sports, and we need to support him” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

What is striking is how he had to read from the phone. Staring into the phone like it had all the cues and words he needs to use. Like he read a long time before he spoke of the “unifying belief and support of the Uganda Cranes”. Which was a fine statement, but it shouldn’t been that hard to say. That should be in his heart and mind, because that was sort of patriotic and totally bipartisan. However, maybe he needed the memos on the phone to remember this sentiment?

He even had to look extra to through the notes to remember when he last was staying long in Nebbi and the needs of the West Nile. Secondly, he had most likely written down to “thank everyone”. It is really showing there is vast difference between him and his father.

His father can stand up and lie for hours. Muhoozi isn’t like his father and cannot even wing it on stage. Museveni can at least also copy a speech written for him and just add additional anecdotes or whatnot. While Muhoozi is clinging on to the phone for his dear life. All the pieces to the puzzle is there.

In the speech to, which was really short. Muhoozi had a lot of silence, stops and had to read the script on the phone. That’s a bad look. His supposed to engage the crowd and get them interested in the message. However, he was more into the Samsung, Nokia or whatever brand of phone he was having.

The ones that is behind for Presidency. Do you want a man that lacks this much character, charisma and even gracing the public with his presence?

We know the General is acting bad-ass and as a supreme leader with his twitter-fingers. However, in person and on stage. His another guy, less boosting his ego or ability to sell an idea. He can boost his presence and his ideals on Twitter, but he cannot hold a speech. It seemingly looking like his a lost soul and lack experience in doing so.

A General that cannot stomach to speak without his notes or pre-written quotes. He maybe wanted to sound smart and credible. However, the staring into the screen, the moments of silence and lack of public engagement is no good. That’s what the speech oozes of for me.

General Muhoozi Kainerugaba lacks a lot and that’s clear. He has been skating on being a part of the first family and being bound by the power of his father. However, when his standing alone and wanting to control a crowd. He just don’t have it. Neither does he have the message or belief in what his saying.

If he was to sell the brilliance of that mobile phone he was carrying. I would believe him, because all of his answers was right there. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee, are you okay with such a indisciplined General?

We shall not tolerate indiscipline in the army. If you cannot perform well, we shall axe you and create room for disciplined and competent officers” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (New Vision – ‘Be disciplined, army told’ 02.12.2006).

There is so much wiggle-room and allowed actions by General Muhoozi Kainerubaga. A man can be horny and be a man-whore, all he wants. He can be insensitive to the other gender and want sexual satisfaction. However, that doesn’t fit a man of the stature of General and a Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations. That’s who he is and his demeaning people and the other gender online.

The twitter account of Muhoozi is a quagmire for himself and anyone surrounding him. His wife should be horrified, unless she’s okay that a man is thirsty for other women in the open. She’s maybe well versed in his introgressions and nothing is new to her. Still, the humiliation must be deafening and hurting.

Yesterday’s long rant of bravado is really not unique, but as a public figure and a man who wants to assert into the future leadership roles. A man who clearly has a streak of chewing people and deny it later. Because, we know he randomly professes his love to his wife. Though, the way he spreads pictures and talks of the ladies, shows that he has an another side too.

As a soldier and former Commander of Land Forces he should know what the UPDF says about itself: “UPDF is a nonpartisan force, national in character, patriotic, professional, disciplined, productive and subordinate to the civilian authority as established under the constitution” (UPDF). Certainly these words cannot be written about Muhoozi. He cannot even restrain himself online…

How is he in person? When his this character online?

Someone needs to deactivate his twitter account and restrain him from social media. His so indisciplined. His a laughingstock and only demeaning his wife and himself in it. Practically, he can be soon in the realms of Computer Misuse (Amendment) Act of 2022. Which is not to drop unsolicited information and pictures… ironically, I doubt these ladies who he posted wanted this sort of public display.

It is really foolish and Muhoozi should listen to Ashanti in his mansion. Because, he needs some guidance and the father has clearly not been a good teacher. Since his not isn’t following protocol or sincere advice. His just speaking vile and being a brat online.

Muhoozi is calling the UPDF “My Army” and is it this indisciplined now? Is that okay for the Commander-in-Chief and President for Life? Is this what the UPDF has become?

Because, Muhoozi isn’t resembling an honest actor, a leader or a trustworthy character overall. His a faux revolutionary and populist. When he has nothing else that empty boosts of his ego and yesterday he clearly wanted to get laid. That’s his prerogative, but not a good look for the whole world watch.

The General should know better, but we can see that a General from the UPDF is openly indisciplined. That’s not what the State House or the big boosting “Project Muhoozi” people wants. Unless, they are fine with a man-whore and a loose-cannon. Because that who he is and they will defend it. Peace.

Muhoozi Kainerugaba Army (MKA): Press Statement on Uganda’s 60th Independence Anniversary (08.09.2022)

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