Kampala Captial City Authority (KCCA): State of Kampala Roads (18.04.2023)

A Joint Opposition ahead of the next By-Elections…

The way to get back our power is to unite all of us and the population to be rallied together. Once that happens, I’m very excited that I can see it now beginning to happen. Even if we said that let all of us do this, this regime has no capacity to stop it” – Dr Kizza Besigye (01.08.2022).

Today there was a real launch of a joint opposition ahead of the next elections. This was a mix of various parties and formations. The main ones are the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and National Unity Platform (NUP). The other parties was the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Justice Forum (JEEMA) and the DP Block. While the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) and People Power Movement (PPM).

This is the first one that is like this since the Democratic Alliance (TDA).The TDA have been shaky and most of the members there has ended up in the arms of the regime.

The TDA isn’t the only joint opposition ahead of an election. In 2011 the opposition went ahead with a coalition called the Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC). In 2020 the FDC and NUP created the United Forces of Change (UFC).

Today we are seeing a new front with a lot more parties and formations behind it. That could strengthen the cause. We have already seen the NUP and FDC supporting a joint candidate in the Soroti East By-Election in the Moses Attan there. The new Press Conference and Joint Statement shows not only sentiment, but a plan for the parties ahead.

This country is bigger than our political parties. The mission is bigger than building our political parties. In any case, one would argue that there are no political parties in Uganda because we do not operate like political parties” (Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, 01.08.2022).

The Joint Statement is stating the plan ahead:

Going forward, we shall jointly or severally use any upcoming elections to organise and rally the population to defend their democratic rights and end the election ‘madness’ that has bedeviled our country since independence” (Joint Statement, 01.08.2022).

It will be interesting to see it happening in the upcoming by-elections. The opposition is showing a united force and its needed. The messages from the leaders is as important. Because, the parties and formations are pledging to work together.

The ruling regime and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) have been met with similar coalitions before, but this time around there is no direct or former NRM who will leave the fold quickly. The ones that has left the NRM did it so long ago… that it seems impossible for a return.

This statement comes days after the NRM-DP Cooperation Agreement and the previous election agreement between NRM-UPC. Therefore, this time around the Joint Opposition has to prove it. As the NRM is purging and trying to convince the opposition of working with them.

The Joint Opposition have to show it and also ensure they field the best candidates. They have to show the malpractice and undermine the election rigging. In such a manner, that the NRM cannot live with it or even announce the results. The opposition has to show fierce methods and not only play to the rules of the state. Opposition cannot just participate, but prove everything wrong with the regime.

Time will tell if this will work. The ambition and sentiment behind is commendable. I am hope it does make a difference. Not only a Press Conference and a Statement. The people have to see it and the parties and formations have to show it. Peace.

Uganda: Joint Statement of Political Leaders, Parties and Formations against the Brazen Thuggery of Elections in Uganda as Exemplified in the By-Elections of Kayunga, Omoro and Soroti (01.08.2022)

Opinion: Ofwono Opondo thrive on controversy [and prefers to live on a lie]

Don’t matter who did what to who at this point. Fact is, we went to war, and now there ain’t no going back. I mean, shit, it’s what war is, you know? Once you in it, you in it. If it’s a lie, then we fight on that lie. But we gotta fight” Slim Charles (The Wire, S3E12, 2004).

The Head of Uganda Media Centre and Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has caused lots of stir recently with his man-handling and violent behaviour that turned into an altercation on the set of NBS TV own ‘Frontline’ show on Thursday this week. That was deliberate actions after the spokesperson got heated and retaliated with force, instead of words, which would be more fitting to the surroundings. However, this case is pending and Lord Mayor Kampala, Erias Lukwago has petitioned a case against him for it.

This here shouldn’t shock anyone that this could happen. That a Minister Chris Baryomunsi just looking at it while OO calls for “reinforcements”. If that isn’t compelling. It just speaking high volume of the tribe in power and how they are entitled to their behaviour. However, for OO his gotten away with violence and theft in the past. So, if he gets away with this. It’s nothing new.

We are talking back in the day and when he had other titles like the Director of Information at the Movement Secretariat. Those days he was suspected to have shot and killed “thug” at the Kampala Parents School in September of 2004. While in April 2005 he was caught thieving underwear and a pen from Uchumi Supermarket.

There is even unverified incidents that people have been detained and locked in the dark offices of Uganda Media Centre after the high ranking officials has been provoked or questioned on the premises. That has been reported in the media too. So, his used to using force and getting away with it.

When you know all this and how his been part of the Movement all his career. OO is one of the untouchables. His been selected the President and carries his weight in the media. The organization his running is to make the President look good and dignify whatever that is going on. That’s his business and routine mission in life. Because, he does that.. the state forgives him for whatever transgression he may have.

That’s why his arrogant and entitled. He feels he has earned this stature and everyone should respect him as an elderly statesman now. Even though his far from it and haven’t build anything substantial. His the gutter press that he calls others from time to time. His making bold claims and achievements to make it seem grand.

However, when everything you have made is based on a lie and built around that lie. You will do whatever to defend it. OO will stand on the barricades and dance to the glory of that lie. Even if it never becomes true. Because, that’s all OO has and needs. He cannot live without the lie and prosper is impossible without it. OO needs and thrives with the lies and deception. That is his craft and that’s why the state adores him. This is why they keep him around and allow his actions.

OO is fighting for the lie and going to war for it. Just like his Master who still wears army fatigue at any given moment. That is what he does and how he operates. OO wants to remain loyal and be in the good graces. So, he does what he does. He fights on the lie and blatantly proud of the fact.

That’s why he lost it and became violent. He cannot accept that the lie is undressed and that his words is vanishing into thin air. OO just needs space and ability to peddle lies. That’s all he does and that’s his life purpose. Peace.

Opinion: Besigye is only temporarily free…

Ever since the 12th May 2022, Dr. Kizza Besigye have been in legal trouble, as his starting his “Waking-Up” Campaign against the rising commodity prices. That is done through the Red Card Front and with allies within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Today, his released again on bail after paying 2,5 million shillings to be on bond. Which is the price of freedom and temporary liberty that his getting for the first time since 14th June.

We cannot rest assure. This is only a temporary measure. Sooner or later the law will catch upon him. If you remember back in 2015 and 2016. Old cases was piled up against him just so he had to go to courts across the Republic while campaigning. This is why the previous charges and pending cases will be used against him again. If they will ever prove that he “incited violence” or whatever sort of counts of crimes he was supposed to have committed on the day of arrest. Since, it’s all going down to him protesting and directly moving into public spaces with the Central Business District of Kampala. Just so he can speak to people and get them involved in the struggle and fight with against the rising commodity prices.

We know the reasons of Besigye and his campaign. That is an honest one and a justified one. However, the state see it as a nuisance and a bothering element. A sort of activism that isn’t promoted or wanted in the Republic. That’s why a law has been created to possibly silence him and stop his campaigning in the public domain. This is why he isn’t even trying to comply with the Public Order Management Act (POMA) because he knows it was created with him in mind. That’s why the Anti-Besigye Act is coming into effect, every time he steps out of his compound in Kasangati and into the streets.

That’s why his return to his home today isn’t the end. Besigye is a journeyman and he will not stop until he has entered the other side. This man is so resilient and filled with the spirit in hope for change. That he will never stop until it happens. Until then he will continue and never let go.

Besigye will never relent or cease to operate. It isn’t in his character. He will fight on and continue the path he has already made for himself. That journey has taken him to prison so many time. He has been in bracelet a lot and been detained for all sorts of reasons. This will continue, because the state will not change or be any different towards him now.

No, he is an enemy of the state. Because Besigye represent everything the state isn’t and this is why his easily apprehended too. There don’t really have to be a reason or him doing anything significant. He just needs to be with a microphone or a loud speaker in a busy street. If he does that… his behind the slammer, yet again.

Some people might think… why does he bother? Why doesn’t he stop? Well… he doesn’t accept injustice and impunity. He fights against the military dictatorship and the junta in power. That’s what he does and he does so with peaceful means. This is why he never stops or retires.

It is commendable, but it must have cost him a lot. He has lost friends, family and such over it. Besigye has seen allies and activists betraying him. That could have gotten others to stop and maybe reconsidered if they should continue. However, Besigye have never looked and just continued to push through.

That’s why I know it is just a matter of time… before Besigye is back in Luzira, Kasangati Police Station, the vicious van, Nagalama Police Station or anywhere else for that matter. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye to be behind bars until 1st July 2022…

““This is a purely political, rather than a judicial decision. The magistrate has not addressed himself to our justice system because someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty”- Lukwago after Buganda Rd Court denied Besigye bail” (Daily Monitor, 17.06.2022).

Former FDC president Dr Kizza Besigye and political activist Samuel Makaku have been further remanded to Luzira Prison until July 1 following their arrest on June 14 as they protested in downtown Kampala over high commodity prices” (STV Uganda, 17.06.2022).

Just like the tumultuous May, the June and possibly July will be for Dr. Kizza Besigye. He has already charges and is re-charged again this week. Now, he will have to await further court dates and await new bail/bond hearing in July. Therefore, the last two months it has been hectic and he has meet the hostile authorities.

We knew this would happen, as he together with the Red Card Front has launched the “Wake Up” Campaign to get people to protest the rising commodity prices in the Republic. The authorities, the law enforcement and everyone else is going after him. That’s why his been in Luzira earlier this year and was re-arrested yet again. Now his spending another 2 weeks in prison for protesting and demonstrating for a just cause.

The justification for all of this is the usual charge of “inciting to violence”. The state will never produce any proof of that or disturbance of public order either. That’s because there is no time for that and neither is there any levels of public outcry to begin with. This is why his alone in this and with very few allies on the front-line.

Dr. Kizza Besigye has done this so many times before. Someone who knows the judiciary, the courts and the prisons. That is something that his been excelling and has vast experience with. That’s because of his activism and his political drive. His a savvy man and a man who can inspire. This is why the authorities silences him and stops him in his tracks. They don’t want him to actually galvanise or even get people to understand his mission. Because, if he does… then it could spark a sincere revolution, which haven’t been seen before.

However, for that to happen. He needs enough meeting points and ability to organize. Which the state is doing whatever they can to stop. This is why they silence him and makes him a felon. As he goes from one prison to another. He goes from one charge to the next. This is a never ending cycle and Besigye seems to never win.

We are seeing constitutional rights being thwarted and devalued on a massive scale. As the rights to protest and demonstrate is dwindling. It was only the beginning with the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and they have a steady use of the Penal Code to incriminate people for misdemeanour crimes, which they never investigate or have any official discovery off. Therefore, the cases dies and the political use of the courts is all for the public to see.

Besigye is a victim. His an enemy of the state just for acting upon his own conscience and what he deems as right. The police and the army is following him. They are awaiting the next time he speaks on the streets and they will capture him. Where they will brutally take him away and whisk him off the streets. As his a problem and a voice of reason, a voice that is countering the agenda and the memo’s of the State House. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested in Kampala Central Business District and is detained at Nagalama Police Station

Besigye on Tuesday returned to the city center to resume his protests against rising commodity prices. He was however intercepted by dozens of law enforcement officers on Namirembe road where was addressing a crowd on top of his Toyota Land Cruiser” (Rest TV, 14.06.2022).

Rt. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested & detained at CPS under heavy military deployment. Besigye was arrested at Mini Price, downtown Kampala rallying Ugandans to protest against the high commodity prices in renewed demonstrations” (97.8 Kazo FM Omushomesa, 14.06.2022).

Dr. Kizza Besigye has yet again come under surveillance and gotten into legal jeopardy because of his resilient and will to demonstrate for a just cause. The former Presidential Candidate and leader of Forum for Democratic Change are continuing the “Wake Up” Campaign against the rising commodity prices. As he again drove from Kasangati in Wakiso district to Kampala Central Business District. Where he started to drop off “Red Cards” or Flyers for the cause and talk in a public.

The ones that has followed Besigye knew it would end this way. There is no way in the world or within the current regime that a person like Besigye could protest or demonstrate without being arrested. That was inevitable. There was no way out and the authorities would apprehend him and take him away. They would impound the vehicle and take him far away.

It has been reported that Besigye was first taken to the Kampala Central Police Station and later whisked away to Nagalama Police Station in Mukono District. As there been reports that he was taken to Buganda Road Court and again dropped off at Nagalama Police Station.

We know that his now on a spiral of being kept in custody. Where he will fight for his freedom and return to the streets. As he will be produced and there will be a bond/bail application. We can expect it to be excessive and possible sky-high. In such a fashion, that you would think he killed a nursery or a kindergarten. Alas, all he did was doing his constitutional right of demonstrating for a just cause.

The final reports is that Besigye will spend the night at Nagalama Police Station. In this regard, everyone should expect this to play out for the next coming days and possible for a two weeks time or so. It depends on how the bonds will be made and if he again will spend a day or a few possible weeks in the slammer.

Besigye is just starting another stint and issues with the legal system, which is built to degrade and be a depressing ordeal for anyone who faces it. We know that Besigye is resilient and has a record amount of charges against him. He has more bond-notes or bail documents, which should be fitted to a part of a museum exhibition in the future. Because, no one has been in jail and detained as Besigye has ever been.

Time will tell, but will not be shocked if he sooner or later spends days behind bars in Luzira. Peace.

Opinion: Besigye is paying a to high fee for his freedom

Dr. Besigye whisked away from CPS Kampala where he had gone to demand for his impounded vehicle moments after Buganda Rd court released him on bail at a fee of UGX 3m relaxed from UGX 30m by high court judge Michael Elubu!” (Ekyooto, 06.06.2022).

Dr. Kizza Besigye,the Former FDC Party President who was earlier on arrested and remanded to Luzira prison, has been granted bail by the High Court after his bail fee was reviewed by reducing from the earlier UGX 30 million to UGX 3 million” (SpiceFM 89.9 Hoima, 06.06.2022).

Dr. Kizza Besigye who two weeks ago was on the streets and after over month of his “Waking Up” Campaign. As he is fighting on the streets and with the people to demonstrate against the rising prices on basic commodities. Since the inflation is growing worse and the salaries are not following the adjusted prices. Therefore, the public have to scrape by and has less purchasing power. So, the campaign is a justified one…

Though we know under the reign of President Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) no demonstration or protest is justified. No, sort of dissent or voice of reason, which isn’t the “high above” is worthy or deemed fit. That’s why the dissent and the rebellious Besigye is getting into trouble and been “felon” again for a while.

Besigye paying 3 million shillings to get his “freedom” is extremely high. It isn’t like he committed murder or actually burned down Kampala Central Business District. No, he just tried to get people to demonstrate and speak the public who was around Arua Park. That all he did as he dipped through traffic and was able to get out of house-arrest in Kasangati, Wakiso District.

It isn’t like he did something directly wrong. His within his rights to drum up protest and be vocal on the sidelines of streets in Kampala. The law enforcement is just taking away that right and stripping of his liberties. Which has become so common, that people can spell out the regulations of the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and the Penal Code(s) as well. Since, these are used against anyone who dares too and voices grievances in public spaces.

Besigye price for freedom is to large. This is just another matter of injustice. Just like his prolonged house-arrests, the pre-emptive arrests and the taking away of vehicles. The impounding of his vehicle and other gadgets. Which are just what the state does…

You would think Besigye was a danger to society. That his a serial criminal and villain of epic proportions. When all he is a political activists and a freedom fighter. His an actual renegade for justice and liberty, which he seems to never get himself. That’s because the system is built against him and the likes of him. They are all facing the law and become criminals for doing the bidding of a righteous cause.

Besigye is paying a price, which has already paid in ten-folds. Not only this bail or bond payment. No, all the time spent behind bars, all the charges and the bruises, which his skin has felt countless of time. He has suffered, been scorned and dealt an unfair hand. Still, he has played with those cards and tried to forge a way. A road that is never coming, a peaceful ending, which never seems to come.

Still, he hangs in and never gives up. That is resilience. That is inspiring. He deserves so much better, but somehow his ends up with a losing hand. Peace.

Besigye has been detained a week in Luzira Prison now…

Since last week Dr. Kizza Besigye has been in prison. That after him and his team didn’t accept the outrageous fee of 30 million shillings bond-fee to get him out on bail. Since then he has lingered behind bars in Luzira Prison. In Luzira he has been in detained for a week after the courts gave him the choice and since then little to nothing has happened in this case.

Just a friendly reminder, but before the arrest on the 24th May 2022 and the authorities apprehended him in the Central Business District by Arua Park. That happened after his was able to dip through the road-blocks and the monitoring squads in Kasangati, Wakiso district. Where he had been under pre-emptive house-arrest for a week. So, the gist of it… with the house-arrest since Mid-May 2022 he has practically been a felon and a “jail-bird”.

To be straight, it all started this around the 12th May and most likely unless things changes rapidly. He will clock 12th June and then his been in the hands of the authorities practically for a month. That’s all happening because he wants to demonstrate and stand-up to regime that does practically nothing about the rising commodity prices. This is why his behind bars and gotten into trouble.

Besigye have tried to demonstrate and be a “wake-up call” but it haven’t really started yet. Yes he has caused and stirred some conversations, but there is no united front against the government. There is no joint effort or activists joining on board. The Red Card Front is alone in this and the other parties are idly looking by.

The needs are there, but the worries, concern and the brutal oppression has a cost. People are afraid of losing their lives or their livelihoods for that matter. We know the authorities and the armed forces are quelling demonstrations, riots and whatnot without no mercy. They don’t mind if people are injured, hurt or even killed. As long as the people are tear-gassed and dispersed… it doesn’t matter how they did it, as long as that happens.

What is striking about Besigye is that he has never given up or retired. Even with all the trouble, agony and plights he has gone through. He has stood up in courts all across the republic. Been charged, detained and await trial in abundance. No one has stood as tall and been as resilient as him.

Besigye has been here before… actually he has been detained in Luzira at the very moment in 2016 and sent out a martyr day’s message from the same prison. Therefore, this isn’t anything new. Just a continuation of the same struggle, the never ending story. As things doesn’t change, but the causes remains the same. Peace.

Opinion: Besigye’s eternal challenge

We are appealing against the Shs30m bail for Dr Kizza Besigye and court asked us to make our submissions on Monday. Besigye has not killed anyone but he is in Luzira for standing on behalf of Ugandans – Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago” (88.7 Kioga FM Amolatar, 28.05.2022).

Dr. Kizza Besigye through his lawyers led by Erias Lukwago filed an application in the High court contesting the 30 Million shillings cash bail he was ordered to pay as bail by grade one magistrate Siena Owomugisha” (See TV Uganda, 26.05.2022).

What Dr. Kizza Besigye is facing as he await further trials and charges, as of the courts and judges are aware. His just appearing relentless and continuing to fight on the streets and with the people for causes of which is of importance to them. Alas, people are maybe not following him, out of fear or intimidation. If not, they are afraid to be caught up in the system and have nobody to “bail them out”. That’s why his often alone or not having huge crowds suddenly attending his campaigns. Because, they are afraid of losing their freedom and possible livelihoods.

Besigye has fought the commodity prices before… he did the same in the Walk to Work protest. The Activists for Change (A4C) and “W2W” was a huge protest and riots, which inflicted much harm on the government. In such a fashion, that the laws for gathering, demonstrating and public assembly has changed. That’s why the rigid Public Order Management Act (POMA) came into law and has an affect.

The “Wake-Up Call” Campaign has maybe not transpired or inflicted any real danger to society or reached it’s objectives. As Besigye and only a handful is participating. While his left alone to rot in prison. Where his awaiting further judgement in Luzira. As the greater public is awaiting and seeing what is happening.

That Besigye has been arrested thousands of times, detained hundreds of days and been monitored by state haven’t stopped. It just a continuing and never ending. That’s why his just arrested on the regular and never really compensated. Because, it’s all political and not criminal. It is a way of quelling and silencing a voice of the people, because they fear that he could incite a revolution or a people’s protest, which haven’t been seen before.

Though the last time he was able to do so was a decade ago. The authorities have done whatever they can to stifle him and it’s evident. He has used People’s Government and now the Red Card Front to fight for the causes and collectively. Nevertheless, it hasn’t always bear fruits…

Now… his behind bars fighting for a just cause with a negative and huge bill for his liberty. He has lost his freedom and rights to protest countless of times. Besigye is a symbol and a resilient man fighting for justice. No matter how much injustice and impunity himself is shown. His now lingering in jail, as the system is putting a huge bill on his liberty. The price of the bond is just showing how they are targeting him.

Besigye has fought forever… and he seems never to win. He is trying to fight for what is right. A man of this stature is never alone, but it is a never ending story.

That’s why this isn’t the first or possibly the last time his in Luzira. Just like he has been in nearly all possible prisons of the Republic. That’s all for the political choices he has made and also fighting for the people.

People shouldn’t forget that and they should stand by his side. Because, he has no trouble standing on the curb with them and on the front-line, as he see the authorities and the state brutally taking them away. While they are fighting for justice in the middle of the oppressive dictatorship. Peace.

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