Two MPs arrested for visiting Besigye

Just as Dr. Kizza Besigye got arrested for stepping out of his compound in Kasangati, Wakiso district. His detained in a police van outside his home by the Police Force, as he planned to continue his demonstrations and protests against the rising commodity prices.

So, as that happened, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and associates of Besigye wanted to show him support and help his cause. Today this was Anna Adeke MP and Joan Acom Alobo MP who themselves got arrested for showing up. They were apprehended and taken to Kasangati Police Station. Where they are currently detained.

These two MPs was arrested for going to Besigye. They did not participate in any protest, demonstration or an illegal gathering. No, they were visiting a fellow political leader and a party associate. Which they are all a part of. Therefore, this is a questionable arrest at best and should be hard to explain. As they were not violent or came with weapons. Neither did they bring a rowdy crowd. They just came as citizens and fellow politicians.

This is a pre-emptive arrest without any justification or reasoning. Only showing what sort of state of affairs the Republic is in. As two MPs are so easily apprehended and taken into custody. Without them doing any other thing than planning to drop by Besigye. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested outside his home as he attempted to resume his “Wake Up Call” Campaign against the rising commodity prices…

Police has blocked Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, as he attempted to resume his ‘Muzukuke’ campaign aimed at reawakening Ugandans to stand up and protest against the skyrocketing commodity prices” (NBS Television, 23.05.2022).

UPDATE: Dr. Kizza Besigye blocked by Police again. The former FDC presidential candidate was planning to resume his “Wake Up Call” campaign in protest of high commodity prices” (NYCE TV, 23.05.2022).

We are seeing it again and again, that the activist and political leader Dr. Kizza Besigye is violently and brutally arrested outside his compound in Kasangati, Wakiso district. This is a common occurrence and only shows with the swift impunity the state authorities reacts to his every move.

They will cite the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and say it’s illegal gatherings, demonstrations and whatnot. That is what the state does and they claims it to be pre-emptive arrests. As they have certain intelligence to prove a worry or a possible destruction of public order. Alas, that is never proven or the alleged possibility doesn’t happen, because his not allowed by the Constitutional Order to protest or demonstrate, which the POMA law is countering.

Former presidential candidate Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested after he attempted to leave his home in Kasangati, Wakiso district. Dr. Besigye is currently detained in a police van. Dr. Besigye, who is currently the People’s Front for Transition leader, was heading to Kasangati town to resume his protests against the high commodity prices” (NBS Television, 22.05.2022).

So, right now his behind bars inside a vehicle close to his home. Just because he wants to fight for righteous prices and worried about people not affording basic commodities. That is clearly illegal by the state and the oppression is on high alert.

This is just tragic … that Besigye is treated this way and it’s never ending story. His fighting for just causes, but met with a brutal force of injustice. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye blocked again from protesting the rising commodity prices…

We shall not relent, we shall only move forward” – Dr Kizza Besigye (19.05.2022).

Dr. Kizza Besigye has once again been blocked by police in Kasangati town, Wakiso district as he tempted to drive to the city center with a megaphone mobilizing people to awaken & join him in the protest against the high cost of living and bad governance. Besigye who is heard chanting 𝑴𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒏𝒂 𝒎𝒖𝒛𝒖𝒌𝒖𝒌𝒆, 𝑻𝒖𝒕𝒂𝒂𝒔𝒆 𝒆𝒏𝒔𝒊 𝒚𝒂𝒇𝒇𝒆 says this is not a presidential campaign but rather a campaign for ordinary and marginalized citizens” (97,8 Kazo FM Omushomesa, 19.05.2022).

On the 12 May 2022 he tried to start a “Walk-To-Work” sort of protest from his home where they wanted to walk from Kasangati to the Central Business District in Kampala. Now after 6 days of house-arrest and having his home besieged by the authorities.

On the 19th May 2022 he tries for the second time to demonstrate and protest against the rising commodities. This is the second time in about two weeks where his trying to start and get people connected with it. To not accept the rising prices in silence, but protest the government over it.

That is really saying something and shows how the state is using the Public Order Management Act to stifle, stop and silence all dissent. While we can anticipate a further arrest and new period of pre-emptive arrest for Besigye. That’s because he went out of the gate and returned to the streets. Instead of being on Twitter like the First Son. He went straight to the people.

That’s how Besigye roll and he came to Kasangati town and tried to enter the it with a message. However, the authorities blocked that entry and his not allowed to be active. His supposed to be a retired and chill person in his own compound.

This story is far from over and we should expect more. Besigye is a relentless fellow and a person of integrity. So, he will be on the forefront yet again. He will stay on the frontline and fight for the people, which he has done all these years. Peace.

Opinion: Besigye’s 6 Day’s of House-Arrest is the proof of everything that is wrong in the Republic

Since 12th May 2022 Dr. Kizza Besigye was arrested and detained in his own home. The surrounding areas of the compound in Kasangati was a “war-zone” with several of checkpoints and places of which the authorities was blocking any entry to him. This all happened after he tried to stage a demonstration or protest against the rising commodity prices in the Republic, which was supposed to go from Kasangati to Central Business District of Kampala. Alas, we know that didn’t happened.

What did happened was that the Anti-Riot Police came and squashed, quelled and silenced the small protest very quickly. It arrested Besigye brutally and dragged him away. They arrested him and swiftly transported him home. Where he has stayed ever since and wasn’t allowed to go out. Neither was people allowed to enter. First it was only his lawyers and yesterday they allowed several of MPs from his party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to see him.

Besigye is a citizen and has his rights, which is based in the 1995 Constitution. However, those are violated and taken away at any given moment. The Public Order Management Act is a proof that demonstrations and protests are only allowed by some, but not by others. POMA is a law made to silence Besigye and his supporters. This because they could create a revolution and end the regime. That’s why POMA is a tool of oppression, since it takes away the citizens rights to demonstrate and protest. It is not only Besigye, but everyone else. That’s why the same law has been used to block Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from having concerts and rallies. Therefore, it is just a proof of everything that is wrong in society.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni speaks of bringing democracy and multi-party-ism, but it has also brought a ruthless system. The NRM has brought militarism and an open brutality where all who dissent can be touched, detained, kidnapped and possibly die on their watch.

The NRM will say they came and created order. The NRM will say they came with peace. But a peace for who? An order for who? Not for the public or the citizens, but for the NRM Elite and the rest has to beg for mercy. The FDC and Besigye has met the blunt force countless times. The same has happened to the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Bobi Wine as well.

The state is using pre-emptive arrests without court-orders, warrants or any proper justifications. They are claiming to have intelligence or safeguard of public order, but there is no direct proof of that. Only that the designated person is taken out of public domain and is silenced. That is all there is too it.

This is what has happened to Besigye again and again. He has been silenced and stifled in his tracks. The authorities has been monitoring him and followed him. They have stopped him from acting or coordinating his work. Because, they fear the consequences of it and don’t want to allow it to go it’s natural cause. Instead, it stops early and isn’t finished causes.

The latest is stopping an early reaction to the rising commodity prices… this is in away of taking away people’s rights to demonstrate or even gather. That’s the cost of this regime. They are talking of democracy, but one fundamental part of that is to meet and protest when something is unjust. However, in the state of mind of the NRM… that is out of the question and you shouldn’t even bother.

Besigye is just a symbol of everything that is wrong in society. Not because of what he has done or who he is as a person. No, his is that because his showing the Republic how it serves injustice, delivers impunity and brutal crackdown on civil society. Besigye is by being who he is able not only to undermine the powerful, but also undress them in public. His able to show the sinister and the dark side of the regime. That’s what he has been able to do and done successfully for years.

It has cost him dearly. Besigye has paid a price for doing. He has lost so many people around him and so many has been hurt. Besigye has been hurt himself and gone into exile as a cause of it. That’s why he knows what they can do to him and what the authorities are doing to others. No parts are not a target and not a possible piece, which the state cannot cause harm upon. Because, that is what they are doing and they proud of serving their master while doing so. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye house-arrested on the 6th Day

“Police block several MPs at Kasangati-Nangabo junction as they move to visit our leader Besigye at his residence” (The Red Card Front, 17.05.2022)

There are over 100 policemen deployed around my residence. My immediate neighbour’s banana plantation is now part of the police barracks, where they are camped. They think that maybe I will disappear in that plantation” – Dr. Kizza Besigye, Former FDC Leader” (NTV Uganda, 17.05.2022).

The pre-emptive arrest and detention without a court-order persist. The state has not produced him to a court, delivered a warrant or done anything of the sorts, which would deem the acts of Dr. Kizza Besigye illegal. Instead, they are taking away his freedom and liberty for 6 days now.

This a continuation of the impunity and lack of rule of law. As the activists, political leader and citizen himself isn’t allowed to demonstrate, protest or even gather the public behind a reasonable cause. This is the misuse of the Public Order Management Act (POMA) which we all was afraid of when it became the law of the land. As it blocks, stops and silence anyone who wants to gather, political rallies or demonstrations.

So, without any real justification, only the words of the CP Fred Enaga his detained in his own home since the 12th May 2022. This just shows how the state operates and doesn’t respect people’s rights or liberties. They have let this one go on for more the 48 hours. By law they should do something, but not expect anything.

Yesterday, the lawyers representing him was able to enter the compound. However, FDC MPs who tried to enter the compound today wasn’t allowed too. They also struggled through several checkpoints and blockades towards the home of Besigye. Proving that it’s not only the home of Besigye that is sealed off, but the roads going to his home is blocked as well.

Update – later in the day:

Forum for Democratic Change party members, including Hon. Francis Mwijukye and Hon. Gilbert Olanya have paid a courtesy visit to Dr. Kizza Besigye, who remains under house arrest. The group carried some foodstuffs for him” (NBS Television, 17.05.2022).

These MPs was finally allowed to enter after persistent acts at any checkpoint and barricade along the way. Alas, a small battle just to see Besigye.. That isn’t justified and righteous. It shows what the state does and what is willing to do. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye house-arrested on the 5th Day

I want to warn politicians about holding unlawful assemblies and processions. Use of illegal processions is not encouraged as they disrupt the rights of other people. It’s against this background that we blocked Dr. Kizza Besigye’s plans last week”Fred Enanga

Forum for Democratic Change wants unconditional freedom of their former President, Dr. Kiiza Besigye, who was arrested as he attempted a Walk-To-Work protest over high commodity prices. Party Secretary-General Harold Kaija insists the acts of their former President were lawful, and his prevention arrest should end” (NBS Television, 16.05.2022).

Police has finally granted permission to the lawyers of Col. Dr Kizza Besigye to access their client, who is currently under house arrest at his Kasangati home. Today marks the fifth day of Besigye’s house arrest since he announced his intentions to protest against hiked commodity prices” (NBS Television, 16.05.2022).

We are again seeing the reason for the house-arrest of Dr. Kizza Besigye, which has been under siege since he tried on Thursday last week to start a protest going from Kasangeti in Wakiso district into Kampala. This is the pre-emptive arrest and without court order. The authorities are using the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and that was clear from the get-go.

While they have ever since the small procession or protest on Thursday has been barred from leaving his home or getting visitors. The state has made him a felon and a criminal without giving him charges or indicting him. Neither has the judges or the police officers served him anything. Therefore, this is an illegal act and blatant disregard for the rule of law. As they are stopping his rights to protest and be an activist.

The state and the authorities have done this before and it’s not really anything new. It is a continuation of what they have done in the past. Just like Besigye is continuing with his defiance and trying to use civilian protest for his cause. A righteous one at that, but that doesn’t matter to the Uganda Police Force or any other agency. Besigye is a nuisance and they want to silence him. Because, they know he can incite popular uprising and be detrimental to the stability of the regime.

That’s why his house-arrested yet again. With a usage of a law, which was made to cater to him and his ideals. In such a way, that the President and the Authorities could block and stop them from gathering. This is why no one is really allowed to meet, hold rallies or protest. Because, the state can block it and make it illegal. Therefore, the rights are only on paper and not a reality. Since, we know the state wouldn’t allow it anyway.

Besigye fight for justice and freedom is far from over. His a victim of his struggle and continues to pay a price for fighting. It is honourable and a just cause, though very costly for the man. The man haven’t lost his step and the authorities are following his every move. Peace.

Opinion: Have the NRM amended article 29 of the 1995 Constitution? [Since Besigye is warned about demonstrating again!]

1995 Constitution states in Article 29 (1):

(1) Every person shall have the right to—

d) freedom to assemble and to demonstrate together with others peacefully and unarmed and to petition; and

(e) freedom of association which shall include the freedom to form and join associations or unions, including trade unions and political and other civic organisations” (Constitution, 1995).

You could think we are retuning back in time, but however… we are in 2022 and not in 2015 or 2016. Neither are we in the 2010 or 2011. The Public Order Management Act (POMA) is still enforced in combination with the Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) in consideration with the global coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Uganda Police Force (UPF) is directly warning Besigye in end of January 2022… is like a deja vu.

As reported earlier today:

Addressing journalists on Monday, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said security has got intelligence information indicating that in order to pull off the planned protests, Dr.Besigye is planning to reawaken the Power 10, a structure formed towards the 2016 polls as FDC’s election mobilisation task force. “We have intelligence information that Dr. Besigye and other opposition activists intend to reactivate Power 10 to cause acts of disobedience and mayhem in the city. They have so far recruited five persons per village and cell but we know Dr. Besigye as a professional agitator for violence and warn him that the Public Order Management Act is still in place and they have to ask for permission from police before carrying out their activities,” Enanga said” (Kenneth Kazibwe – ‘Dont be tempted to organise protests- Police warn Besigye’ 31.01.2022, Nile Post).

We know that this time around that Dr. Kizza Besigye has his own pressure group and coalition, which is the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) and the Red Card Movement. It is clear that the state still fears for his reach and popularity. As they are warning him to not demonstrate or riot. Which is blocking the rights of any citizen and it’s stipulated in the 1995 Constitution in Article 29.

It is not new that the Anti-Besigye Act or the POMA act has been made to stifle and stop demonstrations, after the near successful Walk to Work demonstrations in 2011. The POMA is made in such a fashion, that anyone has to apply and fill certain criteria to be able to demonstrate or protest. Therefore, we know if Besigye or any allies applies to do so. It will be denied or not get allowed to do so, in regard to public safety. While the state can gather and show-up everywhere with the convoys, meetings and conferences for that matter.

The PFT and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) will not be able to show a public disdain. That is deliberate by the state and we know it. This have been done for years and is nothing new. However, the state and the NRM would be more sincere, if they just amended the Article 29 and took away the right to demonstrate. As it is near to impossible… and the ones who wishes to do so cannot really do it.

Besigye is only one who would get this warning. This could be equally be given to Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and his National Unity Platform (NUP) or the People Power Movement. As they would get under the same scrutiny or pressure from the state to cease these sorts of activities. Since, the state wouldn’t allow that to happen. Just like they haven’t allowed concerts or plenty of gatherings by the NUP in the recent years.

Therefore, Besigye is just having … the same problems as before… the FDC and PFT should anticipate this and it’s nothing new. The UPF and the NRM is just continuing their oppression and lack of tolerance towards dissidents. Peace.

Opinion: Mao is only looking like a fool on Twitter

The Democratic Party President since 2010, Norbert Mao have had a twitter tirade with netizen and general citizens on the platform. If he thinks his presence and his way of acting has built his foundation, esteem or people believing in him more by doing this. Well, his dead wrong and his capacity as a DP Party President isn’t proven better.

Mao has humiliated himself as a Presidential Candidate. However, he was in Parliament from 1996 until 2006 when he resigned from the position to become the Chairman of Gulu District. So, the former Gulu Municipality MP have been unsuccessful running the party.

The DP and the DP Block of 2021 only proves that. The Democratic Party doesn’t look like a strong party. The oldest party of the Republic should have a stronger standing. However, the DP Party President can act like everything is well. But anyone with a little common sense knows the DP party isn’t well built. If it was so… the cracks wouldn’t be up in the open.

Mao who himself wasn’t on the ticket in 2016 and gave way to Mbabazi. The man who only gained about 57,700 votes in 2021 and he even did it better in 2011 when he got about 148,000 votes. So, the man who has called other people out for losing. He has a gotten less relevant over time.

Mao only has a voice and is relevant because his on NBS Frontline as a panellist. He can trigger people and talk of exposing them. However, that doesn’t make him look the wiser. Especially, when he doesn’t unleash the intelligence or the supposed toxic documents of the persons his targeting.

The man who has been able to run the DP party for a decade should have more finesse or proof of leadership. Nevertheless, that is hard to come by. When he seen MPs leaving his party and others rather associating themselves with Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and the National Unity Platform (NUP).

If the DP Party President was so great he would have something to show for it. Neither does he has the Presidential Elections to show for it. In 2011 the DP got 12 MPs and in 2016 he got 15 MPs. While after the 2021 elections even with the massive amount new districts and possibilities for MPs, the DP party only got 9 MPs in the 11th Parliament. Therefore, just like with the Presidential Elections, the DP President got worse results and if you look at percentages of MPs it would be even more shattering. Since, the numbers of MPs has risen over the years and the DP should have gotten more and not less. However, he haven’t built it well or taken the party further.

The way things looks, the gig on NBS Frontline is more important than building the party. He needs the space to stay relevant. As well, as writing pieces in the Kampala based newspapers to look legit. While the DP Party President will bash and use his flamboyant ways online. It is not making him look the wiser. Because, the activity and the party isn’t strengthen by it. Instead, his getting questioned if his still is fit to rule as the man of the party. That should worry him.

Since, he has had the time in office and the results …. is abysmal. There is no sign of progress or development of the party. Instead, his a political landscape, which he don’t influence much, if any… and that must hurt the former Makerere Guild President. At some point of time, Mao looked promising and so was his future. He aligned himself with leaders and activists, which today is in prominent positions. People who matters and has relevant positions themselves. Some of them was part of DP for a while before leaving for greener pastures.

Mao doesn’t look smart or bright here. Just like his trying to fish to be relevant. However, that is not the outcome of acts like this. Yes, it only matter for the short cycle of 48 hours and maybe even less. As social media moves on and a new brother writes like crazy. Nevertheless, a leader of party should be better and act with some sense. That is clearly something we cannot ask or expect from Mao.

His just rolling the way he likes and think this is a winning formula. He can carry his own weight and he just needs to understand the perception he creates with it. That’s why he cannot manage to change the way people will view him from this.

So, he better step up at NBS Frontline and boost his own ego. Because, talking like a big-man is clearly not working. Maybe, it boost his fragile ego, but does Mao need more? I don’t think so. Peace.

Opinion: The PFT of Besigye doesn’t seem well-planned…

It is not the first time that Dr. Kizza Besigye and his allies in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have worked alone and without much outside support. However, the establishment of the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) isn’t build on a strong foundation. At least not in concern with other opposition allies.

This week it is clear that Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and Democratic Party (DP) isn’t really involved as it was stated in the launch. Where some fractions of the parties was part of it. There was one piece of UPC members and the DP Block. Those have been dismissed by the parties itself.

As well, as the spats and dismissals from the National Unity Platform (NUP) which would be the most important ally at this stage and time. The NUP is the biggest opposition party and has a similar agenda, as the FDC. They are maybe different in the manner of which they operate. Still, the objective and the end-game is about the same. NUP and FDC both works for a peaceful transition from dictator Museveni.

That Besigye have the best intentions and will with the upstart of PFT. I have no doubt in my mind and with his experience of doing this. I know that he wants to succeed and wants to assemble a collective for change. He doesn’t want people to give up and stop the cause. A cause, which he has dedicated his whole career too.

The PFT has been painful from the start. There is usually growing pains of an organization, but this is just hectic from the early beginning. You can wonder how this was communicated and organized. Since everyone in and around is either distancing itself from it or they are minor fractions participating, except for the main party FDC.

This means that except for the FDC. Justice Forum (JEEMA), Social Democratic Party (SDP) and People’s Progressive Party (PPP). There isn’t much great support in the opposition for it. There is no joint effort here and there is nothing pushing it together. Because, the launch made it believe to be bigger.

The JEEMA, SDP and PPP isn’t parties of which has big significance. They are JEEMA and PPP have one MP each and that’s about it. The SDP was part of DP Block and seems like the Michael Mabikke’s briefcase party. Therefore, the strenght of the pressure group or coalition is on thin-ice.

It is not like it’s a big unite and brigade. Yes, they are collective, but not a sort of unifying you would need. The PFT is weak because of this. When the DP and UPC also reacts like they do. Then you know that the PFT wasn’t launched in order to have them sufficiently participating in it. Like there wasn’t meetings, consultations or even gatherings to make it happen. Therefore, it wasn’t only NUP who ditched out of it. Nearly nobody joined and the ones who did… well … they have to move mountains with their bare hands.

The PFT needs a boost and Besigye needs to consult with the others. That is if it has a mission and goal to be strong functioning unit of the opposition. Clearly, there has been an aftermath that the PFT didn’t want. This is just jaded and not how it supposed to look. Peace.

Opinion: FDC always wants to be United on its own terms…

Well, I never wanted to do this, but the way Patrick Oboi Amuriat and other FDC leaders have acted lately. It is time to challenge the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and their manners. This isn’t anything new… just like after the recent elections, the FDC and the leadership went on a rampage against National Unity Platform (NUP). Even after the NUP asked for meeting and coordination with the other opposition parties.

Now, this week the FDC has launched a new opposition coalition in the People’s Front for Transition (PFT). Nothing wrong in doing that, but they didn’t do in a way, which the NUP felt at home there. Neither has the FDC or NUP resolved the previous coalition of United Forces for Change (UFC) which was founded in 2020 ahead of the polls. So, it is really questionable to start a fresh one this quick.

The FDC wasn’t that diplomatic or helpful with all parties in the 2011 Inter-Party Cooperation. A coalition where the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and Democratic Party (DP) didn’t participate in. As they felt the way it was launched and created was to benefit FDC and their flagbearers. That’s why dropped out of it.

In 2016, there was another coalition made ahead of the polls. The Democratic Alliance (TDA) of which the FDC dropped out. Since, they didn’t get the flagbearer and they we’re afraid to support other parties within the coalition. As, the FDC was seen as the biggest party and they felt betrayed that they wouldn’t have the Presidential Candidate. The TDA eventually went for Amama Mbabazi, as he was independent candidate for a pressure group at that time.

Now, in 2021 after the polls and with an unsuccessful stint with the UFC. Dr. Kizza Besigye is again launching a new coalition. It is filled with fractions of the DP and UPC party. Also with Conservative Party, JEEMA, People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Social Democratic Party (SDP), and others too. However, it does not have the biggest opposition party the NUP. That means it isn’t a totally united force. Neither, does it have the main fractions of the DP & UPC. Which renders the question of the power and ability to widen the objectives of coalition in question.

In this way, it seems like again the other parties have to accept the FDC terms and perspective join forces. Not that the FDC have to meet and greet the others. They just have to follow the suit and the ideals of what the FDC or Besigye is saying. Besigye means well and the ideals his committed too. We can all agree upon, but this haven’t been well coordinated or successful. When only these are showing up and showing intent.

Maybe, the likes of the NUP feels betrayed themselves and humiliated by the way the FDC answered the callings earlier in the year. When the FDC wanted to even revoke or relinquish the membership of the FDC MPs who joined the Shadow Government. Heck, the FDC leadership went high and mighty against the NUP. Therefore, the FDC haven’t been forthcoming or concerning the NUP. Until, the the launch of PFT this week.

It seems like the FDC needs to reconsider their movements sometimes. Especially, when people are supposed forget how they acted just a few months ago. When the NUP even tried to show an olive-branch and that got dismissed. Why should the NUP jump on the bandwagon without hesitation? Because, the FDC is so unique. That everyone is supposed to follow it blindly?

No, that isn’t fair to the NUP. Neither would the FDC accept that. That is why they would have felt betrayed, if they were automatically part of the TDA without a shadow of a doubt. This is how it looks like and it’s not cool.

The FDC should know better. I don’t know if it’s entitlement after years as the upper-dog in the opposition. They have fought and can be an inspiration for the next generation. The FDC isn’t dead, but isn’t as viable and strong as it was. Besigye has still power and ability to sway opinion. However, FDC better act more cordial and be more sincere. They cannot bushwhack others to submission. That is not how things works.

The NUP is free to join or not. Just like it didn’t IPOD either. They are finding their own path and that should be respected at this point. The NUP tried with the FDC in the UFC, which was useless. So, why should they trust in the PFT? Peace.

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