Press Release: FDC mobilization goes to Eastern Uganda (12.10.2015)

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Press Release: NRM moves party elections to Monday (05.09.2015)


The ruling party NRM elections body has postponed internal elections for LCI and other party structures to next week.

According to NRM EC boss Tanga Odoi, the rains disrupted the schedules but everything is in place to hold elections starting from September 7.

Odoi also said in Karamoja, northern, eastern and western regions, elections will be held on Monday starting at 8am to 1pm while structure elections will start from 1pm to 5pm.

On Wednesday elections will extend to Kampala and central Uganda.

Earlier, the Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba, dismissed reports of missing funds as misleading, adding that: “The money was released to the EC’s accountant.”

Meanwhile ballot boxes have already been delivered to polling centres while ballot papers are alredy on their way.

Odoi said NRM will present their list of candidates to the National Electoral Commission on September 10

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