Burundi: Congres National pour la Libirte (CNL) – Communique des Membres du Bureau Politique du Parti CNL, Consecutif a la Declaration Rendu Public par le Secretaire General du Parti Survie d’une Conference de Presse tenue par le President du Parti CNL en date du 23 Mai 2023 (26.05.2023)

Burundi: Mouvement pour la Solidarite et la Democratie (MSD) – Communique (19.05.2023)

Burundi: Bunyoni deserves justice, even if he served injustice to others…

In Burundi there is an on-going criminal case against former Prime Minister Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni. A who has been loyal to the CNDD-FDD and a man that former President Pierre Nkurunziza entrusted with national security organizations.

Bunyoni has held vital roles in the Government of Burundi. In the era of th CNDD-FDD he has rose through the ranks and gotten into prominence. This has done with share brutality and state sponsored violence. That has been done on the behest of the party and with acknowledge of the ones above him.

The Burundi Human Rights Initiative Report from December 2020 describes the man like this:

For years, Burundi’s new Prime Minister, Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, has made his presence felt behind the scenes. His professional demeanour, well-cut suits and meticulous air gave him a veneer of respectability. As his influence grew, however, he quietly cultivated members of the security forces, some of whom were notorious for killing or torturing government opponents. “He hides behind others,” said one of his former colleagues. “The crimes are committed under his complicit watch. Either he agrees to the crimes, or he closes his eyes and lets them happen.” Former colleagues described him as cunning and said he is careful to cover his tracks when it comes to human rights violations. A former official who worked closely with him in the past said he is an intelligent man, but his public persona doesn’t reveal his true character. “He had two faces,” he said. “He had a hidden face that I didn’t see; that’s his current face.” Bunyoni’s hubris and his shrewd but brutal governing style emerged in private and, along with his love of money, have irritated some powerful CNDD-FDD generals. “He’s a man without a heart, without emotion, contrary to Évariste (Ndayishimiye),” said a former CNDD-FDD official” (The Burundi Human Rights Initiative – ‘A STRANGLEHOLD ON BURUNDI’S FUTURE’ December 2020).

Now in 2023 after all these years of loyalty. It is now reported that his taken into custody and is facing charges in an alleged coup d’etat plot. Meaning his facing serious allegation and charges. Which can be the nail in the coffin for the former Prime Minister.

While some are concerned that he will be taken into custody and not have a fair trail. Well, he didn’t give that to his enemies. Neither did his victims ever get to speak or get their fair trail. This man has been despicable and sinister in his moves. That’s why they said he was cunning and ice-cold.

Just reading the report of his works in the past doesn’t gives me much sympathy for the man. Like these paragraphs:

During Bunyoni’s time as director of the national police and his two stints as minister of public security, members of the police committed serious human rights violations, including killings and torture of suspected government opponents. After the 2010 elections, for example, the police were involved in killing, arresting and ill-treating numerous members of the FNL and other government opponents, under Bunyoni’s watch” (…) “During Bunyoni’s second stint as minister of public security from August 2015 to June 2020, the police tortured opponents in barbaric ways: they poured burning liquid over their bodies, beat them with iron bars, pulled teeth out with pliers, and forced detainees to watch as others were executed with knives. These practices intensified when some protestors attacked policemen and members of the ruling party. Police also collaborated

with Imbonerakure who arrested, beat and detained demonstrators” (The Burundi Human Rights Initiative – ‘A STRANGLEHOLD ON BURUNDI’S FUTURE’ December 2020).

When he has done this in office and as a high ranking official. He allowed the most sinister acts to go on. The most horrific ways of punishing dissidents, activists and people who protested against the government. That was done on his watch and he let it all happen. It is hard to nearly impossible to defend a man like that.

Bunyoni has acted as a henchman for a tyrant. He served the government and the President while doing so. This was the way for the CNDD-FDD to silence their critics, enemies and whoever stood in their way. Not that it was justified or righteous, no, but it was their way of handling the crisis. While also ensuring Nkurunziza a third term in office.

Yes, even with that being said… he still deserves a fair trail and a justified case against him. As a former Minister and former Prime Minister. He should be held accountable for his actions. His now the guy who is feeling the pendulum swinging in his way. Bunyoni isn’t in anyone’s favour and has lost relevance.

That’s why his up for grabs and he can be punished. Because, Bunyoni knows to much and has to vast knowledge of the misdeeds of the government. Bunyoni knows how the CNDD-FDD operates and who has influence there. Now with the new President he has the powerhouse he needed to stay in good graces.

President Evariste Ndayishimiye is maybe trying to flex power and also show that his different from the previous administration. However, he appointed another despicable character in his stead. So, I don’t believe it and cannot see it happening. Since it’s the same party and with same arrogance as before. Therefore, the new President only tries to take-out the ones he fears aims for the throne.

A cold and cunning Bunyoni would be dangerous. A man who has no heart or emotions can easily find ways to outsmart the President. That’s why his the fall-guy and the one who has to pay the price. This is how I see it and with the previous report on how he acted in office. The former PM clearly deserves time in Court and face charges. Though the current ones might be bogus and a hit-job.

God knows really, because there are so many lies and deceptions. So much about power and influence. That these gentlemen could easily have ended the lives of plenty. Bunyoni could have continued his purge and crackdown on anyone who opposes the regime. It is what his known for and he would use any tool at his disposal.

Men men wouldn’t shed a tear if injustice was coming his way. Regardless, a man should be proven guilty and be charged accordingly to the law. There should be witness, evidence and proof of the conspiracy and the planned acts of criminality. However, he didn’t do that to several of others and this could just be karma. I believe anyone should answer to law and everyone should be deemed guilty or innocent before the Courts. Even if the plaintiff or the one charged have acted as the enforcer, judge and the hangman of others.

Bunyoni has made his bed and he now got to live in it. Peace.

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