Sudan: The Unified Office of Doctors – Statement on Events of 21st of May at Omdurman City, and the Excessive Violence Against Peaceful Protesters (23.05.2022)

Omdurman Protests were subjected to Siege similar to that of the Sit-in at the Army Command Headquarters on June 3, 2019. The security forces completely cordoned off the demonstration area and embarked upon practicing deadly violence against the peaceful protesters. Cartridge weapon was used; in addition to live bullets, sound bombs and tear gas bombs, even inside ambulances. This excessive violence resulted in death of one demonstrator due to shotgun, and dozens of injuries

The Siege resulted in the delay of some casualties reaching hospitals all morning and day, putting the lives of the injured at risk. Depriving the injured of treatment is a criminal offense according to both national and international norms and laws.

The Unified Doctors Office strongly condemns this violence directed against innocent citizens.

We call upon Human Rights Organisations and organisations working in the field of Health Emergencies to help provide legal and medical assistance to stop State violence and save the lives of the injured.

May 23rd, 2022

» Central Committee Of Sudans Doctors

» Sudan Doctors Union

» Committee of Consultants and Specialists

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