Ethiopia: Reports of the Afar Regional Special Forces skirmishes within the Ogaden (Somali) region

Just as the skirmishes of the Issa-Somali militia in the Afar region has been silenced. They are now crossing the border and coming with retribution towards the ones who sought to cause insecurity in Afar region.

The Afar Regional Special Forces has now went into the Ogaden Region and directly in the Sitti Zone. This retaliation happens only a mere week ago since the Issa-Somali militia, which was sponsored by the Vice-President of the Ogaden region attacked Afar region. Therefore, things are spiralling out of hand. This is a civil war and a spat between regions.

Now there is direct conflict between Semera and Jijiga. There is clear indications of it now. The bloodshed on both sides are apparent. As the Afar Special Regional Forces are now deployed within the Ogaden region. As the Liyu Police tries to defend it. There is reports deaths and injuries, but not any verified numbers of yet. Still, the deaths are occurring and people are dying on both sides of the borders here.

Now there is a need for the Federal Government to intervene here. There is bad blood between the parties and their recent talks haven’t gotten anywhere. The Federal Government have to target the Issa-Somali militia and they also have to cease the operations of the Afar Regional Special Forces, which is now returning with vengeance.

This here will only further escalate the conflict. Both sides will have lost ones and the damage has been done. Afar and Ogaden needs peace. There is a need to solve this crisis before it turns even more vicious.

The leadership of both regions has to talk further and the federal government has to ensure peace. While the ones behind the slaughter and skirmishes stops. That there is no more need for warfare and destruction. As it only turns worse… and doesn’t get any better. Peace.

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