Opinion: Orbán will now rule by decree…

To safeguard Hungary‘s national security interests, to make sure we stay out of the war and to protect HUN families, the government needs room to manoeuvrer and readiness for immediate action” – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (24.05.2022)

In Budapest Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has on his first day of the term and with inauguration of his new cabinet. He has secured himself a “state of emergency” and gotten himself superior power in the Republic of Hungary.

Orbán has with the vote of the 10th Amendment ensured himself total control and ability to overturn all legislation. He can suspend legal mechanisms and to his own whim. That’s what the majority of the Parliament did today. This is giving him dictatorial power and to rule as a monarch. Using the Russian invasion of Ukraine to sweep all power in his Republic.

Here is what Hungary Today reported:

The government has been given the power to declare a state of danger in the case of an armed conflict, war, or humanitarian disaster in a neighboring country, with the tenth amendment to the constitution parliament adopted on Tuesday. The legislation was passed with 136 votes for and 36 against. Under the amended constitution, from November 1, a special legal order can be introduced in the case of a state of war, emergency, or danger. A state of danger can be declared if “acts of war actually take place”” (…) “In a state of danger, the government can adopt decrees that suspend the application of certain laws. Normally, the government cannot do this, as laws are adopted by Parliament, and therefore in the hierarchy of legal sources, laws are on a higher level than government decrees. As the Hungarian Constitution clearly states: “A Government Decree shall not be contrary to any laws.” However, in a state of danger, the government may indeed issue regulations that would otherwise be in conflict with certain laws” (Júlia Tar – ‘Parliament Approves 10th Amendment to Constitution’ 24.05.2022, Hungary Today).

From tomorrow the Republic is in A “state of emergency” and giving himself many options without the need to challenge the legislation or the ideas of the Prime Minister. He can rule by decree and there will be no oversight to his powers. Therefore, anyone can be arrested, silenced or fiercely prosecuted by the state. Since, he can decree it and ensure anyone who is in his way to be gone. If not they have to go underground and await until Orbán superior powers are over.

It isn’t new that Orbán is consolidating power. He has worked on this tirelessly and amended laws to suit him. That’s been part of reign and this is just a continuation of this. Fidesz and Orbán thrives in “soft-fascism”. While his able to gain huge popularity by cheap populism and incite fear. Now his using the same fear to give himself more power. So, that he don’t need to worry about the Parliament and can just decree the orders on his own. That’s circumventing parliamentary practice and giving way to his own whims.

Who knows what he will enforce, what sort of laws that will be suspended or be rectified, if not to be made “null and void”. Orbán shows what sort of man he is and he did similar acts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now he uses the war in Ukraine to his favour. That’s the sort of ruler and politician he is.

No one should be shocked, if he uses these power to extent and execute things that fits him. This will be interesting and terrifying to follow. As we cannot imagine what his willing to do or decree. However, we can see how far he will take this. Nevertheless… Orbán uses a crisis yet again to consolidate power. Peace.

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