Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Leadership Council – Press Statement (23.11.2021)

Many news sites, social media, and the office of Dr. Hamdok and Suna News. News that there was a meeting between the Central Leadership Council for Freedom and Change and Dr. Abdullah Hamdok during today, Tuesday, November 23, 2021 AD.

We in the Central Leadership Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change deny this news, as we did not name any representative on our behalf for any meeting with Dr. Hamdok. Previously during the period of his house arrest or even today, and that whoever met him does not have a mandate to represent the Central Leadership Council during their discussions and negotiations with the putschists and Dr. Hamdok. We also point out that Freedom and Change has specialized structures, including the Political Liaison Committee, which works according to the position and vision of the Council. Central in the political process, a media committee expresses its positions, and the Central Council renews its position of refusing to negotiate and partnership with the putschists, and it will not grant them legitimacy.

With this, we call upon all the masses of our victorious people to escalate the means of peaceful struggle against the coup authority and to restore the path of transition. And for the success of the democratic transition, we invite them to actively participate in the processions of the twenty-fifth of November and the activities that follow until the overthrow of the coup authority.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Leadership Council

November 23, 2021 AD

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