Ethiopia: Today’s crazy rumours and speculations …

Today, there been a wormhole of rumours and speculations. They have been running loose. In such a fashion that I just had to compile them and write them down. Not because I believe anything of this or take it as facts, because I don’t. Why you may ask? Well, nothing is verified or proven. Neither is there vast reporting or several of sources on the matters. Therefore, it is world-class hearsay and could easily be hot-air.

However, this is such a day of fuming hot-fire mess. That I have to address it and put in press. The first is that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali never went to the frontline, as there is no evidence of it or pictures. He said his going there, but nobody knows where or what. That is strategic of him, but also worrisome and causes a lot rumours.

Earlier today there was a few reports that the Abiy and his close associates emptied the National Bank of it’s gold and shipped it to Asmara, Eritrea. While others are saying he has taken out all the foreign currency to pay off the mercenaries and weapons-importers. None of these money-grabbing or spending issues has been verified.

There was rumours a few days ago that Demeke Hassan had fled into exile, but he was in the House of Federation yesterday at the session there. Therefore, proving how false and how quickly lies goes. Why I am saying that now?

Well, as rumours goes. Abiy is planning life in exile with other associates in his party. Several of the Prosperity Party high ranking officials has never travelled abroad or having passports. Therefore, they will find shelter and safe-haven in the secure parts of the Amhara region. Alas, this has never been confirmed.

To top things off, there is rumours and speculations that Ethiopian and Eritrean operatives in Kampala is preparing for the coming of Abiy post-war. They are finding ways to get support and secure a welcoming gesture to Abiy, if he needs to flee from Addis Ababa and out of the Republic. This will be done with help of operatives getting him to Asmara and then fly him to Kampala. However, there is no proof of this and it is just rumours as off today.

When you read all of this. You know there is a lot of things going around. Lot’s of unconfirmed hearsay.

The ultimate one is that he the Prime Minister will “fake his death” in preparation to either go to Asmara or United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is the way of getting him to permanently leave Addis Ababa.

With that all mind and ending with that. We know now that the rumour mill or speculations are going wild. There is no end of the barrel and we don’t know what we are getting. This is just showing how strange time we are living in and what sort of memo’s are spread. People are saying they are “confirmed” and “breaking”. But adding no additional proof.

We know that high ranking officials has applied for Visa in the European Union and some has gotten those denied or not allowed entry. Meaning they cannot flee after the post-war. We don’t know what Abiy been doing. While the final unverified report was that his wife and kids are already stationed in safety in Switzerland. However, that haven’t been confirmed. This is why I am adding it here in the end.

As you see… there was a lot to cover and lot’s of rumours. Peace.

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