Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – A statement of millions of loyalty to the martyrs (24.11.2021)

Our resistant people,

Now all the false masks of the putschists and moneylenders have fallen, and what was yesterday a grey area has become a deep groove separating the masses of our people and their living revolutionary forces that adhere to radical change and the goals of the glorious December revolution.

And between the coup military council and its sustenance, who are waving in the blood of the martyrs, who call for retribution for their murderers, the thieves of the country’s resources and the servants of the agenda of regional and international axes hostile to the aspirations of our people.

The ranks were completely differentiated in the battle to win the revolution of our people and liberate our country from the arrogance of the putschists once and for all, and it is an obligatory battle that we will not postpone.

our rebellious people,

We call on the masses of the Sudanese people, in the forefront of which are the sectors of professionals, male and female workers, to come out and actively participate in the processions of loyalty to the million martyrs, tomorrow, Thursday, November 25, 2021 AD. To confirm our rejection of the guardianship of the revolutionaries and, most importantly, our glorious revolution, we adhered to the demand to remove them from the scene to build a civil authority committed to the goals of the revolution. Let the millionaires of tomorrow be another wave that flows into the course of the tactics and tools of the diverse and continuous peaceful resistance until the overthrow of the corrupt revolutionary junta and its trial for its crimes.

And to seize the full transitional civilian national authority in accordance with a revolutionary legitimacy to accomplish the tasks of the desired civil democratic transformation.

November 24, 2021 AD.

Sudan: National Umma Party – Important Statement (23.11.2021)

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful.

The Political Bureau held an emergency meeting this evening, Tuesday, November 23, to discuss the current political situation, listened to a number of reports, and after extensive discussion decided the following:

1) Have mercy on the souls of the martyrs and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded and return to the missing.

2) The National Umma Party confirms its previous position of rejecting the military coup and all that it entailed

3) The agreement made between Dr. Abdullah Hamdok, Prime Minister and Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, is a bilateral agreement that did not include the Forces of Freedom and Change, the original party in the document constitutional.

4) It affirms the party’s and its masses’ bias towards the revolutionary street, which demands democratic civilian rule, and calls upon all its masses and the masses of the Sudanese people to actively participate in the processions of November 25

5) The party expects pressure from the international community and its organizations to support the Sudanese street to achieve a complete civil democratic transformation

6) Demands the unconditional release of all political detainees.

7) Calls for the formation of an international commission of inquiry into the killings that occurred after the October 25 coup.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 AD

House of the Ummah, Omdurman

Sudan: Central Committee of Sudan Doctors (CCSD) – November 21st , 2021 – Field Report on November 21st, 2021 Civilians’s injuiry cases during Anti-coup Protests (24.11.2021)

At lest 50 injury cases among civilians were reported to date, 8 of those were due use of live ammunition by security forces and at least 3 cases are in critical condition.

50 civilians wounded as below:

– 8 injury cases due to the use of live ammunition.

– An injury case due to use of rubber bullets.

– 12 injury cases due to tear gas canister aimed at civilians.

– 2 injury cases due to use of stun grenade

– 3 injury cases with bullet debris.

– 17 cases of suffocation from tear gas.

– 1 injury case by a stab in the abdomen.

– 6 injury cases of superficial injuries and wounds from batons beating.

Khartoum State:

Omdurman City’s Processions

– A total of 14 injury cases reported.

– 7 injury cases due to the use of live ammunition, including 1 injury case in an unstable condition.

– 7 cases of suffocation from tear gas.

Bahri City’s Processions

– A total of 2 injury cases reported.

– An injury case with stick beating in the head that led to skull fracture.

– A stab in the abdomen, in stable condition.

Khartoum City’s Processions

– A total of 29 injury cases reported, including 2 cases in unstable condition.

– 10 injury cases due to tear gas canister aimed at civilians, including a case in unstable condition which underwent a surgery.

– 3 injury cases with bullet debris.

– 10 cases of suffocation from tear gas.

– An injury case in the thigh by stun grenade.

– 4 cases of superficial injuries and wounds.

A total of 5 inury casese recorded in the regoins:

Rabak City

– 1 injury case due to tear gas canister

Kassala City

– An injury case with rubber bullet.

– An injury case in the chest.

– An injury case with stun grenade.

Wad Madni City

– 1 injury case due to tear gas canister.

CCSD keeps the details of the abovementioned private to protect their rights and security.

CCSD will release field reports once confirmed data is obtained from Khartoum and other states across the country. CCSD follows a rigorous procedure to confirm the accuracy of each case before it gets published. CCSD has been facing tremendous difficulty to obtain data since the military coup on October 25th, 2021.



CCSD’s Media Office

Published November 24th, 2021

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Leadership Council – Press Statement (23.11.2021)

Many news sites, social media, and the office of Dr. Hamdok and Suna News. News that there was a meeting between the Central Leadership Council for Freedom and Change and Dr. Abdullah Hamdok during today, Tuesday, November 23, 2021 AD.

We in the Central Leadership Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change deny this news, as we did not name any representative on our behalf for any meeting with Dr. Hamdok. Previously during the period of his house arrest or even today, and that whoever met him does not have a mandate to represent the Central Leadership Council during their discussions and negotiations with the putschists and Dr. Hamdok. We also point out that Freedom and Change has specialized structures, including the Political Liaison Committee, which works according to the position and vision of the Council. Central in the political process, a media committee expresses its positions, and the Central Council renews its position of refusing to negotiate and partnership with the putschists, and it will not grant them legitimacy.

With this, we call upon all the masses of our victorious people to escalate the means of peaceful struggle against the coup authority and to restore the path of transition. And for the success of the democratic transition, we invite them to actively participate in the processions of the twenty-fifth of November and the activities that follow until the overthrow of the coup authority.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Leadership Council

November 23, 2021 AD

Sudan: Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination – Joint Press Release (22.11.2021)

Sudan: The Forces of Freedom and Change – Press Release (22.11.2021)

The Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change held a meeting this afternoon, Monday, November 22, 2021 AD, in which the meeting discussed in detail the developments of the political situation in the country, which included the following themes:

The meeting discussed the political agreement between Dr. Hamdok and the coup leader, General Burhan, and considered it an extension of the coup measures announced by Al-Burhan on October 25, 2021.

The Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change affirmed its previously announced position rejecting this agreement as a rejection of the goals and pacts of the glorious December revolution, as it ignored the real issues of civil democratic transformation stipulated in the Declaration of the Forces of Freedom and Change in January 2019

And the constitutional document in August 2019 which is:

1- Transitional justice issues and the accountability of all those who have committed crimes against the Sudanese people since June 30, 1989 until today.

2- The necessity of structuring and reforming the doctrine of the military and police institutions and the security apparatus, structuring them, and defining their tasks in a professional manner, while ensuring that those among their affiliates who committed crimes against our people are held accountable, with their liquidation from the elements of the former regime and their transformation into national institutions subject to civil authority.

3- Accounting for all those who planned, executed, participated and supported the October 25, 2021 coup.

4- Ensuring that the military institution does not interfere in the political process and reject any partnership of this institution in the process of democratic transformation towards the establishment of a civilian constitutional authority.

Considering any framework or political agreement between Hamdok and the leader of the coup, General Al-Burhan, as an agreement that does not meet the aspirations of our people and stands against the movement of our people in resisting the coup of October 25, 2021 AD.

Central Leadership Council

November 22, 2021 AD

Sudan: Hemeti celebrates the “dead” agreement of yesterday

I would like to congratulate the people of Sudan on today’s historic event. An agreement has been signed ensuring that Sudan continues on the path of democracy and the people’s will. We are ready to work together hand-in-hand with Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and his team to realize the people’s aspirations for freedom, peace, justice and a life of prosperity. I would like to reaffirm to our partners around the world that we remain committed to the principles of the December revolution. The corrective action taken in October was absolutely necessary to ensure that we remain on this path. We call upon our partners in the international community to continue supporting Sudan in our democratic transformation, as we prepare to hold elections at the end of the transitional period” (General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemeti, 22.11.2021).

General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemeti is jubilant for the re-instating Prime Minister Hamdok. When the first Transitional Military Council was made in the past. It initially gave legitimacy towards the likes of Hemeti. Who has been a warlord and a despicable tyrant in Darfur with the reigns of his militia the Janjaweed or the Rapid Support Force (RSF). Because of this… the man got a high office and became a high ranking official in government. The same happened in the Sovereign Council as well.

Now, there is a new Transitional Sovereignty Council, which is filled with army commanders and hand-picked “civilian” leaders or former warlords, which was signatories in the Juba Declaration. They are there and is legitimizing council as a functional government. That is now added with the Political Declaration signed off yesterday. This is why Hemeti wants to celebrate it.

Hemeti wants the junta government another try. He wants to keep all the power and not be challenged. The general knows perfectly well that if he looses power and office. He might have to answer for his past and the current transgressions against protesters. There is people dying, because the military will not give way.

The general can play around and be like a fool. This trick shouldn’t work and the ones eating the ideals of the political declaration haven’t figured things out. Hemeti and Al-Burhan wouldn’t have ordered and configured a second coup d’etat, if they weren’t interested in keeping the power for themselves. This is not to make the transition better or soften the blow. No, it is all about keeping control and having it without accountability.

Hemeti is happy for this, because Hamdok is pragmatically signing off to the army. Hamdok is a plot-devise to sell the new council. He becomes the man they can show-off and make it legit. While the army can do whatever it wants. The PM might look supreme and have a mandate. However, everyone with a marble working will know that Hemeti and Al-Burhan will handle the things that matters. They bought peace for nothing and hope it could trick the masses too. Nevertheless, the general public doesn’t seem to eat it.

Hemeti hopes the international community is believing this and that the Transitional Sovereignty Council gets legitimacy. The General hopes everyone eats his words and supports this new transitional government, which it shouldn’t, but they hope the “stability” is more important, than an actual civilian government.

Hemeti and Al-Burhan wants all power and that’s why they did the second coup on the 25th October 2021. Now they want Hamdok as the Prime Minister to officiate it all, but he will just give way to them. Hemeti is a conniving man and hopes to get away from everything. He hopes this transitional government can absolve him of his past. Clearly the power and office is ravaging his mind.

Hemeti must take people for fools, because the deal was dead on arrival. It is just like the new council doesn’t get it. They don’t have the support of the civilians and this is why the revolution continues. While Hemeti … wants it to look like they are part of it, which they are not. Peace.

Sudan: The Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors – Report on the Human rights violations to health facilities, medical personnel, and health care delivery made by the Sudanese Security Forces since October 25th. and (the day of the Military Coup) – (21.11.2021)

1. The National Blood Bank employees have been forcefully stopped from performing their duties on the 25th October.

2. On 26th. October, the Coup forces deprived five civilian detainees from receiving medical care at Eldaeen Hospital. They had pre-existing chronic illnesses and were unwell with COVID 19.

3. On 30th. October, wounded civilians were denied access to Omdurman Military Hospital.

4. On 30th. October, ambulances carrying wounded protesters, were violently stopped. This has also resulted in significant damages to the vehicles.

5. On 13th.November, military troops were put on roads leading to hospitals with the intention of stopping patients, who are victims of live ammunition and tear gas, from gaining access to medical care.

6.The Coup forces invaded and disturbed the delivery of medical services. Here we highlight, some examples of such malpractices that took place at the following hospitals:

– Elarbaeen Hospital in Omdurman city:

Accident & Emergency Department was invaded, and wounded civilians were arrested from inside the hospital, with the use of excessive physical and verbal abuse.

– Sharq Elneel Hospital in Khartoum City:

The Trauma and Emergency Department was invaded, doctors were body searched, and one doctor was arrested from inside the hospital with the use of excessive physical and verbal intimidation. The doctor was subsequently released later in the day.

Kassala Hospital was also violently invaded by the military coup forces, denying doctors access to the hospital in an attempt to abort a peaceful protest organized by Kassala Hospital Doctors on 15th November 2021.

On November 17th, Police forces fired tear gas inside Ahmed Qasim Hospital in Khartoum North.

On November the 21, Police forces fired tear gas inside Khartoum Teaching Hospital, right next to the intensive care unit and the neonatal department.

In the name of the Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors, we strongly condemn the massive violations of human rights that have occurred since the coup, especially those that have claimed the lives of dozens of civilians as they exercise their legitimate right to peaceful demonstration. In terms of our professional and moral duty, we also condemn depriving the injured and sick of access to health care and preventing the medical staff from performing their duties.

We appeal to the human rights organizations and the international community at large to show support and solidarity with the Sudanese people and take the appropriate actions.

21 November 2021

The Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors:

<< Central Committee of Sudan Doctors

<< Sudanese Doctors Syndicate

<< Sudanese Consultants and Specialists Committee

Sudan: Political (Declaration) Agreement (21.11.2021)

Opinion: Hamdok will now be a useless fool for the TMC

Today, Abdalla Hamdok signed an agreement with Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. This agreement is only buying the new Sovereign Council time, which is a rejuvenated Transitional Military Council (TMC). Al-Burhan and Hemeti has gotten it all for very little. Just keeping him detained for a month and reinstating him with lofty promises.

Hamdok is now a pawn. His a tool of the machinery. There is now no difference between him and the warlords of Darfur, which also joined the council. They are all just a broad amount of leaders, which all will follow the program. It is not like they can or have the ability to challenge Al-Burhan or Hemeti. They are the ones leading it anyway. Whatever promises made, rest assured, they will not be kept.

Hamdok can act like this a victory since his salvaging something. He is regaining some sort of role and position. However, that is meaningless and pointless when his just there to a make belief. His the civilian excuse of a technocrat to this here enterprise now. Hamdok is distancing himself from the FFC and SPA. Who are both saying this agreement isn’t it and this negotiation wasn’t their. Meaning Hamdok did it all by himself and not in connection with the other civilian stakeholders.

The possible reinstated Prime Minister will be a nice slay-queen and maybe trick a few donors. Heck, he might save the reputation and give the government legitimacy towards the African Union and other bodies, of which the Sudanese government got suspended from post 25th October 2021 coup d’etat.

If Hamdok believes he stopped the bloodshed and the killings of the state. Well, people are dying and the numbers of dead since the coup is rising. He has traded himself and is now a stooge for the keizan. That is who he is and he betrayed the revolution. That is the mere reality of this.

Hamdok can claim he did this to secure “stability” but at what cost and price? Does he believe the men who made a second coup will not betray him again? Is he really that stupid and trusts these army commanders? If he does… he is a fool and he will loose everything for doing it.

At this very moment… Hamdok has lost allies and people who was beside him in the battle for a civilian government. Now, Hamdok have traded that away for a temporary solution. The Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) is getting the benefits and perks. While Hamdok has to eat all the vomit, which is served him from the army commanders. That is what Hamdok will do on a daily basis and call it a Michelin meal.

Hamdok has betrayed the revolution and the cause of which got him the office in the first place. He now is a renegade on his own. This is a choice he made and he now has to carry the consequences. His not a trustworthy fella, but yet another lackey of the army. Peace.

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