Kayunga By-Election: Some things never change…

It’s now official by the authorities and the state, that the winner is National Resistance Movement (NRM) own candidate for LCV Chairman in Kayunga District, Andrew Muwonge. We shouldn’t be surprised or shocked by this.

That the Electoral Commission and the state machinery has rigged it in their favour. Making magical numbers and ending up as “winners”. Hearing NRM sympathizers saying it was all fair game and righteously so. As the opposition have activists, polling agents and MPs barred behind bars as effect of this by-election. Heck, Zaake MP is still in the hospital because of it all.

The NRM can lie to themselves. They can do their pre-ticked ballot, stuff the ballot-boxes and come with all the security agencies they can muster. Still, they don’t have the popularity or the people behind them. If they did… then the Presidential convoy would have been met with masses on the streets and towns of the district. Which the pictures, the video-clips and everything else proves isn’t true. Even the paying 4k per attendance and ferrying crowds cannot shield the unpopularity of the tyrant and his men.

The Kayunga District By-Election only reflects everything, which is wrong with the political landscape and what the authorities is willing to do. This is not a reflection of the people or the district itself. It is the NRM that imposes itself and uses the state machinery to get their “win”. They are dubious and oblivious to the realities on the ground. Only to have a sort of show of force and “support” which are only made by ghosts and pre-fixed algorithms.   

If Mr. Muwonge believes he won, this fairly. His delusional and needs some counselling. There is a need for a reality check and the same with his party. Because everyone knows the drill and the deal here. It isn’t funny or a joke, but a brutal act of dishonesty masked as an “election”.

If it was sincere and true, the DR Forms wouldn’t be altered and neither the results to reflects the will of the high above. The High Above invested heavy in this election and used all tools at his disposal. He used the army and the police force to his benefit. This man didn’t stop at anything. That’s why we know he had to fix it and make it “believable”. However, you can put sprinkles on a piece of shit, but still, it won’t be chocolates.

So, the NRM can play this one out and claim victory. Though we all know it is hallowed and shallow. It is a fraud and a lie. Just like so many other elections held since 1995. This is just the mere reality and the system continues with the same charade.  

The NRM can celebrate the lie and live on it. However, that doesn’t make it true. In fact, it just makes them silly and look foolish. They are the false prophets who only contains power but doesn’t have the people behind them. Peace.

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