A look into the tragic-comedy called Museveni’s 2021 New Years Address

The tragic-comedy in the affair had 3 elements. Element no.1, for NUP and their media supporters, including the foreign ones, there was no Uganda but Kayunga. Kayunga, Kayunga, Kayunga!!” (Museveni, 31.12.2021).

Let us all be clear that President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni has addressed the nation yet again. I will not look into the whole speech or the New Years Address of 2021. No, someone who can fact-check and look into his wordings can have a field-day. Because, just browsing through it all. There is enough meat on the bone to keep printing alive for another decade, but alas, I will only focus on the ending of the matter. As I knew he would insult our intelligence and wisdom with his uttering, as he has no issues doing so at a rampant pace.

With that in mind… Museveni has be like that… and it just his mannerisms at this point. That’s why I only bother with a snippet of his address, because looking into more is a waste of my time. Even as I have hours waiting for the new years eve to even pop-off and see the fireworks. However, here we are and let’s go…

The second element was our young people in the persons of Nakwedde, Zaake, etc., putting it in their heads that they would not allow the old man with a hat, Ssabalwanyi, to peacefully drive from Kampala and address the NRM leaders at Kayonza Church of Uganda Primary School in Bbale and at Busaana Sub-county play-ground. Of course the Police could not allow that. Hence, there were some skirmishes. This is exactly what NUP did in the General Elections in some areas and what they were planning to do in the whole country if we had not deployed a considerable portion of the UPDF to crush that conspiracy. The idea is to create fear so that the massive supporters of the NRM do not come out to vote. You remember Arua where they even stoned my car and Bobi Wine was driving a grader (tinga tinga) into my convoy. This is self-deception. It cannot work in Uganda. I have given, in writing, guidelines to the Armed Forces to firmly and professionally ensure law and order and discipline in our society. I hereby direct our Media Unit to publicize these guidelines so that the Public is also informed and can knowledgeably audit the actions of the security forces and inform us, if there are departures. Moreover, these guidelines are in line with the Standing Orders of the Police Forces, both here and in many countries” (Museveni, 31.12.2021).

Here there are many things to look into, as the President is glazing over and trying to manufacture lies. That is something he has used his whole career doing. So, at this very point of time that is all he does…

First he blames the youth and leaders who stem from youth activism as Nakwedde and Zaake. These are opposition leaders who has roots in youth activism and that’s why they are targeted by the regime. I didn’t know that brutally arresting MPs is part of standing orders in many countries… wonder why he didn’t bother to mention a few? Secondly, he is glossing over the election violence perpetuated by the standing orders of the police, the use of drones and abductions of opposition leaders, activists and civilians in general. These are things that doesn’t matter to the President. That is very clear.

As he again goes back to the stone and the perfectly shattered window after Arua by-election. Where he and his troops tried to use forged evidence to pin Bobi Wine and his team who held rallies in the region ahead of the By-Election. That is very clear, as he knows there been several of arrests in connection with the Arua-Stone, but only one old man was taken into custody in the end. However, he uses this propaganda moment as a tool for suppression of the opposition to this day.

We know that his troops, police and security agencies has killed during the campaigns, in the November 2020 massacre and in safe-houses. As well, as using violence to incite fear into the ones that dissent and goes against his rule. That’s why boxers, musicians and Muslim Clerics has been targeted of late, because that is a reality the President doesn’t mention. Since these lives was only taken to silent people who was in his way and that the government suddenly feared one reason or another.

The third element of tragic-comedy were the protestations by NUP that Muwonge of NRM had won by cheating. I did not know that NRM actors had enough energy to cheat because most of the time they are asleep and allow the opposition to intimidate people, cheat, etc. Why only cheat in Kayunga? Why not in the few other areas where NUP won? Kayunga, Buganda and the whole of Uganda are, politically, NRM territory. Why? It is because the NRM has done more for those areas than anybody else, the internal weaknesses within NRM, notwithstanding. We are handling the internal weaknesses, including corruption. The opportunistic opposition will be wiped out. Those concerned with ballot stuffing, etc., why do they never support my plan for only electronic voting with thumb-prints? It is the opposition and their collaborators, that always avoid voting electronically. We should amend the law to stop all non-electronic voting. That is what democrats should be demanding” (Museveni, 31.12.2021).

We know that Museveni have to play like a victim and the NRM is the victim of things. Even when there is no reason for it. Like when he calls it tragicomedy for the NUP to say Muwonge cheated. That is easily to state when there was reports, declaration forms and evidence of the NUP victory. Not the results announced, but what the paperwork said. So, when the President calls it comedy. It is sad that the President uses so much energy on a rigged election by-election. However, he still has to lie about Arua By-Election in the end of 2021. So, that says enough really…

As I continue… the President will always say the NRM has done so much. At one point he did achieve things and deserved credit for it. However, with time that has dwindled and it isn’t what it was. The President haven’t made the Baganda or the Central Region great. Neither has he invested or ensured relevance there. That can be said about a lot of regions and districts in the Republic. As the Western Uganda and Ankole would feel more blessed, than elsewhere with fancy hospitals and roads. Just like the appointees from the region too over the year.

Museveni also suddenly wants all to be electronic voting. When it’s just a hot-minute ago he wanted all voting to be happening in lines. We are supposed to forget that? The President wants the ability to electronically rig the elections and the thumb-prints will not resolve the ability to trick the algorithms, which he needs to ensure a victory. He claims the opposition is against this and that’s with reason. However, if he wants the electronic voting means the President cannot order a media-blackout or internet blockade, which he has done in the recent elections. Would the President dare to do that and show the sinister actions of his regime during the campaigns and during the polls… So, if he want to unleash everyone to see and be able to leak information, because he wants electronic finger-prints. Do I believe that would stop the rigging? No, because there is magical ways of tricking algorithms and other technical means to get the “right” results of an election.

This is just … Museveni Museveni Museveni … and nobody is shocked in 2021 and neither should anyone be in 2022. Peace.

Kayunga By-Election: Some things never change…

It’s now official by the authorities and the state, that the winner is National Resistance Movement (NRM) own candidate for LCV Chairman in Kayunga District, Andrew Muwonge. We shouldn’t be surprised or shocked by this.

That the Electoral Commission and the state machinery has rigged it in their favour. Making magical numbers and ending up as “winners”. Hearing NRM sympathizers saying it was all fair game and righteously so. As the opposition have activists, polling agents and MPs barred behind bars as effect of this by-election. Heck, Zaake MP is still in the hospital because of it all.

The NRM can lie to themselves. They can do their pre-ticked ballot, stuff the ballot-boxes and come with all the security agencies they can muster. Still, they don’t have the popularity or the people behind them. If they did… then the Presidential convoy would have been met with masses on the streets and towns of the district. Which the pictures, the video-clips and everything else proves isn’t true. Even the paying 4k per attendance and ferrying crowds cannot shield the unpopularity of the tyrant and his men.

The Kayunga District By-Election only reflects everything, which is wrong with the political landscape and what the authorities is willing to do. This is not a reflection of the people or the district itself. It is the NRM that imposes itself and uses the state machinery to get their “win”. They are dubious and oblivious to the realities on the ground. Only to have a sort of show of force and “support” which are only made by ghosts and pre-fixed algorithms.   

If Mr. Muwonge believes he won, this fairly. His delusional and needs some counselling. There is a need for a reality check and the same with his party. Because everyone knows the drill and the deal here. It isn’t funny or a joke, but a brutal act of dishonesty masked as an “election”.

If it was sincere and true, the DR Forms wouldn’t be altered and neither the results to reflects the will of the high above. The High Above invested heavy in this election and used all tools at his disposal. He used the army and the police force to his benefit. This man didn’t stop at anything. That’s why we know he had to fix it and make it “believable”. However, you can put sprinkles on a piece of shit, but still, it won’t be chocolates.

So, the NRM can play this one out and claim victory. Though we all know it is hallowed and shallow. It is a fraud and a lie. Just like so many other elections held since 1995. This is just the mere reality and the system continues with the same charade.  

The NRM can celebrate the lie and live on it. However, that doesn’t make it true. In fact, it just makes them silly and look foolish. They are the false prophets who only contains power but doesn’t have the people behind them. Peace.

Kayunga District By-Election: Latest updates…

Electoral commission officials have admitted to being behind the pre-ticking of ballot papers which we found in the ballot box at 6:20am, they say it is an order from above” (NTV, 16.12.2021).

Today, it’s revealed that there are pre-ticked ballots and stuffed ballot boxes for this By-Election. The few polling agents able to cover and participate was able to reveal this online. That says it all about what the state planned for this race.

The state security agencies was busy last night arresting opposition activists, NUP polling agents, NUP supporters and journalists in the district. As unknown amount of people was ferried to the Naggalama Police Station. This just shows what extent the state does to win this by-election. They are not even trying to show some sort of modesty here.

The pre-election violence and the usage of state machinery isn’t new. The same with the house-arrest of Bobi Wine for “safety” reasons. As the same old trick and modus operandi. While arresting bodyguards and gardener. Shows, the state is exposing it’s tyranny to world to see.

This is done over a by-election and one districts need for LCV Chairman. That says it all and shows what the state is willing to do. The NRM cannot be popular or have the will of the people. When they are using these means to win. The Yellow isn’t strong, but mediocre and weak. Since, they have to pre-tick ballots, stuff ballot boxes and use the security agencies to stop eyes from watching the polls. That is just seriousness of it all.

We shouldn’t be shocked or surprised, this is what the state does and they have invested the army, police and the whole machinery behind it. Therefore, it would be a disgrace and be humiliating, if the public showed interest for someone else. Peace.

Kayunga District By-Election: Shows everything that is wrong with politics these days

The National Resistance Movement and the ruling regime continues to impose itself. Where it uses all of its might, state apparatus and means to silence it’s critics. House-Arresting Robert Kyagulanyi, arresting his bodyguards and even his gardener. While beating Francis Zaake MP to pulp.

The NRM showed up with buses and their black mambas. The whole Presidential convoy and team. Where all there to bash in glory and anticipate a easy victory. Harriet Nakwedde the NUP LCV Candidate for Kayunga District was beaten and hurt as well. This is really unheard of and shows the “multi-party” democracy that NRM preaches about.

The army and the police was all active during the day. It is clear that the NRM does intend to use every trick in their book. The state promised that anyone could enter and campaign in Kayunga district. However, that was big fat lie. As Bobi Wine was without any warrants or charges house-arrested. He wasn’t allowed to leave or participate in Kayunga district. While the Prime Minister Nabbanja and the President could easily pass through the district.

Nobody should care about Andre Nuwonge at this point. His just another pawn by the regime. Today was the final day of campaigns, which ended with tear-gas, state sponsored violence and impounding a sound-truck of the opposition.

While the NRM was busy with scheduled voter-tourism, using security agencies in their favours and trying to silence the opposition. That just shows what is wrong in the Republic. There is no fair playing field and the NRM just vicious attempt to bush-whack everyone else. Not that this is any new or anything. It is just so deliberate and the efforts are clear as day.

We know it’s bad when Zaake MP had to sent to Jinja hospital for treatment. That is just what the Special Forces Command does and what the security agencies are paid to do. There was several of others who was wounded too. Just so the NRM can prove a point in the district.

It is horrific, but this is how Museveni have made the political landscape and this is in his vision. He speaks of unity, but uses the violence against anyone in his path. There is no self-reflection or concern of civlians, but just the continued oppression of the ones who is in his way. Peace.

Ssegirinya MP is detained at SIU Kireka [and faces treason charges]

Fred Enanga: “We want to inform the public that Hon Ssegirinya Mohammad has also been rearrested on fresh charges of treason and incitement to violence by the joint security task team of investigators” (…) He has been transferred to the Special Investigations Division, in Kireka for further statement recording and action” (Uganda Police Force, 27.09.2021).

The MP isn’t only facing the charges in the murders of Masaka. Now, the Uganda Police Force is saying his facing treason charges as well. The state is clearly using all means against him. The National Unity Platform (NUP) MP is a target and that is evident. As there is no proof or evidence for it.

The UPF Spokesperson shows that the authorities had it all planned. As he was released on-bail and the first second of “freedom”. They arrested him again and now they are detaining him at the SIU Kireka. This will prolong his agony and lack of freedom.

The state is still not producing any proof, evidence or affidavits in-concern to the MP. Ssegirinya MP will face long time and more trials. The state is really pushing him. They didn’t Court Martial him, but this is evident that the state is making new charges and “treason” is something that keep him behind bars for a long time. In a way, where he is seen as a danger to society and that’s why they keep him without producing anything.

This is tragic, but how they do. A Joint Security Task Team had a plan and this is how they execute it. Instead of finding or investigating real criminals. They are using the authorities as means to politically intervene and make Ssegirinya MP an example of their impunity. Peace.

Ssegirinya MP kidnapped by a “drone” [and kept at a unknown location]

MP Mohammad Ssegirinya rearrested moments after being released from prison after being granted bail by court. Accused of murder, attempted murder and terrorism in relation to mysterious murders in Masaka. President Museveni on Sat said it is not right to release murder suspects” (Radio 4/103.3 FM, 27.09.2021).

Again and again, the authorities and security organization takes their freedom to obvious levels of impunity and injustice in the republic. This tends to happen to a chosen few and Members of Parliament who happens to big-deal opposition members. Therefore, Kawempe North MP Ssegirinya are now not only charged for murders in Masaka. He will be arraigned elsewhere as well.

That is why he was arrested by yet another security organization. If it is Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI) or Internal Security Organization (ISO). Heck, one of the army units could have done this today. Because, this are just preparing the MP to be arraigned before the Court Martial. As an excuse to keep him detained without any need to produce evidence or affidavits to prove his guilt or that he even committed crime in question.

The civilian courts cannot keep the “alleged” criminal forever without production of evidence or proof. The investigation has prove their crimes and not just keep them detained. This just proves how wrongly this is done.

The Police Force and the authorities are catching “criminals” but have no proof or evidence. Heck, their investigations are non-existent. Because, everyone knows these are just political ploys to hit one of their enemies. This is not the mastermind of the murders or behind the murders of Masaka. He was busy getting medical equipment in the Netherlands and upgrade the ambulances there. Therefore, the authorities and law enforcement is blind obedient bureaucrats with no functioning brains. Because, everyone knows what is going on and if their knobs are put together. They might able to pull a trick or two, but this isn’t it.

We have seen this game being played out before. The injustice and injustice is systematic. This was prepared and planned. As the state couldn’t keep him illegally detained in prison. They needed an excuse and the bail made it possible to re-arrest him. Therefore, this vicious means are how the state works.

This is putting the cart before the horse. They are making someone criminal before they have done the crime. By doing that… they are doing something illegal. Simply arresting and taking away someone’s freedom and liberty. Just because they have the authority and ability to do so. Still, that isn’t rule of law or justice. No, this is injustice and nothing else.

The Police and authorities aren’t catching the killers or assassins of Masaka. Instead they are keeping two MPs implicated for existing. This tragedy doesn’t seem to end. The tale for these two will last for months and there will plenty of trials. If not also lots of charges that the state cannot prove. Because it is taken out of thin-air and is as valuable as any of the President’s recent promises during the campaign. Peace.

Mr. Updates aka Ssegirinya MP still behind bars in Kigo Prison

The absence of Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake has caused his Kawempe North counterpart Muhammad Ssegirinya to stay in jail. This is because Zaake committed himself to stand surety for Ssegirinya who is facing murder and terrorism charges but today, he was not available to append his signature on the release form such that Ssegirinya can gain temporary freedom. Ssegirinya was jointly arrested together with Makindye West MP Allan Ssewanyana on September 7th 2021 and taken to Masaka Magistrates Court on charges of murder and terrorism arising from the recent killings of people using machetes in Masaka. They were remanded to Kigo Prison” (97.8 Kazo FM Omushomesa, 23.09.2021).

We should worry that Muhammad Ssegirinya MP has been behind bars for over two weeks. The MP has been behind bars for 16 days. The MP was also allowed bail or temporary freedom in the Courts on the 20th September 2021. This means he could have produced and freed three days ago.

Who knows why his mate and MP Francis Zaake haven’t showed up today. We could worry that Ssegirinya would have suffered the same fate as Ssewanyana today. As he was picked up by a “drone” and taken to an unknown location.

For now we know where Mr. Updates resides. Yes, this is impunity and injustice at it’s highest order. The state is keeping him detained with no burden of proof of his guilt. There is no strong or credible evidence pinning the MP in the crimes charged against him. That’s why we know this is a political motivated case and not a “criminal” matter. He is just a victim of his allegiance and what he represents, which is differing from the ruling regime.

In some concern it is better to know that Ssegirinya is in Kigo Prison. That knowing he could be picked up by random authorities to unknown locations. He could be taken to ungazetted safe-houses and be tortured. Which is something the MP has suffered from before. Therefore, it is maybe even a sad relief that he is left behind today.

Both MPs will not get a fair trial and neither any serious case against them. This a political hackwork to keep them behind bars. They are falsely charged and the state will prolong the agony of the dissenting MPs. Peace.

Opinion: When will the UPF stop blaming the victims?

At this very moment of time, the authorities and the Uganda Police Force are currently busy dropping Press Releases and Press Conferences after the fact. Where they always blame either the victims or some alien outsiders, which are hooligans, hoodlums or supporters of the opposition. That is what the state does and it’s not funny.

This is a endless cycle where the authorities, the law enforcement comes out with guns, weaponry and tear-gas, where they come in with full force and being on guard. To disrupt and disperse the public. That is what they are doing with live-bullets, tear-gas and other means. As they are assaulting themselves and violating the space just to prove their vigilance. And it always happens to appear in front of the main opposition. It never happens around the people supporting the regime. No, then they are onlookers and in good spirit letting processions, rallies and greetings happening.

This is why reading the press releases and the reports from the press conferences are infuriating. They are putting forward narratives to clean their hands. As they have the weapons, the machinery and the ability to cause harm and injury. Still, it is always the fault of the citizen,s the campaign convoy or anyone not associated with the brother who held the gun, throw the tear-gas or acted violently towards fellow citizens. No, it is the injured fellows fault, it is the car of the convoy and for the Love of God. The Opposition should always know better. Still, the same actions and the same meetings are appearing with the ruling regime, but never ever this outcome.

That is why it’s two republic’s at the moment. One for the ruling regime and one for the opposition. It is one police force for the regime and another brutal vile animal for the opposition. The opposition got to act like saints and if not just do all party work at their headquarters. These headquarters can even be raided without warrants too. So, its not like these parties are “legal” in a sense. They are defying the state and the regime itself. Therefore, the Police Force are allowed to breach their human rights and their constitutional rights to assemble. Because, the state is only directly allowed to have one “party”.

This is how it seems. It doesn’t matter who is opposing or working to topple the President on the ballot. It could be a headless chicken at this point, still that chicken would be violated, thrown in jail and would be barbecued very quickly by law enforcement. That is just the sad reality at this point.

The Uganda Police Force always, always blame the opposition. It always has a reason to ambush, besiege and ruthlessly interfere in the campaigning of the opposition. There are some weird hoodlums, hooligans or extremists who plans to undermine the republic and they are always a part of the opposition. It is just a coincidence that it happens again and again. Like we are supposed to believe that and that its a coordinated effort to create insecurity in the Republic.

Alas, that insecurity or unwarranted attack always appears around the opposition. However, if someone sincerely should create insecurity they should have done that around the President and his associates. They are the ones ruling the Republic and running the nation. Not the Opposition. So, these folks they are monitoring and coordinating insecurity is dumb. That’s why you know these arguments are out of thin air and their existence is as shallow as the ego of His Excellency himself.

So, please for the Love of God. Can you stop the madness and the election violence. Uganda Police Force it is steadily happening on your watch and does this make you proud? Is this why the Police Officers wakes up in the morning? To create havoc and put citizens in danger for their political affiliation? Is that your mission and your lives work?

If so… your worthless civil servants. Who are only serving one master and not the whole nation. You are only doing the bidding of one man and not serving the Republic. That is a disgrace and very unfortunate. Because, you could have been proud of your days work. However, you instead have chosen to be beggar of one man. Instead of showing loyalty to all citizens of one Republic. Peace.

Opinion: The UPDF should offer Bobi Wine a tank or a APC [to ensure his safety]

The way the campaign is going for Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) through the Electoral Commission (EC) should give the NUP convoy a tank or even a Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC). That measure should secure his safety.

It seems a bit much maybe, but when your car is shot at. Tear-gas cannisters hitting the windows and live-bullets around the vehicle. The APC is also called “battle taxis” or “battle buses”. A tank is also a armoured vehicle, but more compact than a APC.

Since the EC Security Team isn’t enough or capable of defending or securing the Presidential Candidate. The panzer and such will secure the safety and stop the police from being close to assassinate Bobi Wine and his associates.

The Presidential Candidate Bobi Wine would need this at this point. The campaign cannot continue like this. As they are attacked, ambushed and nearly having skirmishes. The EC Security Detail isn’t enough, as even one of the bodyguards was hospitalized today.

Francis Zaake MP could have died in Jinja today. The shot at the wheel could have also taken lives, as it was a dangerous move just doing that. Bobi Wine had already seen his bodyguard and Dan Magic getting hospitalized.

This after 5 people died yesterday as well. So, it’s not like the NUP and the supporters haven’t seen death. At the Free Bobi Wine demonstrations there was even more fatalities. These will never be truly answered. Just like the ones who died yesterday.

The specialized and armoured vehicle can secure the passage. It neither better weaponry than guns and tear-gas. You need grenades, missiles and bombs to destroy the panzer defence. They need grenade launchers and whatnot to breach through. When they are making the campaign trail look like a war-zone.

When they make it look like a war-zone for him. Maybe, they should give him some military gear to get through the period of time until the polls in middle of January 2021. That would safeguard him in the coming month and a half.

It seems like a bit much. However, when its like this. It seems like the only necessary step ahead. For some it seems much, but the Presidential Candidate needs this. As that is the answer to all the police brutality and election violence from the authorities.

The UPDF would do the right thing to offer the EC a tank or APC so that Bobi Wine could feel safe and actually campaign safely across the Republic. Instead of worrying about the safety about his convoy and his own life. Also, the lives around his convoy as nothing would compare a tank or an APC.

The SUVs are clearly not enough. They are small-fry … and can easily be targeted by the state. That is apparent… and evident by the recent days of action by the state. It seems like a necessity and sadly so. Peace.

Bobi Wine’s car shot at in Jinja

Breaking: Bobiwine’ car shot at,bullets aimed at Zaake in co drivers sit,car tyre shot,Bobiwine survives narrowly. Jinja. “Museveni wants to kill me”– Bobiwine cries out to the world” (Red Paper Daily, 01.12.2020).

Today, there could have bene a direct assassination of the Member of Parliament Francis Zaake, as he sat beside the driver of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. This happened in Jinja, as the National Unity Platform continued to pass through the Republic and campaign. Which have been met with hostility from security personnel. These have assaulted the convoy and they have directed their weapons at the public.

The 1st of December 2020 have already been tragic in concern to the NUP campaign and the NUP convoy. As the bodyguard ASP Kato and Dan Magic is hospitalized. Therefore, today has been bloody enough and the state has served so much injustice already.

However, the state amped up and as the convoy continued to the next district. The law enforcement was ready and aiming about the car of Bobi Wine. They aimed so closely that they could have killed Zaake. That says how far these guys are taking it. To incite violence and use force against the opposition. When it is this easy to aim and shoot at a car, which you know a Presidential Candidate and his associates are sitting in. Just mere luck and grace saved their lives.

This here isn’t campaigning anymore, but being ambushed by law enforcement. The NUP campaign is met with bullets, tear-gas and violent law enforcement. If this continues, then someone close to Bobi Wine will die, like his driver did in the Arua By-Election. That could easily happen again and even Bobi Wine could be hurt as well. It is just mere luck that nobody died today.

That its mere luck that no one is dying during campaign … Yesterday people did die on the road, as the Police have blamed the supporters for this. Not taking any accountability themselves. Therefore, they will surely make excuses for the pain and suffering put on the campaign today.

The authorities cannot continue like this. Sooner or later more people will suffer. More people will be hurt and it could easily be fatal. As the authorities are using means, which easily could bring fatalities.

Just like Bobi Wine’s message: Our lives are in danger! After blocking us in Kayunga, on the way to Jinja, they blocked the main road & diverted us to a remote road. As if to set us into a ‘kill spot’, they shot the tyres of my car and directly into our windscreen, narrowly missing Hon Zaake and my driver” (Bobi Wine, 01.12.2020).

So, this shouldn’t be happening. This isn’t campaigning. This is sending message, that if you continues. We can kill you and get rid of you. If you can easily move like this and shoot at the car, which a Presidential Candidate was riding in. They cannot defend it … this is despicable and disgusting. Mere luck that nobody was hurt or got a fatal shot. That shouldn’t be a thing, but clearly it is. Peace.

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