Opinion: Kenyatta’s legacy will not be grand

I urge you, don’t be incited. Choose leaders who will ensure this country remains peaceful and united and those who will carry on with the work we already started and not take us back to where we came from, please don’t allow Mwai Kibaki’s 10 years and my 10 years to be destroyed by electing thugs and thieves. Time to play politics will come. But for now, what is more important is for the country to remain peaceful. We should never witness violence in this country because of politics. What we want is to continue with the development agenda so that we can establish industries for our youth to get employment” – President Uhuru Kenyatta on the 29th October 2021

Kenya President was visiting Kiambu and held a rally where he spoke of his legacy and remaining steadfast to it. However, Kenyatta haven’t delivered and he knows it. His allies and comrades have found plenty of plates to eat from, but they haven’t assured or structured the economy for a brighter future. No, the legacy of Kenyatta is more odious debt. While having huge scandals magnifying the use of public office to personal benefits. Therefore, to prolong the agony shouldn’t be in the voters interests.

The Jubilee Coalition and the Jubilee Party saga haven’t been a joyful one. It has been an disingenuous affair of lies and deception. They have come in with promise, but brutally assaulted all hope. What remains are the skeletons and the left behind papers with pledges and dreams of long forgotten past.

Kenyatta have only made himself pompous and great in the name. His actions and his state isn’t in a better place then when he entered. The politicking is more of the same and the businesses aren’t thriving either. Neither is the hopes of a just enterprise and such. Yes, the Courts have deemed his actions unfit, but he still stifled them. Kenyatta have proven himself resilient to court orders and the ideals of judiciary who is independent from his reign. While he could easily set in effect several of enterprises and policy changes, which was illegal.

That is the sort of legacy he will leave behind. There isn’t far from power to the jail-cell. The people who are associated with the President and appointed have misused their offices to enrich themselves. It is not like he doesn’t know and he let it all happen. Surely, he himself … has gotten more wealth and grandeur over the years. Most likely made some adjustments and regulations, which is fitting for the businesses he owns. Like we know the state have done things to the milking industry etc. Therefore, we know the deal and he should be more sincere than this.

Kenyatta might think people are stupid and gullible. We are supposed to forget the Eurobonds and NYS scandals. We are supposed to forget the maize and sugar “wars” or whatnot. Uhuru better recollect himself and cease as an inspirational figure. He has a reputation and a history for a reason. That is why he couldn’t even do things correctly with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), which is totally wasting this second term with.

Kenyatta will not be remembered in a good light. Only his die-hard fans will do that and those are delusional. Because, this man didn’t deliver and didn’t serve his office. There is no justification to continue the legacy of Kenyatta. Unless, you want to give more to the cartels and the industrial parties of the Republic. If you want the unholy trinity to have all access and wealth. While the poor becomes more poor. As the next generation … have to be paid with interests of all the loans he has issued in the span of two terms.

So, please don’t try to sell yourself as a hero when your not. Kenyatta should listen to the ground and what noise that is real. His “yes-men” will not save his grace. They can maybe re-hire a Cambridge Analytica to publish some mockery of content. Still, that will not be legit, because we know the deal and the years in office is the proof of this. Peace.

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