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Opinion: The Dynasties Alliance ahead of 2022

This isn’t shocking or really revealing anymore. Both Jubilee and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) have merged together over time. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga is on the best terms. They are more cooperative and bound together than the President is to the Deputy President William Ruto. Which is setting the main contestant for the next election between the new handshake alliance versus TangaTanga/Hustler Nation Ruto.

Alas, Ruto is a conning man and cannot be taken easy. It is a reason why Kenyatta himself ran him on his ticket twice and merged their parties into the Jubilee Alliance at one point. However, things has gone south and now as we are bound for the elections in 2022. The former mates and running partners are separating ways.

Odinga have brought himself in the wind of things and is now bound to become someone who runs on a sort of succession ticket. Instead of coming as a challenger and as a true opposition candidate. The days of NASA and CORD is long gone. The Handshake and the BBI is clearly a hill both leaders are willing to die on. No matter, if it is constitutional justified or not.

Kenyatta and Odinga is seemingly forming a alliance. That will be in direct competition with Ruto, but also Gideon Moi’s flagship, the One Kenya Alliance (OKA). These things seems to move and change as the days ahead of elections and the final registration to the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

We can anticipate that the other parties are trying to find the strongest and most viable candidate to be behind. So, that they can get a meal-ticket and eat. That is the end-game and what is burden of the elections. To get enough traction and viability to be in the good graces.

That’s why the anticipated merger and alliance between Jubilee-ODM is a significant one. This is a shocker for the ones seeing how the 2013 and 2017, but shows what a handshake does. What it can give and how it can be causing a major fallout of a running mate. They are now in contrast and having two different campaigns. While the Jubilee-ODM is negotiating and figuring out how they will work together. Ruto is in the field and working for his future, which depends on the wannachi.

Odinga is clearly not the same he was in the previous campaigns. He is a man of the government and a ally of the Jubilee. He will not dismiss the Jubilee or what it has done in the previous years. So, if he campaigns now. He will be the candidate that promises more of the same. Odinga will prolong the agony and the debt-ridden government in favour of the handshake, which gave a political capital and ability to be next in line.

Kenyatta also does this to secure his investments, empire and everything he holds dear. Because, if he has an ally in the highest office. This will not be touched or even investigated. As his family wealth and riches will linger on as the times goes on. It is a helping hand to ensure the next one is in favours of yourself. Just like Kibaki anointed himself ahead of his campaigns.

So, Kenyatta is clearly doing the same and issuing a possible pact to secure his future. That’s what this is about, as his second term is in its final stretches and Odinga is willing. As this is the best possibility he has to become His Excellency. Peace.

Opinion: Kenyatta chose the wrong side-kick

I have done much more than I was able to do in my first term in office, why? because I have been able to focus more, working with my colleagues and focus on the development agenda rather than the political agenda” – President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday 14th June 2021 at the State House

President Kenyatta is late to his own party. He is disregarding all the years and the coalition, which he created to get him elected in 2013 and 2017. The President is dismissing his Deputy and his side-kick William Ruto. In 2021 that’s not shocking, as the President and his associate have cleared the shop for TangaTanga associates and the ones representing the Hustler Nation.

We have seen this since the Presidential Handshake. The ODM and former CORD/NASA leader Raila Odinga got a more prominent role. They got a Task Force and a Programme. The two parties did merge and have a collective effort with the Building Bridges Initiative. The Constitutional Reform, which was legally flawed and wrongly introduced to the public. Which again has gotten into judicial jeopardy as the term is ending and the elections in 2022 is steaming ahead.

It is the time to have the next President and the ones to succeed Kenyatta. I wouldn’t be shocked if Kenyatta now announces that he wants to have Odinga as his successor and not Ruto. Because, the fallout have been on display and its been clear as day. The Jubilee and ODM have gotten together and under the same banner. While the TangaTanga haven’t been able to cope with the weird team-up.

Since Odinga and ODM was officially opposition and not a governing party. The ODM and other NASA affiliates was supposed to be the ones that checks and balances with government. Instead, they teamed up and the government had cleared the slate. The ODM was married to the cause and they invested it all in it as well. So, the failure of the BBI is a failure of not only Odinga, but Kenyatta too.

Kenyatta haven’t achieved the promises of 2013 and neither 2017. The Big Four isn’t close and the development projects isn’t viable. The President has only loans and scandals to his name. He has the Handshake, but not the Constitutional Reform to look at either. There is little to nothing he has produced. Other than feeding his cronies and keeping the cartels alive. That’s not much after 7 years and soon 8.

Kenyatta can blame Ruto for the first term, but he teamed up with him. He campaigned with him twice. They were the team that has used the state machinery to tear-gas, arrest and go after the CORD/NASA in the previous campaigns. The opposition coalition went through a lot and still got into an informal role with the government.

It is a reason why Kenyatta doesn’t mention what he has achieved, because there is clearly very little to show for it. He has had two terms and this is what he says. We know he has a shady and mediocre legacy. The President since 2013 should have more to prove and say he did. However, we know his been eating and so has his associates. That was his priorities and in the end that shows.

He can throw the Deputy overboard and say he did little. However, both of these fellas did little too nothing together. The only thing Kenyatta did with Odinga was more of the same, but with no real opposition. This is why he could run so smoothly after the handshake and only the Judiciary that has challenged him. Which is only following the laws and the constitution in doing so. The law everyone is supposed to follow, also the President.

Therefore, it seems that Kenyatta regrets that he went with Ruto. That was the team he went for and he succeeded with that twice. Even if the governing aspect didn’t work. If these gentlemen really didn’t work together. Still, you had the capacity to run campaigns and merge parties to become the united Jubilee. That dream seems to be forgetful now and we can only wonder what will happen to that in 2022. Peace.

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