Shots fired between Kiir’s and Machar’s men in Juba

Machar Kiir

There been reported a shooting and flaring up again after just few peaceful months between President Salva Kiir and VP Riek Machar. The long-dialogue and peace-agreement in the fragile state of affairs as the SPLA, SPLM and SPLA-IO and the all the fractions of the internal fighting, as even the escalated violence and killings Wau of recent have taken its toll… and strained some internal conflicts in the government.

The actions today happen as an Army man of the SPLA shot at a Toyota in Juba. Then SPLM-IO retaliated and actually reported to have scored back at the SPLA, but not verified. There are talks of an initial talk between the SPLM and SPLM-IO leaders tomorrow as the violence are terrifying for the weak bond of trust between the parties. But just as yesterday there we’re reports that even some of the bodyguards of the VP Machar have even stolen the Iphone of the daughter of Salva Kiir’s wedding, so certainly there are some recent grudges between the camps too, even as they have made an agreement.

Also this report: 

“heavy shooting has been reported this evening at around 8pm local time in South Sudan’s capital Juba, the shooting was heard at the site of Gudele. The cause of the shooting is yet clear as many civilians remained indoors in both Gudele and nearby areas. Tension between the former warring parties has been reported by local and international observers after security personnel from IO were gunned down by the govt military intelligent over the weekend” (Wangdunkon Media, 07.07.2016).

Second Report:

There was military clash between 10 of our soldiers (SPLA-IO) and forces of the SPLA at around 8pm this evening in Juba. SPLA forces attacked our soldiers from the protection unit who were traveling in a vehicle on Gudele road in the town. They were taking food to our soldiers who always sleep in the office of the First Vice President to guide it. A number of soldiers have been killed on the other side (SPLA). Two of our soldiers have sustained wounds. The clash which lasted for more than 10 minutes has however stopped and our soldiers have returned to their base at Jebel Kujur. They have however remained vigillant. The situation is tense, but we hope the other side will stop the provocations to resume war” (Juba Hot Pot, 07.07.2016). 

There been just days ago, since there we’re also a rumor of plot to assassinate Dr. Riek Machar of the SPLM-IO, but that is surely not denied or confirmed, as it was to happen from some of the Central Government in the SPLA/SPLM. But this could also be used as a way of securing reasons for their violence and thieving in Juba. As proven the days after. So there is hard to know definitely as the men of both sides, keep their intelligence close and their guns with even trigger fingers.

An in the beginning of July, the 2nd of July to be exact the Presidential Guards of Kiir shot one of the bodyguards of Machar, and for all we know, some of these men might bear grudges instead of talking.

The Report on that shooting on the 3rd of July:

“SPLA-IO sources say they believe the victim identified as Lt.Colonel George Gismala was killed by government security personnel.The killing led to a rise in tensions within some security forces yesterday evening in Juba” (Radio Tamazuj, 03.07.2016)

So we will see how this goes, and if it goes any further, as there is hard to indicate anything and validate the unrest and reports. Peace.  

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