Opinion: Magufuli will win [everything else is just a sideshow]

The campaigns for the October polls are starting in Tanzania. Nevertheless, don’t expect it to be free and fair. The Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) is ruling and they control all parts of government. There are no part of it they don’t toy around with.

The President is the almighty, the greatest ever and mightiest person to ever grace the Republic. He is so great, that you know he will with a huge margin in the up-coming elections. The opposition will either be charged, arrested and detained. They cannot do press conferences, campaign rallies and promote their parties without getting a positive nudge from the authorities. If they say anything, then its sedation, against some sort of statute and they get into legal jeopardy.

President John Magufuli has ensured this mess. He rules supreme. His the second alternative to God. His Excellency is majestic, a royalty of sort and the next in line for Kingdom Come. That’s why he is his grace, the one who no one will dare to question or stand up too.

The President are not allowing statistics published unless it got his blessing. He cannot let the radios, newspapers and such broadcast or publish without writing the things they are supposed too. If they don’t they get suspended or temporary closed.

Magufuli knows all of this. He would like to enjoy the title, the grandeur, but not accept the challenge of the role. The President cannot manage criticism, that’s why his critics are getting into trouble. Magufuli are only able to use the state to his advantage and make it disadvantage for everyone opposing him.

The CCM will win this. The candidates of Chadema and Act Wazelendo will not beat it. They might get some MPs and some representatives, but not anything substantial. The CCM will not give up its power and strength. These other parties will not have chance. Not like the President will give that up.

We can soon await the bracelets for Zitto Kabwe and Tundu Lissu. Just like there are several of other MPs, leaders and activists who will behind bars. That’s why the whole election and polls in October 2020 are just a charade. To make it seem like a democracy, but in reality that is just for play.

If the President believed in it. The President and CCM has decided to make it impossible for anyone else. Don’t expect anything … other than this. This is just the reality.

This election and polls is already fixed. The CCM will win and its only by a random amount of numbers.

Magufuli owns the game… he decides, he signs it off and will be victor. Peace.

Tanzania: ACT Wazalendo – Zitto Kabwe and ACT Wazalendo Party Members unlawfully arrested (23.06.2020)

Opinion: Magufuli is untouchable now!

There was once upon a time a fragile man. A man with ego higher than all the mountains of the world. This man wants everything for himself and doesn’t want anyone to look into his work. His a hopeless romantic too. Why you say? Well, he wants everyone to give him roses and show him love. The people are supposed to praise him, dance for him and in behind closed chambers lap-dance. This is the life of President Joseph Pombe Magufuli.

Every step this man has taken in office has on a self-centred rally for more control. There is no steps which isn’t insulting the intelligence of men. The state and him can look into all the dirt, the damage and use all means to silence critics, journalists, activists and opposition figures. However, touching the President and his team is a cardinal sin. The pope, the closest to God isn’t as Untouchable as Magufuli.

Today we have gone further step in line of royalty and making him king supreme. The ego of this megalomaniac has no boundaries. This man will destroy everyone around him, but he expects everyone to be kind and pleasant around him. That is why the Parliament passed the Written Law (Miscellaneous Amendment) No. 3 of 2020.

In that law there are three sub-sections, which matter to the President. One where they are amending the Basic Rights and Duties Enforcement Act Cap. 3. Where they changed it to do this:

It is further recommended to introduce a new subsection which requires all suit or matters against the Heads of Organs of the State to be instituted against the Attorney General. The proposed amendment intends to enhance the provisions relating to immunity of Heads of Organs of States” (Written Law, 2020).

The second is an amendment of the Law Reform (Fatal Accidents and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, Cap 310. Which states this:

It is proposed to introduce new section 18A which enables suits or matters against the National Leaders (President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker or Chief Justice) to be instituted against the Attorney General. The proposed amendment intends to enhance the provisions relating to immunity of Heads of Organs of States” (Written Law, 2020).

We can clearly get the memo from this. The President and his team is immune from all suits, civil suits and any court proceeding while in office. In essence making the President above the law. Also, the rest of his high ranking officials are avoiding the law too. As they got to go directly a the Attorney General since the President and his appointed fellows are above the law. There is no other way to look at it. They are having immunity from prosecution and sued for their possible abuse of the law.

Just to top it off, the third one is here:

Part XIII of the Bill proposes to amend the Presidential Affairs Act, Cap. 9. It is proposed to amend section 6 with a view to deferring any civil proceedings against the President on his capacity as a citizen until when he ceases to hold office” (Written Law, 2020).

The first two provisions or amendments are while in office. However, this third one is that his immunity last until he finished in office. That means as long as his in office his untouchable. There isn’t any court or suit that can be filed against him. How petty and little are you? You have the most powerful office of the Republic and you cannot manage suing you for your unjust behaviour?

That is the sort of man Magufuli is. He wants ballads written about him, he wants soft porn poetry from the sweetest lips whispered into his ears. The President needs the constant validation and assurance that only he can be on top. The Executive, the Head of State needs to be looked after and given credit for the slightest thing. That is why this man wants all the glory, but doesn’t want to be accountable. This is the sort of man the President is and have become over the years.

That he now wants to be above the law isn’t shocking. If he wants to be self-styled President of Life. Wouldn’t be shocking either. As he has given no way to anyone speaking up against him. This man will dig the graves of the persons in his way. Soon, he will hire mercenaries to get rid of the ones daring to challenge him. There is no concern of life, unless its his. His life is more important than anyone else in the Republic.

The stars, the moons and the sun first shines on President Joseph Pombe Magufuli. After that it might glean towards us. However, remember it always on his highness first. He is the priority, the Very Important Person (VIP) and the who cannot be touched. Peace.

Tanzania: Magufuli you can declare something gone, but that doesn’t make it true

I wish you were right Mr. President. I wish the results was true, but your actions says otherwise. President Joseph Magufuli, its hard to trust you. When you have not published COVID-19 or Coronavirus results for over 5 weeks. At the same time there is revealed in Kenya and Uganda, that Tanzanian drivers are tested positive for it on the regular.

President Magufuli, the Declaration isn’t making it true. It would have been perfect and genuine, if it was true. It would have been bloody brilliant. There should be celebration for Arusha down to Dar Es Salaam across the sea to Zanzibar too.

I have a hard time believing that it vanished into thin air. When you only prayed and didn’t do any social distancing, neither acted towards the spread of the virus. You have sleepwalked, you have walked blindly towards the future. The results was so dire the final days of releasing them. This is why I have a hard time it just went away.

When you keep numbers secret and doesn’t publish it. Who knows how bad it really is? I doubt it has gone away. It is more like the game of don’t find it, therefore it doesn’t exists. Or I am not testing for it or contact tracing it, therefore it’s not there. That is losing strategy, because in the end the public will spread it and the public will be positive with it. The results are shown with how many of the truck drivers are positive when they are crossing the borders. It is not like they got a hot minute before entering either Uganda or Kenya. But they had it already as they were passing the border-points.

Magufuli cannot run away from that. The Truck-Drivers are a sign of the failure of containing it. The President can be a coward and not be sincere about the situation. He can act like its not there. However, that doesn’t change the realities. The President knows this, but rather live by his own propaganda. Because its easier to live on a lie than actually do something useful. It costs less and you need manpower to achieve results.

We know that Magufuli lacks character and honour. He is a self-centred individual who needs love every single second of his life. There is not a moment where needs positive energy and vibes. The President needs kisses, hugs, attention and headlines of praise. If he doesn’t get that. His Excellency will go into a temper tantrum and the office will not look the same.

With this knowledge, it’s not strange that the Ministry of Health has stopped publishing their results. Since that hurts the pride and love-meter of the President. That breaks down the scale of love and makes the President walk on needles. The Minister and the directors cannot stomach that pressure and erratic behaviour. Therefore, its easier not to publish something and keep the public in the dark.

That is why to boost his own ego and megalomaniac tendencies he declared the United Republic of Tanzania “free for COVID-19 cases”. However, as long as Tanzanian Nationals are positive on the borders and border-points to neighbour Republics. You know there are stemming and even possible community spread in Tanzania. Not that I want more illness, but the science is very simple. The common sense is still common.

H.E. President Magufuli you can declare something, but that doesn’t make it true. It only make it obvious that you want to be dubious. This only shows your intention of keeping the world in darkness and you thinking your own population as fools. We can never know the truth, because you hid that from the world. However, drip drops of the reality crosses the borders every single day. That will undermine your message. Unless, you close the borders, which you never would do. We know that. You know that. That is why we are here and your continuing to live on a lie. Peace.

Tanzania: ACT Wazalendo Leader, Zitto Kabwe, to appeal censorship judgment (29.05.2020)

Opinion: Magufuli, your prayers is not enough, show me your deeds!

When President Joseph Magufuli of the United Republic of Tanzania says by prayer the nation has been healed of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. We can be especially concerned not only by the share rate of Tanzanian truck-drivers testing positive at the border-points to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. However, with the share lack of data, proof and evidence of a setback of cases within the Republic as whole.

The President is living on a prayer and that’s dangerous. Even from a Christian perspective. It’s like he take the biblical principals halfway. Sort of the way he now also takes scientifically proven evidence too. That’s why he tests goats and other things.

In this manner, I will quote a passage from Letter of James Chapter 2: 14-19:

What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder” (New International Version).

This is the sort of scripture I think the President of Tanzania needs, as he acts of faith and trust in the greater God, but doesn’t act. He speaks of trust in God, the whole father of all creation, but doesn’t use his mind or his office to help the ones in need. Instead of using all means, everything he access and wealth of his office. His instead barricading and praying like a fool.

I pity the Tanzanian people, the citizens of Tanzania. That they have to trust in a Head of State. Whose busying praying and mysteriously hope a pandemic virus disappears. While his not using methods of testing, routing the groups of cases nor narrowing the spread by any means. He does have the power to do so. Yes, the numbers would spike first with mass testing. However, if they know the sources and can trace, than they can scientifically stop it. Unless, there is imported new cases and get a second wave.

Therefore, the President can claim faith, but he doesn’t have the deeds. His speaking of peace, keeping warm and being fed. However, he doesn’t ensure shelter, medicine nor treatment. His just hoping things vanish in thin-air. Hoping his faith is enough, which is half-baked approach at best.

Yes. Praying and sending good energy is a good thing. To have faith and believe is God. There is nothing wrong in that, but you should also act as a Christian. As a man of faith and serve the community your apart of and especially if your signalling yourself as a Christian leader. Than, you should act like one and not just talk, but actually do as well. That means not only praying, but behaving within your means.

When your a Head of State, you should use your means and actually serve the whole Republic. The President should do his deeds. Not only live on the prayer. That’s not cutting it, even the scripture disapproves. Peace.

Magufuli’s Comic Relief: Detaining a comedian for laughing

On Tuesday this week, the Tanzanian Authorities has again arrested the comedian Idris Sultan. This after a video of the comedian went viral after he laughed while watching at old pictures of President Joseph Magufuli.

Last time he got into trouble was in October 2019, when he posted a Instagram or Twitter where he changed the face of the President with himself. Because the authorities deemed that actions as disrespectful.

This week, the authorities called it bullying of the President for a man to laugh of his old pictures. If you wondered how little of a man the President and his Team is. This proves it and shows how little it takes to get on his nerves.

President Magufuli should be better than this, but he cannot help himself. He just needs praise, love and care. His the little flower-boy who needs steady support care and is a big baby. The President needs his diaper change, ironed his trousers and enough spoons of sugar in his tea. Because if you don’t do that. Then he will be like a furious dragon spitting fire in the living room. That is who he is apparently.

His such a sheltered and weak man. That cannot manage any sort of ridicule or bad talk about himself. The President is so fragile, that even fine China is more stable and need less care. Because if your acting one milly-second wrong. You can be rest assured, he will tear you asunder or ensure your demise. That boost his little ego and secure that he feels like a tiger.

That is why a comedian cannot laugh at his old pictures. He wants the sweet memories like a Maroon 5 song or Bob Marley. He don’t want someone mocking him or making jokes. That is beneath him. His the king, the pope and the greatest ever walking in suits in the United Republic of Tanzania. Even if he got nothing to show for it.

His the bulldozer, who cannot even be touched. He can touch whoever in his way, but no one can say or even think about this man. If you do, expect someone to lock you up and throw away the key. No one should even consider writing about this man or even spread a malicious word. You will go missing before dawn.

My futile advice to President Magufuli is grow a pair of balls and be a grown ass man in office. Not be a little kid with fire and fury. Be a man who can stomach criticism and actually be a Head of State. Secondly and most importantly in this fashion. Use his office to act with care for his citizens and be responsible.

Because arresting people for laughing of old photos of you. Only undress you Mr. President, that your the emperor without clothes. Instead, of showing your greatness or character. Your showing the world that you got only vengeance. You got no humility and deep understanding of your role. If you did, you would scoff this off and refurbish a hospital.

Instead he does this to himself. Magufuli is the supposed King of the Castle, but instead he acts like the jester. Peace.

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