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Tanzania: President Magufuli showing up to CHURCH at this point is endangering the faithful

We are not closing places of worship. That’s where there is true healing. Corona is the devil and it cannot survive in the body of Jesus” (…) “People don’t argue, we’re too competitive. I pray to the Christian brothers and Tanzanians of all denominations, this is the best time to trust in God than ever, continue to work, continue to build our economy, we cannot surrender our corona disease and fail to trust God and fail to sustain our economy” – Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli

Mr. President these words your saying now isn’t words of wisdom. They are neither smart or wise. They are actually very stupid. As the world as we know is exercising social restraint or social distancing. That is a sport, which hopefully be a part of the next summer Olympics. However, until then, maybe it will be more respected.

To go to a service, prayer meeting or to “church”, usually means a solid amount people in a closed space. They are between closed doors and the preacher/reverent/prophet or priest in the front with a musician, choir and whatnot singing psalms, worship-songs or whatnot. This is being done to praise the lord and collectively redeem the souls and arm the body of Christ. Which in ordinary days are fine. It is golden, that people decides to do this.

However, by continuing this now is foolish. It is ragouts and dangerous. This is endangering the lives of the faithful. This is deceiving them. God gave them a mind and heart, they should use them both. God isn’t based in a building, but everywhere. Prayers can be done from wherever. Singing psalms and reading uplifting scriptures can be done from wherever. God isn’t in a box and only the clergy can reveal the facts of the scriptures. If they say so, they downplaying the Holy Ghost and the whole Trinity itself.

President Magufuli should beg for mercy. His is sending people into big gatherings in the midst of COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Endangering the faithful, the men of faith and the ones whose good Church people. The President is not stopping this or suspending these practices. Because, he believes his praising the devil by doing so. The devil is in the details and when you know something will harm the public. Than you stop it. Even when its usually unharmful. Usually going to church is causing no one harm, unless the local church is playing to high music and destroying people’s earholes while singing worships. That is a well-known phenomenon.

The President should reconsider, if he cares for these Christians and their faith. If he cares about their lives and souls. That is if he does. He should close these churches. Only temporarily. Not forever, but all public gatherings are open gates for transmitting the disease. When you know this, you should not engage it.

If your a Christian in Tanzania, you should defy your President and your clergy. Stay home and pray. Your born with a great mind, God gave it to you. Not for you to spoil it for the tithes of the Church. You are a person of faith, who deserve to live on and pass this pandemic. God can see you in your home and in your neighbourhood. You don’t need to travel to the church now. He see your heart and see your will. His the almighty for a reason and we just his servants.

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is”- Ephesians 5: 15-17 (New International Version).

Still, he gave us wisdom. We got to be faithful, but not naive. We shouldn’t risk our lives to pray together. God will understand. His the biggest big-man and know our struggles. He didn’t create church to make it a gate to funerals. Peace.

Opinion: Magufuli should be consistent [and think before he speaks]

It is evident that when you have a large population you build the economy. That’s why China has the world’s fastest-growing economy” (…) Don’t mind those who tell you otherwise. Set your ovaries free and let them block theirs” – President John Magufuli on the 16th March 2020 at the inspection of Ubongo Intersection in Dar Es Salaam

There are times, where I think the message isn’t consistent with their actions. If President Magufuli would have an explosion of children and a bigger population. Than, the President shouldn’t arrest the female youths and students, who happens to get pregnant. This is public knowledge.

If he was consistent. He would put in place systems, health care and opportunities. So that there would incentive to get babies, hook-up and even get married with kids. Like if he wanted more children to world. Maybe make it more safe, as there is statistics out that 18% of all maternal deaths in the Republic is connected with woman giving birth in the age between 15 to 49 years. That is warning that everything isn’t right.

So, we have two giant issues before we start. Not only that the teenage pregnancy is fought with the authorities. Than, if they get to the hospital there is big chance they are not living. This is really something the CCM and Magufuli should fix before asking more kids to this world. I am sure the World Health Organization and UNICEF has helped for the mortality rate to fall over the last two decades, but Magufuli should facilitate and secure when they enter the gates of hospital.

What is also striking: Shouldn’t you empower ladies to more than just being a womb for future kids? Is that their only value Mr. President?

You know want a big population and being able to challenge Nigeria and China. However, than make the woman empowered and systems to give them incentives. They are reflecting human beings not walking wombs. That is really a bad view of it all. It just all paternalism and chauvinism in general. It is not a good look.

Mr. President be consistent, be reflected and think before you talk. You must think little of the people and of the other gender. When you says stuff like this. As a man, I am disappointed. I cannot imagine how a woman would feel about this. Especially, knowing that this is how he values you.

Mr. President your a bulldozer and as tits on a bull. Because, your certainly have to come with a complete program from the cradle to the grave. You better amp up a welfare state, functional hospitals and child-care units all across the Republic. That is if your sincere, if not this is just hogwash coming out of your mouth. Peace.

Statement on the situation in Tanzania: “Rule of law and the freedom of political activity in Tanzania must be guaranteed” (13.03.2020)

Tanzania: The gloves are off, as the CHADEMA 9 is sentenced

If you think it could get darker and more grim under President John Pombe Magufuli and his Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM). Well, today is dawn, the sun has stopped shining. This is ahead of elections and CHADEMA 9 is sentenced in Dar Es Salaam. Expect more Opposition leaders to be detained. For holding rallies in their constituencies.

Today, CHADEMA National Chairman Freeman Mbowe together with Halima Mdee are both sentenced together with 7 others. Mbowe was guilty in 12 out 13 charges against him. The MPs holding their meetings or rallies was not seen as valid. They had permits, but they moved, therefore, seen as unlawful assembly and civil disobedience. Meaning they are guilty too. This is a clear message from the judge and the authorities.

Earlier in the day, the people who tried to stand around and demonstrate for CHADEMA and the accused was all picked up on pickups and arrested on the spot. The Anti-Riot Police was outside securing the premises. Several of citizens was picked up and arrested by this measure. As plenty of people wanted to gather and follow the judgment in Court today.

This means today, the CHADEMA 9 is ready for conviction and serve time as political prisoners. The leaders of opposition, arrested and detained by the authorities. In measures beyond the greatness of the United Republic and its history.

The CCM is now shambolic in its affairs, as they are targeting every single opposition party and leaders with criminal cases and sentencing them. We can clearly see, there is no bound and the laws are made to criminalize the opposition. As we are never seeing the same efforts being done to the CCM’s own.

Today is a grim day. CHADEMA was targeted and now lost several high ranking leaders. God knows for how long, but this case is significant because of the stature of Freeman and Halima. Tanzania isn’t free, only CCM is free. Peace.

Tanzania: CCM Secretary General Bashiru Ally spilled the beans

The one who owns the benefits of the state use that state to remain in power. That’s the truth. ” Dr. Bashiru Ally on ITV (06.03.2020).

Today on TV the Chama Cha Mapindzi (CCM) Secretary General Bashiru Ally was a bit sincere on the broadcast today. A bit to honest. Not that its shocking nor surprising. CCM has been using the state to stop the Opposition from organizing or dissidents from speaking up against the state. So, it all make sense. As the CCM are gearing up for the up-coming elections in October 2020.

These elections will be neither free nor fair. The CCM will control it, monitor it and exercise its right to stop the ones in its way. This is what the CCM does, because it owns the state and will use the state stay in power. They don’t intend to hand over this power, the authorities nor the security agencies, who keeps them in power.

He also said this:

CCM is not an election party, it is a leadership party, so we are involved in leading the development. Political parties who want to take us out of power should know that we have a guarantee” – Dr Bashiru Ally on ITV (06.03.2020).

Therefore, this is no doubt in my mind, that CCM doesn’t plan to play fair neither let the state be independent actor in the upcoming election. This election will just be a sessions to secure and validate the mandate of CCM. Not ensure the will of the people nor the ballots either. They are just there to proclaim the sham.

The CCM will use the army, police and whatever else needed to ensure the victory. They are guaranteed to own the state and to continue to have the benefits of state. This is clearly saying the security agencies will be on their side. They will use the state and that’s because it want to stay in power.

There was no slick saying or wording shielding it. He said it straight. The Secretary General of the ruling party says they will use the state and its benefits to stay in power. It would be negligence to not do so. Therefore, the elections are indirectly just a sham and a PR stunt.

They will downplay this and when this hits the fan, but the truth is out. The cookies are out of the jar. They can now be eaten and digested. Peace.

Kabendera is free: However two articles published right before [his arrest] shows why he was detained…

Erick Kabendera, the freelance investigative journalists who was arrested on the 30th July 2019. Whose been in jail ever since. First they looked into his citizenship, which was a non-started. Than later he was charged with Money Laundering, tax-evasion and criminal racketeering. That happen later in the year. Since, then he has been detained until 24th February 2020 as he paid a bond of a hefty sum of $125k US Dollars.

Before his kidnap, arrest and detaining of him. He had written two big articles questioning the CCM and President Magufuli. Both of these articles was in The East African. Like on the 6th July 2019 ‘Electoral body now moves to seal the fate of Lissu’ writes this:

But, irrespective of the outcome of his push for his reinstatement, political pundits say Mr Lissu’s return to the country will likely currently limping from the effects of a campaign to close all political space and shut all avenues for anyone to mount a credible challenge against President Magufuli for the presidency next year” (Erick Kabendera, 06.07.2019).

Later in the month before his arrest, this was co-written with Christopher Kidanka in The East African, which is titled ‘Could Tanzania’s Magufuli second term bid face opposition?’ on the 20th July 2019. Where he states this:

Former CCM secretaries-general Abrahman Kinana and Yusuf Makamba last week issued a letter alleging a plot by powerful people in government seeking to frame former CCM and government leaders for treason. The letter has attracted counteraccusations from President Magufuli’s loyalists who stand by their claims. The president’s supporters accuse former party leaders, including the authors of the letter, of ganging up to undermine the party and go against its tradition of allowing two terms in office for the presidency.” (Kabendera & Kidanka, 20.07.2019).

Clearly, these sort of reporting is humiliating to the President Magufuli whose expected to be praised to stars, the moons and the above the skyline. The CCM is supposed to be unison and follow the President blindly. That’s why Kabendera’s articles are earth shattering. Because, this is the sort of written scoops, President Magufuli doesn’t want to have out.

He wants headlines of brilliance, greatness and be the glorified bulldozer. The man who makes changes, big-business and generate wealth for the United Republic. He doesn’t want to look foolish, ignorant or stupid. Neither does he want any dissent in the CCM party. That is why these two articles are a reminder of what Magufuli hates and had to make-up charges to get Kabendera behind bars. Peace.

Tanzania: Mashinji’s deflection is a propaganda victory for CCM

In 2016 CHADEMA National Chairman Freeman Mbowe wanted a man who was an intellectual and appointed Dr. Vincent Mashinji. 4 years later the same National Chairman wanted someone more mature and appointed John Mnyika as the Secretary General. That is why in the end of December 2019, Mnyika took over the office of Mashinji. This means Mbowe appointed his Deputy Secretary General to his Secretary General before the 2020 elections.

However, today, Mashinji went over to Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM). So let us be reminded what the man has said about CCM in the past. Like what he said of the former Presidential Candidate and former Prime Minister Eward Lowassa who also deflected to CCM last year.

there are no votes in for Edward, no big crowds, all those are votes for Lowassa, it is our power, not to lie, citizens supported us to look for change and not following him so he doesn’t think that citizens are stupid that he will drag you in the morning let us go here in the evening” – Dr. Vincent Mashinji (March 2019).

We can wonder if people will tell that story to him too. That Vincent will not bring the voters CCM from CHADEMA. It is typical of the season ahead of elections that people are moving parties. However, it is brave for a man saying he would champion the CHADEMA to the State House in 2020 to actually join the CCM and the State House in 2020. You know what I am saying?

So, his move isn’t in his dire interest of change nor “development” unless his sold out all of his ideals. To succumb to the pressure and become a member of the ruling party. Because, it seems like a ploy to help CCM counter CHADEMA ahead of 2020. For them to again show they have former important figures of the party in their ranks.

Mashinji knows the drill of the opposition. He has gotten arrested, caught cases and been blocked from travelling abroad. The pain and suffering, the lack of freedom and even holding press conferences. He knows all this. Still, with that pain, maybe the humiliating way he had to leave his office of CHADEMA was the last touch.

What we do know is that Mashinji moves parties to eat. He goes for safety and security. Especially, when the political platforms on the outside of government is becoming smaller. The opposition is getting more into legal trouble and the Magufuli regime towards them.

Vincent knows all of this and still he will now comply to this. He knows the ills and now he becomes another stooge. He wasn’t a intellectual renegade, just someone into the office and the main role. When he lost that appointment, he went quickly elsewhere, as two months was all it took for him to deflect. He didn’t even need a push.

Well, Vincent wont reign in the voters, but his a propaganda victory for the CCM. Just like Lowassa was last year. The CHADEMA continues to give CCM this. Peace.

Opinion: Lungu and Magufuli are two sides of the same coin

This week has been a lesson, people should be aware that the Zambian President Edgar Lungu and Tanzanian John Pombe Magafuli are using similar tactics to stifle their opposition leaders. These two gentlemen in power is using their authority and state apparatus to stop them.

President Lungu will most likely target his main competitor Hakainde Hichelema (UPND), expect that HH will be in trouble regardless. HH was not only targeted by the Police and used tear-gas on the crowds as the President wanted to hold his rally at the same town. Lungu instead of being a statesman. We couldn’t expect that ahead of the elections in 2021. As the Zambian authorities have blocked rallies just because they lack space in their prison locally last year. So, don’t expect HH to not get into legal trouble and somehow get the blame for the violence ushered from the state. Because, that was a guy like Lungu does.

President Magufuli will continue with his rampage and oppressive behaviour towards the opposition. This will be centred at ACT-Wazeledo Zitto Kabwe and CHADEMA’s Tundu Lissu. They will struggle to hold rallies, to get people to be candidates or even charged with money laundering. So, that they cannot be on the ticket against Magufuli. That is what the likes of Magufuli does. He will do it in the election year and all justification is national security, but they always hit the opposition and their candidates.

Lungu and Magufuli are using their tools, the state and their office to ensure yet another election. Don’t expect this men to play fair. Neither do they have any ideals, mythical ethos or a paradigm shift that will make a difference in their republic’s. Why do I say that?

Well, if you cannot compete in the political sphere on ideas, manifestos or political framework in general. Because, there is no space to do so in these respectable places. Since they cannot accept a fair competition, neither free nor fair elections coming up.

HH in Zambia, Kabwe and Lissu in Tanzania will all be in trouble as the elections are getting near. Their Presidents cannot manage to deal with opposition, neither with someone who has character or has the ability stand their ground. That is why, they got to make their ways illegal. To silence them and stop their movement. They will charge them with money laundering, treason or whatever thing they pin on the gentlemen. That is what the likes do.

If these presidents was sincere, they would have made them able to campaign and do internal party works. Even hold Press Conferences and so-on without meeting the courts. However, they are not allowing it. That is why they cannot stand for anything else, than themselves and their own glory.

A glory that will fade, a lack of acceptance and understanding of other human beings. Because, everyone supposed to follow the Presidents without any consideration. If they question them, you better keep it silent and not talk about it. Since, they might track you or let you into the same trouble as the opposition leaders.

These leaders doesn’t target goals or development at this point. They target their own will to stay in power and use any means to do so. If you think otherwise. Check their track-record and their platforms. Peace.

My Letter to President Magufuli: Seems like you need some love 4.0

22nd December 2019, Oslo

Dear President John Pombe Magufuli

We’re entering the seasons of forgiveness and the time of redemption. Where the supposed love of God came into the world as the saviour, as a little baby; who entered the world and had to flee to safety as refugees in Egypt until Judea was safe for them.

In the hope, which Jesus brings, as the King of Kings, whose birth and birthday is celebrated on Christmas. We are surely, seeing less holy and less redeeming factors from your government. They are not forgiving, neither governing with solidarity nor care for the citizens.

Instead of giving people hope, your spreading the message of fear. People are abducted and arrested by authorities. Comedians are charged and arrested for posting pictures on social media, journalists whose doing their jobs goes missing, sealing their fate in prison and awaiting a new journey to freedom. Political parties are attacked, silenced and stopped from doing party work by the authorities. That is all done on you watch. Your the man behind these actions and making the civic space very small.

President Magufuli, your the man who steals the gifts for Christmas, your the Grinch. Not that your green, neither a goblin, but your surely not the one character everyone aspire to while looking at a Romantic-Comedy during this season. Your the villain, you are the guy that ensure everyone get hurt, because you can and you will.

Since, they are hurting your pride, the achievements you have made and the supposed greatness you deserve. They are distorting your image, they are in you eyes vicious. Therefore, you use the state apparatus to silence them. Either by the hook or by the crook, the result is that they get booked.

In his mind, there is no feast, it is no parcels of chocolate, no sweet treats or care-packages for loved ones. Only assaults on their liberties, freedom and ability to speak. If a journalists undermine you and your party, they will be arrested, loose their license to broadcast or get suspended for a few days. If it is an activists or a trade-union leader, they will be abducted and get charged by the authorities.

That is not love, but selfish actions made to ensure all love goes to you. But the love you get served by your “Yes-Men” isn’t sincere. They are only praising you and your intellect, because if they don’t you do drop them like cold coffee.

We know this, your so needy, even more needy than Ariana Grande. You need more touch and care. You need to smooched, pampered and get the your Tux cleaned before your standing under the mistletoe. That is what you need. The Mariah Carey treatment, the whole diva experience, while your supposed to be the head of state.

President Magufuli, your far from father Christmas, your even further from Jesus. Closer to the wish-list of Dax:

Yeah I want Cadillac color matte black (Skrr)

Yeah I want a thick bitch with a fat ass (Hm)

Yeah I want a crib to crash with a pool and a court and a golf course all in the back (Yah)

Yeah I want Gucci, Prada coupled with a million dollars

Instagram a million followers” (Dax – ‘Dear Black Santa’ (23.12.2018).

It seems like you want everything and with no concern, you want all people to love you, but your actions is of fear and intimidation. You want to control everything, but instead of trusting people, your micro-managing them. That is not how you get good results, but get people wondering when they are next.

That is not very Christmasy. That is why there is no Clause, there is no Santa within you. Only selfishness and self-centred motives, which overcome everyone else.

We know you need L-O-V-E Mr. President, but your actions of 2019 isn’t that, it only shows your lack of tolerance, care or even lack of heart. It has been heartless, and therefore, hard to give you any credit. Since, people are suffering and they are doing it because of you. Which is not right at all.

Mr. President. It is time for you to Netflix and chill. Time for you to consider how you want to be remembered, as soon your preparing for another term and another election. You are not the bulldozer anymore, your the silencer.

Lover is a helluva drug, but in your case. For many your the distorted EX, which scorned them. Seemed so promising, but ended up in a nightmare. Peace.

Best Regards

Writer of Minbane

Tanzania: CCM leaves the Continental Human Rights Court, which is located in Arusha!

The United Republic of Tanzania revoked or withdraw from the African Charter and the Protocol, which states their membership and the possible rights for trying cases from the state its located in. This means the African Court on Human Rights, which was opened in 2004 and based on the “Banjul Protocol” from the year of 1993. Therefore, the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) are leaving the Courts after its been existing for 15 years on its own soil.

That’s why its rich for all other African Countries to ratify and be apart of this, when the one state where the Courts are, doesn’t have a mandate to investigate and follow up cases. As the CCM and the United Republic of Tanzania withdraws from the Court connected to the “Banjul Protocol” on Human Rights. That is how faulty and week it is. As it sent its declaration signed on the 14th November 2019 and delivered to the African Union by the Permanent Mission to the African Union (AU) on the 21st November 2019.

This is what stipulation they used:

4. For any State Party ratifying or acceding subsequently, the present Protocol shall come into force in respect of that State on the date of the deposit of its instrument of ratification or accession.

5. The Secretary-General of the OAU shall inform all Member States of the entry into force of the present Protocol.

6. At the time of the ratification of this Protocol or any time thereafter, the State shall make a declaration accepting the competence of the Court to receive cases under article 5 (3) of this Protocol. The Court shall not receive any petition under article 5 (3) involving a State Party which has not made such a declaration. 7. Declarations made under sub-article (6) above shall be deposited with the Secretary-General, who shall transmit copies thereof to the State parties” (Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Establishment of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, 1993).

So, now the Tanzanian government withdraw themselves from the Banjul Protocol. They have now left the Court, which is located in Arusha. Until CCM did this, it was 26 countries, where the cases could be heard from here, but now its 25. that is really rich from the President and the government there. It is like the United States withdrawing from the United Nations, which has its Headquarters in New York or the French leaving the European Court of Human Rights, which is located in Strasbourg, France.

The CCM left now and has withdrawn itself from the “Banjul Charter” because this state doesn’t want to answer to their crimes against humanity, against the oppression or their acts which limits the citizens their freedom, liberties and possible opportunities to assemble.

That’s why the CCM leaves this court, because its afraid to answer to their actions against their own. They cannot manage to be questioned or investigated, if any citizen or party petition a case and the Courts cannot investigate, since the state has withdrawn. The Court can do this in 25 states, but not in Tanzania where its located.

This Court should be moved from Arusha, Tanzania. It is located in a Republic where the “Banjul Protocol” is ratified and followed. Because, apparently that is not happening anywhere in the United Republic. That ship has sailed under President Magufuli and his team. Peace.

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