Tanzania: Freeman Mbowe is not a terrorist…

The saga involving the Chadema national chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe, took a new turn yesterday when the police said it was holding the opposition leader for questioning over allegations of terrorism and a plot to kill government leaders. The police said in its statement yesterday that Mr Mbowe was being held in connection with the allegations that were also made against six other people who have already been arraigned in court in court” (Evarist – ‘Chairman Freeman Mbowe Held On Terrorism, Assassination Consipracies’ 23.07.2021, Kimataifa.com).

The authorities and the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) leadership is clearly out of bound and not checked in with reality. As they have through the politicised courts charged CHADEMA Chairman Freeman Mbowe for terrorism. That happened after his arrest on the 21st July 2021.

He was charged with terrorism. His lawyers haven’t been able to see and neither has anyone in his family. They wanted to see him at the Police Station and deliver food to him. However, that has been reported as impossible by the Serengeti Post yesterday.

Today, there is reports that his abducted to an unknown location and nobody knows where he is. The Police and the Authorities has dispatched to an unknown cell or dungeon. Just like they have done to government critics, journalists and civic activists in the past.

Mbowe only wanted a revision and question the current day Constitution. That is not a danger to society and neither the supposed mission to change the laws. The laws that is now used against him. The same laws the CCM has countless of times changed to help their stranglehold on the state and utter total control of opposition. Which is why these actions are legal to do, but that doesn’t justify it…

This is a clear indication of the a tyranny under CCM. That they can use these sort of allegations without any evidence. Just like the money-laundering charges on dissidents and journalists in the past. They are using same means now at Mbowe. It is tragic… but the CCM isn’t stopping itself.

This is a game of intimidation and silencing the opposition. Taking a leader of the opposition and making an example of him. There is nothing else to it. The CCM cannot handle the opposition and its easier to make them criminal, than actually having someone questioning their reign. Peace.

Tanzania: The crackdown on the opposition continues(!)

The new President Samia Suluhu and the ruling regime under Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) is continuing using the authorities against the opposition parties and their leaders. This is just days after the report of 300 Bavisha (CHADEMA Youth Council) members was arrested with their interim leader at a hotel. They were planning to hold a political symposium and that was clearly a crime in the United Republic.

Today, the authorities are going for the main party leadership of CHADEMA. Again is Freeman Mbowe and 10 other leaders arrested for having a Political Forum on Constitutional Changes . This is also clearly a crime and punishable by the state.

So, now the BAVISHA and CHADEMA has been directed targeted…. This is not shocking, but a continued spiral of the one-party state and its moves to crackdown on the opposition. The laws under former President Magufuli made it even worse for anyone to organize, run a party or have the ability to politically operate as an opposition. That space and those laws has been helpful for the current President.

She is using the same means and there is no end. The CCM wants to be known for arresting and silencing its detractors. The dissidents and the ones who dares to question the regime is quickly in trouble. If it is free and fair reporting, trolling online or just political activism. All of that can easily send you too the slammer.

Now, the CHADEMA and BAVISHA been directly targeted and gotten huge arrests. Which just shows that the CCM is the CCM, no matter who is the Head of State. Peace.

Tanzania: Chadema’s Youth Council (Bavisha) leaders arrested today

The oppression of the opposition continues in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) continues its use of authority and the state to stop the opposition from holding meetings or symposiums.

Today the Bavisha or the CHADEMA’s Youth Council was supposed to hold a Symposium at Boma’s Hotel. The police arrested Acting Secretary General of Bavicha Yohana Kaunya, Twaha Mwaipany and Father Bishop Emmaus Mwamakula.

The police is disrupt the assembly and that’s what they can do. As the restrictive rules and regulations of opposition parties. This is not thing new and making most of the acts of the opposition easily illegal. Therefore, this isn’t shocking, but a part of pattern of the state.

Nobody should be shocked. The CCM at this stage is just holding alive the same rules and restrictive regulations to totally control the opposition parties. That’s how the police can disrupt a Youth Council of CHADEMA and arrest their leaders.

This is not the first time or the last time this will happen. As long as the CCM has supreme power they will do this and its their modus operandi. Peace.

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Magufuli is now promoted to the gates of heaven

The man who believed in prayers, the man who hated statistics, science and whatever else that he couldn’t control. The man who reigned with an iron-fist. Who was starting his second term and his allies was mentally preparing the world for his third term by amending the constitution. The Tanzanian President has now suddenly died at the age of 61 years old.

This man was John Pombe Joseph Magufuli who was elected first as President in 2015 and again in 2020. Both elections marred with violations and irregularities. The opposition was hoodwinked and toyed around with. The state have monitored them and gone after them. All activists and whistle-blowers have gotten into trouble. Heck, if anyone tried reporting that was negative towards the state. They would get charged with money-laundering or get other charges that wouldn’t get them bail.

Magufuli silenced his critics. His party and allies did whatever they could in his time in office to block dissidents and make life harder for them. The opposition parties had to comply with more restrictive regulations. Media was more monitored and had more stipulations. The online content and everyone broadcasting had to be allowed by the state to do so. They had to pay fees as social media profiles, bloggers and vloggers, and so fourth.

Now, the man that was rumoured to have breathing problems and was under weather for a long time. The man who mocking and not willing to take a global pandemic seriously. The man who didn’t want to act upon the dangers of this virus. That man is now gone. They will say he died of a heart condition. That after the rumours had gone wild for days.

Those rumours can now be laid to rest. Magufuli is here no longer. We know however, they will not state it to be COVID-19 as the government like it’s President have been denying the dangers of this virus. They haven’t even taken the warnings or acted with caution. No, they have said national days of mourning and prayers are the solving remedy. Steamy waters and herbal medicine will cure it. Buying the miracle cure from Madagascar CVO – Tambvy, but that was clearly not the solution or the remedy for that matter.

Magufuli was a hero for many, but a tormentor for many as well. The President of Tanzania will go down in history. However, his legacy will be mixed. That’s because of his own actions. He came in with so much promise, but trashed that. Magufuli will be remembered for the self-inflicted and overbearing control. Where he made the party and the Republic laws after his whims. There will be the ones who will make him martyr and a legend.

Nevertheless, CCM will have him for the books and write his name in stone. Magufuli is now gone. He made his own bed and now he got to sleep in it. When you challenge a pandemic with no tools. It will not hesitate to find a body to further the spread. The President who praised his son for overcoming it and drinking lemon water. Clearly, the same didn’t work on him.

The state will not say it was COVID-19. Though breathing problems and heart condition is a neat way to conceal the truth. Especially, when the same Vice-President the other day said he was working behind desk and busy. Now, within 48 hours she says his dead. Funny that, right?

No, its not. It’s calculated. This cardiac arrest is as suspicious as Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi last year. The same of state apparatus being mum or silent. Selling one story, but never telling the whole deal. This is the same, but it’s in Tanzania instead of Burundi. Peace.

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Opinion: Where is Magufuli Part II?

On the 11th March the rumours around the whereabouts and the condition of Tanzanian President Joseph Magufuli had gone spiralling out of whack. There been even more striking rumours since then. Some has even stated that his in coma, cardiac arrest or succumbed to the COVID-19 disease and actually died. Therefore the lack of evidence and proof of his location puts it into more questioning.

There has already been rumours of his stay at the Nairobi Hospital in Kenya. Where he a day later was supposed to leave for India in a ventilator in a helicopter ambulance. While another rumour was that he was flying from Nairobi to Dubai and to final destination of Germany. However, nothing of that has been verified or proven. Not even his supposed stay and treatment in Kenya.

What we do know is that nobody has seen him since the end of February on the 27th February 2021. That is now weeks and its not getting better. The authorities are warning the general public of spreading “malicious” or “fake news” about President Magufuli’s current condition.

This all started with the supposed medical treatment for a possible “breathing problem”. We don’t even know about that, but that could be code for “COVID-19” as that is “extinct” in Tanzania. That is if the words of Magufuli have any value. Then the whole pandemic never hit the Republic and nobody got touched or spread of the virus there. Nevertheless, if the visitors or truck-drivers are spreading it across the borders in the East African Community (EAC).

So we are now 4 more days after the spiralling rumours… still no official verdict. His supposed to sit by a desk and do clerical work. Looking into cases and governmental questions behind closed doors. Nevertheless, the state isn’t delivering any news or proof of that either. They are only arresting people and warning people of speculating about the health condition of their President.

Well, we can only speculate as his incommunicado. The man who usually outspoken. Speaking in churches and on stages. The bulldozer is gone missing. His face should be on a milk-cartoon. Seriously, a man of his character shouldn’t be gone away from the public eye this long. Especially, when the man is the Head of State and its a constitutional question if his in jeopardy. Therefore, the need for proper resolution is dire.

Where is President Magufuli? Is he in Chato, Geita Region? Is he in Nairobi or anywhere else in the world?

The authorities shouldn’t arrest people for questioning or spreading possible rumours about their President. That just shows their lack of information and the lack of work done by the ones in-charge of government communications. The state could have just shown a video or a tape of the President. If not a recent picture and a written statement by the President. Alas, they are struggling to that. So, the minds starts wondering.

President Magufuli where are you and what are you doing? Tanzania Intelligence Security Service (TISS) either has taken detractors on rouse or the state playing a fiddle with everyone. If not they are in a power-struggle trying to figure out a successor. Whatever it is…

It is worrying how little that leaks or is proven. That a man can be gone this long in power. A man who has been so dismissing of the disease.

The truth will eventually come out. Now the rumours are running wild. However, at one point the state and the President have to show up. In one way or another. We just don’t have any idea of how. Peace.

Opinion: Where is Magufuli?

There is several of rumours spreading around… the Tanzanian government is busy doctoring the newspapers of the Nation Media Group (NMG) in Kenya and in Tanzania. They are not allowing these papers across the East African Community (EAC) be able to report what could be possibly true about the location, the status and the condition of the President.

We don’t know for real, if he has COVID-19, if he has breathing issues or is in cardiac arrest. We don’t know if he has a stroke or even is in coma. There is all sort of speculations going on. Joseph Magufuli could be chilling Chato, Geita Region. However, nobody has seen him for two weeks. And on the 10th March 2021 there was reports of him getting treatment at the Nairobi Hospital.

Yesterday on the 11th March 2021 … there is new speculation that he suddenly was moved from the hospital in Nairobi to India. This was done in a hospital helicopter after the Indian Ambassador also visited the hospital, which had already an added security detail and proof of a Very Imported Person (VIP). In the helicopter there should also be ventilator and oxygen for him. However, it is also reported that Raila Odinga is getting COVID-19 treatment at that hospital. So, that is maybe why there is an extended security detail there… but all of that is just mere speculation.

A President, a Head of State should be allowed to have privacy and live life without the public looking into it. However, the President is the Commander-in-Chief and with the responsibility … and there is constitutional duties and legal ramifications for a absence. Therefore… the Presidency isn’t just a mere job, but a station. This is why the President cannot just be lost in action and suddenly resurface. Because, who ran the Republic in his absence? Who was in-charge and had the obligation as “Head of State” while Magufuli was gone missing?

This is why this isn’t a finding Nemo issue. Neither is this a Saving Private Ryan, but serious business.

President Magufuli current condition should be known. His whereabouts and his possible treatment if anything. It would be poetic if he got COVID-19, as the denier and lack of action towards the global pandemic mastermind he is. However, it should also be a lesson in how not to operate, as it bites you in the ass eventually. As you need to flee your own health care system and get treatment elsewhere. Something the citizens cannot afford and not the sort of thing you said they should do. As President you even mocked the internationally made vaccines, the test-kits and the sickness itself.

So, funny that you didn’t drink lemon-water, steam-water treatment and tried herbal medicine. However, saw it fit to possibly get scientific health-care abroad. How fitting, right?

Well… it is just mere speculations… but more droplets are coming and such. There is even those who believes this is a made up Tanzania Intelligence and Security Services (TISS) to discredit the opposition and believes of Tundu Lissu. God knows really at this point…

But… what we do know is that we don’t where Magufuli is and at what sort of condition. There is no common or public knowledge of his whereabouts or how fit he is. He could be swimming in a pool somewhere. Magufuli can be smoking cigars and drinking a pint. If not he could be working on overtime to save his own skin a medical facility, either in Nairobi or in India. Nevertheless, we do not know at this point. Which is really rare… and not cool.

The United Republic deserves better. They deserve to know where their head of state is. This is ridiculous. Peace.

The Rumour-mill says: That Magufuli have been airlifted from Nairobi to either India, Germany or China(?)

The Tanzanian authorities are mull. They are silent. The ones in-charge are not letting any information on the whereabouts or the condition, the President is in. President Joseph Magufuli was reported to airlifted to Nairobi and being taken care of at the Nairobi Hospital yesterday.

That was after some minor reports of escalating breathing problems. Therefore, he was taken away from Tanzania to a secure hospital in Nairobi. The Nation Media Group said an “unknown” African Leader was there. While there was also reports of Very Important Person’s Security Detail there as well. Therefore, it was indications that it could be him. Also, the Nairobi Hospital Twitter page dropped a tweet, which they later deleted. Which stated his treatment and they said he was getting better.

However, today… there is other reports. That his even in cardiac arrest and is airlifted from Nairobi to India. Fichua Tanzania have reported today as source, that the President have flown there. After the Indian Ambassador visited the hospital. The President got an air-ambulance equipped with ventilators and oxygen cylinders. The Fichua claims the Kenyan authorities felt it embarrassing that it was happening in Kenya. Therefore, the clearance for the travel happened in only 20 minutes.

This is a continuation of yesterday and a possible proof of the worsening condition of Magufuli. A COVID-19 denier and someone who has marched ahead with no concern about the global pandemic. Now the virus has hit home and he needs health-care elsewhere.

There is no sort of official records or verification of this. There is only the small footnotes. The President whereabouts is still unclear. The media is numb, the state is silent and his handlers aren’t saying a word. Only the Fichua Tanzania and Tundu Lissu have stated that his airlifted to India today. However, that is yet not proven. This is why that’s still considered rumours.

What is worrying is the non-response and the lack of flow of information. That the Tanzanian authorities isn’t acting upon this and setting the record straight. The Head of State is rumoured to be everywhere in whatever condition they say. That is not a good look. If they think their silence is golden. They are wrong… it is a sign of weakness and not of strength. That they cannot be honest about the whereabouts or the condition his in.

At this moment his either still in Nairobi, India or Tanzania. Some are even speculating that his going first to Dubai on the way to Germany for further treatment there. While the most rumours are in the way of India and smuggled out there.

God knows, but we don’t, but what we do know. Is that karma is a bitch and that has bitten Magufuli hard. Now he has to swallow the bitter pill and get treatment for something he downplayed for as long as I can remember. He now got to drown his sorrows.

The final rumour is that his on his way to China. Which is reported here:

Global Bar Magazine can now reveal that the president probably flew to China for specialist care, which is also reasonable given the historical ties between the countries. A plane from China Southern Airlines left Nairobi at 14:24 local time on March 10. It was at that time that some sources stated on twitter that Magufuli would have left Nairobi for India. The plane has no official departure time and arrived in Nairobi from Changsha in China early in the morning of March 10. This plane has no destination and usually flies between different cities in China. The plane is now on its way to China. With or without the president” (Peter Bolme – ‘SOURCE: TANZANIAN PRESIDENT ON THIS WAY TO CHINA FOR COVID TREATMENT?’ 10.03.2021).

We can wonder what is up and what the Tanzanian authorities are preparing. If they are planning “mild stroke” or any other excuse instead of telling the truth. If the Tanzanian authorities cared. They would have come out and stated the facts. Instead of letting the rumours run wild.

Because, that is not good to anyone. It doesn’t matter if he gets treatment in Nairobi, India, China or Germany for that matter. What matters in the end of it all. Is if he gets it COVID-19, breathing trouble or is in another state. That we don’t really know and someone isn’t telling the whole story. Peace.