Opinion: NEC & ZEC is just rigging it for CCM

The way things are going, the way the authorities, the state bodies are operating. They are just tools of engagement for the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and the President Joseph Magufuli to have total control ahead of the October Elections.

Now, there is reports, which isn’t shocking anyone knowing how things are playing out. That the CHADEMA and ACT Wazenlendo are having barred candidates for the Parliament in the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and the same by the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC). This is done in a fashion and in a way to secure the majority before the polls even starting.

Meaning, the election is rigged before a ballot is dropped. The majority is secured. The CCM and their allies are already ahead. As the two main opposition are barred from attending being on the ballots and having ability to field candidates in the races. This means the CCM will have control of the National Assembly and the one in Zanzibar.

That’s why the One-Party State is in full effect. Where the opposition is already marginalized and rigid controlled by lots of laws, stipulated provisions and so fourth. Making it nearly impossible to be organized, also ability to build parties and hold internal operations. Still, with that they have had the opportunity and manpower to field candidates across a broad spectrum. While the NEC and ZEC finds it easy to disqualify and make them illegible to participate as a candidate in the up-coming elections.

The same would not happen on a large scale for the CCM. Which is steadily moving ahead with all control and ensuring safety for a new majority. They don’t even have to work for it. The state is securing it and there will be no issues. The opposition have to battle to run for seat before even properly campaigning. That is how sinister this is. You are losing before your really playing.

This is just an example in a long line of grievances. Where the state reach and control is going into bonkers territory. Where the CCM and the President can suspend, stop and silence the ones who are in their way. They access and limits civic space, they silence the press and media, so that only their perspective is coming out.

That’s why from the get-go, these elections are neither free nor fair. That was deliberate by the authorities, by the ones in power and the President is blessing it all with his presence. He sure must be proud. Winning by participating, not by love or by his achievements. His just winning because he owns it and he runs it.

If you wonder, there is no heart in this. It is just a facade and a game, where the rules are set and the winners are awaiting their price. The tallies, the polls and the ballots are pre-fixed. There is no guessing, hope and the winner will proclaimed, but not celebrated. Everyone knew who would win and there was no other option.

The state has already fixed that, the rest are just pawns waiting to get played. Peace.

Tanzania: The CCM must be proud of blocking opposition candidates…[ahead of the polls]

If your thinking of free and fair elections? Are you thinking of Tanzania? If you do? Your wrong. They are neither free nor fair. In Tanzania, the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) are the state and ruling with a whip. They are whipping the opposition into submission. The party is using the state to hold control and censor the dissidents.

That is why media houses are shut down or suspended. This is why the state has to allow opposition to hold press conference and rallies. Even their party program and their internal training exercises has to get a go from the authorities.

The CHADEMA and ACT-WAZELENDO are now being blocked. Just like they were in the 2019. They were ensuring the opposition parties couldn’t field candidates. That is why the CCM initially ran against ghosts and goats.

They are doing the same ahead of the polls in late October 2020. There are several of Members of Parliament of the CCM who are running unopposed. After the Electoral Commission have dismissed several of them. For various of reasons. However, there are never any reports of the same commission dismissing nominations made by the CCM. Isn’t that a sign of something, right?

The CCM is the state and acts like the state. They are appointing anyone and controls everything. The CCM has the army, legislation and the civilian government. There are nothing they don’t have. They even have a bickering, faint-hearted and weak-spirited President in Magufuli. Who cannot stomach criticism, statistics or foreign broadcast without giving a thumbs up. It has to fit his narrow mind.

In this regard, the state is more envisioned to the small perspective of Magufuli. That is why the CCM are blocking nominated MPs from the Opposition. So, they have constituencies without any competition. When you are blocking 100s of candidates from both parties. The CCM and the Electoral Commission is proving their “independence”.

The CCM is destined to win this. Not because they have any policies or manifesto. Neither does it has any will or character to pull it off. However, they are the state and controls the whole thing. They will use all means to dislodge and disrupt the opposition. The Opposition also have no power or ability to operate without validation from appointees from the CCM.

That is why the October Election is pre-fixed and the recent actions proves it again. The CCM are not even willing to play it out. They rather use their means to humiliate and destroy the opposition. Instead of campaigning against them. The CCM doesn’t even have the heart to pull that off under Magufuli.

That is who the CCM under Magufuli is, a bunch of cowards. Who doesn’t have the character to even try to run a honest campaign. They have to use the powers of the authorities to stop the opposition from challenging them. Cannot even be on the ballots and act this out. That is too much to ask from these folks, apparently. Peace.

Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC): A Notice of Cancellation of THRDC’s Activities (17.08.2020)

Tanzania: Travel Advisory No. 5 proves that you cannot declare COVID-19 away

President Joseph Magufuli declared on Sunday 7th of June 2020 that God had healed the United Republic of Tanzania and that here was no COVID-19 or Coronavirus. That is why I am confused by the message of Travel Advisory of No. 5 of 5th August 2020. These two things doesn’t add up.

We already know that Tanzanian truck drivers bring the virus to Uganda and Kenya. They report on the COVID-19 results on the daily and are screening the border-points for the virus. However, there been no results coming from Tanzania since April. Therefore, the only snippets we know is the little drips of driver passing the border points.

We know that the virus isn’t defeated in Tanzania. Even if the President has proclaimed and declared in June 2020. That is why in August, the warnings are there from the Authorities. The same authorities that has revoked licenses to media houses for spreading the worrying news from foreign embassies. Since, the state will not bring the truth to the public. That would hurt the soul and damage the calm of the President.

A President who has proclaimed and declared that the Republic is without COVID-19. That was done 2 months ago. June has passed and July too. We are in August and it just proves something. That you cannot just wish this thing away. It will linger, especially if you trying to ignore it or not act upon it. Sooner or later it will be an invisible enemy you cannot control.

Yes, we have no numbers, no stats since April, but we do have the travel warning. Which is telling a story the state has avoided for a minute. It is also saying something in contradiction to the President.

Magufuli, the bulldozer and narrow-minded President must be shell-shocked and on the brink of tears when he see the Travel Advisory and why it was unleashed without his stamp of approval. Because, this is undermining his efforts to “contain it” and “pray it away”. Seems like the Holy Father also wants a man to use wisdom and the intellect he bestowed upon men. Not just nonchalant acting like things stops to exists.

The President is failing. If he was succeeding. Then this advisory would have sounded differently. When they saying its decreasing, that means its there and haven’t left. Just not as big as it was, which we cannot know. Why? Because, the President kept that a secret. While he was praying and paying his tithes to the church. Peace.

Tanzania: The Lowassa Complex ahead of the polls

There are soon polls and the both CHADEMA and ACT-Wazelendo are preparing their parties to challenge the supremacy of Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and its incumbent President Joseph Magufuli.

The CCM is already entrenching all walks of life, the flow of information, allowing to participate politically, educate and hold press conferences are all after getting a nod from the state. No party can function or work without the authority giving them way. That is the reality in Tanzania under Magufuli’s reign.

No journalists, civil servant or anyone else can publish content without securing permission or at least follow strict guidelines. The restrictive nation ahead of the polls is a gift to the ruling party and their associates.

CHADEMA is coming with their big man, the resolute opposition candidate and voice of reason in Tundu Lissu. Last time around in the previous election, they used the deflector from CCM Edward Lowassa, who has now returned there. He was a marionet and a useful figure, but not someone who could defeat the CCM.

Now, ACT Wazelendo is using similar tools in another high ranking official from the CCM, who has fallen out of love there. Bernard Membe. Who is the Presidential candidate for the party ahead of the elections, instead of Zitto Kabwe. Who have big-shots both in Zanzibar and for the whole Republic with Membe.

Lissu and Membe will be in the same waters as Lowassa. There are no returns in sight, the state and CCM is intertwined and so connected, that only a miracle baby can separate them at this point. The walls are covered with heroics of the CCM and practically, the state and CCM is the same. Therefore, to topple Magufuli, you need the state apparatus to turn on itself and that is impossible.

Membe and Lissu knows this. Kabwe knows this too. They are opposites of the regime, who controls everything, but they only have their voice and their platform. They don’t have the army, the agencies, the institutions or the power to finesse this here game.

Just like Lowassa was a promising person, a high ranking and regarded man. He still could sufficiently be viable to the mechanics of CCM. There was no return to get out of this. There was only out-cries and devastations.

We can just imagine the return of Membe at some point too. When he has made up the grievances with the CCM and paid amends to the ones he needs too.

Lissu is popular and is a rising star, but the state might dim those lights by all means possible. While Membe will trade similar waters to Lowassa and hope for a safe journey home after the polls. It is a gamble for Kabwe, but it was the same for Freeman Mbowe in 2015. That didn’t work out and most likely will not do it in 2020.

Magufuli got this, but not because of his merit or his skills. However, because of how incorporated the CCM is and how its tools are there to destroy its competition. Peace.

Opinion: Magufuli will win [everything else is just a sideshow]

The campaigns for the October polls are starting in Tanzania. Nevertheless, don’t expect it to be free and fair. The Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) is ruling and they control all parts of government. There are no part of it they don’t toy around with.

The President is the almighty, the greatest ever and mightiest person to ever grace the Republic. He is so great, that you know he will with a huge margin in the up-coming elections. The opposition will either be charged, arrested and detained. They cannot do press conferences, campaign rallies and promote their parties without getting a positive nudge from the authorities. If they say anything, then its sedation, against some sort of statute and they get into legal jeopardy.

President John Magufuli has ensured this mess. He rules supreme. His the second alternative to God. His Excellency is majestic, a royalty of sort and the next in line for Kingdom Come. That’s why he is his grace, the one who no one will dare to question or stand up too.

The President are not allowing statistics published unless it got his blessing. He cannot let the radios, newspapers and such broadcast or publish without writing the things they are supposed too. If they don’t they get suspended or temporary closed.

Magufuli knows all of this. He would like to enjoy the title, the grandeur, but not accept the challenge of the role. The President cannot manage criticism, that’s why his critics are getting into trouble. Magufuli are only able to use the state to his advantage and make it disadvantage for everyone opposing him.

The CCM will win this. The candidates of Chadema and Act Wazelendo will not beat it. They might get some MPs and some representatives, but not anything substantial. The CCM will not give up its power and strength. These other parties will not have chance. Not like the President will give that up.

We can soon await the bracelets for Zitto Kabwe and Tundu Lissu. Just like there are several of other MPs, leaders and activists who will behind bars. That’s why the whole election and polls in October 2020 are just a charade. To make it seem like a democracy, but in reality that is just for play.

If the President believed in it. The President and CCM has decided to make it impossible for anyone else. Don’t expect anything … other than this. This is just the reality.

This election and polls is already fixed. The CCM will win and its only by a random amount of numbers.

Magufuli owns the game… he decides, he signs it off and will be victor. Peace.

Tanzania: ACT Wazalendo – Zitto Kabwe and ACT Wazalendo Party Members unlawfully arrested (23.06.2020)

Tanzania: Magufuli you can declare something gone, but that doesn’t make it true

I wish you were right Mr. President. I wish the results was true, but your actions says otherwise. President Joseph Magufuli, its hard to trust you. When you have not published COVID-19 or Coronavirus results for over 5 weeks. At the same time there is revealed in Kenya and Uganda, that Tanzanian drivers are tested positive for it on the regular.

President Magufuli, the Declaration isn’t making it true. It would have been perfect and genuine, if it was true. It would have been bloody brilliant. There should be celebration for Arusha down to Dar Es Salaam across the sea to Zanzibar too.

I have a hard time believing that it vanished into thin air. When you only prayed and didn’t do any social distancing, neither acted towards the spread of the virus. You have sleepwalked, you have walked blindly towards the future. The results was so dire the final days of releasing them. This is why I have a hard time it just went away.

When you keep numbers secret and doesn’t publish it. Who knows how bad it really is? I doubt it has gone away. It is more like the game of don’t find it, therefore it doesn’t exists. Or I am not testing for it or contact tracing it, therefore it’s not there. That is losing strategy, because in the end the public will spread it and the public will be positive with it. The results are shown with how many of the truck drivers are positive when they are crossing the borders. It is not like they got a hot minute before entering either Uganda or Kenya. But they had it already as they were passing the border-points.

Magufuli cannot run away from that. The Truck-Drivers are a sign of the failure of containing it. The President can be a coward and not be sincere about the situation. He can act like its not there. However, that doesn’t change the realities. The President knows this, but rather live by his own propaganda. Because its easier to live on a lie than actually do something useful. It costs less and you need manpower to achieve results.

We know that Magufuli lacks character and honour. He is a self-centred individual who needs love every single second of his life. There is not a moment where needs positive energy and vibes. The President needs kisses, hugs, attention and headlines of praise. If he doesn’t get that. His Excellency will go into a temper tantrum and the office will not look the same.

With this knowledge, it’s not strange that the Ministry of Health has stopped publishing their results. Since that hurts the pride and love-meter of the President. That breaks down the scale of love and makes the President walk on needles. The Minister and the directors cannot stomach that pressure and erratic behaviour. Therefore, its easier not to publish something and keep the public in the dark.

That is why to boost his own ego and megalomaniac tendencies he declared the United Republic of Tanzania “free for COVID-19 cases”. However, as long as Tanzanian Nationals are positive on the borders and border-points to neighbour Republics. You know there are stemming and even possible community spread in Tanzania. Not that I want more illness, but the science is very simple. The common sense is still common.

H.E. President Magufuli you can declare something, but that doesn’t make it true. It only make it obvious that you want to be dubious. This only shows your intention of keeping the world in darkness and you thinking your own population as fools. We can never know the truth, because you hid that from the world. However, drip drops of the reality crosses the borders every single day. That will undermine your message. Unless, you close the borders, which you never would do. We know that. You know that. That is why we are here and your continuing to live on a lie. Peace.

Tanzania: ACT Wazalendo Leader, Zitto Kabwe, to appeal censorship judgment (29.05.2020)

Opinion: Magufuli, your prayers is not enough, show me your deeds!

When President Joseph Magufuli of the United Republic of Tanzania says by prayer the nation has been healed of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. We can be especially concerned not only by the share rate of Tanzanian truck-drivers testing positive at the border-points to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. However, with the share lack of data, proof and evidence of a setback of cases within the Republic as whole.

The President is living on a prayer and that’s dangerous. Even from a Christian perspective. It’s like he take the biblical principals halfway. Sort of the way he now also takes scientifically proven evidence too. That’s why he tests goats and other things.

In this manner, I will quote a passage from Letter of James Chapter 2: 14-19:

What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder” (New International Version).

This is the sort of scripture I think the President of Tanzania needs, as he acts of faith and trust in the greater God, but doesn’t act. He speaks of trust in God, the whole father of all creation, but doesn’t use his mind or his office to help the ones in need. Instead of using all means, everything he access and wealth of his office. His instead barricading and praying like a fool.

I pity the Tanzanian people, the citizens of Tanzania. That they have to trust in a Head of State. Whose busying praying and mysteriously hope a pandemic virus disappears. While his not using methods of testing, routing the groups of cases nor narrowing the spread by any means. He does have the power to do so. Yes, the numbers would spike first with mass testing. However, if they know the sources and can trace, than they can scientifically stop it. Unless, there is imported new cases and get a second wave.

Therefore, the President can claim faith, but he doesn’t have the deeds. His speaking of peace, keeping warm and being fed. However, he doesn’t ensure shelter, medicine nor treatment. His just hoping things vanish in thin-air. Hoping his faith is enough, which is half-baked approach at best.

Yes. Praying and sending good energy is a good thing. To have faith and believe is God. There is nothing wrong in that, but you should also act as a Christian. As a man of faith and serve the community your apart of and especially if your signalling yourself as a Christian leader. Than, you should act like one and not just talk, but actually do as well. That means not only praying, but behaving within your means.

When your a Head of State, you should use your means and actually serve the whole Republic. The President should do his deeds. Not only live on the prayer. That’s not cutting it, even the scripture disapproves. Peace.