Sudan: Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination – Police Press Statement (26.10.2022)

We read the statement issued on October 25th by the Head of the Sudanese Police Forces, which labels the peaceful protestors as “trained forces in armed military formations”, relying, in that false assessment, on the banners the protestors carry and the means of physical protection they use (such as masks and gloves) in the face of the police’s excessive oppression, which often leads to severe and at times fatal injuries in protests.

It’s a defining mark of authoritarian regimes to turn weapons bought by the people’s wealth against the people themselves. The Sudanese Police Forces have continuously failed to comprehend and fulfill their role as a civilian force established to protect the people. Rather, it continues to behave as a brutal militia with an insatiable appetite for aborting acts of freedom.

It’s a habit of the Sudanese Police Forces to fabricate stories about peaceful protests in order to legitimise shameful acts against them; acts such as arbitrary detention, torture and murder. We call on all human rights agencies and national and International organisations to continue to closely monitor and document violations by the Sudanese Police Forces against peaceful protestors and activists.

Let us be clear: The revolution will continue and the revolutionaries will prevail, despite repeated vocal and physical threats against them. As the number of those killed reaches 120 martyrs since the October 25th 2021 coup, and thousands since 2019, our determination shall not wane, nor shall we be discouraged from achieving our goal of establishing full civilian democratic rule founded on the pillars of freedom, justice and peace. Globally, the Sudanese revolution has become a beacon for peaceful resistance and inspired millions. We pledge to sustain the peacefulness of our resistance and protect it against the smear campaigns of those who refuse to be liberated by the sacrifices of their own people.

Long live the resistance.

October 26th 2022

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