Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Statement on the message of the Alliance of Forces of Freedom and Change for the Riyadh Conference (18.01.2022)

The Alliance of Forces for Freedom and Change sent a message today to the Friends of Sudan meeting held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to discuss the latest developments in the country.

The Forces for Freedom and Change expressed their deep appreciation for all the international stances supporting the people of Sudan in their resistance to the October 25 coup, and provided a full explanation of the political current developments in the country and the brutality with which the coup authority met the peaceful mass movement in Sudan with a focus on the January 17 massacre which represented an extension of the crimes of the coup authority, in which more than 70 martyrs and thousands were injured, and the letter stressed the need to mobilize international support for the defenseless people of Sudan in their legitimate quest to regain their freedom and dignity.

The message of the coalition made it clear that the initial consultations launched by the United Nations Integrated Mission in Sudan had been dealt a severe blow by the authority of the coup, and called on the assembled coalition to support the demand for the formation of a high-level international mechanism that would be acceptable to the Sudanese people and compatible with their aspirations to help develop a credible political process that ends the revolutionary situation completely and establishes a new constitutional framework that fulfills the demand for full civil authority that the people of Sudan seek.

Executive Office – Forces of Freedom and Change

January 18, 2022 AD

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