Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Calling for mass civil disobedience (17.01.2022)

About the January 17 massacre committed by the coup d’état.

The coup authority continued to commit massacres against a defenseless people who came out asking for their freedom and dignity, so it met them with bullets and anti-aircraft guns, and all forms of naked violence that demonstrate the criminality and brutality of this authority and confirm its isolation and its hasty departure from its inevitable destiny, which is the resounding fall and funeral of the dustbins of history.

We are in the forces of freedom and change. As we have mercy on the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution, one by one, we assure them that their pure souls have not reached a dam, and that the criminals who committed these crimes will be held accountable for their crime, and that what they fought for will be achieved in a country where no one will be wronged or killed.

In response to today’s massacre and in continuation of popular anger and valiant peaceful resistance, we call on all the masses of our people to engage in a comprehensive two-day civil disobedience, starting tomorrow, and let this period of disobedience be a period to gather our revolutionary forces, unify and prepare them to fight the decisive battle to overthrow the coup authority.

Victory is inevitably coming, and the outcome will be bad for everyone who stands before his mighty will.

Executive Office – Forces of Freedom and Change

January 17, 2022 AD

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