Opinion: Jubilee rocked by another Maize Scandal?

In this treacherous world

Nothing is the truth nor a lie.

Everything depends on the color

Of the crystal through which one sees it” – Pedro Calderón de la Barca

The Jubilee government have another level of corruptness over themselves. The President is brazen in his public fight with corruption, but the behavior of the government is corrupt as it possibly can be. The things of nature, is that it repeat itself. This time without government subsidizes like it was on the way to the Fresh Presidential Elections of 2017. When the maize was subsidized and the maize came from Mexico. Then rebranded and restocked as local produce.

Now, were in the middle of 2018 there was also extra attention to it, as the National Cereal and Produce Board had already bought imported maize to stock, while the locals had to get lesser pay while selling to the millers. As that has happen and the months has gone by, there are now reports. That the NCPB silos has destroyed 60% of its maize. That is imported maize that has already cost the taxpayers about ksh. 9 billion and now they have to import more. This is happening right in the 4 Quarter and before the festive seasons of Christmas Carols and jingle bells.

Clearly, this seems like a ploy, as the Deputy President William Ruto are promising farmers more money and another ksh. 2 billion to buy more stock. This is consequence of the importing of 4.4 million bags of maize. We can wonder who are earning fortunes on these games with the farmers and with the citizens needing to buy the maize flour, the UNGA. This is the staple food the government is making a mockery of.

This is meanest way of destroying confidence and also showing utter disgrace of office. As the NCPB and Ministry of Agriculture, the CS Mwangi Kiunjuri and Chairman Mutea Iringo. Both of them should come clean in this mess. It is evident there is something behind the curtain and someone is trying to fool someone. As the NCPB and CS Kiunjuri should spare no mind, explaining how they could buy rotting maize and toxic of it, while also struggling to pay local farmers. If not, there are something else going on.

As there other interests, than paying the farmers a fair price, as the imported ones from Uganda and Mexico is hitting the markets at a lower price. While the farmers struggle to sell their produce to the NCPB. This is all deliberate acts, as the millers and cartels are securing huge profits of the imported ones. While the local produce are wasted and destroyed. Now, even the foreign ones isn’t all good and suddenly destroyed. The utter chaos and the mismanagement is clear. Even as the NCPB are calling themselves “The Leaders in Grain Management”. When concerning Maize, they are not, unless they are following orders of cartels and from above.

This all seems weird, it all seems like a deliberate act of misconception to get higher prices, trick the citizens and get more profits for the millers and importers. Not to generate a better environment or even selling the staple food at a reasonable price. The Jubilee government have tried to trick the public before with UNGA. Therefore, I am skeptical about the beneficiary and the ones getting paid by this scheme. As the amounts of money and the toll on the economy, as the NCPB and Ministry should know better.

Clearly, another Maize scandal, but this government are rocking with scandals all the time. Peace.

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