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On 20.07.2015 Vincent Kaggwa was released from undisclosed locations by the UPF

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Vincent Kaggwa was released yesterday. Good news from the regime. Who knew they had just picked him up to an undisclosed location without trial. Picking him up because he was wearing a Amama Mbabazi t-Shirt. But we can be glad he is breathing. Still we can ask where is Sam Mugumya? Never thought the UPF or IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura would release the brother. But on the 20.07.2015 he was out and free again. Peace.

Vincent Kaggwa arrested and missing – Where is he?

Vincent Kaggwa

There been arrest of opposition members has been frequent in Uganda (if you have followed the situation you know its often). The news was in social media that a Pro-Amama Mbabazi NRM Youth Brigade member Vincent Kaggwa was arrest while wearing a t-shirt with JPAM in 16.07.2015. So the reports starting flying that on the 17.07.2015 the Flying Squad Police raided the residence of Kaggwa with pistols in his Katanga. Then he was driven to the Special Investigation Department (SID) in Kireka. Then after this he headed to the Nalusenya Prision in Jinja. Family members have been to the prison but they claim to never have heard of anybody called Vincent Kaggwa. This all happen for a simple reason – he had shirts with pictures of presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi.

Who is Vincent Kaggwa:

For those who don’t know Vincent Kaggwa. He was one of the main members on the Team Amama Mbabazi 2016-2021. Vincent was also a NRM Poor Youth member. He was also in 2014 the Interim spokesperson for the NRM Poor Youth Forum and the Chairman for the Kawempe sub-county.

Where is he:

Hopefully he is breathing somewhere like Sam Mugumya! I really do, but the rumors and speculation are going about the life of Vincent Kaggwa the political active member of NRM Poor Youth Forum that he might even stopped to breathe. Hope he will give a statement soon and the world will know his whereabouts. Still the Team Amama Mbabazi 2016-2021 wonder where he is! The same does I, since there haven’t been any reports from government and Police sources. Peace.

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